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Just got an Issue about demonic possession. Agreed to sign with a law firm called Horace, Elliot, Lawrence, and Lee. Apparently they're taking my "possessed" citizens somewhere more accommodating. Also, my office catches on fire often.

Post self-deleted by Haederil.

Post self-deleted by Haederil.

Ladies and gentlemen, we got 'em. Slavery is legal and the economy is booming.

Ha! you have slavery Haederil? I legit have bullet-proof milk!

Freedom, heck yeah!

Mi ppl cannot reed well, and hav bad speling. Now the goverment gives ppl vowchers to by pryvat educashun. Also I hat mi naybors and am on the brink of wor with them

Artaein kristonia

Lmao just got released from Artaein Captivity. There aren't even any real Kristonians anymore, we're just Artaein settlers labelled as such. Thanks Fa'avia and Artaeia.

Artaein kristonia

Screw democracy! We're an Autocracy now! "Oppressed peoples of Artaein Kristonia"? Not anymore! We're doing away with Artaeia and now we will be doing the oppressing!

Good congratulat Artaein kristonia welcome to club! We are roughly 4 members and counting. Joeish Artaeia and Faavia and me! So 3 of us are actually because Artaeia is smell bad

Artaein kristonia wrote: We're doing away with Artaeia and now we will be doing the oppressing!

First off, screw you, second off, letís see how long you last before your autocratic government collapses.

Aren't you just playing as separate accounts and arguing with yourself?

Shut up Haederil No one asked for your opinion

Artaein kristonia

Yea Haederil bud out, this doesn't concern you

Seriously Haederil stfu

Economy rose from Powerhouse to All-Consuming. Child labor and slavery are really paying off.

Please don't crucify me for saying that, it was satire.

Artaein kristonia

Too late Haederil. We've invested too much money in hammer and nails for anything else

Artaein kristonia, you think YOU'VE invested a lot in hammer and nails? Normally I'm crucifying Haederi- I mean war criminals on the daily. So let me do the crucifying.

Hey Haederil, mind bringing those "bush people" back in? What were they called again? Srebrague?

Lol Haederil. Would you mind signing a deal to hand over a piece of your territory that is claimed by the Queendom of Haught Damn

We're about to lose:

New LaMeris
Haught Damn
Michael Rupp

These countries will forever remain in our hearts

I say separate the wheat from the chaff, if they can't bother to manage their countries for 28 days we're better off without them.

Where did srebrague go? Also why did you go to anime joiner? Joiner....

The Srebrague belongs in that hellhole. Haederil is now socialist, we're enacting part 2 of climbing The Ivory Tower. Economic stability has been achieved so it's time for scientific advancement and total government control.

Artaeia, Hapskina, and Artaein kristonia

Itís still on the map. Canít burn the bush people buddy