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On the countdown to Christmas now.

Merry Christmas!

Survived another Christmas, Happy New Year

Merry Christmas in May! Long live Burgundy!

Thanks TheGreatestan and Travelling Tiger for passing through.

Merry Christmas Nehassuetroneeret

Merry Christmas Gejeb

Took me three goes to remember my log in

Ah! the dossier check in system must have malfunctioned, I ceased to exist.

Welcome back and Merry Christmas.

Thanks, we all want some figgy pudding so bring some out here

Welcome back to you too

zero infected by the zombies and christmas is coming fast life is good.

Post self-deleted by Skoda-Truck Drivers.

New regional flag from my own photo.

Love the new flag!

Merry Christmas!

Ah! Merry Christmas to you.

xmas is past

Welcome Franco-Visgothia, we don't get many visitors here.


Hello, I admit I was about to leave, but I'll stay if you like

Its ok if you want a bit more action we are very slow moving here at the mo.


Welp, looks like I'm back!

Welcome back, Franco-visgothia as you see we are as active as usuall.

Just passing thru!!

geese flew over