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Damn dudes what happened on discord/forums to scare away Western bush ???

Volaworand wrote:Tool has its moments.

I've recently* discovered this great new artist called Madonna. Her stuff is pretty good, so lately I've been playing her a lot.

* means since June 30th, 1986, around 10:30am when I heard Papa Don't Preach on the radio on the bus and my life suddenly had meaning.

Not this time, Nancy Boy.

Actually I cant get The Weekend out of my brain. It was all that was on the radio while I was cruising around Ireland. The music video is terrifying though, mad man driving 120kph on city streets, it's practically as stress inducing as watching a video where crowds of people would gather together for an event and not stay 2m apart.

Bear Connors Paradiso wrote:Damn dudes what happened on discord/forums to scare away Western bush ???

Looks like TNP lured them away.
and I missed another lampshade grab ... *sigh*

and thanks for noticing, lol

People who say Jif instead of Gif wrote:Plz vote for my condemnation, I wanna be officially evil!

I wouldn't say trying to be edgy is "evil"... Perhaps it being evil lies in the eyestrain from all the rolling that will occur.

Melicorium wrote:What's the best NationStates-related thing you can flex?

The best I have is that I'm friends with ---snip--- outgoing LC Proctethia. -_-

Who's she/he?

Volaworand wrote:We just can't let you leave! TSP loves you that much!

Not leaving, just having a break from NS (as soon as those forumites let me!).

Melicorium wrote:*facepalm*

I am just practicing the satirical ways of Proctethia and Laamiva.

. . ?

Western Fardelshufflestein wrote:69 unread posts. N I C E .
As I'm constructing the island that is to be WF, I'm realizing that my canon population should probably be 2.5 million instead of 5 million.

I think Proctethia's is ~2 million.

Melicorium wrote:Huh, that's weird...
Everything of mine is reverse now.

Lies, there's no way to tell if the hyphens in your pretitle have been reversed, or place in a way to make them seem reversed.

Oh, doesn't it feel good to be back in the WA.

Melicorium, you're giving me a stroke with all of that backwards writing.

Stronk Polish Lands wrote:Ok polsky send winged hussars to help you
Henry tampons

Emily perfume

Kraljevstvo Rata wrote:Melicorium, you're giving me a stroke with all of that backwards writing.

I think Melicorium had a stroke

Does anybody know teypig edrogan

what is your favorite fake game?

Post self-deleted by Kirby with headphones.

Kirby with headphones wrote:-snip-

Please, do not double-post.

Rabbitz Qawe
Why have some nations resigned and re-applied to the WA?

Qawe wrote:South Pacific got raided.

And going and getting the endorsements back is a real pain in the...

Aidenfieeld wrote:Good morning everyone!

Good afternoon!

Post self-deleted by Qaweritoyu.

Qaweritoyu wrote:Good afternoon!

Hello! I hope you're well.

Has south Pacific got liberated

B H A R A T wrote:Has south Pacific got liberated

Not by the WA, but the delegacy was successfully restored to it's proper holder.

can't use unity because I can't get a licence.

Kirby with headphones wrote:can't use unity because I can't get a licence.

Still D.U.M.A.S

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