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The Mike Roctafinserland wrote:I do indeed. It isn’t totally fleshed out, I’m planning on doing it soon.

It’s the “Brave” family line


Gladio II wrote:, Do you think it would be cool if all the GCRs merge together and form one region like The United Pacific?

Then all the weird kids from the rejected realm would roam around

Prydania Do you love pings?


Anyone you believe is underrated in their current capacity to which they serve the North Pacific? Who is it, if anyone?

Prydania Have we broken your computer yet?


What’s your favorite aspect of the North Pacific’s community?

Zazumo wrote:Prydania Have we broken your computer yet?

Your glad this isn't my AMA, my computer would literally explode from all of the lag. Figures because it's old. :P

Osiris-rex wrote:Then all the weird kids from the rejected realm would roam around

Ew I have to share a Pacific with Kyo.

Francois Isidore Also you got a Comm app to check.


Is there anyone in the North Pacific that you’d like to sit down with and recruit to the Ministry of Culture based upon your foresight into their potential in that area?

Prydania, What’s your favorite joke?

The Austro Germanic Union wrote:Prydania, What’s your favorite joke?



Tell us a bit about how you got started with RolePlay. If it wasn’t on NationStates, where did you first try it?


Do you have a map of your country?

The group is gaining influence to the Eraverian government.

Eraver wrote:The group is gaining influence to the Eraverian government.

English isn't your first language, is it?

Prydania If your computer stops working, can I have it so I can add it to my collection of broken computers?


What’s one thing that you think people shouldn’t put so much stock into when it comes to any player involved in government?

United confederate states

Dinoium wrote:Your glad this isn't my AMA, my computer would literally explode from all of the lag. Figures because it's old. :PEw I have to share a Pacific with Kyo.

Francois Isidore Also you got a Comm app to check.

I have to share a Pacific with these non human and non Christian heathens but at least some Apartheid against non humans is doing wonders to my nation

Prydania What relationship should the RP community have with the government of TNP?

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Name something you wish would have gone differently during Pallaith’s term.

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Likewise, is there anyone you feel that’s overrated in what they currently do? No need to name names or call anyone out, just a simple yes or no.

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What’s next in the evolution of how our RolePlay communities on-site and on the forums interact with one another?

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If RolePlay wasn’t anywhere near as easily accessible on NationStates, where do you think you would have found your niche in its absence?

The Austro Germanic Union wrote:Prydania are you a western spy?

I'd make a terrible spy.

Francois Isidore wrote:Prydania,

What would you point to as being your greatest contribution to the North Pacific? Not so much just as the Minister of Culture, but more so one thing you can look back on and be the most proud of.

I'd like to think I've done a lot to contribute to the RP in Eras on the forums. I'm very proud of that.

Osiris-rex wrote:Prydania do you think El Fiji Grande would be a cool and good delegate?

Fiji's been great so far. 10/10 would vote again.

Chuce wrote:Prydania Have you been enjoying being Minister of Culture so far?

I have. The opportunities are amazing. We're working on something with GD currently for RP. It should be a lot of fun.

Francois Isidore wrote:Prydania,

What are your expectations for the upcoming weeks of this new term? Do you foresee the executive government making a lot of forward progress, and if so where?

For Culture? I want kind of a slow burn. People burn out when it's huge thing after huge thing. Right now I'm focused on making the above mentioned RP project with Greater Dienstad and issue #2 of Roleplay Reel the big projects in culture. Other than that? I want to continue the RP seminar series, and of course celebrate Manumission Day tomorrow.
For the rest of the government? I think we're going to make tremendous strides in the are of foreign affairs. Fiji's vision and McM's expertise are a great combo.

El Fiji Grande wrote:Prydania: What’s your opinion of using NBS to promote TNP’s RP community?

I want to use it. I want to start a RP show on NBS were we have Eras and Strangereal RPers on to talk about their nations, currently ongoing RPs, and discuss the processes of worldbuilding and character creation. I think it could be very interesting, if the nightly VCs on the TNP RP Discord are any indication.

Francois Isidore wrote:Prydania,

If you were to be named the Delegate of the North Pacific suddenly and had your nation thrusted into the Delegacy slot in-game for one day, what is one change you would make to the region and why?

I would change the flag, honestly. The flag we have is fine, but you know what? Why have a flag with a coat of arms on it when you can have a banner of arms? A blue flag, the white waves along the bottom, and the TNP star? That'd be sharp.

Zazumo wrote:Prydania who would win in a wrestling match between Fiji's cabinet?

Either Sil or myself. We're the ones who watch wrestling so we know the moves :P

Dinoium wrote:Prydania Can you summon Syr?

I could but I'm not that mean!

Dinoium wrote:Are you the NSA?

If I'm anything I'm CSIS.

Dinoium wrote:New phone who dis?

Pepper Jack.

Dinoium wrote:On a more serious footnote, what's your opinion on your friend Head Eras Moderator MadJack's recent conduct involving asking the NPO for votes to become Delegate?

I think MJ made a mistake, and he's admitted as such. I gave a statement on his character for the TNP Court as part of his ongoing trial. I stand by everything I said.
TNP has one of the best RP scenes in NS. Certainly the best among the game-created regions. We have The Notorious Mad Jack to thank for that. It's unfortunate he made the mistake he made, but I don't think it overshadows his many positive contributions to this region.

Osiris-rex wrote:Prydania how did you find out nationstate? Have you ever plan on leaving the region?

I found it via a sports forum back in 2006. I've been playing on and off since. I began in The Lexicon, helped found Taijitu, and stayed there (save for one stint in AWP) for a very long time.
I'm relatively new to TNP despite my longevity, but I think I'll be staying here.

Kite2 wrote:Prydania What kinds of projects can we expect from the Ministry of Culture this term?

A joint RP convention with GD, Roleplay Reel #2, hopefully a RP show on the NBS. As well as more RP Seminars in the TNP University.

Francois Isidore wrote:Prydania,

Given the recent conclusion of the May General Elections cycle, who all do you see as the up-and-comers in the North Pacific’s political scene? Who’s on the rise and for what?

I dare say you're one such person! I think you have a great future in this region.
I also think Lady Raven Wing and Dreadton will make waves.

Osiris-rex wrote:Prydania are you a cultural person?


Guslantis wrote:Prydania, have you listened to the latest Bootsie Radio? If so, what are your thoughts?

Unfortunately I have no. Grading has taken up a lot of my spare time XD Grading and being sick.

Francois Isidore wrote:Prydania,

What do you aspire beyond being the Minister of Culture for this term? Do you have any ambitions to seek higher office? If so, which office and when do you predict you’ll go for it?

Nope. When I came to TNP in the summer of 2017? I told myself it was for RP only. I've since served as Deputy Speaker, Deputy Minister of Culture, and now Minister of Culture. This is as high as I want to go though. Gameplay politics isn't my speed, but I'm happy to lend my hand in areas I'm knowledgeable in.

Gladio II wrote:Prydania, What is the meaning of life?

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women. Or men. It's 2019 after all. Equal lamentations for everyone.

United confederate states

What if we implement policies against non human races threatening the human race and Christianity for our safety and since I'm a deeply religious man

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