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Greater Saint-Paul wrote:To live one more day

Through decades of war...?

Former English Colony wrote:Like.... context?

Oh sorry Eras, There is a lot of pollen around and I get really bad allergies so I sneeze and need to clear my nose a lot.

Toilet paper makes my nose skin dry but tissues are lot softer and don't cause dry skin

Minuda wrote:Through decades of war...?

it spreads like DISEASE

Greater Saint-Paul wrote:it spreads like DISEASE

There’s no sign of peace...

Minuda wrote:There’s no sign of peace...

Religion and GREED-

Greater Saint-Paul wrote:Religion and GREED-

Cause millions to bleed! Three decades of war!

Minuda wrote:Cause millions to bleed! Three decades of war!

*simultaneously* THREE DECADES OF WAR
Ight that wraps it up! Expect a neat little factbook with the lyrics to be done soon like last time. This has been: Sabaton Songs with Mindie and GSP!

Greetings everyone!

Vice Delegate Cretox State has posted the latest weekly update (please upvote!):

The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update, 2021-03-08

If you have any questions about the update or the Security Council, please post them either here on the RMB (make sure to ping Vice Delegate Cretox State), or on the forum:

The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update

8 March 2021 - Week 8 - Vice Delegate's Update

Happy International Women's Day!

We've gained 17 Keepers since last week's update, and the top 14 endorsement positions in the game are now occupied by the Delegate and Security Council. You may notice that Pallaith has spiked in endorsements recently: this was a controlled increase that occurred as a result of Pallaith endorsing back up from the mid-70s percentage-wise (a holdover from the most recent transition). Xagill is close to the rest of the SC, and is comfortably in position 14 at 966 endorsements and rising.

The proposed Line of Succession amendment has gone to a vote Linkhere, with discussion occurring Linkin this thread. If you're a citizen and haven't already voted, I highly encourage you to do so!

Speaking of citizens, the Ministry of Home Affairs has been hard at work on a new HA mentoring program, as also stated in Linkthe Ministry's February report. When writing up the template I'm currently using to start conversations with citizenship applicants who pass the Vice Delegate's check, I consulted with HA Minister Owenstacey to avoid overlap with the HA mentoring program in the works at the time. I've been starting forum convos with every citizenship applicant who passes the VD's check for the past ~1.5 months, and will continue to do so provided there are no overlap issues going forward.

The final item I would like to touch on here is declassification. We've released 60 private SC threads in the past week, which can be viewed by residents Linkin this archive. While declassification is a legal requirement of the office, the process has been quite painless due in large part to the support and diligence of the SC. In addition to standard declassification, there is one Linkpending disclosure request. The deadline for the release of relevant records is this Saturday the 12th, though they should be released before then.



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Jointly sponsored by the Delegate and Security Council of The North Pacific.

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Greater Saint-Paul wrote:*simultaneously* THREE DECADES OF WAR
Ight that wraps it up! Expect a neat little factbook with the lyrics to be done soon like last time. This has been: Sabaton Songs with Mindie and GSP!

It goes for another Chorus silly

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