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Woleve Atraland

Western De-escalation and opening up.

The Inkhaganate has come to a conclusion after the meeting of the Western diplomat and Khanum Yesuntei. As per deal, the United Horde stands down and began to de-mobilize from the western border; allowing the sister warriors of the Four Khanates to each return to their respective lands and families.

Limited tourism is opened to the foreigners, granting them tourism across the breath-taking steppe belonging to the harpies known as 'Tori' with stunning clear blue skies. However, access to the Kānthu Khanate's territory has been barred due to the Khanate's xenophobic nature towards outsiders.
As long the people respect the lands of the Tori folk, they will be welcomed and even traded with.
Free trade is also opened, and the Inkhaganate will co-operate with the Atralandians to build power plants to supply the growing harpy nation with electricity, as modern equipment slowly became more widespread which relied on electricity.

RP: Politicians arrested on corruption charges

Today, Many top level politicians including the President have been arrested on charges ranging from bribery all the way to drug trafficking. They have been linked to one of Luwuia's largest organized crime organizations and have been secretly abusing their constitutional powers to give the organization a huge advantage. The nation is shocked and politics are practically frozen. Everything is still being investigated by the Justice Department so time will only tell what will become of Luwuia.

Basaran wrote:RP: The Other Half of the Isles
Asvard was willing to meet with the Archains

RP: The Etrian Supply
With expectations for the Tengerinan Powderkeg to blow for the 3rd time this century, Asvard reached out to Etrius and the larger KSI for the acquisition of jet fighter aircraft, a number of concerning volume: 8,000...

RP: Dissolution of the UBI Program and its effects
The Universal Basic Income program, started by King Asvard, came to end upon his request. The project was a huge success but other budget necessities required the funding. The Project saw the nation's GDP/capita went from a mere 40-50,000 to a whopping 80,000. The sheer volume of economic output being put into the export market was making up for the debt incurred by the UBI program. Stocks soared
and the effort put into the factories and other production centers doubled their production rates. The doubling of exports saw much of the Basar-origin manufactured (Houshold Goods, Consumer Goods, Automotives, etc)products being sold abroad sold almost at wholesale prices.

Archron Empire wrote:RP: Entry into the TNL

The Archian government in the absence of Rose has agreed to rejoin the TNL. The Archians within the nation rejoiced as news was later announced of this event. In addition, Nationalist assault groups were permitted in order for homeland defense around the nation.

Archron Empire wrote:RP: The Abdication of Empress Rose von Braun

As Rose left the Archian Isle once again, this time she had been finished with the rule. The Archian people had sent her off, desiring her no longer to rule over the land as the return unfolded. Sending the government her letter of abdication, true power was now in the lime light to the public. The military quickly assembled the Iron Council to proceed further. With no better options, the council decided it was time for them to rule until another Royal of the Von Braun line would arise. Mostly hoping, for the Olga side to arise from the ashes. The Iron Council quickly assured the people this was only a temporary arrangement, and this was true. Resources began going into the search for a new Monarch within their own country and aboard.

Rose would soon arrive to Milenciano and requested from her fiancée that all mail or letters be censored and checked if coming from the Archian Isle.

RP: Forming the Archian Blitzkrieg

Within the old Empire, plans for offensive ideas and motives were consistently scrapped as the uses were pointless for the defense of the Island. However, with the new position the Archians have found themselves in, offensive ideologies had begun to arise once again by Archian generals. Wanting to use the advantage of the surplus of Wolverine and Cerbersus tanks within the Archian military and being produced at a rapid rate, a plan only known as the "Marshall-Vorstoß" (Marshall Push) would be accepted by the high command. The strategy of winning decisive and quick victories using armor and other vehicles was seen as a good theory to put to the test.

RP: Northern Relations

Worried of the developments in the North, namely Archron Empire joining TNL, the Demirans have started taking steps towards further securing the Pontricarean trade routes with light escort cruisers entering development with a eta of 2 years for the start of production. These light cruisers are built with the intention of protecting passing trade from potential blockade attempts by TNL were the situation grow sore once more, although this is not expected as the Demiran truce with TNL still stands, hence no hostilities should manifest themselves for the time being.

Some of the Ömegäns and Pari have also brought up concerns over the developments in Basaran as the Ömegän car manufacturer Romu, whose largest production lines are in Rockfield has seen a drop in their sales ever since the lowered prices of the Basar cars. As a response to this a decision to increase tariffs for foreign, namely Basar, automotives is put in action by the high-throne as this would not only stabilize the sales of the domestic Demiran vehicles, but also bring further profits for the government.

RP: Family Ties

Although aware her daughter would likely return to her love in Milenciano, Sievi would offer Rose a place to be in her childhood home, Fort Imperia, Ganaf, did she ever need to move out.
Much like her mother, Rose's twin sister Eerika would take notice on Rose's abdication. Although she would poke her telling her "told you so", referring to her old ban on the Demiran thrones, worried that her sister would grow lazy and fat like a certain Marinian Front resistance member she has been investigating recently, Eerika would request a permit to expand the Pahan Katse nightclub and automail business to Milenciano with the intent of offering Rose a job of a site manager did her request go through.

RP: Marinian Front

Due to the successful raids on the Pahan Katse equipment shipments, the Marinian Front has begun gaining traction in Revon and Destro regardless of the literally sickening smell following it's leadership. And yes, the leadership aka. "Princess" Fiona Revon would now be moving on her own as she had her withered legs amputated and replaced with heavy-duty automails stolen from the Pahan Katse. This would mean she would begin making seldom, unannounced public appearances around North-Demira. Regardless of appearing in public she would never get detained as she would never move alone, but rather with a "security force" and she would never stay for too long in fear of the CKG. Another reason for her free roaming would be that it would take at least four Kamarajans to move her anyways so the Osasto-0 agents could not do much about her even if they wanted to.

As for their next step, the Princess has begun quiet preparations to run in the Mirian imperial election in attempt to gain the legal immunity granted upon being selected as an imperial advisor and a regional representative for the high-throne. She would primarily be leveraging Marinian nationalism, a fabricated issue of an "unsafe Blayredeshian border" and blackmailing to gain enough support for the position. Once more time would be the key factor in showing if her methods would bring her plan to fruition.

Torimia wrote:RP

Woleve Atraland

Western De-escalation and opening up.

The Inkhaganate has come to a conclusion after the meeting of the Western diplomat and Khanum Yesuntei. As per deal, the United Horde stands down and began to de-mobilize from the western border; allowing the sister warriors of the Four Khanates to each return to their respective lands and families.

Limited tourism is opened to the foreigners, granting them tourism across the breath-taking steppe belonging to the harpies known as 'Tori' with stunning clear blue skies. However, access to the Kānthu Khanate's territory has been barred due to the Khanate's xenophobic nature towards outsiders.
As long the people respect the lands of the Tori folk, they will be welcomed and even traded with.
Free trade is also opened, and the Inkhaganate will co-operate with the Atralandians to build power plants to supply the growing harpy nation with electricity, as modern equipment slowly became more widespread which relied on electricity.

RP: Tourists and Power
Soon, word spreads of the beauty of the steppes, with citizens of the Imperium flocking to see it, bringing with them immense wealth. As tourism opens, the state has contracted the construction of three hydroelectric power stations to Beka Power Industries, which will cooperate with the Inkhaganate to figure out what locations they should set up the stations, in the meantime an offer has been extended to connect the Inkhanagate to the Imperium power grid so they can use the surplus energy being produced.

RP: The Nation

Isolationism, The policy that a nation will not be in any sort of trade, agreement, or conflict with another country in any way possible or in any shape or even a little form of it. At the start of the implementation, many people and experts of a certain nation estimated that the economy would be affected a bit more since trade would not be available or even an option. Yet there was a benefit that everyone can agree could help, And that is the nation focuses on it's actual self. When everyone in the nation agreed and when policy was implemented, for some people they thought the economy would implode but for many? They believed that it would be all worth it if the nation would focus itself and could find ways to have the economy but also the nation's own interest as well. That was it’s main and major defence for being in isolation: The economy struggles but in return the nation would thrive in its national affairs that it currently have been.

Time passed and it became clear that the nation would actually be thriving for quite some time with several close calls of disaster due to the economy or even several riots from some laws passed or even several calls of removal due to corruption but all was for now well and doing alright... That is until now with the new generation that was taking in place was asking for an end to the isolationism policy. This didn’t sit well with them current and old generations that wanted the isolation period to continue. Despite being useful though its time, There were some hiccups that very much impacted the support of the isolation period however it wasn't talked about as much until now. Not only that, a future election due to new modifications in the terms in the House of Representatives, Senate and The presidency the congress would in a later time officially announce the date or even year that was taking place as well and with the now up and coming census that will currently be on everyone's mind due to the fact that last census would be a low record turnout with only around 75.22% of the people that would take the census. And to add more, Talks of two new possible departments which are public affairs and relations along with Commerce (trade) that is currently in congress would be increasing the departments that were already in place but they are welcoming the possible two new ones in the country.

The name of the nation? The name of the nation is The Outer Union, or its full name which is The Republic of The Outer Union. Currently the nation is trying to make sure to adapt with the possible end of the isolation period that they had for now a good chunk of history. Most believe that the period of international would start but many others believe that isolation would be needed for now as the congress (Both house of representatives and Senate) agreed that there will be a referendum in the upcoming month now called 'The Path of the Nation' that many would take part in as there was many predicting a turnout of 87.2% of people being part of the referendum. And there were hopes of the census as there were many to expect up to 95% predicted participation, it would be surpassing the 91.08% current held record of most participated census. Last census would be not just the lowest recorded participation but it is one of the lowest since the nation in etirity beating the 77.43% lowest recorded census.

This is my first post so i did as best as I can

With a mixed expression of inquisitiveness and astonishment towards the thaumaturgic incantation projected by the living skeleton and his little floating companion that endured until the explanation of the action by the living skeleton, Hessia marshaled an answer to the living skeleton's inquiry.

    | Hessia Kasreiyne |" With the highest of certainties, we can hold a discussion on the matters of such a topic within the times of our conference, my friend. After all, the Commonwealth does take hold of the pride of being able to accommodate people from all over the globe within its lands. "

She'd conclude the words of her monologue with a soft and mellow smile - as to ensure the skeleton that his concerns would be attended to in due time - before slowly turning her head to the glass casement adjacent to their seating placement. She blankly stared out into the vast alpines and jagged mountains that compromised much of the natural landscape of her beloved nation until a distinct gleam in the ever-nearing distance was caught in her gaze. With the gleam of the steel-and-glass constructs of civilization against the rays of sunlight, Reisalia was just on the horizon. She'd motioned the living skeleton to take a peer through the glass, loosely pointing at the gleam before remarking.

    | Hessia Kasreiyne |" The constructs of Reisalia, Melladar. "

As they continued to observe the gleam with great interest - their aerial machine drawing closer and closer to their destination with each passing - the alpines and mountains began to peel back, their appearance in their vision diminishing at a fast rate until only a humble grassland stretched out. And on the horizon, did the grand city of Reisalia stood valiantly, the golden crown and pride of the nation. Amidst the ranks of buildings, stood constructs that reach the lofty skies above while others squat and short, clung to the ground. Now within the bounds of the grand city, the occurrences of life were clearly seen as the aerial machine made a turn-around in the outskirts of the city. It would take a few long minutes of this process before a building of a substantial size and built with modern architecture was observed. This must be the building spoken of by Hessia and Siegwren, a notion that would be affirmed when the aerial machine made a sharp bee-line for one of the small vertiport platforms on the building's roof. Upon reaching the platform, the aerial machine hovered over it, as if it was its warden, for a few minutes as the flight crew switched to landing navigation, causing the airframe to slowly descend towards the platform, the conclusion of the process noted with an abrupt rumble sent through the fuselage as the landing gears hit the platform and as the engines slowly deactivated. Hessia looked towards the living skeleton, again with the same smile.

    Hessia Kasreiyne" Are you impressed with the sights of our fine city, dear Melladar? "


RP: The Future
Today a variety of announcements came from the Imperial Bureau of Science and Education, first, the neural-network microchip has successfully completed human trails, with ten Woleves being implanted who are now capable of interfacing with computers with nothing but their mind. Preliminary testing of augmented reality shows promising results, with experts believing personal computers will now be able to project directly to the persons brain. It’s slated for widespread releases in 2175. Next up, a mission has been announced to send a variety of probes into deep space, to collect data on black holes and their formation. A new experimental fusion reactor will also be constructed, though it is currently unknown when construction will begin due to budget concerns. The first genetically enhanced Wolevan child has been born today, made in an artificial incubator, the child has had a variety of genes repaired to make it immune to a slew of common cancers, with the expectation that a new era of medicine is upon the Imperium.

RP:Seasonal Migration

Summer time is upon the Sprites and that means traveling to green lit nations approved the ever friendly Monthra travel agency. The nation making their way into top vacation destination would be The Royal Confederation of Northern New Solingarch. A nation of nations with a cool sea breeze capital city of Ivery. Located in the heart of the Kalrania Stability Initiative faction it is one of the safest places with opportunity to experience the most culture in a single location. The second pick of this year would be that of The Second Wolfinite Republic of Werewolf Islands. With the city to travel to being that of Yellow River the closest place for one to learn about the outer void without going there. Lastly the newest nation to make it onto this list would be Midribbonia while this one does come with a heat advisory it offers the taste of the unknown for those looking for a thrill but remember to bring your cooler headgear.
For the start of this seasonal travel it's expected for around 372 million Sprites will be on outbound journeys from Dainheim. While not all Sprites will only seen at those picked destinations it is known that that Nester travel agency have several vacation retreats planned in Milenciano and Liranaholm aboard their mega luxury superskyliner the Attacusania.

| RP |


With a mixture of inquisitiveness and bewilderment expressed towards the thaumaturgic incantation discharged by the living skeleton and his steadfast floating companion that persisted for a few minutes in time until a clarification was provided by the living skeleton, Hessia marshaled words into a response towards Melladar's inquiry.

    | Hessia Kasreiyne |" Y'know, with all of these abrupt revelations of yourself, you might as well be one of the most riveting characters to approach our nation in some time . . . Oh, please pardon my manners of speech for not attending to your inquiry, my dear friend. I assure you that we will be able to sustain a discussion on the specific details of such a topic within the duration of our conference. Now, I will let you know that the Commonwealth doesn't only derive pride and honor from its stable and adept state but also from its capability to act as a sanctum for peoples from all over the Kalranian globe.

She concluded her amicably-spoken words with a mellow smile before gingerly swiveling her gaze towards the piece of glass casement that stood on the side of the aerial machine adjacent to the placement of their seating. She expressionlessly studied the prolific alpines and the jagged-tooth mountains that composed the landscape of the northern and central region of the Commonwealth until her vision snapped a distinct gleam of light in the distance: one of the heralds of the splendorous settlement of Reisalia. She swiveled her gaze towards the living skeleton and motioned the skeleton to take a little peer through the glass casement with her hand before making a remark.

    | Hessia Kasreiyne |" We are drawing closer and closer towards the capital with each passing, Melladar. "

The plenteous alpines and the sawtooth mountains slowly started to peel away from their vision until only humble lowlands stretched out into the glorious horizon. And within that glorious horizon, splendaciously stood the monumental city and the gleaming gem of the Commonwealth: Reisalia. Amidst the numerous ranks of constructs - some lofty enough to grasp the very heavens itself while others were squat in shape and clung to the safety of the ground - were part of an intricate labyrinth that seemingly never ended. As they were now within the very bounds of the resplendent capital, each and every single piece of detail could be observed from the safety of the aerial machine as it swerved and veered through the metal constructs towards its destination. It would take the passing of a few minutes before the aerial machine arrived before a construct of substantial size, built in the likeliness of modern architectural design: this must certainly be the destination mentioned by both Siegwren and Hessia, a notion that would be swiftly affirmed as the aerial machine propelled forwards for one of the vertiport platforms. Upon hovering above the platform for a fleeting moment, the flight crew of the aerial machine made the switch to landing navigation systems and the aerial machine slowly descended downwards The conclusion of the process was marked by a slight tremor that was sent throughout the airplay upon the landing gear making contact with the platform's surface and the silencing of the four powerful engines. Hessia swiveled one last time towards the living skeleton, with the same smile she had expressed before.

    | Hessia Kasreiyne |" Welcome to the Capital of Reisalia, finest of all the cities of the Commonwealth, my friend. I hope you've enjoyed the sights so far. "

OORP - Resumption of KFA Activities

Apologies for the second round of delays for the KFA. I was busy on a project of mine that I wanted to do, and now that that's been finished and released, I'm ready to continue the KFA.

Activities will resume as usual on Monday, September 20, 2021, when The Ansalonian States face off against Reru Tanda.

RP: Contacting faraway lands

A diplomat flys a Spirit Bird to make contact with faraway lands


1. Spirit Bird
Description: A giant bird with a big wingspan that can travel a far distance and can be used for transportation on the downside that it can’t defend itself much when being used a transportation due to them being pacifist in nature.

2. Bamboo Bear
A Bear that looks like a Medium-sized Panda, but their fur is a black and light green color scheme, they live in Bamboo forests.

Read factbook

The Bhaolin Coasts wrote:RP: Contacting faraway lands

A diplomat flys a Spirit Bird to make contact with faraway lands


1. Spirit Bird
Description: A giant bird with a big wingspan that can travel a far distance and can be used for transportation on the downside that it can’t defend itself much when being used a transportation due to them being pacifist in nature.

2. Bamboo Bear
A Bear that looks like a Medium-sized Panda, but their fur is a black and light green color scheme, they live in Bamboo forests.

Read factbook

RP: The Great Bird

The large bird and it's rider would be welcome to whichever city they landed at. This would be after a short testing of if the giant bird would eat the populace or not. After which a local official would happily greet the diplomat.

| RP: Embassies

The Republic of Weccandia would like to have embassies with the Rumanian States, Dwarf Land4, and Nonadia.

RP: Ancient Dig Site 05, Sep 2170. Near Gerjano close to Border. (Secret)

Queen-Regent walks along the pathway to the dig site. The Paranormal Division is all over the place unpacking gear and already construction equipment is building makeshift buildings. Dig team's are trying to get at the site of interest. She passes by Hazmat teams that walk by with artifacts in question. She can see logs of tree's being taken down and nets being placed to hide the location. She walks over and spots the massive ancient Icewindian structure being dug up. She sighs as she walks over to the director.

"Director ▇▇▇▇▇▇ can you tell me why you should receive funding beyond basics of your duty?" Catherine looked to the director impatient. The Director simply told her that they deal with things as small as Magic being used in Grocery Store robbery to World Ending Events. As Director put it: "We deal with unknown and magical events that cant be explained with science. Now we found tons of skeletons and mummified corpses close to this site-" Catherine interrupted in an annoyed tone. "To the point Director?" the director smiled and lead her inside the ancient Icewindian temple. It was strange noted the Temple was meant for Worship but it looked like a tomb for someone which made no sense. She saw an makeshift medical tent build inside the main lobby. An Dragonoid Warrior was layed out on an Autopsy table. He was frozen in Ice but they had heaters melting ice for some time. To point where they were taking bandages off his head and Doctors were suprised at how fresh the Dragonoid Warrior is. They take pictures and notice bandages on inside are painted with glowing runes of Dragon blood. Catherine and Director noted it and the two went to side of lobby to inspect some pictures of paintings on Ancient Temple and surrounding Dig site artifacts. Director ▇▇▇▇▇▇ points to the pictures and explains "We think the corpse on that autopsy table was wounded in battle and wrapped in some kind of preserving bandages then frozen by Magic to preserve him. The Magic Ice matches structure closely to Esol's magic. Catherine smiles "Director you think he is lost general who conquered Shardin Tribes?" The Director points to Catherine and states "We believe he is General Rhinelander Esol's General who conquered the west. But for him to be this far west with so many corpses at dig sites suggests something else. We are trying to Carbon date corpses but-" Catherine interrupts: "We need results that Bring's Icewindia's ultimate Victory against Blayredeshian Horde. Do you think this research into past will lead us to that?" The Director nods. "Technology has failed us Queen-Regent Catherine.... only by looking to Esol Era shall we find spells that will help us destroy our enemy." After stating that the two exit out from the Temple to discuss the details further about expanding funding to potential other Dig sites as they have found a map.

The Autopsy figures had melted off Ice and removed all bandages off Rhinelander's body. They looked to him inspecting. "He's so well preserved its like he could just get up." The Doctor smiled to the other doctor who was inspecting closely to Rhinelander's head. Rhinelander's eye opened and he grabbed 2nd Doctor by neck. He looked around confused. 1st Doctor panicked backing up and fell over knocking down the dissection tools. Two guards ran into the tent and Rhinelander threw the 2nd Doctor at two Guards. He got up and ran into main lobby. Multiple Soldiers pointed weapons and yelled in unknown language. Rhinelander ran forth up the temple steps outside the temple. The whole site went on alarm... quickly security teams with electric batons moved forward with riot shields. Rhinelander quickly grabbed a rusted sword from an dead corpse being dug up and slammed it into security team slicing through there shields and armor... the rusted sword glowed with enchantment but soon broke after a few swings. He then ran towards the forest jumping from tree branch to tree branch where armored cars began to pursue him firing machine gun fire. Queen-Regent Catherine radioed in "I Want him taken alive!" the Director ordered in Magic Guild to confront him while Armored Cars kept pursuit. However some Crashed into rocks or others were lured into ditches by Rhinelander. Soon Rhinelander had escaped outer perimeter but was confronted by multiple magic user's who quickly all casted an shield spell to trap him. Rhinelander began to punch, claw and even bite the shield cracking it. The Magic user's were straining from all this. However soon multiple darts hit Rhinelander and he collapsed. The Shield went down and Catherine walked over to Rhinelander who huffed and was losing Consciousness. She crouched down and smiled wide. "I think we found my new second in Command." Then Rhinelander vision went to black.

Basaran wrote:

RP: Secured
The southern border was now open for trade following a route through Halvo Bay. Though to get more knowledge on the southern neighbors, King Asvard Jorgeson would request to meet with the Haskelan Government

The Haskelan Authorities gladly accept the invitation from King Asvard. They promised much greater cooperation with Basaran.

Schwypia wrote:RP: Treachery of the 10th

It is the 3rd of April, 2170. The day has thus far been calm and the government is operating as normal. Queen Boran has just departed for a state visit to the Archron Empire, taking elements of the secret service with her. It was only then that a message was sent to Grandmaster Rheim of the First Guard, straight from General McAfee of the 10th Rifle Division, the unit tasked with upholding the defense of the capital during times of war. The message was quite simple: “At 11 am precisely, soldiers from the 10th will enter Milare with the express purpose of removing Prime Minister Rhodes from power. Lay down your arms when we arrive and no blood will be shed.”
But the First Guard has never gone quietly. Frantically, Grandmaster Rheim organized what Guardsmen he could for a defense of the government, summoning around 700 Guards by the time the first wave arrived. In their trucks, thousands of soldiers poured into the city to surround Government Square, Milare’s defenders becoming the city’s attackers…

It was into this situation that Lieutenant Roma von Braun found himself stirred awake. One of the first responders, Roma met with the other officers of the Guard. As the clock struck 11, Guardsmen were still rushing about and Roma charged into the officer’s meeting room. About 30 other officers gathered in the hall, Grandmaster Rheim at the head. His eyes tragically fell upon Roma’s, grief-filled determination surging within them.

“Men, the rumor is true,” Rheim began. “Elements of the 10th have decided to lead a coup against the Prime Minister. As Guardsmen, it is our sworn duty to prevent this. The 10th will attack on foot any minute. They will not risk using any kind of aircraft or heavy artillery, lest they endanger civilian lives. We have reason to suspect that this is an isolated incident. Other army groups will arrive in the city to aid us, but we have to hold out until then. Lead your Brothers well; the odds may be stacked against us, but recall that the original Guardsmen stood fewer than we during their first defense. Remember the onslaught faced by the Guard in 2011. Remember the Westenburg Rebellion of 2038. Forever vigilant…”

“Forever prosperous!”

Hours passed. Roma had lost count of the number of soldiers he had killed today. Wave after wave, the 10th came, yet the Guard held. But word came from every flank that the line was beginning to waver. Building after building had been lost until all that remained defended was Parliament itself, where the Representatives and the Prime Minister took shelter. Windows had been bashed to make way for machine guns and sandbags enveloped the property. When the officers met again, around only half rallied to the position. Among them was Grandmaster Rheim, though he arrived last and between the arms of two soldiers. Blood stained his uniform from several gunshot wounds.

Fatal wounds, Roma knew. His life is just about over. Slumped against the back wall, the officers and several lower rank Guardsmen huddled around their dying Grandmaster to heed his final command. The faces of each man and woman said they too knew his final breaths were imminent.

“Until… the end… keep… fighting,” Rheim managed, his breathing becoming shallow. “Reinforcements... soon… Hold…” And his breath faded, the last defiant sparks in his eyes dimming with a quiet resolve. Grandmaster Rheim was dead. Next to Roma, Captain Harwen, the Guard’s second-in-command, gulped. Harwen stepped forward, standing before his fallen commander. He cleared his throat, preparing to speak, but was soon cut off…

It started as a murmur in the back before sweeping across the entire crowd. Roma, near the center, could not see what the commotion was about, but the looks of each Guard about the ends told him that something was amiss. Their eyes bulged at the source of the commotion and their jaws threatened to fall off their faces. Roma could see the sea of men and women shift; someone was approaching. And when the figure reached the center, Roma too fell victim to dumbfoundedness.
She stood at five feet, two inches, a meager height amongst the members of the Guard. Dressed in a ballistic vest, stealth fatigues, and a billowing blue cloak, the woman halted about the table at the huddle’s center. She swept the platinum blonde hair with a single black streak out of her eyes, and looked about the Guard with stern resolve. Her presence should not have been possible, yet here she stood.

“Rally your men, we’ll spearhead straight through their line in five minutes,” Dawn Alore said, pointing to a map of the area. With that order, Dawn left the center of the huddle, the Guardsmen avoiding her like the plague as she passed. For a moment, nobody could move, nevertheless speak, until Roma roused them from their shock.

“You heard her, men!” With that, the Guard followed Roma and Captain Harwen, who in turn followed Dawn. They found her before the massive doors of Parliament, outside of which hundreds of soldiers of the 10th waited. With a powerful kick, Dawn exploded the doors open, raised her bayonet-primed rifle, and charged with a mighty war cry. Amongst the hedgerows, Dawn was hard to see, but the dumbfounded Guard watched her cut down soldier after soldier. And so too did the Guard rage, an all-encompassing war cry erupting through the halls of Parliament. They charged, and the enemy broke.

After two more hours of battle, the coup was over. Broken by the First Guard’s charge, the 10th attempted to rally before a loyalist contingent of the 10th arrived to envelop their traitorous brothers. General McAfee had taken his life before capture, leaving a few thousand of his troops behind to be taken into custody. Roma, and many others, searched for Dawn in the aftermath, but no trace of her remained. Perhaps she had never even been there; after all, it was impossible. Yet Roma had seen much in his time, he knew that she had rallied the Guard to save them in their time of need, leading the charge just as she had in 2038. He knew that their testimony would be described as some sort of mass hallucination, just a story for bards to sing about the triumphant stand of 2170. Yet Captain Roma, the new second in command of the Guard, knew the absolute truth: he had fought beside a legendary figure that day, and he would never forget it.

RP: Meeting the Schwypian Queen

The Kaiser has hosted an event for the Schwypian queen for the visit to the New Archron

Candain wrote:RP: The Great Bird

The large bird and it's rider would be welcome to whichever city they landed at. This would be after a short testing of if the giant bird would eat the populace or not. After which a local official would happily greet the diplomat.

RP: It’s alright

The Spirit Bird, being pacifist in nature, doesn’t do anything to the populace and the diplomat introduce himself and where he came from.

“I hail from the Bhaolin Coasts, a land far south from here, a land of mountain and bamboo.”

RP:Raising the Banner

Evve Terre

((He has given me permission to do this))

The country has been under construction efforts for months now, not much outside the Islands has been on the populations mind. However, surveys and explorations on the former held Avani islands has shown signs of prior held Archian bunkers that have mysteriously sunk within the ground. Many scientists and engineers have claimed that these bunkers could still be active as energy signals have been located from the ground. However a particular site had them most interested, even catching the eye of the Kaiser.

Tango-4, located on the island of Dortubia was noted to have a strong energy pulse from the Archian garrisons that patrolled. The Kaiser himself wished to investigate as orders to begin digging were made.

Only a month later, the site was missing over 10 tons of dirt within nearly half a mile of land to cover. The Kaiser, adorning his armor he once wore with modern modifications, had arrived to see the progress. However, within that time of the investigation and removal of land he had gathered his brother and sisters to join him. Making up his personal protection, they also were high ranking generals within the military. They stood and talked about the future.

A worker, only of the age 19. Struck his pickaxe over, and over, and over. Until one moment, Crack!
The worker had struck iron, sending sparks into his face. Guarding his face for a moment he leaned down and began pushing dirt away. He revealed an iron door. His eyes opening wide he whipped around and struggled to climb out. He was panting, grunting and shouting. Other workers ran over and helped him out of the hole before he shouted, “Door! Door!”

This shout gained the attention of the four, making them quickly rush over. Soldiers rushed over as well to see if he words were true. The Kaiser and his three generals looked down into the hole, seeing that the worker truly was right. The Kaiser turned to the soldiers and ordered them to evacuate the workers and get all local units within the area to garrison this area, they were going in.
The soldiers nodded, abiding by his every word. The four pulled their weapons from their backs. Issac, a DMR, Alisa, a shotgun, Lena, a sniper, and Dominic a LMG.

The four dropped down, and slid to the iron door. With sheer strength and precision, Dominic and Alisa began pulling the door from its bolts. Lena and Issac joined in and made quick work of the door. From the angled entry to the door, it was an emergency exit that was usually accompanied by a ladder. Facing down, the bunker was purely dark as the main center of power was gone. One by one the four dropped down, causing a loud thud to echo across the whole bunker. Their armor lights quickly activated and left the four standing within an relic of the past.
[Issac] “Well... Isn’t this a bit of déjà vu?”
[Dominic] “All to familiar, check your corners. Lena, radar up. Alisa, keep your finger on the trigger guard.”
[Alisa] “Aye”
With a single movement of his hand forward, Dominic took the lead as they moved down a narrow hallway.

Within Tango-4

Down the halls was clean, as if something was keeping it clean. Sweeping rooms and gathering all the information they could, they soon began to realize something about this bunker that was so different than before.
[Lena] “Dom, I got a pulse”
[Dominic] “Where?”
[Lena] “I... I dont know”

Lena looked up to see they were facing a concrete wall.
[Lena] “Says there”
She pointed to the wall
[Alisa] “Are you high? Thats a wall Lena. Last time I checked, I don’t think they even breathe”
[Dominic] “Alisa...”

He shook his head to her and holstered his LMG. Walking to the wall, he placed his hand to it.

[Dominic] “Think we could either blow or shoot it out?”
[Issac] “Its possible”

Issac too walked to the wall and placed his fist against it. He grinded it against the wall before retracting it

[Alisa] “Im working with idiots... Thats gotta be meters thick!”

Issac balled his fist and struck the wall. His arm went clear through, shocking them all. Making a quick decision, he curled his arm and pulled it back, pulling more wall away with him. From the inside, they could see something glowing but couldn’t make it out.

[Issac] “Permission to speak?”
[Dominic] “Granted”
[Issac] “Smartass”

He spoke to Alisa. Out of her anger she stepped forward and began breaking the wall. Issac and Dominic helped until they gained a full entry through. Once complete they stepped through and had a full view.

Within this room was many cryogenic tanks, all running on emergency generators that have been using a single shard of Archinite, a cordex Archinite. It was severely faded, having less than a year left of power.

[Issac] “What the...”
[Dominic] “Save your questions for later...”

Dominic stepped forward and looked through nearly all of these containers. The others looked as well until Lena came across a name.

[Lena] “Guys! We got a name here!”

The others rushed over as Lena stepped back.

[Dominic] “Mein Gott... We gotta get him awake. Alisa, find a way to shut this down”

She nodded and turned away, looking towards the Crystal. She began chuckling as she aimed her Shotgun towards it. She fired a single shot, destroying the Crystal nearly instantly. She ejected the shell as an alarm began blaring. Steam rushed out of the pods violently as the group looked around.

[Dominic] “Alisa, Lena! Deal with the others that emerge. Issac, get your medical kit.”

Lena and Alisa departed from the group as they began moving to other pods. Within an order, there was 20 pods. The man Issac and Dominic surrounded was the last pod. Stepping out from the pods were legendary Spartans such as Jäeger the great pathfinder. Cerberus the war machine. Spitfire the wrathful and Stiler the impaler. Out of the other pods were renown Scientists and Military officials, the best from the former Empire. Gathering the individuals up, Alisa and Lena began catching them up to speed. The last pod however opened last and revealed the man. Having a coughing fit, he was shivering from the cold. He was immediately met by a bright light from Issac as Dominic placed his hand on the man.

[???] “W-Wha... Where am I?”
[Dominic] “You’re ok, friend. Issac?”
[Issac] “Sensing a slow in his motor and cognitive functions, shoulder wear off soon”
[Dominic] “Good. Sir, do you know who we are?”
[???] “I-I... Spartans?”
[Dominic] “Yes, we will catch you up to speed. You were cryogenically frozen for unknown means. Archron fell, possibly explaining all of this. We have restored the Empire under my banner, I am Kaiser Dominic von Braun”

The man groaned as he grabbed his head

[???] “Von... Roma... My god Roma! Where is Roma?! Why in the hell was I frozen again?!”

He placed his hands on Dominic. Dominic gently restrained him

[Dominic] “Sir be calm! We will find him! What is your name?”

The man breathed heavily before looking to the ground.

“Varien... Varien Versailles....”

RP: Integrating the Salikia, the Icewindian scare

Under a quick decision, Arko has begun building on the Salika island. Wanting to draw them closer, Arko has tasked with overseeing the process and integration of the Salika is done correctly, as he has more pressing matters.

Moving to the Lohani temple, he has given Esolda an offering far greater than icecream. Kneeling before the temple he laid a long sword beside him. He formed snow around himself as he grabbed the sword and angled it towards his arm.

“Dear Esol... Hear my call...”
In a quick move he lodged it within his arm, spilling it in the snow. Growling in pain he retracted it and placed it against his chest.
“I will refrain my powers to show you my dedication. Akulda will scorn me, but we need you.”
He slashed himself, spilling more
“I-I desire for your h-hand...”
He slashed again, lowering his head as he gnashed his teeth
“For a great general to be reborn, to guide us”
He angled the sword tip straight to his chest
“For the Mighty Snow I will give my essence. F-For tradition states, the blood of a warrior rallies the might of Esol, her sword begs. Watch Akulda for me...”
She pushed the sword through him, roaring as he fell onto the snow.

Within Esoldas realm were Hexs appearing all over her view. Her sword had called to her. Before her view were the ancients, allow loyal to her name. How could she fail now? The past looked upon her as the Lohani power reigned within her decision. The Icewindians had put fear into them, to drive them forward. Now, her most loyal subject balanced between life and death, or a chance of splitting. What will her actions be?

RP: Organizing the Solists

The figure whom has claimed to be Saint Lenore has made another attempt to gain attention. This time, it has worked. Gathering a large section of Solist scars, he walked to the Evven state building and demanded a test of his name. Taking samples of hid blood and saliva, the test took only 2 months to go through the records. Coming back tk a shock, he truly was Saint Lenore in bird form. Scar Solists around the island rejoiced and proclaimed a great revival of Solism coming to the world. However, they weren’t done. The scars wanted a native in charge, Lenore specifically. Scars with access to 2Tel began spamming chat rooms with “Lenore for gov”, hoping it would cause an uproar on the mainland.

Archron Empire

Reaching out.

After finding out the existence of the Archrons, yet another member of the League, the Tori Inkhaganate officially sends a letter for the Archrons requesting a diplomatic meeting to be conducted between the harpyfolks and the islandfolk of west.

The Inkhaganate wishes to further cement their neutrality with the TNL by hoping to sort a similiar deal done with the Atralandians to the Archrons.

The Bhaolin Coasts wrote:RP: It’s alright

The Spirit Bird, being pacifist in nature, doesn’t do anything to the populace and the diplomat introduce himself and where he came from.

“I hail from the Bhaolin Coasts, a land far south from here, a land of mountain and bamboo.”

RP: Welcoming[

The local official would greet the diplomat from the Bhaolin Coasts after they stepped away from their large bird. Gaining access to a wrist translator the Night Sprite would speak to see what brings the traveler this far North.

"Welcome one who rides upon a great winged beast what is it that you seek this far away from your home?" The local official would ask with a robotic voice from the translator.

RP: The Census And a bit of sports

On Monday the 17th of September, The widely known, up and coming census would arrive as the nation has taken the week to get responses from all the parts of the nation. Not only that, Campaigns of helping people with the Census was this year more active and ever on point for the most part as the government funds the campaigns. Along with the campaign of helping people, They would hire more people and also increase the delivery of the Census while making sure to also have the website for those who do the census via online. ​As this year's census would have little of questions:

-Basic Information-
Full name (Include middle name):
Date of Birth:
Gender? •Male •Female •Non-Binary •Not determine
Apartment direction:
Telephone number:
Employment (If employed):

1. How many people live under the household?
2. Do you have kids?
•Yes •No
-> If yes how Many?
3. Level of Education?
•Less than Elementary School
•High school
•High School graduate
•College Graduate
4. Is the household a rental, owned, or mobile?
•House is Owned
•House is Owned under mortgages
•House is rented
•House is given via a housing service
•House is mobile
5. The best description of your house?
•Mobile/Trailer house
•Apartment Style
•A simple house for one family
•A simple house for two families
•A building for several families
6. Did you serve in the military?
•Yes and I am a retired veteran
•Yes and currently I am on duty
•Yes but in reserves
•No due to circumstances (Medical/Health problem, Problems, Ect)
•No but will plan to join soon
7. Current estimation of Income?

Many where expecting actually more questions, And specific ones but the government would modify them. The question census of this year's is one of the lowest in the nation, but not the lowest questions as in an unknown year an old census only had three questions. The expected results of the Census would be around the month of November of this year up to January of the next following year. In the meantime the nation would now have eyes on congress for the official word on which when is the referendum of the current Isolation policy would be voted on. And in sports, The national Outer Union team of soccer is touring the entire country visiting training centers and helping future young people in their passion and skill of the soccer game. The nation's soccer competition schedule would be resuming soon as there was a small hiccup that needed to be addressed but they would expect that in December to finally get the ball going.

Torimia wrote:RP
Archron Empire

Reaching out.

After finding out the existence of the Archrons, yet another member of the League, the Tori Inkhaganate officially sends a letter for the Archrons requesting a diplomatic meeting to be conducted between the harpyfolks and the islandfolk of west.

The Inkhaganate wishes to further cement their neutrality with the TNL by hoping to sort a similiar deal done with the Atralandians to the Archrons.

RP: Receiving the letter

The letter arrived to the Kaiser and was read after the retrieval of Varien Versailles. A meeting was organized to be held in Torimia and forwarded back to the Harpies

In addition, Dominic has invited Milenciano and Northern New Solingarch to have a visit with the new Archron.

RP: Placing upon the title

After the extraction of all members within Tango-4, the ones from the Cryo pods were taken to hospitals to be examined. Varien however was taken back to the Archian Volkshalle and examined there. Soon after the word was announced internationally of the return of the Solist killer.

One of the first to hear this word was Roma von Braun. While excited at first a great sickness fell upon him, rendering him out of his duties for nearly two weeks. The cause of the illness is unknown but it had nearly taken his life from its severity. With this revelation, he waited the Queens return, as there was something that needed to be discussed.

Candain wrote:RP: Adventures and Nobility

Never wanting to back down from an opportunity Aster would happily accept a number of opportunities presented to her. Most of the other sprites in her company would back out but two sprites would stick with her hoping to experience the taste of adventure.
Thysan being the diplomat that he is would happily rub elbows figuratively with the Lirana Nobles. Being a noble himself back home he would share stories and drinks with them.

RP: Hoio

With Acea wishing to embark on a number of journeys in Liranaholm, she and her friends would be transported to the dense city of Surabaya, the junction between the vast Lirana Rainforests, and the Population centre of Lutrillia, on the Lirana Southern Plains. Meanwhile. Thysan would be quickly plied with non-alcoholic drinks, with a distinct lack of alcohol due to a lack of it as a whole across the country.

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