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Rynese Empire wrote:Rynese Motor Racing Federation Annoucement

We at the Motor Racing Federation of the Rynese Empire, often known as the RMRF, would like to invite all nations willing to participate in the Rynese cultural activity known as Circuit Racing with the best vehicles you can offer to race against us. We have prepared a set of three circuits from the large repertoire that our glorious Empire has, and will be providing you with a full 6 months to prepare your vehicles for the challenges of each one of them.

We have enlisted the number one team from the National Formula R Championship, Lotus Racing, as the Rynese contender for our short three race endeavour. We hope any interested will be willing to compete, to see exactly which nation has the best vehicles.

The rules and regulations of this series are nonexistent except for those pertaining to in-race, in-qualifying and in-practice incidents, as well as general championship rules and the Pitlane Code of Conduct. There are absolutely no regulations on the vehicles - Bring us the absolute best you can develop.

Enlisted Vehicles:
- Lotus 49C (late model)
- Lotus 99T/2
- Lotus 101T
- Lotus 102B

Enlisted Drivers:
- Tiara Takahashi
- Kurome Takahashi

The circuits which we will race in will be the following:
- Nürburgring Nordschleife (22,525 metres per lap, 23 Laps.)
- Atväsring Gesamtrecke (7,002 metres per lap, 55 Laps.)
- Spa Francorchamps Grand Prix Layout (7,332 metres per lap, 54 Laps.)

We bid you a good day, nations of the world.

Paulistian National Motor Racing Federation (PNMRF) Announcement
We, earlier today, have received the invitation by the Rynese Motor Racing Federation to send two of our best drivers in two of our best antique-themed race cars. As for such, the Emperor has given notice a few minutes ago and has approved of the idea. We were given six months to prepare, and we will make use of the time. The pilots Ayrton Sena and Emerson Fittepaldo will be trained in the banks and turns of the feared and dreadful tracks in the Rynese Empire by tommorow. The cars they will be driving, a McLaren MP4/4 for Ayrton and a Paulus 72 driven by Emerson, will have been boosted with 5 Nitro tubes that can me manually activated and de-activated for speed boost. The challenge imposed by the RMRF has been accepted by the PNMRF and government, and Greater Saint-Paul will gladly compete

Union of austria-hungary

Quite dead.

Savresia wrote:Only Cat i like was Cat Valentine but customer is always right!

*hugs disgustedly*

Memo to self: Free hugs are not for Cat, no matter how many dogs she rescues.


United confederate states

Union of austria-hungary wrote:Quite dead.

So how many political parties are there and can I help you put down any separatist movement

Union of austria-hungary

United confederate states wrote:So how many political parties are there and can I help you put down any separatist movement

Well, there is only a few political parties and no separatists.

United confederate states

Union of austria-hungary wrote:Well, there is only a few political parties and no separatists.

Can you give me a list of all of them

Mair let Pöter in on weekends. They would get together and talk, dine, and go for brisk walks. Pöter was even more handsome when he wasn't in the dark of the city, surrounded by the mud and muck, and perpetually troubled by the air quality. Sometimes the two would spend nights together. Her mother, the gentlewomen, and the Privy Council despised it—but legally they weren't allowed to interfere. That didn't stop her peers from being condescending, she was a sixteen-year old girl as a queen. It had been two weeks since her coronation and she hadn't started working on critical political issues. During one late evening, Pöter was visiting and had completely cleaned himself on the advice of Mairjeanette. His hair was adorable untangled, and Mair was slowly becoming committed to Pöter.

"I'm not used to zis hair product." Pöter said.
"I think it looks mighty fine on you, darling."
"My fahter had zis hair back in Helge."
"You don't speak much about your father." Mair remarked.
"He wazn't a remarkable man. Very strict and broutish."
"Good looking though?"

Mairjeanette laughed. She took a sip of her water which rested upon the bureau in her chamber. Mairjeanette loved this new Pöter. Now that he was refined, he was loving and sweet.

"I invited Vertu, is that okay?"
"Oh. Of course." Mair said.

Only in that crevice of a moment did Mair ponder that maybe this relationship was an opportunity for Pöter, but she quickly denied this—of course—things were going very well. Vertu eventually arrived, and joined the two of them in the chambers.

"Vertueuse. How are you mon cher."
"Very good, Madame la reine—Your Royal Highness."
"You are too kind Vertu. You know, you two. I can make arrangements for your living situations. I have the funds somewhere in the dowry I inherited from my father."
"Would you seriously? No Madame I couldn't accept." Vertu insisted.
"I order it upon you. And stop calling me Madame, Vertu. If I'm a queen then at the very least you are... a duke!"
"Duke?" Vertu asked.
"Duke of... La Ghetto!"

Vertu laughed, but Pöter remained looking strangely offended.

"Pöter, dear?"
"I wouldn't accept it. Not unless my mother and my colleagues would get it too." He said.
"Well... As my friends you two get privileges... There's no harm in that. I will help your mother too Pöter."
"What about Vertu's mother? What about all the poor mothers in the slums of Dimontlarmier?"

Vertu remained silent, as did Mairjeanette. She stared at him with a dull ignorance.

"I'm working to make sure the unemployed—"
"You haven't started working at all!"
"It's been two weeks, Pöter!"
"I refuse it. Not unless we all get it."
"So be it, Pöter." Mairjeanette said.

A weird silence invaded the space between the two. Vertu kept a small grin as he scrolled through his smartphone. It was at that point he realized it was for the relationship. He truly wouldn't take the wealth if it wasn't for his mother—it wasn't greed that drew him to Mairjeanette, it truly was selflessness—but only for the others of his caste. Vertu felt the need to restart the talking in order to resolve this conflict.

"Mair, you wish to help Pöter and his family?" Vertu asked.
"Of course I do!"
"Pöter, you wish to help your family?" Vertu asked.
"Bestimmt, ja." Pöter whined.
"Then the both of you must reciprocate that. Pöter, being selfless won't help with accumulating status to share with your mother. Mair, you need to begin working and showing that you are dedicated to helping the poor. As long as you two do these things, you two have the same goal in mind."

Pöter looked up from the floor at Mair. Mairjeanette looked momentarily at Pöter and then back at Vertu.

"You are right, Vertu. Do you agree, Pöter?" She asked.

Pöter nodded.

"You can discuss finance and politics during the daytime when work needs to be done, but I intended to come here tonight and sneak booze from the cellar."

Mairjeanette laughed. She beckoned the two of them to follow her to the wine cellar. Pöter and Vertu smirked as they followed Mairjeanette. It seemed almost as if they were children again.

Lorigia, Sarkis, and Rynese Empire

SSSP Government Statement:
Addressed to: The Amadeus syndicate

As discussed during the signing of the East Osea Concur Pact, the SSSP has requested for the use of a naval base in one of the Amadeus Syndicate's several dispersed territories. In return the SSSP offers monthly supplies which will be exported to the Syndicate at a greatly lowered price.

Penult wrote:The Mike Roctafinserland

The Cielic Throne requests a summit with the supposed Monarch of Roctania. Does your delegation agree to meet in Dimontlarmier for trade discussions?

Our monarch will agree to join you in our capital of Okusha. Unfortunately, our schedule, through Sunday, is busy with peace negotiations with Aylwater

Reaching out

Western Vapia

This document, as sent by the private organization known as 'Lotus Racing Projects and Vehicle Development of the Rynese Empire, GmbH.', is to be received by whomever it may concern.

It is with great pleasure that we are writing to the headquarters of 'Automobili Lamborghini, PoC.'.

We have come to you, knowing of your great engineering skills, to request the construction of 3000 Lamborghini-made V12 engines, in specific, the 3512 (3.5 Litre, 12-cylinder, V-shape) variants. We will pay in full in any price that you may set for us for the aforementioned request.
Any inquiries about this request may be directed back in another letter.

Thank you, and have a good day.

Lotus 102 - Development Diary

One day of testing is over, here at the Nürburgring. We had our two aces - one of them being the company owner, in true classic racing fashion - go around with the first Lotus 102 prototype vehicles. For now, due to a general lack of engines, we are utilizing the ever-reliable Lotus RS-powerplants. They're not exactly super powerful, but for 2 litre V6 engines with a single turbocharger, they are of acceptable speed, according to Kurome. Tiara complained about the aero setup for the Südschleife and the northern regions of the Nordschleife, so after we got the aerodynamics down on her vehicle, we sent her out on more laps. The good thing about the RS-powerplants is that they're fairly reliable and don't stress the chassis of the cars too greatly, but they are certainly not good enough for the nimble machines. The "stressed engine" system we've been running with since the Lotus 22 is taking it's toll on the all-cast RS'. However, I have to say, at least these vehicles are somewhat competitive with the 101T. Of course, they're still losing out, but it's better than not having a platform to improve on at all.

After 30 laps, we brung them in. We let them take a good rest, about an hour's worth, before sending them out with the 99T/2's. The best cars we have, by far. They were in prime condition, both the cars and the drivers. We were seeing at least 20 second faster laps with these, which was an improvement even on the circuit record, previously set by early-model 99T/1's. Just goes to show how much faster a V12 engine is when it's in it's natural habitat. In any case, after bringing them back in after 10 laps in the 99T/2's, we sent them back out in the prototype 102's. They had better results, but still, no dice. We will need to begin development of a V12 engine A.S.A.P. if Lamborghini doesn't want to cooperate with us. And though yes, we could reuse the 99T/2's engine plant, it would make the engine cover a different shape. Kind of bulged around the central area due to the size of it - 4 litres to the Lamborghini engines we requested, which are 3,5 litres.

Well, I'm going to close this diary off with whatever important information we will be aiming for when we do get the proper engines:

G-Force (Cornerning): Upwards of 2 G's.
Horsepower: Upwards of 700 to 1000 horsepower in the usable RPM range (upwards of 8000 RPM)
Torque: Upwards of 400 to 550 foot pounds of torque in the usable RPM range (upwards of 6000 RPM)
Differential Lock: 40/30.
RPM limit: 12,500 RPM, hopefully.
Tyres: 275mm width on the fronts, 375mm to 405mm width on the rear tyres.
Downforce: An angle of upwards of 14 degrees on the front wing, with 18 or more degrees in the rear wing to keep the vehicles planted during cornering.

The Mike Roctafinserland wrote:Our monarch will agree to join you in our capital of Okusha. Unfortunately, our schedule, through Sunday, is busy with peace negotiations with Aylwater

can i not lose land and could i be my own nation?

Lorigia wrote:can i not lose land and could i be my own nation?

That is planned

EDIT: You two are being separated and we’re only taking land from Aylwater

The Mike Roctafinserland wrote:That is planned

EDIT: You two are being separated and we’re only taking land from Aylwater

oof i mean i did leave the region for 6 days tho so i missed a bit sadly i'm sure he is angry at me now...

"In the interest of a... peculiar first 'sport' outreach by the royal estate, we will be sending several qualified racers to the Rynese Empire to participate in a formula one race. May Thaurbain preserve their mighty hearts and make a lasting impression."

- Her Royal Highness Mairjeanette Lapreussien-Ciel, God-Queen of Penult

Penult wrote:"In the interest of a... peculiar first 'sport' outreach by the royal estate, we will be sending several qualified racers to the Rynese Empire to participate in a formula one race. May Thaurbain preserve their mighty hearts and make a lasting impression."

- Her Royal Highness Mairjeanette Lapreussien-Ciel, God-Queen of Penult

Fly Like the Eagle

Flights to the various competing nations have been sent out from Frankfurt, Rynenwesterwald, Rynese Empire, to bring any important figures interested in seeing the first qualifier events, as well as to bring the drivers and vehicles to the racetracks. Present at the Nürburgring are various high-end luxury vehicles which will travel 30 kilometers southeast to Frankfurt to bring them to the racetrack. Trucks will load the vehicles and bring them too.

Currently present, testing some of the competing vehicles, is Lotus Racing.

(Others involved:
Greater Saint-Paul
The Austro Germanic Union
Confederation of Independent Colonies)

Bill 674 passed, so there will be a national Pusheen the Cat day!

Tsardom of leonlandia

Good mornin amigos

I had belonged to a family from Britannia. My family had moved to Yakuvony many years ago, and we had lived through the first Civil War… Then the time of the nationalists… And finally, to the Republic. I? I had belonged in Britannia for many years. I had came into knowledge of this after a letter had been delivered to myself. Of course, me being curious, I decide to head to Yakuvony.

The traffic had been difficult to move through.Flocks of people had been attempting to escape the nation after the revolution, and the civil war.. Surprisingly, I had been stopped at a peninsula referred to as “Vsengrad”. The people there were quite nice but they had numerous times attempted to threaten me that if I had attempted to try to break the order there, I would be deported.. And as I obviously didn’t wish for that, I just commonly ignored them. Upon attempting to travel to the Republic, the guard there had almost laughed. If my memory was quite right, he said the following; “What, you want to die?”. I repeated myself, and said that i was heading to Yakuvony - The Republic, to meet my family. “Your not joking? Well, if you die, you better not blame me.”

I had received a travel to Yakuvony by ship for a while, being surprised as to how my family had come to this nation. I did notice a few battleships off the shore, docked solely in their place. A few minutes afterwards, a small boat had approached us, waving a crimson flag on the top of their ship. The captain of our ship had come out of his cabin, and attempted talking to the captain of the strange ship.

After a few minutes of their chatter, I approached the captain, and asked him as to what happened. “Just a bunch of communists, checking if we were carrying Republic supplies. Obviously, we aren’t.” “Communists? Why would there be communists here?” I had said. “You don’t know? Yakuvony is in a civil war.” “Oh right. Those communists were from that civil war?” “Yep.”

When we had finally reached the dock of the Republic occupied lands,I had bought a room from a local hotel in the city we had reached. I had written a letter for my family, which I had sent through a post office. Upon finishing that task, I had decided to head towards a theatre.

While sitting and watching, there was a man behind me who continuously pestered me.
“Hey.. What your nationality?” He often asked, and I often ignored him. At some point however, I had grown tired of it. “I am from Britannia.” I said. “Britannia, eh? So your from one of the worst nations on Strangereal.” I ignored him once more. “Britannia was the same nation that helped the Tsarists to destroy the Republic. Clearly, you are scum. A spy! No more. You will come with me now, and I will report you to the police!” People had began looking at us.

“I am asking you to kindly shut up. I do not wish to hear your grievances” I said. “Spies like you belong to be locked up. You wish to see the people of Yakuvony to be enslaved by a Tsarist dog! No. Once more I will say, I will take you to the police.” I had inched my hand towards my revolver. “Again. I ask of you to shut up.” Finally, he had shrugged and stopped bothering me…

(Will be continued in Part 2)

Koychev had been nervous to this point. He had understood for a long time now that the communists were the biggest threat to the Republic; Not the Democrats, or the Tsarists. Now, it was down to those two nations. To decide the final fate of Yakuvony.
He was to deliver a speech to the shocked Yakuvonians of Mygrosk, and the former capital of the Tsarists. He prepared himself, wearing his military uniform, his military officer hat he had loved since he was a General himself, and his numerous medals.

He took a deep breath. Once he was out the door. He had to not make any mistakes in his speech, and needed to speak loud and clear. As he approached the door, he only muttered the words, “Show time.” and open the doors.

What came out was somewhat surprising, as a he could see scores of Yakuvonians waving the Republic flag, with a few screaming ‘Slava!’ Some Yakuvonains were saluting to the Vozhd of the Republic. Clearly, the past opinion on the military dictatorship had changed, significantly.

Koychev prepared himself for a moment. Before stating; “Comrades. Comrades! Brothers, sisters! Soldiers, sailors and pilots! Men and women of our nation, I speak to you all today!
We have destroyed the Tsarists! We have shown the world that we are strong! That we are willing to save our land and our nation!”

“Of course. When we march to the Odizov, and plant our banner onto the Commune’s council… The Communists. The natural enemy of our nation will know. At that moment of time. That Yakuvony doesn’t want their dictatorship, which aims to destroy all of Yakuvony! Their land! Their populace! Their very own culture!”

“The Peasant Army may march miles. Miles. Capture huge swads of our lands. Our industry. But they will never take one thing. One simple thing. Our determination to destroy them! The Peasant Army may seem like their invincible. With their massive armies. But they lose men constantly by day, But we? We gain land. We gain men. We gain the rifles. And we gain the bayonet to destroy the remnants of the communists.”

“For the Republic! For the saviour of our land! Za nami Bog!” The crowd cheered on, as Koychev spoke and finished. Koychev looked on, as the people screamed “Slava!” or “Za nami bog!”. On the outside, he smiled, clearly proud on the achievement of his speech. In his inside, he had a sense of pure dread. The communists had enough abilities to destroy the Republic; Even destroy the Republican culture that was being developed within the nation for years at this point. In any case, he walked back inside after a few minutes, and headed towards his office instinctively. Of course, he wasn’t alone in his office. As it later turned out, his council of generals were there. “Quite a speech you had there, Vozhd. I take it you lied?” One of the generals spoke. “Lied? No. I believe in every word I spoke. All of it was the truth” The general laughed. “Truth? Excuse me sir, all of what you had spoken was an utter lie. The Peasant Army hadn’t lost as much men as we had for the past few weeks. We lose rifles, and the only ability we have is defending, not attacking the Republic.” The Vozhd face reddened. “Aside from that. It was the truth. In any case..” Quickly continued the Vozhd, upon seeing the general open his mouth to respond. “Why’d you come here? What, is it someone’s birthday today and I had forgotten to give them a gift?” “Hilarious.” Said the general sarcastically. “No, we had come because we need to deliver you a report. We had apparently been notified that not only had we beaten the Tsarists, and the Democrats out of the war, as you have clearly known, but apparently, there's a large gap in the Communists line.. Additionally…” The General rose his voice a little bit. “The Vsengrad government has notified us that they have detected multiple ships; Mainly battleships and carriers of the coast of their occupied land. Do you believe that this may have been.. Those ships from the incident?”

The incident… The Vozhd had recalled for a moment as to what that incident was… A few weeks ago, the Republic’s navy had been scouting the Straitway between the communists and the Republic. After sinking a few Communist ships and raiding a few cargo ship, one fleet they had which was entering a foggy area of the strait. And they had gone missing. They were nowhere to be seen, and despite multiple attempts; The search had resulted to nothing. The fleet was considered MIA, and was a huge loss to the Navy, which already had endured a pyrrhic victory at the major Battle at Kortesky Strait; where they had lost a significant amount of their ships, but had won the battle by causing the Communist fleet retreat from their area.

“Possibly. We can’t afford a search party as of this moment. I suppose we can handle that issue later? I mean, when we begin a advance towards the Communists land, We’ll eventually find out whether or not if its our missing fleet… And if it is, well. We’ll have our own fleet back, hopefully safe and sound. Or else, we’ll have to rebuilt a new fleet after the war… Anywho, for the large gap in their lines, we may launch an offensive towards their territories. After all, we must advance at any costs. Whether or not we lose 50 men in one piece of area, or 100 in one dirt pile, all advancements are important.”

“A man of great talk, eh?” Humored one of the Generals, who was commonly known as Konev. “Oh, shut up.” Koychev said. “But you will be able to give me such an offensive, well and done, correct?” “Of course Vozhd.” spoke the Generals. “Good. Do not fail me.” Spoke Koychev.

The next few days were full of planning, strategizing, and preparing the soldiers for the offensive. According to the Republic’s recon vehicles, there were only a few militia defending the gap. And they were far away from each other. To General Mamonov, this was the perfect opportunity to attack. Mygrosk had already ordered and sent plans to the Generals about the Offensive, and Mamonov had been given the right to lead it….

Mamonov had been a odd man. Despite being loved by his soldiers, and even the Vozhd himself, the General had been looked upon as a strange man. He had wore a long fur coat typically, and a long fur hat. He was a Vsadniki from the South of Yakuvony, and had traveled around Yakuvony, exploring areas that were previously unknown. He had never mentioned his family, nor his friends. Not once has he spoke of them, and to others, not once had he thought of them. There were a few rumors, mainly from his soldiers, that his family had perhaps been disgraceful. Terrible to him, or perhaps he had been excluded out of his family. In any case, no one knows his family. No one knows his true last name as he had never mentioned it, and used a fake one for himself… He typically had a saber, and sometimes killed his “enemies” with it

To him however; He was important. He was needed for the Republic to advance, and to him, he took the achievements of other generals and attempted to take them for himself. To the Generals, he was selfish. To the Vozhd.. He was brilliant. This caused him to have a strong position in the General Council, and to the dismay of his enemies, and the generals, he was considered the right hand man of the Vozhd… For now.

He had finished eating his traditional meal of Macaroni and cheese, which was a common meal in Yakuvony, typically. He had the artillerists began calculating their targets, and where to fire. And he had his soldiers begin to prepare for a grand offensive against the Communists.

He began his attack following a period of a few days of scouting and reconnaissance. Finally, the attack could begin, and his grand offensive would be underway….

In the perioud of a few months and a few weeks, his troops had advanced greatly. With Artillery support, they had managed to force the communists to pull back their armies...

Of course.. At a cost.

For after the successes of his offensive, Mamonov had lost his life to a unknown sniper.. It is unknown how the Republic government will attempt to fix this issue…

But it is known that the generals and his enemies celebrate at the news of his death.

Tsardom of leonlandia wrote:Good mornin amigos

como estas

Damn, is this quiet normal?

Lorigia, Libertandonien, and Tsardom of leonlandia

Tsardom of leonlandia

Malrish wrote:Damn, is this quiet normal?

The RMB gets more active normally after 8-9 hours

Lorigia, Malrish, and Libertandonien

Tsardom of leonlandia wrote:The RMB gets more active normally after 8-9 hours


Lorigia, Libertandonien, and Tsardom of leonlandia

Yes finally on the map!

If anybody wants to establish relations, trade etc or roleplay with me tell me! ^^
Im not interested in wars rn

Tsardom of leonlandia

Tommatito wrote:Because it confuses me

Do not you know who is in the Federation or how?


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