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On an obscure and unimportant planet, a blue box materializes in the jungle.

Piacentine and Eirianasu

Two hours later, the blue box fades away. The only traces of its passing is a flatened spot, perfectly square, save for a single photograph taken by a mapping satellite.

Piacentine and Eirianasu

Too bad that planet was "unimportant", otherwise someone might have been paying attention to it.

I for one, shall forever wonder why the box was blue.

Atlas station

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Earth-moon system

Hey, am I welcome here?

Earth-moon system wrote:Hey, am I welcome here?


Unitican Earthy and Earth-moon system

Post self-deleted by The systems alliance mass effect 3.

We're the most avoided?! I can't understand why that is....

Sskiss wrote:We're the most avoided?! I can't understood why that is....

People these days have no taste I tell you. I for one, think you are an awesome host. I have never once heard a complaint from one of your visitors.
Come to think of it, I have never seen anyone come back from a visit... it must be so prodigious that they all stay there permanently.

0/5 would not visit again... :P

*a flying turtle slowly flies over The Milky Way Galaxy*

Takes a picture.

On the plus side, we are not overly fussy about the animal protein we consume....



Damn.... At the bottom of the barrel again....

Look on the bright side tho. You can only go up after you've hit rock bottom.

Nyte wrote:Look on the bright side tho. You can only go up after you've hit rock bottom.

There's always more down.

New poll in Gypsy Lands.

hi! how is everyone?

The co foundation wrote:hi! how is everyone?

Pretty good. You?

The co foundation

Rebels and Saints wrote:Pretty good. You?

im ok

The co foundation wrote:im ok

Just OK? How dare you not be absolutely incredible? ;)

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