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Actually The Kingdom of Burgundy has won with the help of The Black Riders Skoda-Truck Drivers is imprisoned here

password added to repel zombies.

Good job with the zombies

Welcome Suspious

Christmas Day...........Merry Christmas.

Suspious ceased to exist thats very Suspious

weather Burgundy:

Taking a look at Burgundy over the coming week and the average daytime maximum temperature will be around 6C, with a high for the week of 9C expected on the afternoon of Saturday 27th. The average minimum temperature will be -1C, dipping to its lowest on the morning of Tuesday 1st at -4C. The coming week will have mixed overhead conditions with some days dry and some seeing a significant amount of rain or snow. Predictions are Tuesday 1st will have the most precipitation with an accumulation of around 14.0mm. On the whole winds are likely to be moderate

* You open the door to the Bar on the Corner and a barman with a big grin on his face welcomes you while walking towards you from behind the counter*

Ladies and Gentlemen, what a pleasure! *bows*, I'm honored to welcome you as guests in our facilities! This is a bar in your region! So you can access it conveniently from here (via embassy). No need to move your tired bodies! Isn't that awesome! The first guest of every region gets a drink for free!

*holds the door open for you with one hand while it so happened that he is holding a bottle of your favorite drink in the other hand*

Take a seat and enjoy a drink, or have fun with pool billiard, darts and the gambling machines. We also serve some delicious choice of food!

Btw, let me know if you know how to mix drinks. Trust me, people here are very generous with tips! And folks always fall in love with the person handling the cocktail shaker ; )

*you immediately know that you would sell your soul for a starvation wage but you feel tempted. Do you? It's a luxury to have the possibility to be a bartender via embassy! Just look at this wall of bottles behind the counter.amazing*

Very good.

Ec 320 ceased to exist

Welcome Ding, nice to have an uneventfull stay in this region, Merry Christmas. Pleased I didn't miss you.

Na, was bored... Thought wow, there is NS possible.. :D and oh... happy birthday! Sing a song?

Hairy beeing wrote:Na, was bored... Thought wow, there is NS possible.. :D and oh... happy birthday! Sing a song?

Oh yes very exiting.

Hairy beeing

Password zombie attack blah blah..............

The zombie stats have gone but we did OK

Merry Christmas and a happy 2017!

Taking a look in at Burgundy

Greetings, friends!

I was wondering if any of your remaining nations would be interested in joining Ozymandium. We are currently in heavy need of nations to hold governmental positions.

If not, we look forward to a continued regional alliance through our embassies.

Thank you, and good luck with your region!

- Baron Von William

Merry Christmas!

Oh, wait a minute, it's Easter.

More Migrating Geese wrote:Merry Christmas!
Oh, wait a minute, it's Easter.

Merry Easter

Roland died we suspected that's. What would happen.

Waldora cte'd

Guessing we were all cured of the zombie curse as we passwords and researched a cure no missiles launched.

Can't see what happened to us as a region think we only passworded and no research

Can't see what happened to us as a region think we only passworded and no research