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Post self-deleted by Taledonia.

Who is calling me a butt? I don't see anything...Surely, you must be dilusional. Nothing to see here, folks.


Well the suppression thing is kinda pointless, though amusing.

So very amusing, it's just too bad I never have to use it, since everyone here loves me and only says nice things about me. If that ever isn't the case, then Osama bin Laden has been putting hallucinogenic drugs in peoples Nescafé.

More supression.....



You'd be doing it too, North Mack, if I gave you the power.


I've been putting drugs in the Nescafe.

It was you! So Gaddafi was half right.

Yeah, ya got me... :3

Looks like Hyperspatial Travel has the tiniest public sector here.

I have the largest public sector.

I have the largest pubic sector.

Nay only I can claim to have the largest public sector, that is why Tannelorn has never even understood what the word, depression, economic downturn, or money means. After all..when the government provides everything for its people, even a bit of spending money...and mainly jobs and things to do..then things are great. Especially if you dont bother with worthless trade with foreigners. After all what can you really gain from foreign people anyways?

Exactly! Besides, if you trade with foreigners, then your people realize that a moldy loaf of bread everyday isn't luxury, and that state run economies are the worst possible thing you could have! Full employment, sure, but having a hundred people to milk one cow isn't really that great.

Post by The fedral union suppressed by a moderator.

How the balls does anyone have a smaller public sector than an anarchy? Hmph, must be my larger pop.

Yes however, as shown my state DOES run efficiently. They get beef, not moldy bread thank you. Much better. Healthier too! Really they dont all milk cows, but make bullets and cars and mine uranium and beef. Some make cheese, a few even work in retail...a few. So what if the state owns half the economy and bought the rest out!

Also, my public sector spending is all education, welfare, social equality and welfare. My people spend more on education then most spend on their entire budget! So the government takes 100% of the peoples money, they dont need anything the government cant provide! So there, number 1 public sector is A number one..and we also have a trade surplus.

I didn't claim to have the largest public sector. You missed my joke bro.

Income tax down again? 95 per cent? LIBERTARIANISM IS TERRORISM!

Post by The fedral union suppressed by a moderator.

Post by The fedral union suppressed by a moderator.

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