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Corporate lepearchauns

Isnt it obvious berg? We try to ...oh wait, we did. We RUN NS!. Just like we planned for. Board elections later tonight



Amazing story! What time?

So Max now owns the controlling share of Omg Inc. Which now owns the plurality of NS. So he still wins. Damn. You guys got outwitted.

*Pulls up random evidence of wrongdoing by Max*
Not if he somehow loses his shares...

Anyways, there's supposed to be a follow-up post in the News... I wonder if they have something else planned.

Probably...I wonder if we can sell these shares for money...

Wait, Max gave us his shares..?

BTW, most awesome April Fool's ever.


I'm not used to the fact we don't have shares anymore. I can't give up on the memories!

That one dictator

*starts playing Bittersweet Memories*

Eluvataran archipelago

> So Max now owns the controlling share of Omg Inc. Which now owns the plurality of NS. So he still wins. Damn. You guys got outwitted.

The Shareholder Meeting as organized under the Organizational Memorandum for General Integration of the NationStates Corporation (OMG INC) resolves:

1. That The NationStates Community be our candidate for Interim CEO of the NationStates Corporation, with the mandate to implement our manifesto items that follow.
2. That the interim CEO adopt a system whereby a Committee  of 15 nations is elected by Single Non-Transferrable Vote every month to serve as the board of the NationStates Corporation: Each World Assembly Nation will have one vote, and may vote for any nation. The 15 nations with the most votes will be elected. The Committee will have the power to set and alter rules and policies.
3. That the elected Board of the NationStates Corporation will itself elect a CEO to administer the operations of the NationStates Corporation, by simple majority vote. The CEO will have authority and responsibility necessary for the operation of necessary services and the enforcement of rules and policies.
4. That, should The NationStates Community attain 25 million shares, they will immediately hold an interim board election in Link#omg_inc on electing 15 members by Single Transferrable Vote

Read factbook

Nope. We're governed by the principle of one player, one vote :)

Caution ongoing enema

So if we donated shares to NSC, we get a vote?


Caution ongoing enema

"Tired of life in The NationStates Community?"

Haha, not on your life.

New byzantines


Alpha venturii

I miss April 1rst already. Crazy how fast this region grew.

Lies and foolishness; this nation is not Max Barry!

Or Max Whatever-his-name-is for that matter.

This is the representative of Lady Jane Grey-Anumia, a 900K contributor to the effort. :D

so glad that we've joined together in our own community.

Lady Jane! :) Great to have you here.

And yes, I'm happy to see our own little group is forming here and on the IRC channel. Yay for everyone!

Thank you. It's great to be here. :D

Yesterday, Brute Squad (128,053) traded 128,053 shares to The NationStates Community

Anybody want a peanut?

Ill have a peanut please!!

Peanuts are awesome.

Cookies are better. LOL

But fondue is even better!!

*throws fondue at everyone*

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