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Tsardom of leonlandia

Good morning!


Territorio di Nessuno, Aerilia, Tsardom of leonlandia, and Heulia

In Edwerlantin, there exists a manor… a manor that houses two of the most influential people in the country.

One, a man… A man that rules over all with a fist of iron. A man that knows of the evils of the planet. A well-versed programmer, and natural scientist… Sekien Suzuki.

The other? His daughter.

”Why in the heck is this equation so hard?!”

The irritated voice was Yukari Suzuki… a currently troubled young adult. Since her graduation from high school a year ago, she's lent her brains to various projects and conundrums over the past year.

She solved all of them, either with assistance or not. Yukari was single-handedly the most valued free agent in physics in Edwerlant history.

But… all successful runs must come to an end.

“Calm down, Yukari… there must be an issue here somewhere! One of the variables must be wrong!”

The slightly crazed blonde was currently within her bedroom, having not left for the past two days. Various pages of notes, data from tests, and theoretical academic articles were strewn about her room. It looked as if a paper mâche bomb blew up in her room.

She herself was not faring much better. Yukari was currently in her pajamas. She wore a plain white t-shirt with some red and black striped pajama bottoms. The bottoms were stretched or compressed in areas, and the t-shirt clung to the left side of her body.

Her shoulder-length hair was frazzled, and single strands stuck up in certain places. Yukari's eyes were baggy as well, which accentuated the 'I came from a dumpster’ look.

Yukari was quickly scribbling various theorems and formulas onto a whiteboard installed in her bedroom. A heap of markers existed on the floor, as they were dried out from Yukari's frantic scribbles.

“Ok, if I take one half of R - the scalar curvature - and multiply it to gμν - the metric tensor - I should then get what I need to subtract from Rμν - the Ricci curvature tensor…”

Yukari began to frantically write down the various equations to solve for each variable, and when she did eventually find everything and finish the main formula…


It was wrong.

Yukari tore up various papers on her desk as a way to relieve stress that was mounting in her for the past two days. She grinned maniacally while tearing through her work.

“YES! Take that Note Page Number Fifty-Seven! Take that, reputable Edwerlanti science journals! Take that… wait, my phone?”

The raving madwoman eventually slowed to a dead halt, as she stared down at the device in front of her. Yukari took note of her surroundings, and eventually herself.

“What have I been doing? I've… I've been so lost in my work… I need to stop. Just for one day. Then I can go right back at solving these field equations in a healthier way…” Yukari picked up the phone that broke her from eternal torment, and sat on her unmade bed.

The phone looked simple enough for most technology, but that was not the case. Within the internals lied various bits of quantum tech that could compute many hundreds of times faster than what any normal phone could handle. It was essentially a mid-end PC stuck to the size of a candy bar.

“Hmmm… I haven't used this in a while. Maybe I should go see what's around the internet. Dad doesn't mind if I do.”

So, she opened up an internet browser, and began prying around for information.

“Seems like the same old same old, really. Wars, international incidents, scandals… I'd hate to have to deal with any of that nonsense. Being a leader is way too hard.”

Then… she stumbled on something peculiar.

“What's this? A… social media platform? This sounds much more interesting than anything else I've seen so far. Maybe this might be the lucky break I need.”

Her finger hovered over the link, and she pressed down on it.

The page popped open, and told her what the site was.

“Instagram… Shouldn't it be Instant-gram? These developers need to learn some proper English. I'll have to write a formal complaint to them at some point later.”

Yukari then quickly skimmed over the important bits, downloaded the app, and was currently registering an account.

“So… this Instagram is a service I can use to share various bits and pieces of media to other people from around the globe? Cool.”

Yukari tried to create a username and password, but ran into some difficulties.

“What do you mean there can be no spaces in my name? That's how it's spelled! Wait, I need NUMBERS too? Why is this thing so COMPLICATED?!” Yukari has half-ready to chuck her phone like a quarterback, but she resisted the urge to, and continued on with her account making.

“Alright, hard part out the way. Now I need to set up the account. Age? Nineteen. Sex? Female. Location? Uhm… Edwerlantin works. Biography? All right, I can do that.”

Yukari quickly typed a little recap of her past fifteen minutes in the limited space she had.

’Hi, the name's Yukari Suzuki. I'm nineteen, and currently bored. I found this place after raging out from trying to solve field equations, and maybe this service will entertain me.’

“That looks fine. I'll change it later if something else comes up. So… what do I do now?” Yukari tapped her left index finger on her lips for a second, before snapping her fingers. “Oh yeah, I can share media!”

Yukari quickly turned on the camera functionality of her phone, and aimed it at her face.

Yukari tapped the white circle on the screen, taking her photo. When she reviewed the photo, she saw her face. It looked nearly perfect, minus the eyes. They betrayed her professional face, as her eyes looked like they were about to shut any moment now.

“Good enough.” Yukari shrugged.

Yukari uploaded the photo to the site, presenting her tired face to the rest of the planet.

“Hmmm… this is boring now. I don't even understand why I did this. I'll delete this account later, I just want some rest…”

She tossed the phone nonchalantly onto the carpet floors while smashing her face into the pillows of her bed.

She promptly passed out from exhaustion, and ended her stressful day in the trash heap that was her room.


If anyone wants a photo of what Yukari looks like, use this link. Don't mind the factbook section, still a solid WIP.

-------Yukari Suzuki-------

Yukari Suzuki
Heir to the Throne

(Yukari getting her corset tightened, age 17)
{note, image is large}

Age: 19 (believed)
Years Of Rule: Has not ruled yet.

Species: Human (confirmed)
Race: Caucasian (claimed), Asian (confirmed)
Sex: Female (confirmed)

Location: The Royal Palace, New Yertzy
Fluent In: English, Japanese, and French
Uses: English

Role: Replacement to the Current Monarch

  • Biology

  • Meeting New People

  • Whatever Her Father Dislikes

  • University

  • Lack of Contact

  • Fashion

  • Uninteresting Places

  • Chemistry

  • Theoretical Physics

  • Music

  • Anime

  • Video Games

  • Foreigners

  • Anything Attention-Grabbing

Related To: Sekien Suzuki, The Current Monarch of Edwerlantin

Getting a Master's Degree
Impressing Her Father
Scientific Discovery

"You look at me weird again, and you'll end up dead. Want to know why? I'll give you a few seconds... the answer is that my dad runs the country, you numbnut!"

-Her Excellency, Yukari Suzuki

Ms. Suzuki, also known as Yukari Suzuki, is the daughter the Current Monarch of Edwerlantin, and the last president of the country until she dissolved parliament and gave her father absolute power. She is known for her love of entertainment, her short temper, her diverse abilities in the fields of theoretical physics, and her jumpy attitude. She is the next of a notable lineage of rulers. She kept the country stable, and helped to shape Edwerlantin to how it is today.


Yukari Suzuki (formerly Yukari Hadō) was born on May 15 of 2000. She was originally the daughter of a middle-aged couple in Gradlin, the economic capital.

At a young age, Yukari has achieved many awards and trophies for her science projects and compassion to others.

By age ten, her mother died of ovarian cancer. This led to a profound change in her once supportive and loving father. He came home in drunken rages, beating the child.

Around age fourteen, her father killed himself. She was orphaned and sent into foster care, slowly withdrawing from the rest of humanity.

She was eventually found and adopted by Sekien Suzuki and Emily Edinburgh. Her birth name, Yukari Hadō was changed to Yukari Andrea Suzuki by age seventeen.

School Life

Ever since her elementary years, Yukari has shown great promise.

Her grades were consistently within the A range, she has won many awards and trophies, including Most Outstanding Student five years in a row (from 7th grade to 12th) and valedictorian in 12th.

Her science projects occasionally landed her on a news article, as they were either extremely interesting and quirky, or useful.

"Yeah sure, I landed on page articles, but so what? I just care about my mommy and daddy." (This was said during an interview on national television at age 9)

When her mother died, she continued to do well in school, but not for love. Out of fear. She didn't want to be beaten by her father, so she pushed herself past points no human should go to just keep an A.

This was her attitude the next four years. She did not converse much during this time period, leading to her laughable social skills with strangers.

When found by Emily Edinburgh and Sekien Suzuki, she returned back to her pre-absuive state of mind. She finished school by age nineteen, as she failed a grade once the year her mother died.

She has not yet announced any plans to go to a university, but rumors say she is.

Running the Country

After her mother's three terms in office, she had to find a replacement. She had many options, with established ministers, and the lot. But she couldn't pick one, as they all had downsides. The only person who fit her bill was Yukari. So on December 16th, 2017, Yukari Suzuki became the youngest president in Edwerlantian history, at an age of 19. She ran the country to the best of her ability, leading to much needed stability after her mother's turbulent times in office. But, she had problems after visiting The Imperium of Steve for a chat with Steve himself. She was unstable, and threw the country back into turmoil. Then she was kidnapped, prompting a personal investigation by her father, Sekien, himself. She was rescued, but only Yukari and Sekien know who took her away. She then dissolved parliament, and gave her father absolute power, effectively ending her term.

The Princess is known to be very short-tempered. The slightest remark about anything about her will warrant an aggressive response. Either a stern talking to, or in worse situations, a pure slap to the face. She is also very jumpy. Even the slightest scare will be responded with over-reactively. Some mild "boo" can kick her into overdrive. She has no "insanity" like her father, but can be very spontaneous. No matter what the topic is, when she feels like it, she'd change the subject.

Her beliefs align very aggressively with her father's. He did guide her life mostly, while her mother only influenced her slightly, every now and then.

Her hobbies include many of the things that her father does. This means watching her favorite anime, or finding new ones, reading manga, novels, writing, playing games, developing technology, etc. However, she does have a few things that she does like to do, that align more with what her mother did with her. She often likes to walk out in nature, observe animals, physical exercise, and the likes of it.

On all times, her personally developed phone is with her. Capable of running calculations similar to a laptop, her phone is basically a way more portable version of a medium-end computer, thanks to quantum mechanics. Another thing she always carries is a concealed firearm. While she does not like to kill with it, she does often shoot would-be attackers in the knees, incapacitating them. This small handgun doesn't do considerable damage, compared to other firearms.

Read dispatch


Greetings! Cheese for everyone!

Greater Saint-Paul wrote:Aww that’s so sweet of you! Also, The Soviet States of Europe I’m the chairman of OSEAN now!

CONGRATS !!!!!! I am extremely happy!(like seriously I am really happy)

The Soviet States of Europe wrote:CONGRATS !!!!!! I am extremely happy!(like seriously I am really happy)

Since you guys is a union so both of you are chairmen now

Wardency wrote:Since you guys is a union so both of you are chairmen now

Well I am only the prime minister, he is the king.

The-shivering-isles wrote:Greetings! Cheese for everyone!

You play elder scrolls?



The Soviet States of Europe wrote:You play elder scrolls?

Yes, because Todd Howard tells me to.

The-shivering-isles wrote:Yes, because Todd Howard tells me to.

I play Skyrim.


Post by IraqGreece suppressed by Territorio di Nessuno.

Anyone with questions with anything for me ?

IraqGreece wrote:Anyone seen stranger things ?

Me yes but not season 3

The Soviet States of Europe wrote:Me yes but not season 3

Ah yeah I just started season 3

IraqGreece wrote:Ah yeah I just started season 3

Lucky you.

The Soviet States of Europe wrote:Lucky you.

I like your name Soviet states of Europe

IraqGreece wrote:I like your name Soviet states of Europe

Thanks,can I know why?

The Soviet States of Europe wrote:Thanks,can I know why?

It sounds familiar

IraqGreece wrote:It sounds familiar


The united northern calarinian island

IraqGreece and the soviet states of europe. Of course it would be these two that are chatting. =)

The united northern calarinian island wrote:IraqGreece and the soviet states of europe. Of course it would be these two that are chatting. =)

Lmao comrade lmao .

The Premier's Office of OSEAN accepts the Government of Yugobatania's 15th of July notice to resign from the Organisation of Strategically and Economically Allied Nations, and will strike Yugobatania from its records one week after the aforementioned date. OSEAN wishes all the best to this former member, and expresses hope that the two will maintain cordial relations in spite of Yugobatania's pledge to avoid future involvement in OSEAN affairs.

However, as a future ex-member of OSEAN, Yugobatania is no longer eligible for the Organisation's aid programs. Therefore, with Yugobatania's full withdrawal from OSEAN, all reconstruction work currently being undertaken by OSEAN member nations and their corporations will no longer be continued, and Yugobatania will be responsible for the cost of previous aid invested. Hence, the OSEAN Ministry of Finance has issued a loan for the estimated 20 billion OSU of aid already delivered to Yugobatania, to be paid back in 12 repayments over the course of 3 years at an annual interest rate of 5.5%, calculated per quarter. The total interest on the loan is calculated at approximately 600.8 million OSU or 3.004% of the principal.

While the terms aforementioned have taken into consideration the limits of Yugobatania's current economic state, if the Yugobatanian Government is unable to meet its quarterly repayments, it is free to deliver alternate settlements of assets equivalent in value to their debt with OSEAN. Once the loan has been repaid in full, compensation will be duly allocated to the OSEAN member states previously involved in the Yugobatanian Crisis.

Universalist qatar

The Herobrine Virus crisis:

UQ has closed ports, airports, and borders to prevent herobrine virus from causing havoc and wrath upon the foreign nations.

The realm of platinum

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