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Welcome to the honourable nations Marydom and Dice rollers!

Yes Welcome!!!!!

Welcome all new nations to the LKE!
Long live the LKE!


It is pleasing to see so much activity from regional residents, along with the arrivals of the mighty nations Manento, Sheariliik and Fahquarson.

Greetings to the glorious Vordania and Aqlmnop!

Welcome to the wise The most freeland!

I offer welcome to the mighty and wise nations Ardrey and Queersma.

Ekaj monarchy iii

Greetings Nations

It is my honor to announce a regional convention to discuss a new government! All nations who are interested in helping to decide what course LKE goes down I invite to join our forum at the top of the page and contributing to the grand choices that will move LKE forward!

Everyone's input is welcomed, and we hope to see you all on the forum!

I would like the echo the Crown Prince's message.

Additionally, I would like to note we are a better region for the presence of the venerable nations Vidky, Nokath pass, West wastelandia and Cesare v.

Welcome to the mighty nations Shaun flint and Giloba!

Viktoria gryfynn

wooo I'm back.

welcome also to new member Robsons. join in on the forums, won't you.

Greetings to the noble nations Abattoir corporation and Polish gingers!

The welsh colonies

Greetings allied nations!

Greetings to all nations indeed, including the greatnew arrival Icrosol!

I offer welcome to the venerable nations Edgbaston lawns, Fuzzy little animals3, Under the moon, and The-usa.

I'm new to this game and was wondering if there is anything more to this game than solving issues and answering telegrams

Ekaj monarchy iii

Welcome Icrosol! I encourage you to join our regional forum where all the real action of NS takes place!

The welsh colonies

Actually Icrosol, yes there is. You can chat in the forum, RP about real, or made up wars and battles or situations. (RP meaning Role-Play)

Where can I find the regional forum?

You can find the regional forum at - there is a direct link in our world factbook entry. Thank you for expressing interest.

Welcome to the wise nations Ludinvia, Blood sugar, Chorhalex, Trefloyne terror and Irkeia!

And Coventire too!

Post self-deleted by Icrosol.

Two more questions. 1. What is this regional influence: minnow I keep seeing and 2. At the bottom of my country's overview, I see this symbol of a shovel and something else and it says founder. What are these symbols?

And while i'm at it how can i make the population of my country rise faster

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