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A new world for us!

New conglomerate

Puppet of Wamitoria reporting.

Corporate lepearchauns



For now ill stay here. But my puppets will live here forever!

Southwest wienda

I am here.

Fed calling in before definitely calling night. ;)

Night Fedeledland!

That one dictator

This is a puppet of Minecraftia ii/United States of Minecraftia.

Thee Cheers for the Community!

Timmies and Timbits for everyone! On me!


Since this is how I was first welcomed on IRC, I may as well chill here :)

[Yawns] Just got up, when I left there were ten hours on the clock. Did I miss anything important? [checks IPO page] Ohhhh...someone fill me in? Who is the mysterious "NS Community"? What happened to Ballotonia and Lyanna Stark?

Best april fools of any game I've played...ever

Thank you for making it possible :)

I'll be here if anyone wants to poke my nation with a stick, I don't do any serious RP...but I'm always in character on the forums...

Have fun :D

Oppressorion, Ballotonia transfered his to Lyanna Stark who transferred hers (at the point 10 million or so) to The NationStates Community. From that point on we got lots and lots of donors from across NationStates, a bit of a verbal tuff with NewTexas leading in us trying to send our shares to him so -someone- would beat Max [since they wouldn't send to us]..but we couldn't sent our shares to -anyone- due to Max seemingly shutting it all down to give his stocks to us.

Whooo! :D

The chickenpede

Oohrah! who are you? The NationStates Community nation.

The chickenpede

Who am I?

Only you can answer that question, you glorious Chickenpede..

That was awesome


That was awesome!! But the things I did for shares...That will probably haunt me for the rest of my life

I see human will trumped that of near meaningless individual glory. It was a very nice feeling, waking up and seeing the collective reach >40,000,000 shares. It seems the IPO is here to stay. Now what do we do?

The chickenpede

I am glorious, thank you for noticing.

Human, you say?

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