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ill come back soon
bye for now


Bye for now, we are missing you already

Happy Easter.

It seems that Zelard is one Ghost we have put to rest.

Ha! Extre has passed away so he wont be coming back to visit any time soon.

Extre is reborn

wow.. yeah hi again you guys i dint even think you guys would even notice that my nation died

well you were still on the board and looking awful grey.

The Ghost of Christmas past has returned to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

oh! Extre bites the dust again.

just stopping in to say hello again :D

how did he know we were talking about him

this region is in my dossier, so I looked at it, almost forgot about it...

Oh, nice one, good to see you again

tag Miniscule, I wonder who might searce for that lol its not a word I wouls think of

This laptop I can't hit the right keys

Love the new National Anthem

I thought that the new national anthem was going to be something funny, but I see it was quite serious and patriotic.

We were not sure if you would find it funny as Geese seem to laugh a lot, Honk Honk Honk

Just passing thru this time!

Don't ask, I tried to re-insate the original S T D now that is allowed but got the wrong spelling Duh! but the correct spelling is still not allowed they say it was too large a nation despite only exisiting from August to December and having only 700 ish million people.

Or it is possible to appeal now.

Extre passed away again..........

I wonder what Skoda would do with his original S T D nation, now that the present Skoda is so established. BTW, I thought that the initials "STD" was rather...shall we say...a bit bawdy.

First of December Christmas is coming fast

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