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Prydania would you rather be responsible for the death of captain Picard or commander Riker.

Krropezka wrote:You

No, I’m just a disappointment.

Zazumo wrote:[nation][/nation] if you had to banject Territorio di Nessuno or Aerilia who would to pick?

Why not both?

Prydania, Death by Crucifixion or impalement?

United confederate states

Zazumo wrote:Prydania if you had to banject Territorio di Nessuno or Aerilia who would to pick?

Nessie FTW

Prydania If you can banject anyone from the region, who would that be ?

Zazumo wrote:Prydania if you had to banject Territorio di Nessuno or Aerilia who would to pick?

Oh you forgot to add yourself in the list


Do you think that the North Pacific’s best days are ahead of it? Why?

The Austro Germanic Union wrote:Interesting.

Where are you on the map? 😛

Gladio II wrote:[nation][/nation] If you can banject anyone from the region, who would that be ?

Twist answer:

The Mike Roctafinserland wrote:Where are you on the map? 😛

Usonian Far East, just south of Frientlys colony in Usonea.

Zazumo Will we allow double/triple posting for questions for the AMA or will normal rules be enforced?

Anti-Minudan forces in Bangalore had put continual pressure on the divisions of Minuda, but on this morning they awoke to an unusual sound. The sun wasn't even up, and something was out there.

Jets. Jet aircraft. Two jets with wide wings swept over the partisan camp, making wide arcs over it. No bombs. Perhaps it was a surveillance flight, they thought. If they had any air defenses at all they likely would've taken a shot at downing these mysterious aircraft. The two jets circled back together and shot west from where they came. Unusual, considering the only thing out there was open osea-

A hail of rockets rained down on the enemy camp. From across the jungle Ikean rocket artillery had opened up, using spyplane data to determine the exact location of enemy camp. The rockets did some damage, but the effects on the fortifications were limited. The true damage was the absolute pandemonium that followed. The partisan camp was awake and in panic by the surprise attack, and that's when they saw them: a line of fighters on the horizon. The Ikean E105's moved with lightning speed, and began to loose air to ground missiles. Each of the 10 jets had 6, plus their internal rocket pods and machine guns. The camp lit up with fire and explosions. Nearby buildings crumbled, and heavy partisan cannons collapsed or broke apart. Then, the army arrived.

Shock Troops aboard choppers appeared from behind the trees, moving swiftly towards the camp. The only things swifter were the rockets they launched. At the same time, the armored Ikean forces emerged from the jungle, and began making a drive to the camp. Some infantry followed, riding their trucks or even the tanks. Others stayed at the tree line, dropping their artillery barrels down and letting loose salvo after salvo upon the camp.

With no dedicated air defenses, the choppers reached the camp intact. Rockets cleared the way, and boots were on the ground. Fighting devolved quickly; shock troops began going door to door, clearing out partisans, while the tanks and infantry drove like a wall into the camp. The battle was fierce and bloody, but the surprise of the Ikean forces was supreme. Nobody had set up dedicated defenses on the outside, much less on the western border. The partisans were the besiegers, not the besieged. And then the next wave of jets rolled in. And then the next, and the next.

The partisan defense quickly attempted to rally, but airstrike after airstrike, artillery shell after artillery shell, and the mobility of Ikean shock troops over the camp broke the unified defense. As armored forces shredded the outer defenses, the fighting fell further into pocket battles. Partisan forces began to slip away whenever able, and those who stayed dealt a heavy toll to the Ikeans. Pockets broke, and men dropped. Partisan uniforms shredded by Ikea brand bullets, bombs, and armor.

It was afternoon. Henning looked upon the ruins. The city was smoldering, almost completely leveled. Ikean and partisan explosives had brought most buildings down to rubble. Ikean bodies littered the mess; door to door fighting was far from pretty, and airstrikes in this environment were lethal to everyone, not just partisans. Their commanders were talented, realized Henning. He had paid dearly for this victory. Yet even talent could only last so long against explosives. Save a few last holdouts, this part of the siege was broken. He dispatched a squadron to greet the Minudan forces he was here to relieve. Then, he turned to count his losses.

No fighters, but two smoldering helicopters, and at least a thousand Ikean men were strewn about, lifeless on the ground. Henning couldn't bother to count the partisan losses right now. There were still more Ikean bodies to find.

Dinoium wrote:Zazumo Will we allow double/triple posting for questions for the AMA or will normal rules be enforced?

Why you call the Hitman on me!

15 minutes until Prydania's AMA ends!

Still plenty of time for questions!

Dinoium wrote:Zazumo Will we allow double/triple posting for questions for the AMA or will normal rules be enforced?

We will allow it. I've already spoken to Robespierre about it.


Have you enjoyed the last 3/4s of an hour? Or is being asked this many questions a tad overwhelming?

El Fiji Grande wrote:We will allow it. I've already spoken to Robespierre about it.

Yeah I was asking that because I saw him triple post. Good to know.


Swap any two members of the Executive Council out and go off of a variant of Fiji’s cabinet to serve the region. If you had to take out two Ministers sitting currently and switch them to eachother’s Ministries, which two would you pick?

Prydania - Is there any single RP post you think should be given a bit of extra attention for how well it was written?

Prydania you are stuck on a deserted island, and you are only able to have one object with you, what would it be?


If the North Pacific didn’t have the people it did for RP, would you still enjoy it? Why or why not?

Francois Isidore wrote:Prydania,

If you can, recall what your initial reaction to being offered the Minister of Culture position and what that was like. How did the conversation go between Fiji and you? Did you have any hesitancy to accept?

So I first got the job after MJ had to step down at the end of Ghost's term. So I just filled out the last seven days and made sure the i's that weren't dotted and t's that weren't crossed got dotted and crossed.
Fiji asked me if I'd be interested in staying on, and I was hesitant at first. I didn't tell him that actually, but part of me wanted to refuse. I took the dive though, because I had a vision for the office I thought could work out well if done right.

Zazumo wrote:Let's keep em coming!

Prydania Cats or Dogs?

I have one of each, but I'm a cat person.

Francois Isidore wrote:Prydania,

Is there anyone you would be willing to shoutout as having been a major influence on the path you’ve taken to get to where you are in the North Pacific? If so, who are they and how have they impacted you?

The Notorious Mad Jack, Darcania, and McMasterdonia would be my biggest influences in helping me find my footing. MJ for helping me find my way in Eras RP, Darc for being an all-around great guy whose commitment to the region is second to none and who has always been a great person to talk to about nearly anything, and McM for bringing me into Culture and showing me the ropes of how the Ministry works. As well as being a great Admin who really gets the RP community.

Fizban wrote:Prydania Is there anything you can suggest for new role players?

I would tell them to find the story they want to tell. Many people think "national RP" is a type of RP, but it's not. It's merely a setting. Character work and narrative is as important in NS RP as it is anywhere else. I would say they need to figure out what the story of their nation is and what character or characters will be at the forefront of that.

Dinoium wrote:Prydania Where did I park my car? Hint: I don't know where it is!

I can't help you. All I can I say is don't pee in the parking garage.

United confederate states wrote:Prydania, is weed legalized along with crack, LSD, PCP, scopolamine, Or and etc

I'm all for legalized weed but the rest I would say no :P

Francois Isidore wrote:Prydania,

Make a prediction about the future of the North Pacific in the next six months. What happens?

I think we get more engaged with the GP community in NS as a whole but other than that? TNP's strength is its ability to keep on keeping on.

Castle Federation wrote:Prydania What is your greatest hope for this region?

That the culture and tradition that values democracy and mutual respect regardless of political ideals remains firmly entrenched.

Francois Isidore wrote:Prydania,

What’s one thing that those in the North Pacific don’t know about you but should know about you?

I have tourette syndrome. It's something I've worked to overcome all my life.

Dinoium wrote:Prydania Other than the Blues Brother, what movie do you suggest I watch?

Jurassic Park
V for Vendetta
Beowulf and Grendel
Any of the Lord of the Rings movies
Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan

Gladio II wrote:Prydania, What is your IQ?

I have no idea! Probably not as high as I think it is though.

Francois Isidore wrote:Prydania,

Would you ever enlist in the North Pacific Army? If not, why not?

Nah. Military gameplay has never been my cup of tea. That said the NPA is amazing!

Francois Isidore wrote:Prydania,

Who’s helped you out the most since you’ve become Minister of Culture? Someone you’d point towards and say “That’s my right hand!”

Both of my Deputies Goyanes and Syrixia have done all I ask of them so far :)

Krropezka wrote:Prydania, #FuseaGang?
Fusea Gang Be Like

-Krropezka (Leader Of Fusea Gang)
-Stone Ira
-Libertandonien (RIP My Friend)
-Lotion Empire (Original True Fusean)
-East Supple Lund

Message Me If You're In Fusea Or Wanna Be In Fusea Gang!
(By The Way I'm Not In SR, My Alt Is)

If You Are Really In Fusea, You Get "True Fusean" Next To Your Name!


Read factbook

Prydania, How Much Pibb Could A Pibb Sco Sco If A Pibb Sco Could Sco Sco?


Osiris-rex wrote:Prydania Gladio II is your irl friend right?

If only he'd let me in :(

Blob Regulators wrote:Prydania What Is SCP-055?

The ultimate kryponite for Syrixia and Bobberino1

Francois Isidore wrote:Prydania,

In seven words or less, try and form a sentence about why you love the North Pacific.

The North Pacific is stable.

Gladio II wrote:Prydania, Do you think it would be cool if all the GCRs merge together and form one region like The United Pacific?

Oh good G-d that would be a nightmare XD

Dinoium wrote:Prydania I need some advice, my man. If the AG office is replaced with an appointed prosecutor, what area of government should I focus on since as you might know I focus on the Legal Affairs field.

Run for Justice!

Francois Isidore wrote:Prydania,

Aside from what you expect from yourself, who do you believe to be the most reliable hand in the North Pacific Government at present date?

McMasterdonia or Eluvatar. We all owe them a huge debt.


Are you a fan of the Northern Lights? What’s one way you think Ghost and company could improve that publication even further?

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