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I like peanut butter.

Virdian empire

I like nutella

eat your fondue first!!


I SAID EAT YOUR FONDUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*throws fondue at Farbanti*

Farbanti ducks, and in turn throws an assortment of stale bread at you

Also, Farbanti wasn't involved in the April 1 Plot, but its parent nation was. Anybody care to guess at who that magnificent beast is?

Peanut butter and Nuttela on the same spoon. /board

Hmm not enough info for me Farb. (mind if I call you Farb?).

Go for it haha. This is the puppet of demokratia

...Walshaland has it right. Peanut Butter and Nutella is heavenly.

True. Although I do prefer fondue. :P

Hrm. Chocolate Fondue with Peanut Butter Anzac Biscuits for dipping. I could get with that.

...That sounds awesome, PQ. Just awesome.

Anyways, seems that the loyalists are still around and have crowned King Albaie, the First of his Name, king after the Mod King Barry "betrayed" them. Are we to do something about this, sers and ladies?

Virdian empire

I wonder if the evil mod lord max knows what he's started?

it could end up being a disaster greater than anything he's imagined.

*jumps in fondue pool*

Chocolate Fondue and Strawberries, to die for. :D

Come on in the chocolate fondue is fine!

*does backstroke*

*searches for waterwings* .. or would that be fondue-wings?

If you were working in a chocolate factory and fell into a vat of chocolate, what would you shout?

That's what I would say at least.

How thick and hot is the chocolate?

Turns out they are the rebels now! Good info Fedeledland! Ill be the first to declare my name for our cause!

I stand with you, Walshaland, our cause cannot be threatened further by the loyalists!

I've Tged their so called emperor my self. I expect an answer soon enough.
OOC: I'm going to be fairly busy with work this weekend so if we set something up i wont be able to devote allot of attention to it till Monday.

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