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Confederate Cuba wrote:My schools in lockdown rn
I think I'm safe but just letting y'all know incase anything does happen
And btw students I have talked to in the backroom where I am at say it isnt a drill.
I can guess that cause they haven't called us back to our seats and the morning announcement aint being spoken ... Haven't even said the pledge either.

Confederate Cuba wrote:Ok they have said were good now ... I wonder who it was :/

Any causwalties?

Ronald reagan the ghost

Christian Confederation wrote:Any causwalties?

I would assume no cause we are still at school

Christian Confederation and Ronald reagan the ghost

Confederate Cuba wrote:I would assume no cause we are still at school

Strange Glad your safe, now we wait to see if anyone in the "News" gives a D**, I'd assume no Since nobody was killed. But than again if there is nothing on trump they might actually give a D**.

Confederate Cuba and Ronald reagan the ghost

Christian Confederation wrote:Strange Glad your safe, now we wait to see if anyone in the "News" gives a D**, I'd assume no Since nobody was killed. But than again if there is nothing on trump they might actually give a D**.

Most likely its just gonna be a awareness for this area not for the state.
As it isnt a big catastrophe as other schools

Christian Confederation and Ronald reagan the ghost

Finnaly some answers ...
Apparently there was suspicious activity outside the building so yea I was right on the whole nothing bad happened thing
It was just to make sure nothing bad did happen.

Christian Confederation and Ronald reagan the ghost

Confederate Cuba wrote:Finnaly some answers ...
Apparently there was suspicious activity outside the building so yea I was right on the whole nothing bad happened thing
It was just to make sure nothing bad did happen.


Ronald reagan the ghost

In appreciation for opening our embassy, breakfast is on us:

**Sets up a table of muffins, butter, jam, pancakes, bacon, ham, scrambled eggs, strawberries, Hershey's kisses,coffee, tea, and hot chocolate**

Christian Confederation and Ronald reagan the ghost

Gypsy Lands wrote:In appreciation for opening our embassy, breakfast is on us:

**Sets up a table of muffins, butter, jam, pancakes, bacon, ham, scrambled eggs, strawberries, Hershey's kisses,coffee, tea, and hot chocolate**

Kinda late for breakfast but thanks?

Christian Confederation and Ronald reagan the ghost

Confederate Cuba wrote:Kinda late for breakfast but thanks?

Hits Cuba's shoulder.
Thanks for breakfast.

Gypsy Lands and Ronald reagan the ghost

Christian Confederation wrote:Hits Cuba's shoulder.
Thanks for breakfast.

*feels pain in shoulder as he reflexively shows pain* ... *gives a look*
.... *sigh* thank you

Christian Confederation and Ronald reagan the ghost

Confederate Cuba wrote:*feels pain in shoulder as he reflexively shows pain* ... *gives a look*
.... *sigh* thank you

Thanks for breakfast it was delicious, Cuba my office now.

Alright we need to plan some war stuff, my men haven't had a major fight in 2 days. Any ideas?

Ronald reagan the ghost

Christian Confederation wrote:Thanks for breakfast it was delicious, Cuba my office now.

Alright we need to plan some war stuff, my men haven't had a major fight in 2 days. Any ideas?

... I've got nothing...
I ain't interested in starting wars with people unless it's necessary.
Maybe we should let them have a break ... Our allies are being attacked and doesn't seem we have anywhere to be yet.

Just wait it out and something will come up.

Christian Confederation and Ronald reagan the ghost

Confederate Cuba wrote:... I've got nothing...
I ain't interested in starting wars with people unless it's necessary.
Maybe we should let them have a break ... Our allies are being attacked and doesn't seem we have anywhere to be yet.

Just wait it out and something will come up.

Nonsince if we don't fight the men will be unprepared for WWIV.

Ronald reagan the ghost

Christian Confederation wrote:Nonsince if we don't fight the men will be unprepared for WWIV.

Well there is always drilling.
Doesn't need to be in the battle scaring the hell out of a soldier isn't hard when the general tells them to do something in the night.

Christian Confederation and Ronald reagan the ghost

Confederate Cuba wrote:Well there is always drilling.
Doesn't need to be in the battle scaring the hell out of a soldier isn't hard when the general tells them to do something in the night.

Declares war on some random noob.

Sorry I love battle.

Ronald reagan the ghost

Christian Confederation wrote:Declares war on some random noob.

Sorry I love battle.

It's your nation.

*proceeds to walk out while your distracted*

Christian Confederation and Ronald reagan the ghost

Confederate Cuba wrote:It's your nation.

*proceeds to walk out while your distracted*

Noticed CSA's Senator from Cuba leaves.

D** o well. (Declares war on Facist union)
World Communist Order ambassador enters.

Hello Kamrade Corbett WCO will aid in ending the facist scum!

Great now it's WWII 2 the electric bogalo.

Ronald reagan the ghost

Ronald reagan the ghost

Confederate Cuba wrote:Ok they have said were good now ... I wonder who it was :/

Thank goodness nothing bad happened.

Gypsy Lands wrote:In appreciation for opening our embassy, breakfast is on us:

**Sets up a table of muffins, butter, jam, pancakes, bacon, ham, scrambled eggs, strawberries, Hershey's kisses,coffee, tea, and hot chocolate**


Ronald reagan the ghost wrote:Thank goodness nothing bad happened.


Sup Ron

Ronald reagan the ghost

Rip grumpy cat

RIP grumpy cat 2012-2019, may he be missed

Christian Confederation and Ronald reagan the ghost

Ronald reagan the ghost

Christian Confederation wrote:Sup Ron

Not much, you?

Rip grumpy cat wrote:RIP grumpy cat 2012-2019, may he be missed

Oof, RIP.

Rip grumpy cat wrote:RIP grumpy cat 2012-2019, may he be missed

Ronald reagan the ghost wrote:Not much, you?

Oof, RIP.

Lived longer than my cat rip Lucy summer 2016-winter 2018.

Out for summer wrote a story.

Peter Parker Stark.

by New georgia remanint

Written by- Christian Confederation- my main nation.
Edited and helped by Roman Sweden, DC Enclave, and the rest of Vault Tec.

Prologue- The night Everything changed.

It was a Friday night and tonight they were celebrating Peterís 17th birthday and him getting his driver's license, but everything Peter knows is about to change.

MJ: So don't you think May should be back by now? Yeah, She has been gone almost 2 hours, Maybe we should go look for her? Gwen said. Babe, don't worry May probably just got caught up at the store. (Knock at door) see there she is now. Harry Osborne replyed.
A NYPD officer at the door.
Is Peter Parker here?
Yes Iím Peter.
I'm sorry to inform you but your Aunt was killed in a mugging about an hour ago.
Peter falls to the floor broken, MJ is at his side in a flash.
Thank you officer. (Closes door) I can't believe this. Harry said in a sad time as he sat next to his friend.
Everyone comforted Peter, MJ calls Tony Stark. A couple hours later, Gwen and Harry left.

Knock on the door.
Come in! MJ called.
Tony and Natasha enters.
My ребенок паук I'm so sorry. Natasha said before Hugging Peter.

Kid, I can't believe this. His mentor said.
I guess we're going to the tower? Peter asked.
Yeah kid, Nat and MJ will help you pack a bag, we'll get the rest later. Tony said in the same somber tone.
Nat got Peter's clothes while MJ grabbed a few sentimental things.
Pебенок паук where is your suit? Nat called.
Here it is. His girlfriend said handing Natasha the Spiderman suit from it's hidding place.
She means that much to you? Tony asked his broken son.
What do you mean? Peter asked.
We only tell people we care for our secret identities. His mentor explained.
So the world? MJ asked sarcastically.
Let's talk about this later. Tony said with a smile.

They get in the car. MJ sits on the rear drivers side cradling Peter's head, Peter sits in the middle, Nat sits in the Rear passenger seat rubbing Peter's back. Tony sat in the passenger seat next to Happy while texting the Avengers.

At the tower all the avengers gave Peter a group hug before he lied down on the couch.
MJ lied next to him and comforted him, Nat got on the other side of Peter with Bruce at her side. On the largest couch Thor and Hawkeye sat on either side of Wanda and Vision in the middle. On the last couch were Peggy and Cap.
The Starks lied down in front of Peter and fell asleep.

Jarvis took a picture and send it to all the avengers.

Early in the morning everyone but Peter was up.
(All whispering)
Alright we need to do something special for the kid. Tony said.
I'll make breakfast, Peggy can you help me? Cap said.
Sure said his wife Peggy.
We should celebrate his birthday, Nat can you and Pepper stay here with me to comfort Peter? His loveing girlfriend MJ asked.
Man of iron shall eye of hawk and I aid you in moving Son of Stark's stuff here? the god of lightning asked.
Yeah, who will make a cake? Tony asked.
I'll call Peter's friends, and make the cake Wanda said.

We know what we have to do before y'all go tell Jarvis what you want to get Pete. Tony instructed.
The Avengers left and did their parts, when they were finished they all stood in front of Peter.

MJ wake him up. Tony said.
MJ kisses Peter on the forehead.
Tiger wake up, it's time for breakfast.
... To be continued

Chapter 1- The greatest birthday

Peter Parker lost his last remaining blood relative last night in a mugging, but he thought it was a bad dream. It was like living through it twice.

Tiger wake up, it's time for breakfast. Peter wakes up and panics after hearing his GF .
OMG MJ I need to sneak you out before May notices, if she finds out I'm in bed with a Girl (he wipers at the last part), Wait did we do something? Was I any good?
No, Pete we didn't, And weíre at the tower on the couch.
(Peter turns to the Avengers red)
O hi, Mr. Stark, Ms Stark, Everyone. How much of that did you hear?
Nothing Pete, we just got here. Tony reashered.
Lies Man of iron, we have been here the whole time. Son of Stark we heard you go crazy about your dead Aunt punishing you and asking your romantic partner if you satisfied her needs.
(Thor gets bad looks)
Wait what?
Donít worry as I've heard mortals have problems satisfying private needs.
Not that, May is dead?
Yes kid, she was mugged and killed last night. Tony said putting his hand on Peter's shoulder.

Peter breaks down almost as bad as last night, MJ hugs him tighter as Tony squats down to so heís at eye level with Peter.
Pete your not alone, you have all of us.
I know your all great friends but I have no family left.
That's not true, I was going to save this for later but here. (Hands Peter a copy of the adoption certificate) Peter, last night, I had the lawyers get up at midnight to write this up (Theyíre very good lawyers) me and Pep finalized it this morning.
So youíre my Mom and Dad now? Peter asked.
I've always seen you as a son, now it's official. His mentor said.
Tony really cares for you, and I'd love to be called your mother.
Peter hugs his new parents and MJ.

Nat brings Peter pancakes, everyone else gets a plate.
Here Pete MJ told me you haven't eaten since you shared a Sunday yesterday afternoon. (Peter blushes)

Uncle Steve (Cap) speaks up first.
Well since Tony started the birthday gift giving I guess me and Peggy will go first.
This pocket knife was a gift from Howard Stark before I went to Germany, it's only fitting your grandfathers knife becomes yours.
Aunt Peggy gives him a cookbook (Her's/ Steve's recipes)
I'm sorry but I've never really had a chance to talk to you so I just got you something practical. These recipes are some of me and Steve's Best dishes, I don't know if your aunt every taught you much about cooking but I can teach you what you don't know.
Peter hugs them.
Thanks for my knife Uncle Steve, I'd love to cook something for MJ and uncle Steve is always Telling me how you cook the best food so I'd love to learn from you Aunt Peggy. The two are now smiling like Maniacs.

Pебенок паук I have always felt bad about how that Flash kid messes with you so I had this made (She pulls out a silver belt buckle with a black widow on it) If that Flash idiot messes with you or anything click the middle of the buckle and I'll come to help you. Natasha said.
Uncle Bruce shy as ever comes up.
I.. I uhmade you this, I stitched your name into it, I hope you want to be my lab buddy.
Tony buts in.
I thought I was your lab buddy?
Dad, we can all be lab buddies, Thanks мать паук, Uncle Bruce. The two were blushing and smiling.

Thor and Loki come next.
Peter son of Stark and ребенок паук of the Nat I givith thy this enchanted necklace that gives thy access to my pop tart horde!
A very high honor, not even I am allowed in the pop tart horde, but my gift is even better behold I give thy this Looks like a normal black leather belt but in fact it is enchanted with a protection spell if you are in danger the Belt will protect you. Loki said
Thanks uncle Thor, uncle Loki the boy said.

I've never had any friends near my age to hang out with so if you want to you can, but I did get you this Golden wrist time Teller. (Funny way Wanda says watch, Her English is better than before but could still use some work)
Petter looked at it and saw an Engraving "To my little American Brother, from your sister Wanda"
Peter puts on the watch as he did the belt, belt buckle, necklace and lab coat.
Tony spoke up.
Son what did the watch say?
I'll keep that a secret. (Peter only told MJ and Nat)
Peter hugs her.
Thank you big sister.

Bucky (not understanding kids) Here Peter, hereís my old super silenced pistol (from assassin days)
I'll train you to use it, and next time that Flash a**hole messes with you put some lead in his leg.
(Gets dirty looks from everyone)
Pepper spoke up.
Pete your only keeping that if you promise to keep it in the range until your at least 19.
Pete- OK but only if Uncle Bucky can still teach me!
Tony buts in

Harry and Gwen got out of the elevator as Tony adopted Peter.
They decided to go before MJ.
We didn't know what to get you... Harry started.
Gwen butts in.
So we asked May, and she told use to make you a scrap book.
We finished it yesterday while you and MJ were on your date.
Gwen was cut off by Harry. it's pictures of all of us together, a lot of you and MJ snuggling, and a few with Aunt May in them.
Harry brings Gwen closer before saying.
We hope you like it.
Peter gets up and gives his friends a hug. Than returns to MJ.

Before May left she told me to give this to you. MJ said.
It was a letter.
"Peter you clearly love MJ and she clearly loves you. Keep her close always, one day I'll be gone but she can be there when you get old. Not that I'm dying, I hope to see you two get married and have kids together one day.
I love you forever and always Peter.
-Aunt May
Peter tears up and shows it to MJ and the others.
MJ stands up.
I wanted to save the best for last. (Pulls up her shirt and the back of her pants down a little on her back just above her butt on her waist/ Lower back is a tattoo that says in thick dark letters "Peter's Girl" with a red heart in between the words)
Peter's eyes get big as he turned red.
You got that for me.
No, I got it for another Peter, of course I got it for you. But I haven't told my dad yet and he will probably kick me out so I'm also moving in with you!
She said this excitedly as she sat in Peter's lap hugging his neck before he kissed her on the lips (for way to long in Tony's opinion)

Tony looked scared at that last gift.
Son if you do anything with her I swear I'll kick her out!
Ok Dad, I promise not to do anything.

Peter had a family again, and a bright future with MJ. Life looked good.
... To be continued

Chapter 2- Family vacation

A couple of months have passed since Mayís death, Peterís birthday, May's funeral, and MJ moving in (she was right about the tattoo). Now Midtown high is out for the summer and Peter is going on his first family vacation since being adopted by the Starks.

Tony, Pepper, Peter, MJ, Wanda, Nat, and Bruce are on the Stark yacht about to leave when Tony turns to the group.
Alright, me and Pep are in the master cabin, Pete, you and Bucky (after DC) are next door, Next to you is Nat and Bruce, across from them is MJ and Wanda, with the empty cabin between MJ and us is for the Rogers when we pick them up in DC.

With that the trip began, originally Gwen and Harry were going to come but went on a ski trip to the Osborne family cabin in Canada. Thankfully, the change of plans allowed Bucky and the Rogers to join after their yearly DC Trip ended.

On the first day of the week, it rained so that everyone watched Back to the Future and a romcom with Adam Sandler in it, Peter didn't care for the movie but did enjoy MJ falling asleep on his shoulder before he leaned over on her head and fell asleep as well.

Day two was more exciting, everyone was hanging out on the back deck of the yacht and since itís summer, everyone was wearing their swim suits.

Tony had on Short and a white muscle shirt, Pepper had on a sun dress, Peter came out in a pair of shorts muscles out in the open then Bruce and Nat came out, Bruce was in shorts and a t-shirt, Nat in a black swim suit she clearly had in her assassin days, Wanda just wore normal clothes, Finally MJ came out in a stunning blue bikini that perfectly showed off her tattoo, this is Peters first time seeing MJ so exposed.
MJ, you look gorgeous in that bikini.
She blushed and looked at Pete's abs.
You also look good.
He blushed.
So, Pete can you get my back?
Of course, babe.
Tony looked scared at this while everyone else was proud at Peter's kindness and great dating skills.

The whole rest of the day, everyone hung out. MJ mostly suntanned while Peter read a book he brought with him, when MJ wasn't sun tanning she would sit next to Peter and hold his hand as he read or rubbed his back if he was lying down.

At the end of the day Peter and MJ were in the hot tub together until Tony thought they were to close and had dinner early.

On day three, they arrived in DC and spent the day there. Picking up Steve, Peggy, and Bucky.

On the forth day, they got to the Stark's private island and hung out on the beach.
Peter, with some help from Cap, made Burgers, and made a cake for MJ with Wanda and Peggy's help.

On day five, Peter went on a hike with MJ, she tripped and twisted her ankle.
F*** my ankle.
MJ are you OK? Peter asked worriedly.
Yeah just help me up. Peter helps MJ up and she takes one step before falling, being caught by Peter.
Babe, you can't walk on that foot, I'll carry you back. Peter than gets up off his knees and lefts MJ up (standing still) and carries her back.
I'm sorry Pete, I know you wanted to take me on a picnic, but I ruined that.
No, you didn't, I'd rather carry you home and eat on the back deck than eat in the woods with you in pain.
They got back to the house and Peter called to Everyone on the back deck.
Uncle Bruce I need you to look at MJ's Foot, I think she twisted it!
Bruce meets him half way from the deck to the trees.
Sit her on the couch I'll get the med kit.
MJ looked at Peter scared.
Pete, do you think it's serious?
No babe, it's probably just twisted.
Bruce returns and looks at her ankle.
Yup it's definitely twisted, I'm going to have to set it.
MJ looks at Peter terrified, he gives her his hand and she squeezes it tight.
And there you go, just stay off your foot and it should feel better by tomorrow.

Peter picks up MJ.
Do you still want that picnic?
Of course Pete.
Peter takes MJ out to the yard and sits her down for there picnic. They just lay in the yard and talk, holding hands all afternoon.
Peter scoops her up again and takes her inside, they eat ice cream and watch a movie with Wanda. Then ate dinner after they watched a movie, MJ fell asleep. Peter noticed and turned of the movie since he was also tired, he took her up to her room.
MJ woke up for a couple of minutes.
Pete, thanks for today.
Your welcome babe, I love you.
Love you too, Pete good night.
Peter then went to his bed and fell asleep.

Day six the group took a short yacht trip to Savannah, Georgia after breakfast and spent the day there.

Day seven, after breakfast the group took a short helicopter ride to Atlanta where they boarded the Stark jet after lunch and headed back to NYC.
On the ride MJ feel asleep on Peter's shoulder, not wanting to wake her, Peter first puts the bags in the car than returns for MJ.
When he got back to the tower happy, and Cap got the bags so Peter could get MJ.
At the living level Pete lied MJ on her bed kissing her on the forehead.
Leaving with an I love you.
Before leaving MJ's bag on her bathroom counter then he went to bed himself.

Peter had gotten closer to MJ and his family on this trip.
... To be continued

Chapter 3- How things have changed
It had been 3 years since Peter being adopted by the Starks, now Peter and his friends are reliving the past.

In Avengers tower MJ, Gwen, Harry, Peter, and Wanda are hanging out in Peter and MJ's shared living room.
H- So Peter how have you and MJ been doing?
P-Good just trying to figure out where were going for college.
MJ looks at Peter angry.
MJ-Peter Stark don't lie, we already decided well go to NYU.
Wanda and Gwen laugh.
W-So little bro what is it I here about going on a pizza hunt?
Peter laughs.
P-It's a thing we've done since we were kids, we go all over the city and try to find the best pizza.
W-But doesn't it stay the same thought?
Harry butts in.
H-You would think but Pizza places open and close all the time so we have to start over Every time.
W-That makes sense, shall we go?

Before Peter can answer the intercom goes off.
Cap- We have a mission. Myself, Romanoff, Bruce, Wanda, and Tony. We brief on the way, We leave in 2 minutes.

W-Sorry guys, duty calls.
MJ speaks up.
MJ-If you need we can reschedule?
W-No I'll go with you guys another time.

After a couple of hours the group we're about to cross the Brooklyn bridge when they stop for coffee.
MJ- Pete what do you want?
It's fine I'll get it.
MJ- no Tiger I have it.
P-I insist.
MJ gets close to Peter and whispers.
Pete I have to pee, now tell me what you want so I can get it after I'm done in the bathroom.
Black coffee.
MJ-Thank you.
Harry also goes to get him and Gwen's Drink.

Gwen turns to Peter.
So what has happened in the past 3 years? Sorry I haven't been around as much as I should have, I've been busy.
P- it's cool, let me think. Well for starters Bruce finally got the courage to propose to Nat and got married about 2 years ago, Ant-Man and wasp started officially going out, Hawkeye retired shortly before him and his family died in that fire almost a year ago, and i told everyone I'm Spiderman (Tony's idea) that's about it.
G- cool, what about you and MJ? Did you finally move passed cuddling?
Peter laughs and scratches his head.
Well after Uncle Clint retired I finally talked Dad into letting me and MJ share a living room (MJ moved into Hawkeye's room). we're taking things slow, but we did start making out almost 3 years ago.
G- Bull, Peter there is no way you two haven't done anything!
P- I'm not saying if we have or haven't.
G- I knew it.
Peter smirks as MJ and Harry come back.

When the green goblin suddenly swooped down picking up Gwen, taking her to the top of the Brooklyn bridge.
GWEN! The group yelled out.
As the crowd started to panic Peter put on his suit (nano teck), he was going to rescue his friend.
SM- Don't worry Harry I'll get her.

On top of the bridge Peter fights the goblin. During the fight Peter destroys goblins masks, his mask was also broken.
GG- Peter, no this can't be happening!
P- Mr. Osborne?
NO- Your the Spiderman?
P- I can't believe we've been fighting this hole time, I can't believe you're Green Goblin!
NO- ENOUGH! Time to end this, I'm going to make you feel pain as I have say goodbye to your girlfriend Spiderman!
Norman Osborne goes to through Gwen off the bridge.

P- No wait she's Harry's girlfriend!
Osborne has Gwen over his head as she pleads for her life, he hears Peter right as she falls.
Grabs Gwen by her hand and arm before she falls, but being injured he drops her.
O- Peter help me!
Osborne grabs hold of her arms and is holding on by his feet.
O- Peter you can only save one of us, save her let me pay for my sins!
G- no Peter save him, Harry needs his Dad!
P- Calm down I can save both of you, Gwen climb up as high as you can, Norman hold on.
Peter than puts a web on Gwen's back, and webs Norman to the bridge.
P-Alright, Gwen I'm going to pull you up, than I'll need your help pulling up Norman.
Gwen looks up scared before nodding.
P- alright hold on to the rope tight.
Peter starts pulling up Gwen when he notices Norman reaching to help her.
P- NORMAN OSBORNE STOP! Your going to get both of you killed.
Norman Falls but catches himself on Gwen's leg's.
Everyone starts slipping, Peter calls down.
I can't hold both of you!
O- Good bye, please take care of my son!
Osborne lets go and Falls to his death.
Gwen screams.
Peter thanks he has her when the damage to the bridge breaks the part he is laying on, they both Fall. Peter shoots out a web to save both of them, she stops a few feet from the ground.
Harry and MJ run up, Harry puts his arms under Gwen to catch her.
MJ calls up.
Babe we got her let go!
When this happens Gwen falls limp in Harry's arms blood coming out of her ears mouth and nose.
Harry panics.
O G** Gwen Babe please wake up, Please Gwen, Wake up!
Peter lands next to them.
How is she?
Harry puts her down and closes her eyes.
How is she, How the F*** does she look, you just let my girlfriend fall to her death! How about I throw MJ off the bridge right now?
MJ grabes him and gets between the two.

Harry your talking with your emotions, Peter clearly tried to save her goblin got in the way.
Harry looks up.
Yeah at least that peace of trash is Gone!
Harry kicks The Green goblin on his back.
You killed my dad too! What are you going to do next strangle me and kill MJ?
Harry than shoves MJ to the ground.
What the H*** Harry! Peter asked.
Harry clobbers Peter 3 times.
This is for my Girlfriend, My dad, and myself!
Peter comes back up blooded.

MJ picks up Peter.
Harry you know that Peter tried to save both your dad and Gwen! MJ reasoned.
Harry punches MJ knocking her out, as the police arrive Harry runs and jumps off the bridge being saved by his dad's spare goblin bored.

Harry yells back "Hear this Peter I will get my revenge and make you feel my pain.
Peter helps MJ up and takes her home after giving a statement to the police.

Later that night Everyone is in the main living room watching The news.
Our top story, earlier today Spiderman Or Peter Stark fraught the green goblin on the Brooklyn bridge. Now with footage from Spiderman's suit, Helicopters, and Eye witnesses that mostly back this story the avengers and police support. The Goblin kidnapped Gwen Stacy whale she was hanging out with Peter Stark/ Spiderman and his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson as well as Stacey's boyfriend Harry Osborne.
At the battles climax the goblin through Stacy off the bridge before falling himself. Spiderman saved both initially, but both sadly fail to there deaths, it was learned Postmortem that the green goblin is infact Norman Osborne. As authority arrived Harry Osborne attached both Stark and Watson before fleeing on his late father's goblin bored, Harry Osborne is still on the Loose and wanted for questioning by the NYPD.

Harry Osborne looks up from his work and throws a hammer through the TV.
LIES ALL LIES! I will continue your legacy father, and you as well as my Gwen will be arevenged! Harry returns to work on a new goblin suit.

Today Peter lost 2 of his close friends, including his best friend Harry Osborne, as well as his mentor during high-school!
... To be continued

Chapter 4 When Friends become Enemy's
It has been a few mouths since the deaths of Norman Osborn and Gwen Stacy, Now Harry Osborne has taken up the mantel of the Green Goblin and now terrorizes the city.

Peter, MJ, and Wanda are all hanging out watching NCIS, whale talking about Harry.
So your telling me he blames you for there deaths? Wanda asked.
Peter sighs.
Yup, If only I would have listened to Osborne and saved Gwen.
MJ hugs Peter.
Tiger we've been through this before, you did what was right.
Peter sighs.
Yeah but we still have no idea where he is at.
MJ looks at her phone.
Maby not look.
MJ shows Harry's text. " Meet me at my place, we need to talk.
Peter smiles.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
MJ smiles.
We use this to bring him in.

Peter than brings MJ, Wanda, Bucky, Cap, Nat, Bruce, and Tony together.
Alright Harry has reviled himself to us, so this may be our only chance to nab him for a while.
Petter continues.
MJ and Wanda go in first, improvise an excuse. Me and Dad on the roof next door, Uncle Steve and Bucky come through the stairs,мать паук and Bruce as back up via elevator if things go south got it?
Everyone nods and goes.
Peter stops MJ before she goes.
Hay MJ?
Yeah Tiger?
Be safe!
MJ smiles and kisses Peter.
I will be!

As the elevator opens Harry smiles.
Hello MJ so nice to see you... And your Foreign B****!
MJ grabs him by the collar.
If you call my friend, and Peter's sister that again I'll throw you out that window.

Harry laughs and pulls a knife, putting it to MJ's neck.
Who invited you anyway Sacovian S***?
Wanda laughs.
Because Peter knew you'd pull something like this and didn't want MJ coming alone!
Harry laughs.
Makes since, so where is your precious Tiger now?
That got him an elbow in the rib.

Harry Stabbed MJ in the knee, she moans in pain.
That's for my Dad!
Spider man and iorn man bust through the window.
Harry smiles.
O Peter you need your daddy to stop me.
He than stabs her in the other knee, getting a groan and some tears.
That was for Gwen!
The elevator dings as Cap and Bucky get out.
Even better, let me guess your мать паук is about to be behind me.

He than stabs MJ deep in the stomach, getting a scream of shear terror.
That was for me.
Harry than kicks MJ down on her knees, pulling her by her hair he puts the knife to here neck.
O Petter, this is for you!

Right before he could slice there were 9 shots as Bucky emptied his mag into Harry's legs coming closer with each shot.
Bucky kicks in the young man's ribs.
Nobody messes with my family! he said.

Nat and Bruce run over to MJ.
She smiles at Peter.
Did we get him Tiger?
Yeah MJ we got him.
Petter puts pressure on the stab wound in the abdomen, as Nat puts pressure on the legs.
Bruce looks at Harry.
Cap you, Buck, and Tony give him this!
Throw a pill.
Tony looks up.
What's it for?
It will clot the leg arteries, keep him from bleeding out.

Later at the medical wing of the tower Peter sits next to Mj's bed watching his dad on the news.
Mr. Stark what can you tell us about the mission to Oscorp?
Tony smiles.
Well we got a lead that Harry Osborne AKA the Green Goblin was there and we arrested him.
Another reporter chimes in.
A source of mine at the NYPD said there were injuries, can you elaborate?
Well our lead was a text the prisoner sent Mary Jane Watson, when she was there he stabbed her in both legs and in her abdomen, Our very own Bucky Barnes AKA the Winter Soldier put a mag in his legs.
Someone from the back speaks up.
Isn't that a bit excessive?
Tony smirks.
Let your son's girlfriend be stabbed three times then come back to me about excessive.

MJ laughs, scaring Peter.
Your dad has a good since of humor.
Bruce said you should be sedated, until morning! Peter stated.
I got bored sleeping.
Peter laughs.
Bruce said you should make a full recovery.
MJ smiles.
Did he tell you the rest of the good news?
What news?
Harry didn't puncture anything important, we can still have kids one day!
Petter smiles and scratches his neck like he does when nervous.
I didn't know you think that far ahead!
MJ smiles and grabs Peter's hand.
Of course I do Tiger, but do you know what I want right now?
Peter smiles.
A SpiderKiss?
Peter hangs from the calling and kisses MJ.
She smiles.
Yes but no, I want pizza!
Peter frowns.
No MJ, Bruce said no solids for a week.
MJ strokes his hair.
But Tiger I'm hungry! She pleads.
Peter smiles.
But ice cream isn't a solid!
Peter and MJ only ate ice cream the hole week.

Steve, Tony, and Bruce meet outside of Harry's room.
What should we do with him? Asked cap.
He isn't walking again, we should just let him go. Bruce suggested.
No, he almost killed my son's girlfriend he's going to rot!

Peter was happy, MJ was safe, and his old friend Harry was now no friend of Petter.
... To be continued

Chapter 5- You only get one family
Peter just had a fight with his dad, now he is at the steps of the Sanctum Sanctum, looking for a place to crash.

Doctor Strange opens the door to a cold and wet Spiderman holding a duffel bag, who is let in swiftly.

Strange sets Peter down on the couch as he sends his cape for a blanket, and called Wong to bring something warm.
Peter what happened? The Doctor asked.
I had a fight with my Dad and needed some space. Peter said before wrapping up in the blanket the cape had gotten.

Wong enters with some tea.
Here you are Pete, a nice cup of tea to warm you.
Peter smiles. Thanks Wong!
Your welcome, I assume you need a place to stay for a while?
Peter frowns. If you guys have room if not I'll just go to a motel.

Before Strange could say something Wong happily replied.
We have a spare room for you to stay in, MJ could stay too if she likes. Plus with us being in the middle of the city you will have a much easier time being Spiderman. Don't you agree Strange?

Strange looks up and smiles.
Of course we could always use more help here.
He Than takes Peter to the back wall of the second floor and explains.
We payed out for this two story apartment above the restaurant down stairs so no one could here our magic, consider it yours.
Peter smiles and hugs the doctor.
Gee thanks Doc, I really appreciate it!
Don't mention it now get some sleep.

Back at the tower the Starks, Bruce, Nat, Steve, and MJ we're in Peter and MJ's shared living room talking about what just happened.
Bruce was holding Natasha who was on the brink of a panic attack looked to Tony.
Stark d***it you were to harsh on the kid now he has swung off to who knows where!
Tony looks up angry.
O I was being harsh? Says the guy who put someone in the ICU for looking at your Girlfriend wrong!
Pepper puts her hands on Tony's shoulders, rubbing them.
Tony you know he was in the heat of the moment, but you were harsh on him.

Tony looks to his wife.
He could have killed someone, he could have killed MJ!
MJ looks at Tony.
But he didn't, he saved everyone from the Bank robbers, so can you shut your mouth and help figure out where he is!

Tony shuts his mouth, when Steve spoke up.
MJ what did Peter say before he left?
MJ thinks for a second.
Well when you blew up on him at dinner, I followed him here I said "Tiger you know he is just angry, just let him cool off and talk to him later, now come and watch TV with me."

He said "your right, I'm going to take a shower I'll join you later."
I kissed him and we parted ways, than I went to check on him, screamed when I noticed he was gone now we're here.

Steve scratched his head before asking.
Did his note say where he was going?
MJ frowns no it just says he would let me know when he gets there.

MJ gets a text, reads it and goes for her purse.
Nat asked.
Was that him?
MJ frowns. No work emergency, I'll call if I hear anything.

MJ than heads to the Sanctum to Meet Peter.
Peter is unpacking his bag when there is a knock at his apartment door, he opens it to see MJ.
Babe come inside.
Peter closes the door and sets next to MJ on the couch.
Tiger you need to come home, everyone misses you!
Petter laughs.
Yeah dad sure loved and cared for me before I left!
MJ hugs Peter.
He was just worried about you, you have to at least call.

Back at the tower everyone is looking at a map with everywhere Peter may go marked.
T- alright we know our areas, now let's go find (phone rings) Speak of the devil, Pete we're are you?
P-I'm fine, I knew you have Jarvis tracking my call so I'll hurry up, I'm at Doctor Strange's place don't show up Dad good bye. (Hangs up)
At least we know he is safe.

A magic portal opens up and Peter, MJ, Wong, Strange, Wanda, Bruce, Nat, Cap, and Pepper move the couples stuff into the new apartment when Jarvis alerts Tony in the lab.
Sir, movement has been detected in your son's room.
Tomy bolts upstairs faster than in his hole life getting there just in time for the portal to close.

Tony is shocked.
Why are you all helping him?
Pepper sets Tony down on the now bare mattress of there son.
Because we all agreed he needs some space.

A few weeks later Peter is cooking lunch as MJ and Wanda come in with groceries.
Hi babe, hi sis, did you get everything?
MJ calls back.
Yeah Tiger we got everything, how is Lunch come...
Peter calls back after turning the spaghetti on the stove
what Babe?
He than enters the living room to see Wanda laying MJ down on the couch.
Wanda what happened? Peter asked only being ignored as Wanda puts away the Groceries.

Peter goes to check on MJ.
Babe are you OK? MJ are you OK?
He turns too the recliner Bruce gave him when he hears a loud chuckle. Nick Fury was sitting in his chair with the blinds closed, Lamp off, and strange gun on the table next to him.

Babe? Come on Spiderman you have to have a better name than that!

Peter walks over as Fury turns on the lamp.
What do you want?
Your Daddy was lieing about you being a hard man to find, all I had to do was search the shield database for doctor Strange and boom.
You didn't answer my question!
Fury laughs.
I came to talk some sense into you, Stark genuinely wants you back, haven't seen him this emotional since he learned his Dad loved him, or Pepper almost died.

Peter sighs.
Mother****** just go home!
he yells.

Tony comes in and says something and convinces Peter to come home (IDK whatever you think he would say)

Fury smiles.
Great now let's all go f****** home.

Peter and MJ than moved back, and Peter got closer to his Dad.
... To be continued

Chapter 6- What's Wrong with Peter?
It has been a month since Peter started Wearing the new suit his Friend Doctor Oactavious made for him, now he's not acting like himself!

MJ was hanging out with Harry and Pepper when Tony and Petter got back from there mission, so as usual the Women went to meet there Partners.
Hi Tiger how was your Trip?
Peter puts down his bag and hugs MJ, after they reunite Harry gets up to meet his Friend.
Hi Pete hope you enjoyed your trip.

As Harry hugged his friend Peter snapped and throw his friend through a wall. Everyone was shocked Pepper was so Shocked she Swore for the first time since she meet Peter.
Son what the H***! MJ got a hold of one of Peters arms and held him back.

Peter I don't know what is wrong with you but Harry is not the Goblin anymore! Peter looked at her with Evil in his eyes.

MJ I don't know what he did to you but I'll make him undo it! MJ got in front of Peter and holds him back as Harry gets up. Babe you're going to move right now! MJ doesn't move so Peter back arms her, she goes a foot off the ground and hits the couch with a thud.

Tony and Pepper run over to MJ, He checks on her than gets on the comms.
Banner get your a** down here, MJ is out Cold!

Peter turns and sees the love of his life in pain and collapses, when his suit jumps off him and bundles up.
Harry puts a vase over the substance and helps Peter up.

Peter holds MJ and cried whale Bruce checked on her.
Bruce smiles and pats Peters heard. Pete Harry is alright, and MJ has no permanent injures.
Peter hugs Bruce and holds MJ closer.

Thank you!
Your welcome Pete.
Tony and Harry come in with the strange suit in a permanent container.
Tony and Harry mumble a few things before Harry speaks up. We figured out that your suit was an alien parasite that provokes violence.
Peter smiles. So that wasn't me?
Tony nods. Yup, you were being controlled by the suit.

Pepper comes in with some coffee Bruce asked for. So everyone is alright now, o Tony can you Go move that couch for me?
Tony nods than turns to Bruce and Harry. Can you two help me.
They agree and left the room, Bruce turned back and said. Hay Peter, The sedative MJ is on should wear off soon!

Peter looks panicked but his Mom had a solution. Pete don't Worry I ordered a pizza, all you need to do is apologize.
Peter kisses his mom on the check and sets the pizza down right as MJ wakes up.

She was terrified when she saw him smiling, so naturally she backed away with the little energy she has.

No Pete, please stay away!
Peter frowned, and showed her the recording Tony made just in case this happened. She calmed down. So that wasn't you, and the suit was an evil alien thing?
Basically yeah, Pizza? Peter smiles.
Peter Stark you surprise and show me new things everyday.
Peter and Pepper took MJ to the Living room where they all ate pizza and watched a movie.

O Tony can you Go move that couch for me?
Tony nods than turns to Bruce and Harry. Can you two help me.
They agree and left the room, Bruce turned back and said. Hay Peter, The sedative MJ is on should wear off soon!

Alright Banner, Osborne were going to teach this Oactavious punk a lesson!
The three board a qwenjet where black widow is waiting for them to take off.

Bruce straps in next to Nat with Harry behind them.
Nat do you know what we're about to do?
Yeah a "well Respected" Scientist A hole messed with my ребенок паук, so we're going to mess him up!

Later at Oscorp.
I wonder why Mr. Osborne wants to see me at this hour?
Doc Oac enters Harry Osborne's office, but is surprised to see the green goblin.

Goblin, how are you... He is cut off by Hulk, and Iornman slamming the doors as Natasha Romanoff jumps down from the chandelier.

Hulk knocks Oac down to his knees. Harry, Tony, and Nat beat up the Doctor. all swearing at him, and getting revenge for Peter, MJ, the others, and themselves. Crippling Oac leaving him in his Lab (dragged him there), in desperation Oac puts on his robotic prosthetic arms to try and preserve his dignity.

As the Group leaves Oac bloodied by the attack he swears to get revenge! Tony calls back. Fight you later Doc Oac! Everyone Laughs.

Harry named the Alien Parasite Venom since it corrupts the host. Peter and MJ grew closer, Harry becomes a almost anti hero.
... To be continued

Chapter 7- An Asgardian adventure.
Most of the Avengers were out on missions. leaving only leaving only Peter, MJ, Thor, and Phil Coulson at the tower.

Peter is on the couch watching a movie with MJ, Agent Coulson was working on his laptop in the kitchen. When Thor came in frustrated.

There is no gift in midgaurd worth of Fair Jane! Friend Phil does thy have any ideas for a gift?
The Agent looked up from his work and rubs his temples.
Thor I have no idea, I'm not to good at dating. Why don't you ask Peter and MJ they seem to have it figured out, now I need to get this stuff done or Fury will have my head. He than returned to work as Thor grabbed a box of Pop tarts and headed over to the Young Couple.

Peter turns off the TV, knowing where this was going.
MJ smiles. So Thor what do you need to know?
Thor sits down on the recliner next to the couch eating his Pop tarts.
Where hath my manners Gone, Lady MJ dose thou want a Pop tart?

MJ smiles. No thanks, if you can't think of anything to get Jane just spend time with her.
Peter agrees. I always just spend time with MJ and we both love it.
Thor laughs. None since, I shall get a suit of armor for Fair Jane, do you two want to join me on my trip to New Asgard?

MJ looks to a grinning Peter. Alright will go, I can tell this will be fun. Peter and Thor laugh. Lady MJ you have no idea.

The two teens and the god of thunder enter the Asgardian's room, the place is beautiful and looks like a palace. On a raised platform in the far corner is a circle with symbols on it, all but MJ know it's the portal to new Asgard.

Petter grabs hold of MJ and webs her to him tight, he than webs the two of them to Thor.
MJ looks at Peter concerned. Tiger is this safe?
Peter smiles. MJ it's perfectly safe, but your first time in the bi-frost can be strange.
Thor grins. Tis true, when I first took Banner to Asgard he blacked out and was almost lost in the bi-frost, now I tie everyone to me so no one is Lost.

Thor than called his hammer Molnar and try to enter the bi-frost but failed.
Thor used his strength to break the web holding the teens to him and went to a magic mirror (Disney always intervening) after a second the god of mischief Loki appeared in the mirror.

Hello brother, Peter, and Ms MJ. Peter talks a lot about you...
Thor cuts him off. Brother Loki this is no time for small talk, I can't access the bi-frost and must return to new Asgard.

Loki smiles. Sorry brother, we had a prisoner escape the royal dungeon. Valkyrie shut down the bi-Frost before the prisoner could escape.

Thor hangs up.
Well this is a problem, no matter we shall make the armor here. Peter get me fire wood, Lady MJ can you retrieve me a box of Pop tarts from my horde?

When MJ stopped in the kitchen she saw Peter pulling a tree up the building so she detracts Agent Coulson, who had just finished his work.
Hay Agent Coulson, what's the helicarrier like? Peter said he'd bring me up there one day but haven't yet.

Phil smiles. It's pretty exciting, I'm sure Peter will show you soon.
MJ notices Peter is done and leaves. Phil shot a text to Fury asking him to help Peter out.

Back at Thor room on the balcony Thor had put the log into his Asgardian forge and made a Beautiful suit of armor for Jane Foster.

Coulson entered the balcony with a look of confusion on his face.
Um Pete, your Dad just called to ask if Thor used the stove again?

Thor laughed. Friend Stark knows I swore an oath to not touch that cooking device until Captain Rogers teaches me how to do it properly, why does he ask?

Phil turns to his phone a second than says, turn on the TV.
Thor yells In his manly voice. Ceiling voice Jarvis, turn on the image box!
The TV has a live look at the tower and from the outside the smoke and steam of the forge looked like fire.

Tony finished up his mission and raced home, as the group cleaned up the tower. When he arrived there was nothing wrong, but his gold awards we're now a hologram that Thor would replace later.
The teens we're finishing up there movie, and Phil just did SHEILD stuff.

So Thor what was that fire? Stark asked with a smirk.
Thor wraps his arm around his friend.
Man of iorn I simply tried to roast a boar on my balcony and burned it.

As for Jane she was given the armor on her next trip to the tower and wheres it on adventures with Thor.

And for Peter he learned to ask Thor what he needed help with before agreeing to help, and took MJ to the helicarrier a few days later but that is a story for another time.
... To be continued

Chapter 8- A Female Spider?
A gang has been running Chinatown the past 6 mouths, and Spiderman is about to bring them down.

And that's Spidey 5, Gangsters 0! Spiderman said mockingly. Before he moved on MJ called his Suit.

Hi Tiger, how is the Gang raid going?
Peter was punching more thugs as he moved along, whale still talking with MJ.
It's going great, do you need something?
No Pete, I just wanted to hear your voice.
MJ I know you, you normally don't call unless you need something.
MJ smiled. You got me. I need you to pick up some Milk, and some pop corn for movie night.
Alright I'll get it, love you bye.
Love you too, be safe Tiger.
I will. Peter hangs up.

Peter opened the door to the bosses office.
Mr. Chang, you should have stuck to your Restaura... Peter stopped to see a girl in a black and white hoodie tieing up the gang boss.

She finished and turned to a shocked Peter.
She rips off her mask saying. Hi Pete, I'm Spider Gwen! Peter took off his own mask. Gwen I..I thought you were dead! Peter said shocked.
Gwen smiles and said. It's a long story.

On the way back to the tower Peter stops on a roof and changes into his normal clothes and buys the stuff he needs. When he got outside Gwen had done the same, and was waiting for him. I guess we're walking back to the tower she said.
Peter smiled if you want to.

The two walked to the tower, and on the way Gwen explained everything.
I guess your wondering how I'm still alive?
Peter laughed, yeah that would be helpful.
Gwen smiled her Famous Actress like smile.

Well when Mr. Osborne was holding me hostage a strange Spider bit me, I guess it was radioactive like yours.
When I "Died" I was actually just knocked out. I heard Harry's pain and saw him attack you guys. I wanted to reach out to him and say something but all my energy was healing me I assume.
I finally came too right before the autopsy, I just left.
When I got home my parents frecked so I left and let them think I'm dead, been doing this ever since.

By the time she was done explaining they were in the elevator going up to the penthouse (floors where all the avengers live) so Peter told Jarvis to assemble everyone.

Everyone was in the living room when they got up to the penthouse, all asking questions.
Tony's hole "son what's wrong?", And Steve's hole "everyone shut up, this is likely very important!", And Nat's hole "My ребенок паук did someone hurt you?" Things.

Peter put up the milk and pop corn before returning to the group.
Everyone, I give you Spider Gwen. Gwen than stuck to the calling. Everyone was shocked, and asking Questions. Gwen explained everything again.

Harry was just sitting there shocked. Gwen walked over still on the ceiling, and replied down to his face level and kissed him before saying. Harry it's me. He smiled before she slapped him.
That's for what you did to Pete and MJ, did as the goblin, and for not telling your dad about us.

The group disbanded all going there separate ways. Harry, Gwen, Peter, MJ, and Wanda all watched a movie. And fell asleep on the couch.

Now Peter had his Friend back, a new hero to help on the field, and Harry was happy again.
... To be continued

Chapter 9- What to do on a Crime less Day?
Today there is surprisingly no crime, so Peter, MJ, and everyone else have the day off.

Peter woke up on the couch to the smell of bacon, Harry came out of the bathroom and greeted his friend.
Morning Peter, you are a heavy sleeper.

Peter yawned at this. What do you mean Harry?
Harry laughs. MJ asked me to wake you an hour ago, so I got Thor to wake you with his Viking voice.
Peter grins. That explained why he was in my dream randomly.

Thor calls from the kitchen. Ah son of Stark your awake! Lady MJ and Ms. Stacey we're just telling me about your last adventure as Spiderman.

Peter gets up and nudges the god of thunder. Thor keep it down you're going to wake everyone. He than went to kiss MJ good morning.
But the voice of his Father stopped him mid kiss.
Why would we want to sleep through breakfast?
Peter looked confused.

His mom gave him a hug and explained. MJ invited everyone to Brunch.
He looked around. Where is everyone?
MJ smiled. Everyone is taking care of there assignments. Nat and Bruce are on pancakes. Us, Harry, Gwen, and Wanda are in charge of Bacon. Cap, Peggy, and your parents are on eggs. Thor is doing pop tarts.

After brunch the group split apart.
First the couples went on a double movie date, before helping doctor strange move some stuff.
And training Gwen with help from Bruce and Nat.

Finally it was late enough to start cooking Caps famous Burgers, and The TBT chili- Thor, Bruce, Tony chili (t. Names are swappable)

After dinner everyone went to bed. Peter lay in bed the love of his life fast asleep at his side, he wished and thought about what if everyday was like this.
... To be continued

Chapter 10- Doc Oac's Revenge.
It's been a few months since the avengers had there day off, now only the two spider members are technically "off" and on a double date.

so Peter how did you get reservations? Harry asked.(fancy Italian restaurant)

Simple I had dad bye the place.
Harry laughs until Gwen gave him a bad look.
He means we reserved mouths ago, and made sure we would be free.

Later they were seated and enjoying themselves when Doc Oac through a car through the window, but the heroes saved there dates.

Hello Spiderman, SpiderWoman I'm just hear for some revenge!
He grabs Harry and MJ before leading the heroes to an abandoned Oscorp warehouse by the river.

They fight and Gwen Frees Harry.
Well I was aiming for her the hole time.
The doctor than flung MJ around like a rag doll with his robot arms.
Peter panicked. Let her go Doc, I'm the one you want!
He dropped her and she moaned in pain.

Peter ran to her side and checked on her, before giving her carefully to his friends.
Ok Doc, do your worst. Peter closed his eyes and waited for the worse, but he only heard Bucky's mag emptying and his dad's repulsere blasts.

He opened his eyes to see his father.
Dad, we need to get MJ help!
Tony noded in agreement.

After some Wakandan medical voodoo is preformed MJ doesn't die from likely Broken bones and shattered organs, if this was realistic.

MJ wakes up. I just had the strangest nightmare!
Peter smiled. I bet. They than lived as normal as anyone who is a superhero and there long term serious partner can. (Lots of kidnapping, and danger)
... To be continued

Thanks for the support. I'm out of idea's, plus I like 10 (well technically 11 if you count the prologue) I originally planned for 10 to be honest.
But look if demand is high enough I'll make a volume 2 or something.

Thanks for all the support. -Christian Confederation.

PS- if y'all are inspired to do art for this, let me know and I'll add it in at an appropriate spot.

PPS- sorry for parts that could use more detail but don't, I mostly blame this on crashes and several times of having to redo entire chapters when I had one sentence or so left.

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Holy Roman Empires2 wrote:Hi everyone! What shall we do for fun? Hmmm.
Military: No, no!
I have an idea, let's attack a nation 100 times larger than us!
Military Uhhh, look spongebob is on!
Ah look! That gives me an idea! Let's fight the biggest nation on ns with hamburgers!
Military: Busy running as fast as they can


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