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I commend you on your positive attitude!!!

Magna sancta sedes

We are honoured to be most equal (in terms of sharing the wealth) in all of NSC. Unfortunately, we've got a "reasonable" economy...

Funny enough also one of the most primitive :P

Magna sancta sedes

w00t! Verily, Lazarus has come!

*yawns* Wazzup?

The price of iridium. I'd be willing to train your security teams in exchange for trade concessions :D

Magna sancta sedes

Well, we can do something about that.

*redirects all of the asteroids in the inner system - containing the highest proportions of iridium ore deposits - towards Earth*

Hmm, we clearly did not think this through...

loving the new Rift theme. yum.

Yeah, it's pretty slick, isn't it? Pretty cool to look at all the banners and see what you've achieved

We jumped closer :P

5 v 4, Riders beat Hawks + EPSA feat. SPSF, with a smaller-than-expected party. Good game xD I understand the confusion with our mocking puppets ;)

Seriously? This crap again?

Minnesota republic

Fix the WFE

Don't get me wrong, my annoyance is not directed at our own people or delegate, it's at the idiots who choose to be disruptive for no good reason.

Sorry to cause any anoyance but apparently the copy I made of the WFE text is somehow corrupted or moved or something like that. I'll just check if it isn't on the cloud (It was on the cloud!!). Okay, I only need the image. I'll probably search for it on the net or something like that but if anyone can provide an higher definition one, it'd be better.

All good. You are awesome. Wish I could be more help.

The least I could do since last time was to save the WFE in case of something like that happening again. I would be really mad at me if I hadn't done that. Still haven't found the flag, I don't think I saved that

Wayback Machine ftw!!

Thanks! Awesome!

We need the founder to return or refound the region.

Magna sancta sedes

Emily Strange wrote:We need the founder to return or refound the region.

FTR, if we refound the region, the Most Holy See will not return (admittedly, not many would even care at all...).

So, who knows the founder and can bring the founder back?

So I have a semi-serious question.

I've been playing this game for about 13 years. Over time me priorities have switched from "omg these issues are fun, what's the weirdest result I can get" to "omg I need the strongest economy" then "stamp out taxes while keeping the economy level". My current goal is to stamp out heart disease and cancer by raising the disappearance rate (which is now up to 56%!).

What are YOUR long term goals? And what other goals have you tried to reach during your nations history?

Well, personally I never had to defined of an objective. My goals were to make the best nation possible, according to my ideals and my view of the world. I think I made a really great job at that achieving that. My nation has not only an intelligent, healthy and compassionate populace as it has a great education and health system, combined with safety, a great environment, a great transportation plan and and a boosting economy (which has almost always been a must in my nation). My position in certain issues has changed and, as such, I try to make those changes. Recently I've been trying to really get in deeply in certain issues and even research about why there's even such discussion. There must be a reason right? That's a pretty good way to look at NationStates in my opinion. The only failure my nation had was industry (except for turism) and that recently changed, which was extremely good. I'd say taxes are kind of a flaw but not when you support your citizens in every way possible and the average income is as high as it is.

I've pretty much been going with the flaw and it has worked out pretty well. Maybe I should think about some long term goals, maybe reducing the environment caused death but I don't really think that's possible without dismantling all I worked towards the environment. I'm very proud of what I've achieved! The current rift theme really satisfies me and let's me have an awesome look at every thing I done.

If you're kind of surprised about the implementation of a password you should check the visit from The Armed Republic of Festavo Forever 7, a black rider.
It's well behond suspicious

Great answer to the question. My nation started off as an in-joke and developed from there :)

And I agree about Rift. Awesome.

(I figured something was up with the password, good pre-emotive defence)

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