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Unojo wrote:We are doing our best.
I said make profit, they can still work. Get those voluntary years.

ok Malnja.

Alice Parker wrote:I live my life at 11. lol

Probably because you have 11 letters in your name. One cannot escape the preordained fate of the gods.

Post by The furry and co suppressed by a moderator.

Uvalor wrote:ok Malnja.

Hey, it's better than the old leaders!

Unojo wrote:Hey, it's better than the old leaders!

That's what you said about the other four

Cokoland wrote:That's what you said about the other four


Post self-deleted by Drystar.

Drystar wrote:Mods were quick today

Mhm hmm, by the time I reached out to someone, it was already deleted.

Aw, nuts! Have I missed another cute little troll with their antics and their being banished by the mods?

Malnja AKA "Airujula"


"Time to clean up this mess."



Namora, Unojo, in the falklands territory.

Native Language:
English, first of the Saneys who has english as their native language.

Learnt Languages:
Spanish and Portuguese (AND some scottish!)

Mother: Isabella Santiago
Father: Oliver Leo

Other family members:
Brother: Jaun Leo
Husband: Frick Namor

Year of claiming the throne:

Political Ideologies:
Reformism, Theocratic-Monarchism, Feminism, Liberalism (this might be a lie), Nationalism.

First (Both in the 2 class system and 3 class system)

Priest, Sanpai, Saney.

Net Worth (pre-crowning): 1,217,700 USD


Martial arts trained in:
Vale Tudo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Political Compass:

Heterosexual (Maybe Bi, but that is just speculation)

Years as Sanpai:

Fake Introduction

Malnja (Mal-na-ha) is the 5th Sanpai. In the future, she might be Saney. She is a bit of a nationalist and says how we can't let others kick us around. She participated in the Treaty of Mina city.
The 1st Sanpai was Defi Mina
The 2nd Sanpai was Opece Lutsa
The 3rd Sanpai was Gus Bal
The 4th Sanpai was Namor Jr.
The 5th Sanpai was Malnja
The 6th Sanpai is Hadrian the Minister.
They are Sanpai at the same time as DFN being Saney and Defiguerra Hans Emma. Now the 5th Saney.
The rest of this... thing, is going to be an Autobiography, because I have nothing to Hyde.
Real Introduction/early life

In order to get to who I am now, we must travel back and see who I was. I was born here under the reign of the late Mina. She died shortly after my birth so her rule didn't affect me. I was born to Isabella Leo (at the time was her name) and Oliver. They were very religious and worked as priest in the CCE. I have an older brother who was born in 1986, but this isn't about him now is it? My life was uneventful until I became a priest in 2006. While I am a conjoinist, I do think Cartone got the message of Difemanim wrong. We will address that later. In 2010 I visited America to see it and got a bit inspired by their ways. In 2016, I became Sanpai under the rule of Defi Namor and DFN. I was to marry DFN when he got assassinated by some Neuwish sniper. And then, in 2020, I became the Saney.
Political Ideologies

I am not the first female Saney, but I am pretty sure I am the first feminist Saney. With this in mine, Unojo's treatment toward women until this point has been awful. I am Pro-Choice and A women's' rights activist. While Difemanim was definitely not transgendered, I do still support the LGBTQ commuity. Immigrants on the other hand is a different topic. If they wanted to come to Unojo, they have to act Unojoish. Any foreigners who don't drop their culture and religion will be sent into slavery. If they do though, they are as Unojoish as I am. I did get rid of the class divide, but slavery in Unojo is here to stay.

I think the free market and State ran market should both exist, but if any company gets more authority over the state, there will be punishments. International Companies may destroy our life style and thus must make a brand fit for Unojo.

On the side of international relationships, I think we should show the world the greatness of Unojo! We shouldn't be starting conflicts too much, but if we can see a war we can influence, it can expand our reign! We can do Difemanim's work and show the countries the truth. Real talk, Difemanim came to me once I was in America. He told me how Difemanim was wrong about how conjointism should go. They told me we should offer everyone a chance. If they don't take it, beat them to submission. If they still don't they are a lost cause. We should not only be trying to make the world more like us in the way the Neuwians have been, but be showing the world that we are not villains, and support the abused.

My opinion on the disabled is if they are able to be cured, they can live. If they cannot, they are dead weight. Anyone can marry anyone as long as they are Unojoish (it doesn't have to be by blood, but by adopting our culture). The fact that Unojo was so prude under previous reign is shocking to me. I have moved the age of consent in Unojo to be 18 year of age. Of course, public nudity I despise for being a sign of anarchist (which I hate), but the personal lives of others should not be meddled with. Polygamy should be embraced and premarital intercourse shouldn't be shamed.

The state should keep Cartones work, but be promoting the Conjointism Difemanim told me about. I also want to get rid of el Parlagresso. It takes to much time and money to fake being a Constitutional Monarchy. We aren't going to become a democracy in near or far future, but I think the Saney should be a celebrity of Unojo the same way modern UK's Queen is. To be a shining example of the greatness of Unojo is my duty!

With this, ends my view about Unojo and how I plan to change it.

Saney, Sanpai, and Head of Defence/HD

You have learnt about me, now it is time to learn about El Sanpai and The new role of Head of Defence. El Sanpai is Hadrian the Minister or Sanpai Hadrian or just Hadrian. Hadrian has questioned whether what was written by Cartone was correct and became the first Maljnist to become Sanpai (other than me). Sanpai is now a role of dealing with Church problems, Court issues, Conjoining, and Other things related to that.

Hadrian himself was born in El Salvador, but due to his love for our country and devotion to Conjointism, he is considered a first class citizen. I met Hadrian during a church session when he asked to work in the church and we became friends very, very, very quickly.

Now while it has been it has been a tradition that the spouses and fiancÚ becomes Sanpai, this isn't why I appointed Hadrian. Hadrian's connection with Difemanim has been tested by me and he was the perfect match.
Also I have no consorts what so ever.

Anyway, Emma was born in a village in Unojo. She fought in the first Shang-Unojo war and helped in the development of Null. I saw potential in her when she told me the stories about the wars. I wanted her to be appointed to the highest measure of the Unojoish military, but I have no power then. Although, we did have to change our name after that german looking SOB tried a coup. I am definitely dating Emma.

Read factbook

Updated my autobiography and with my humbleness, included my assistants.

Drystar wrote:Mods were quick today

Wait did somebody got deated and wasn't there to see it? >_>

Early good morning TSP! ^_^

Tonight's reflection from the Church of the South Pacific:

New Goldman wrote:Early good morning TSP! ^_^

Good night. And in a couple of hours good morning.

Kingdom of satanas

Hail, true to SATANAS

Kingdom of satanas wrote:Hail, true to SATANAS

Wait what.

Anyway on the news it said 'American recipe for pasta leaves Italians fuming'

Nicholas and Great Britain wrote:Wait what.

Anyway on the news it said 'American recipe for pasta leaves Italians fuming'

Speaking of news

Man, mods are burning through nations today

Drystar wrote:Mods were quick today

Drystar is that a double post I see?


Please yes


Oh dear, what have I missed? I had to call a council meeting and everyone was arguing all day, please forgive my absence.

Unojo wrote:I said make profit, they can still work. Get those voluntary years.

"Voluntary"... right...
"Volun-told" more like it.

Rebel-topia wrote:"Voluntary"... right...
"Volun-told" more like it.

Well you do get to choose.
-Get banished to an Unojoish Zelandian mine for the rest of your life you ignorant little peice of waste.
-Become a ground force Runner

Its not slavery if you pay them... only what they'll have to pay back in rent and food.

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