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About time. We've had these coals goin' for hours now..... ;)

woohoo! Top 2% of LEAST Pacifist! Which means we are very near the bottom for the "most pacifist" category. ;)

Lower brightonburg

Hola all.

Hey guys, still alive, just busy in Germany, got through the trip to Afghanistan in one piece. :D

Well Done CW, Glad to hear you're ok :)

To echo nas, Well Done, CW!

Good to hear from you again, CW!

Coolness! Our top 7 nations for laxest drugs laws are in the worldwide list in the same order again, from 3094th to 3100th, this time.

So we lost 60 positions as a region...

Drug laws? What are drug laws?

Yeah... we haven't worked on our drug laws, hmm... nope, they're good for now

Oh, I realized I botched my map request (Used an older map in the request thread, instead of the current one) and fixed the request as needed.

Greetings all! Yes, yet another puppet. You know whose. :)

Post self-deleted by Grays Harbor.

certainly an unusual april fool this year. although last years I thought was the classic.

Indeed, Grays.

Post self-deleted by East Klent.

East Klent: they're set such that you can only see "your own" fake posts.

Post self-deleted by East Klent.

I think last year was better. At least it didn't send into instant cardiac arrest when you logged on.

Post self-deleted by Clearwater.

I like it, took me a second to note that nothing had changed, then I refreshed the page and saw the spam changes lol

oh. my. god.

If even 10% of the whiners on the NS Forum are serious with their bleatings about this april fools thing are serious......

This April Fools sh!t has gone far enough!!

[insert facepalm here]

jeez. its a joke.

It is a pretty lame one, to be fair.

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