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An important update, which due to real life commitments I was delayed in writing/posting.

The URAP ... the last bastion of the once self proclaimed mighty The Aryan Army, a bunch of real life Neo-Nazis with a god complex, has finally paid for its raiding crimes and hate speech against the NationStates community.

Originally created by Ubedarn in 2003 as a member region of The Aryan Army, The URAP was the longest standing Nazi region to foul NationStates.

Opportunities to attack The URAP have been extremely slim over its history, with several attempts by The MT Army in the past falling just short of victory.

Vippertooth33 utilised Nazi Jason/Metal Manson (WA) one of his 11 plus year old spies to capture the region, undercover, on the thirteenth of September 2016. Alongside the master MT Army spy Glugs and their trusted The Greater German Reich nation Nessamber, they gained the trust of Nazi Europa leadership who were keen to protect both Nazi historical regions The URAP and The NSIA.

The Nazis offered their assistance to Nazi Jason (Vippertooth33), but they were convinced their soldiers were better off focused on The NSIA as The MT Army slowly added more and more undercover soldiers to the endorsement list.

As time went by the Nazis grew suspicious, gaining Intel that the Nazis were attempting a coup, Vippertooth33 revealed his master plan. Word was spread to the mighty Anti-Fascist warriors of Antifa, the response was overwhelming, with 78 endorsements, all keen to see the end of these Nazis once and for all.


With great logistical assistance from The Red Fleet, in particular Caelapes, the region was permanently put to rest with a successful refounding operation on twentieth of October 2016.

I would like to deeply thank the following for their military support:

The MT Army soldiers:

Point/Lead: Metal Manson/ Nazi Jason (Vippertooth33)

Nazi lowrider (Gi-krycek)
Brat terrier (Glugs)
Democratariaria (Mscphoenix)
Kingdom of plutarch ( nudibranchia)
Show nuff (Blunt speakers)
Untrumpable1 (Taylorswiftempire)
Munchen on bayern (Baka jin)
Crazi (Huzzah huzzah)
Great b-g
Appenbok farm (Samnyaku)
Turkish battle cannon (Maahes)
Inner moolussia crusanzist (N00b reaper)
Golden Hind
The Steady Diet of Nothing (Weather Underground)

Antifa soldiers from The Red Fleet, Korean Peoples Army, Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army, The North Pacific Army, Freedom and Justice Alliance and Libcom:

Reich spearhead (Comradeland)
West preents islands (THE DEFENDER ALLIANCE).
Armatoa (Misley)/(Caelapes)
Taisei yokusankai
Falange madrid
Whalelords (Timchi)
The summurset isles (Proletaire)
The squashers
Fasces sunrise
Rouge mexique (Concordato Tauriano)
Hms red-equestrian hope
Mach chicken
Kv-1 (Vetelo)
Godless munky ii (Godless munky)
The kazirstani red workers army (Kazirstan)
Naetlepmawironir (Reti)
The anti-fascist alliances
Nachthexia (Transemilia)
Kanatsky (Kanatistan)
Ssn mercia state (Mercia State)
Serbian socialist republics (Peoples korea)
Aps-25 skopje
Iss okhotnik
Lenjngrad (Autonomous masses)
Cfa free army (Revolutionary insurrection army)
Lssm navy
Jawzz (The revolutionary army)
Hms blackistandis
New inchichn (Poloniia)
15th international brigade
Chhota hindustan (Undivided bengal)
Charles Lee Ray (Gladio)
Some democratic republic thing (Lands of anarchy)
Aasehukoidaas (Tomb)
Pyrhuss (Yalkan)
Boulovia (Zazumo)
Zoosterland (QuietDad)
Osthiaana (Npa corporal)
Pacific Navy (Valdr)
Rick the nation (Jeff the nation)
Seed face (Lajikstan)
Bridgestania (Sasten)
Horesell (Malphe)
Kaschissimo (Kaschovia)
Egius (Nasania)
Wand (Konar)
Switcher1 (Eragon78682)
Team RWBY (BlackGreenWhite)
Nafwv passchendaele
Murder you
The new colgorian protectorate
Democratic carlach itand (Equestria and griffon)
Hms lenin
Darcania npa (Darcania)
Ssn mercia state
The darmia lower (Lord commander of darmia)
Maria Nikiforova (Kassimo)
Fespua (Lobank)
The socialist republic army

Sorry if anyone has been left out. It is an epic list :) My love to you all :)

Vippertooth33: “When they bring us down with hate and fear and ignorance, rise up with compassion and courage and knowledge”

An update to The URAP successful operation:

The following puppets listed above belong to (in brackets):

- Hms blackistandis (Blackistandia)
- Hms red-equestrian hope (New vapaus)
- Lssm navy (The liberal socialist state of mannheim)
- Aps-25 skopje (Ashenov)
- Iss okhotnik (Melorian republic)
- Xesperion (Hespereia)
- Mach chicken (Ascendant humanity)
- Nafwv passchendaele (Neo Arkansas)
- The squashers (Neu-ulm)
- Craptopias (Ravnabbor)

Thank you to Vetelo for providing me with this information.