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New conglomerate

I agree.

Happy Easter!!!! :D

Libraria and ausitoria

Happy Easter!!

♫ Jesus christ is risen today, Alleluia!

Libraria and ausitoria

Anyway... elections, I agree. All this change is a little over-exciting.

Happy Easter from a non-believer. And I agree with elections.

Libraria and ausitoria

You don't have to believe God exists to be Christian. You just have to believe that you shouldn't crucify people for saying "wouldn't it be nice if we were all nice to each other more often?" and agree with it instead of nailing people to trees.

That's if you're a modernist, of course.

Libraria and ausitoria

Anyway, as for elections, I nominate Oppressorion and New Conglomerate.

Just for disclosure, New Conglomerate is my puppet nation.

Sanctus, Sanctus, Santcus. Dominus Deus Sabaoth.
Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tua.
Hosanna in excelsis.
Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini.
Hosanna in excelsis.

Just for disclosure, that was a Latin hymn.

And if we had a vote, we'd vote for Libraria and Ausitoria, not because they were the first to wish a Happy Easter (darned bunnies), but because they are the most highly rated WA member on the Nemo-Depletion Efficiency Index. We like trout, and with their prowess in Nemo-Depletion, we feel that they have the diplomatic prowess to deplete whatever trout the WA can hand to us. Failing that, we nominate Highking Alister.

New conglomerate

Maybe both nations should post our respective platforms.

Then we would vote one night on the IRC channel or something. Unless someone else wishes to run.

I support Alister and New Conglomerate because they were the WA nations first to come to the region.

I support someone.

New conglomerate

I guess I'll post my election platform then, seeing as I've been nominated several times.

Electoral Platform of New conglomerate

  • Addition of the tags "International Federalist," "Regional Government," "Social," "Democratic," "World Assembly," "F7er," "Generalite," and "Independent" for The NationStates Community.

  • Rejection of all Embassy applications for regions with less then 20 nations.

  • Adoption of all General Assembly and Security Council proposals by majority vote of WA nations in a region.

  • Creation of a recruitment department to draw more nations into The NationStates Community.

  • Daily Regional Message Board discussion topics to be displayed in the World Factbook Entry.

  • Announcement of a competition to create a regional flag.

  • Creation of a Constitutional Commission to draw up a constitution to be adopted by The NationStates Community on the condition of it receiving a majority during a regional vote.

Libraria and ausitoria

Highest Nemo-depletion index? That might explain why we're so agitated by parts of the Sustainable Fisheries Proposal...

Anyway, as for us being the delegate, much as it would be an honour, because I have the tendency to liberate regions that have been raided, I'd only be able to be part-time delegate, alas; for about 6 days at a time; excluding this month, because I'll be temporarily resigning from defending.

On New Conglomerate's platform, I disagree with rejecting - out of hand - embassy applications from regions with less than 20 nations. You don't have to be small to be successful. I would prefer it if we used the following system:
If there are more than 19 members, the embassy is accepted after 24 hours unless the majority votes against.
If there are less than 20 members, the embassy is rejected after 24 hours unless the majority votes for.
If more than a quarter of people ask for a time extension, voting will be extended for a further 24 hours.

How many of us are actually regulars in the GA forum? (For posterity, I should note Wamitoria + New Conglomerate appear(s) to have 4 posts (combined) in the GA. By the same method of searching, I get 558, so I think my search method is right, but if somebody else could check that would be appreciated? Oppressorion seems to have 110 posts by that search, unless Oppressorion is a puppet?)

Despite the irregularities of defending, I would be very happy to lend my services to any Constitutional Commission, if they were wanted.

Caution ongoing enema

Meh. Seems pretty unnecessary if you ask me.

Yeah I don't know how much all this is needed.

this is the stuff that makes NS fun though, you know, its not needed but why the hell not.

*Looks at the top right corner*

There's no regional flag? But why?

Proudly displaying the worst weather in the region. GO TEAM FORGE.

@Old Beringia

Because it would have to be created and voted on by the region.

We say this much about instituting some sort of order on the regional delegate position - if you add too much bureaucracy, it becomes less fun and more tedious, especially since the focus then becomes upholding the rule of law of a charter that may or may not be applicable to everyone here. If it's not needed, then maybe it's best left undesired as well.

If there is to be any codified set of rules, these rules should be designed to protect people from excessive abuse of power without needlessly forbidding or mandating specific activities.

Hi guys, I'm new here :D!

looks like the Commend vote is about to be shot down :(

Caution ongoing enema

Hardly. We're only a few hours into the voting, and it goes on for four days. The margin is only a couple hundred votes - well within striking distance. Also, so far, more actual people have voted for than against. I expect by the next update, the popular support for the resolution will upset the weight of the 10,000 Islands vote against.

Post self-deleted by PQ Forge.

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