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Greetings everyone!


Maydona wrote:Greetings everyone!

Bienvenue, nous sommes Francais maintenant.

Sungai pusat wrote:Bienvenue, nous sommes Francais maintenant.

우리 지금 한국 입니다

Sungai pusat

Unitican Earthy wrote:우리 지금 한국 입니다


Sungai pusat wrote:我们现在变成中国了。

🕈︎♏︎ ♋︎❒︎♏︎ ⬥︎♓︎■︎♑︎♎︎♓︎■︎♑︎⬧︎ ■︎□︎⬥︎

Sungai pusat


Piacentine, Unitican Earthy, and Proxima beta

Congratulations on being featured!!!

Congrats on being featured!

Congratulations on being featured!

Congratulations on being featured my friends!

Piacentine, -Allemeine, United scientists, and Proxima beta

? what about being featured did i miss?

Piacentine and Proxima beta

Oh, did we randomly cycle into the randomly cycled spot where our region is randomly 'featured'?

Cool. What an achievement.

Sungai pusat, Piacentine, Unitican Earthy, and Proxima beta


Interstellar Planets wrote:Oh, did we randomly cycle into the randomly cycled spot where our region is randomly 'featured'?

Cool. What an achievement.

Because we're not just cool, we're random numbers level of cool.

Sungai pusat and Piacentine

RNGeezus must love us... Pity I missed it.


How goes, friends?

Slowly... It goes slowly.

Could be worse tho.

Sungai pusat and Piacentine

Proxima beta

Interstellar Planets wrote:Oh, did we randomly cycle into the randomly cycled spot where our region is randomly 'featured'?

Cool. What an achievement.

Father! I am your child, Starfleet!

The green nation

Hello all glorious leaders, I just joined and I'm excited to be here. If you would be so incline here is a Facebook entry with a brief timeline of my Nations history:

The Central Governmenting Entity of The Green Nation, also known as the Coalition of Intergalactic Forces was formed in 2124 following the creation of the Impulse Drive, a device that bends space around itself. In the century and a half after its creation The Green Nation become an ever growing military power charged with the oversight and delegation of each Human colony. Summarized timeline of major events as follows:

2134: TGN discovers garden world of Skylock and engage in humanities first colonization of a different planet. Skylock later become the center of Green Nation military strength.

2216: The newest human colony of Cardel is settled on the edge of known space.

2218: Contact with Cardel is lost, TGN sends small reaction force. Contact with group is lost and results in the Fifth heavy fleet being deployed to the system. The fleet becomes engaged with an unknown enemy force and is forced to break contact, fleeing from the system. Cardel considered lost, casualties number in the tens of thousands.

2256: All human colonies outside the Skylock system lost, remaining forces marshal in orbit of the stronghold planet. At 1447 hours Military Bravo time, the enemy, now known as the Elidor, enter the Skylock system. A massive battle ensues but only lasts less than an hour before unknown ships arrive in the system. Neither human nor Elidorian, the newcomers quickly engage with Elidorian forces and push them out of the system, saving the planet.

2275: 20 Years after the Durians, the race of beings that saved Skylock, allied themselves with Humanity against their common enemy, humanity, with the assistance of their highly advanced allies, have retaken most of their colonies and have begun to rebuild its military infrastructure.

2296: The Green Nationian Military is at its peak with trade between humans and Durians accelerating technological advancement on both sides.

Post Elidorian war report:

Number of Colonies: 32

Population under Green Nationian jurisdiction: 11 Billion

Current active troops: 4.2 Million

Current Reserve troops: 3.1 Million

Fleet size: 14,178 Combat vessels and 8,451 Civilian Support vessels.

Capitol Ship: CIF Approaching Dark, Length: 5.2 Miles. Displacement: 1,800,000 Metric Tons. Armaments: 36 Mk. 4 Heavy Railguns, 86 Mk. 3 Light Railguns, 80 LDS Point Defense Systems, 600 MP-AS Missiles, 80 MP-NW Missiles, Front Mounted AM-37 Accelerator Cannon. Shield Strength: CLASSIFIED, Crew: 11,347 Military, 58 Civilian.
Aerial Load: 228 Intercepter Space Fighters, 200 MRT-25 Transports, 35 Multi-Repair Vehicles.

Power supply: 6 Hyperion Dual Reactor Fusion cores.

Bulk Fleet vessel: Marauder Class Battlecruiser Mk. 3

Current Chief of Staff: General Eric McCoy

End of Report

Read factbook

I hope you all have a wonderful day/evening depending on the timezone.

The order of the black

Rejoice, Lord Rannot has blessed you with his presence in this region! Lol.

Atlas station

Hello, fellow space friends.


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