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Hey, I just forecast the weather, not create it...yet.

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Just because there will be no changes to the content of the RMB doesn't mean this is a free-for-all. Au contraire (that's French ya know). Time to dust off an old reminder od SPAMMER responsibilities:

Spammerís Dicta

1. Make it short and to the point. People don't want to wade through a doctoral dissertation.

2. Proofread your copy. Typographical and grammatical errors show that you really donít care about your message, and therefore your region.

3. Don't insult your target audience. Do you really expect people to join you after you called them stupid?

4. As a recruiter you are a guest on this RMB. Conduct yourself with decorum and manners.

5. And as an uninvited solicitor expect to have some playful jabs thrown at you and your message. Keep in mind that there is ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE between you and that salesperson who calls your home phone during dinner.

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Californian tourism s

Polk said "French" and "Dicta" ...

And there is ONE difference between the spammer and the door-to-door salesperson. My arm isn't quite long enough to take the spammer's head by one ear and bounce it off alternating sides of the door frame until it produces a delightful pinky-gray ooze I can spread on my toast.


AND Polky said 'make it short'

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Yes I did.

I'm with you guys - let the SPAMMERs come (IKWIS) and let us abuse them mercilessly.

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Post by Dudley do-right suppressed by Auphelia.

Dudley do-right

STAY AWAY....We do not want you to join us.
We just want you to post your favorite songs Lyrics.
Any time is Karaoke time at The Beatles
Post NAO. Or DON'T. We Don't Care.

Scarsaw outpost bravo

Ouch, I rather like my pinky-gray tastes good on toast.

A region for those wishing to learn, role-play, or discuss Nazism and National Socialism. With nearly a hundred members, NE is one of the oldest, largest and most active Nazi region within NationStates. All like minded are welcomed, but all possible trolls/spammers will be banjected. If you have any questions, telegram Scarsaw.

Hello South Pacific Nations,

I am new here and would like to learn with you. I do not want to change now... let me know you all better.

thank you,
Jamulah Republic

Scarsaw outpost bravo

Hey Jamulah, welcome to Nationstates.

Don't have have to change now, or ever, if you don't want too. Anyway, what you should do is apply for World Assembly (WA) status. You can't have more than one WA account or you'll be banned from having a WA member, so make sure no one else that plays NS shares your computer/internet. WA status is good because it allows you to participate in votes on world and security issues, it also lets you t region influence by endorsing and unaffecendorsing others in the region.

If you have any questions about the game, or life in general, just post them and I'm sure someone would be glad to help.

Southern bellz

Thanks for contributing Outpost Bravo, recruiters like yourself are why I feel TSP should not suppress any RMB posts, including recruitment.

Jamulah, a lot of people here post on our regional forum! On top of this a lot of us post here. I would just look around, and if you have any specific questions to ask them.

I'm considering to propose some bill of rights-like legislation... if I ever get unlazy enough to write it that is ;)

Scarsaw outpost bravo

Aww thanks Bellz, you almost have me blushing there as that really made my day. Being called evil and talking to brick walls who often respond with "UR NAZI!" gets a bit tiring on the nerves. It's nice to see someone having "like" and "you" in the same sentence without "don't" between.

Tsrill, you want to write a Bill of Rights for the region? I'd think you would need someone permission first, but than again, I don't really know much...

Animal house recruiter

You ARE a Nazi by your own representation. Why take offense? Why not make sure your posts are 40%+ of this RMB are a way of competing with other recruiters? Why are old people's toenails yellow? Why do I care? Wut if I don't?

I think Nazis don't blush.
~ Bluto

Scarsaw outpost bravo

...but I'm not a Nazi <_< I study Nazism, I rp a Nazi-like nation, I consider civic-nationalism and socialism views...but deep down, the whole "worshiping Aryans" part just doesn't fit well when you're not Aryan! Anyway, I'm not being active to compete with other recruiters but to kill time, meet people, talk...not everything has a master plan! ;D

You're probably right about the Nazis not blushing part...only Bolsheviks turn red!

Curly:"Hey Moe, we got a beautiful view!"

Larry:"Because we are the 51st most beautiful environment in the SP???"

Curly:"Why, Cointnee not! It's because when we spent the weekend at Charlie Sheen's place, no matter where i looked, i saw beautiful women!! Rite Moe?!?"


Curly:"Moe, don't!!"


Auphelia, Volaworand, Xpert9, SpaceaNia, and 3 othersUpperclassman, East Lodge, and Qawe

The SLAP made my sheep giggle.

By any other name...

Much better forums to study Nazism rather than here. Those who play Nazi are ignorant of what the Nazis perpetrated. Makes about as much sense as playing the people who gang-raped and murdered your mother.

Volaworand, Xpert9, SpaceaNia, Upperclassman, and 1 otherEast Lodge

What no weather forcast? Did the temp ever hit the magic zone of -30 where F and C meet and it's F-C-ing freezing.

Gooooooooooooooood Morning, South Pacific!

Today's Weather: Let's accentuate the positive...the sun's out. Our high today will reach 13 F (that's -10.6 C for you civilized folk).

And to answer Cthulhuistan's rather interesting, outside of the windchill we never dipped to those dreadful temperatures this winter, although we did make it to the -20s F on a few occasions. Next year.

And yes, the two scales meet at -40, which is painfully cold.

Volaworand, Xpert9, SpaceaNia, Upperclassman, and 1 otherEast Lodge

I don't need any permission to write it and present it to our legislative body. Of course they will decide whether it gets accepted or not. We do have a (sometimes) functioning government strucutre on our forum ;)

The Nazis were not quite unique in their approach. Scapegoating a minority has been quite popular throughout the ages, just as rebuilding your economy by creating a huge army funded by sucessive looting of neighbouring countries.

And now my fellow South Pacific jack booted maniacs, as the day winds down and i take my leave to indulge my intellectual pursuits, just remember this...........

Don't forget to washa where the Sun don't shiiiiiiine!!!!!!!!!!

Auphelia, Volaworand, Xpert9, SpaceaNia, and 2 othersUpperclassman, and East Lodge

Who was that masked Goose-Stepper Stomper? I wanted to thank him...

Curlyhoward, Volaworand, Xpert9, SpaceaNia, and 2 othersUpperclassman, and East Lodge

Join The Symposium today! We're just trying to build up a nice little place, for occasional light discussion and friendly bantering. Maybe you'd like to just have a place to be while you quietly log in everyday and solve your issues. Maybe you'd like to take part in some roleplay with the rest of the region. But all are welcome regardless, and we hope to see you there! :)

The use tourism agency

The United States of Europe, because we need the publicity ;)

Dear nations of the SP, I am here to speak for the Anti-Pacific Nations., we are trying to crash the pacific & would like the help of all who have not been banjected. If you're looking for a new home, we will bring in democracy. If you want to help, telegram me.


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