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Shrekistani wrote:I vote nay in this motion, it would only cause chaos if it did pass, and Marv is a competent speaker with plenty of political experience in Thaecia.
Though albeit kind of dissapointed the petition legislation got turned down.

I told alto that it would be debated next, but with this motion, I guess it will be delayed

After much thought and discussion, I have decided that it is best for the region that this motion does not go ahead, and will be changing my stance and voting against.

Gotta agree with Sunipi. I was one of the sponsors, but with some talk behind the scenes with Alto and others, they let me know that this motions is not for the better. Iím Nay.

I stand in complete support of Marv. There is no reason even on the basis of the motion to remove him from the position of speaker. I stand in complete opposition to the motion


Marvinville has proven throughout his several year political career he has proven his desire to abuse and misuse powers entrusted to him.

This has come in the forms:
He Proposed 5 Unanimous Consent Motions within a period of 4 hours during the confirmation of Shadow (Sma Cyrillic) to the Court as a Justice. This was shortly after his Deputy Justice confirmation was rejected by the House. He chose to obstruct business with bills that were clearly not proposed with serious intent or support - such as a 1 line act to abolish the Thaecian Military, an act to recognise Cerd as "Sovereign" of the Kingdom of Thaecia, and more. This is meaningless obstructionism at the finest.
(Starts Here: region=the_house_of_commons/page=display_region_rmb?postid=45597138#p45597138)

He proposed 5 amendments to the Position Restrictions reform act and opened a vote on the amendments within ~ 2:30 hours of proposition, allowing no time for debate, and 24 hours before the bill had to be tabled for the end of term closure of the house. To be, looking back, this was a clear attempt to drastically change legislation that is now a cornerstone of how Thaecian democracy works.

Most recently, he attempted to block an amendment, amendment A, on the bill we were voting on before I interrupted it. He made zero attempt to criticize the amendment prior to his decision to block amendment A. The reasoning he gave was "I will not put amendment A to vote since it has nothing to do with "abuse of power" nor does it belong in criminal law. If that MP would like to propose a bill with this, please send it to me." Naturally, this is different to his after the fact claims as to the dislike of the amendment. He did also roll back the amendment vote, returning us to the voting period, but still refused to put up amendment A alongside amendment B until I proposed a subtly different adaptation of amendment A that placated him. His after the fact claimed concerns as to the unintended consequences of the amendment are valid, but it does not excuse his likely instinctual decision to block an amendment he disliked and disagreed with, not allocating himself any time to post of beliefs and opinions on this RMB and allow it to be debated. The amendment could have been changed by the original author once his concerns were shared just fine - instead he got his amendments as he was holding an other sensible and good amendment hostage with the position of the speakership.

Fellow Members of the House of Commons, if you hand Marvinville a power, he will abuse it. Powers like the Unanimous consent and the Speaker's ability to order the docket and decide what amendments are voted on and when were intended to be forces for good. The former to allow urgent, uncontroversial legislation to be passed quickly - he used it as a tool for obstructionism, the latter to allow the Speaker flexibility and give the House the ability to change topics as necessary - he used it as a tool of obstructionism and a method by which he can hold this house hostage.

For members of the House who do not necessarily agree with Marvinville's policies, the Speakership also gives him sweeping abilities to block absolutely any proposal with zero ramifications or justification. There is an exemption to this law, but an attempted fix to a loophole that exemption has was blocked by Marvinville when Alto attempted to pass it via Unanimous Consent - I.E. using the tool for the reason it was intended. He claims it was going to be the next item on the docket to allow for ample time for debate, but yet has a history and habit of rushing legislation through the house to get what he wants, and has a history of utilising the position of Speaker to get what he wants. There is no guarantee he intends to go through with this action, and if this no confidence motion fails we will have to wait another 15 days before we have an opportunity to remove the Speaker.

Marvinville's power hungry lunges for control and power do not stop at this House. Prior the no confidence motion, he instructed the FREE senators in the Senate to propose a no confidence motion against his Senate counterpart following his counterpart, Seva, leaving the coalition they had with FREE as part of their party. As soon as TGP left his sphere of influence he struck out at them, levering his political influence to remove an individual from their office as they were no longer in their pocket. When I proposed my no confidence motion - which was already planned in advance as many of you are aware - he has since used that no confidence motion and influence he has over several Senators to convince Sunipi, TGP's leader, to withdraw his support from this no confidence motion despite being an original signatory to maintain Seva's position. This is coercion. He struck at TGP first by attempting to remove their Senate chairperson - a clear attempt to control both houses of Congress, and thus, de facto, the region. When his own position in the House was threatened, he quickly sold out his allies in Senate, Actias, who he was supporting for the Chairpersonship. This shows clear and straight that he cannot be trusted. As soon as his power is threatened, he will stab you in the back.

I now speak primarily to the members of this House who are members of the "Freedom" Party of Thaecia. This is a man who you have pledged your support to, a man who one way or another convinced you to join us party. His history of obstructionism, abuse of his positions for political gain, hostage holding of the Senate to maintain his power in the House. Is this a man you wish to continue to support. You saw how quick he was to stab his ally Actias in the Senate in the back, who says he won't do this to you? I promise you this: When FREE's popularity slumps, you will be sacrificed. You will not be recommended for, you will not be ran as a candidate. He will place himself first. He has no desire for MPs who vote the way they want to, he has use for puppets who do as their told. You have all been given a fantastic opportunity to join this House, some for another term, do not waste it supporting and doing the bidding of a man who lusts only for power.

I know speak primarily to members of the House who are not members of the "Freedom" party of Thaecia. Do not be fooled. Marvinville may make promises now, but he will not keep them. He will say whatever is necessary to keep his power. He will promise you bills, he will promise Seva is left untouched. These are promises he will not, or can not, keep. For my colleagues in The Globalist Party, he no longer holds the votes he had in the Senate. The no confidence motion against Chairperson Seva has been torn apart, exposed as nothing more than a partisan grab for power, and he has lost sufficient support to pull off the no confidence motion. Your allies, friends and colleagues in the Senate are not under threat. Do not let him attempt to leverage that. Vote on your beliefs and for what you believe is right, not in an attempt to protect someone he simply cannot threaten.

To our colleagues in the Senate, I applaud you for your so far rejection of the power grab by Marvin. I applaud the members of FREE who have come out publicly against the no confidence motion against Seva. Do not let Marv control the Senate like he currently does the House.

Finally, to the Thaecian Citizenry who may be reading this. Marvinville is a man who cannot be trusted, and a man who will do whatever is necessary to grab power. Consider that when you cast your votes next election.

To conclude, I, naturally, encourage all members of the House of Commons to vote for this no confidence motion, to reject the toxic partisan and obstructionist ways of Marvinville, and come together as one united House to make it clear that the House controls the Speaker, the Speaker does not control the House. I thank everyone who chose to led me their support in the beginning, particularly The Ambis given the harsh consequences he could face for daring to defy Marvinville's wishes.

Thank you.

Fellow MP's

We all know that this atrocious rant by Toerana is blatantly false and is simply misleading. With Amendment A, it did not receive a vote at the end because Toerana wrote Amendment C himself, fully knowing that it was meant to fix the issues created by Amendment A. He never protested the fact that it didnt receive a vote at the end until it is in his best interests to pull this motion of no confidence on my speakership. I have a question, why allow Amendment A and C both go to vote when they obviously contradict each other.

Bow also says that "the Speakership also gives him sweeping abilities to block absolutely any proposal with zero ramifications or justification." He knows that this is just not true. L.R. 051 allows for members of congress to sponsor pieces of legislation, and if they receive 3/5ths sponsorship in a single chamber, they would have to be debated immediately without the Speaker tabling it. If he looked at the facts, he would know it is easy to bypass any speaker and bring an item to the floor without their approval. It has been used before with success. I also told Alto that his bills that I objected to will be brought to the floor next since I believe that they need debate rather than to be rushed through the chamber in 24 hours. I stand by my words and I will put those on the floor next if I keep my Speakership. It is never in my intention to block bills or amendments just because I dont like them. This is all fearmongering by an ambitious individual who seeks to divide us and create partisan drama rather than unite the region in its goal for everlasting success.

With all this talk of how "dangerous" I am to this region. Lets look at the facts and how much I have done to help this region throughout my time here. I passed the second most pieces of legislation in region history, which shows true dedication to the success of this region. I have worked to transform our election procedures, allow for Congress to investigate rouge individuals and events, create a compromise 4th Constitution, and remove the Presidential position, among many other laws. I truly care for the future of this region and for its success. That will and always has been my goal serving this region. There are reasons why for many elections in a row, I receive the most votes out of all incumbents, and most recently this month, received the most votes overall. I am dedicated to see this region succeed and I will not allow partisan forces to take that ability away from me.

I urge all MP's to vote against this motion of no confidence so we can end all this toxic, partisan drama all created by an ambitious individual that only seeks to divide, not unite.

I know Iíve been flip-flopping a lot today, and I have made some rash, bad decisions. I have however, received pretty much unanimous advice from my fellow party members, whose opinions I give the most weight. I will be supporting this motion. Iíve had time to sleep on it, and think about it, and this is my final decision. Yesterday, I made decisions without thinking about them, influenced mainly by frustration and anger at FREEís actions. This is clearly the route my colleagues in TGP support, and I, upon re-consideration, now see this as the way to go.

I will talk more about my motives and intent on the Discord server.

I am still in favour of this motion.

Marvinville, the Leader of the Biggest party in Thaecia, who has consistently led Thaecian parties for years, and pushed FREE's members of the Senate to support a no confidence motion against their chair for the sole reason of "they don't work for me anymore", accuses the House's sole Independent Member, of toxic partisanship.


Motion of No Confidence in the Speaker of the House of Commons - VOTE

MPs, we now move to vote on the motion of no confidence in Speaker of the House of Commons Marvinville. If this motion passes a Speaker of the House election will be triggered. Should it fail, Speaker Marvinville will be granted 15 days grace from further motions of no confidence.

I ask MPs to vote either Aye, Nay or Abstain. A simple majority is required for this motion to pass.

- Rayekka
Electoral Commissioner



I encourage all of my colleagues to think long and hard about the consequences of letting Marvinville continue to control this House.

Aye, reasoning as above and on the Discord.

Post self-deleted by New Central Iowa.

I change my vote to Nay

Doubt he will be voted out anyways.

To my Fellow MPs,

I call on you to vote against this outright stupid, destabilising and well power hungry move. Marvinville has been nothing but a hardworking and reliable Speaker. If he were to be voted out, this would lead to destabilised and chaotic house. This motion has no motive other than ensuring PTD and TGP get power which is a sad remark on the true nature of both Parties. I can only stress enough, if you want an effective and decent house. Vote NAY for an effective and decent house.

Santa Marana, you may have not noticed, but I havenít voted yet. Thatís the first issue Iíve got with your above post. PTD has no ball in this game, Bow is no longer a PTD member and even if he were, he gains nothing material by removing Marv. Bow is not the candidate that TGP has agreed to put up for Speaker, that ďhonorĒ goes to Solittus. I detest the idea that PTD, and I, would do this to gain power. I wonít defend TGP, they can do that themselves if they want to.

The only way the house becomes chaotic is if TGP or FREE decide to make it chaotic. Marv has done this before, I expect he could do it again if he wanted to. I would not put it past TGP if they donít get their way, but you need to leave PTD out of that conversation. Because thatís an accusation against me, and I wonít stand for that.

Lastly I request the voting period be extended a further 24 hours, Rayekka, as I need the time to make the proper decision. If that is not granted, I abstain from voting.

Motion of No Confidence in the Speaker of the House of Commons - RESULT

The motion of no confidence against Speaker Marvinville has failed with 6 nays against 4 ayes, and 1 abstain.

Speaker Marvinville is now granted 15 days grace against any further motions of no confidence that will expire on 7th June 2022.

I did acknowledge Snalland MPís request for a vote extension, however I decided against this as all other members had voted, and there was an appropriate length of debate before the vote.

I now make way for the Speaker to resume House business.

- Rayekka
Electoral Commissioner

Well it was worth a try. I'm going to sit back, relax, and smuggly tell you "I told you so" as he falls back into his newly house approved pattern of abuse.

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