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Post self-deleted by East Klent.

Is it just me or is that this board has had more activity in the past few hours than it has had in the past week?


Welcome Turkish Kurdistan.


I am sitting here, reading stuff on this board on maps and wishing I had checked in a few hours ago. Curious, what was the original point of view seeing as I am one of the more active map guys here and all...

PF if you scroll to the top of these messages you will see 'Older Messages' click that and older messages are revealed, but incase you're too lazy to do that here it is.

The Kingdom of Grays Harbor

1 day 2 hours ago
Years back, when we first started creating the map, Ineptia asked me to come up with a scale for it. I did some research, and number crunching and came up with what I thought was a good scale. (Don't laugh at a BA-History doing math. Thats why we have calculators. )

Well, I goofed. It seems us History geeks really CAN'T do math. I plugged a couple wrong numbers in and instead of having an area roughly the size of Earth, we have something about the size of Saturn or Jupiter.


So, what I was thinking, is maybe, in order to correct this at least some, perhaps cutting the scale roughly in half. Instead of 180 pixels being 1000 miles, maybe have that same size be the equivelent of 400 miles?

Any ideas, thoughts or objections? Or should we just let it go as is, and continue having a huge area? There would be no actual changes to the map, or locations or anything, just that the scale would be dialed back some.

Post self-deleted by Syvorji.

Post self-deleted by Syvorji.

Post by Thatcherton suppressed by Grays Harbor.

Syvorji has a collection of puppet have been warned..that is why he was banned from his region!


It just kinda seemed to be drive-by spamming, so I got it in my head to suppress. ;)

Proclaimed, I say start (and indeed finish) with those upstarts from below us.

So be it, and so shall it be suppressed!
King Duncan VI
True and Rightful Ruler over a United Biswald

The regions of Everon and Green Planet have proposed embassies. Thoughts? Approve or no?

King Silas I requests that our esteemed Delegate records a NAY for Lower Biswald on both.

Arthur Tencheese,
Assistant to the King

Easter Egg: What's Your Favourite Colour?
During a national press conference, a little girl with ribbons in her hair asks you what your favourite colour is. Your panicked advisors have frantically called an emergency conference to come up with possible answers.

Best... Issue... EVER

I have my misgivings, but I trust our delegate on though issue and would gladly accept the embassies if that is what's decided.

Post self-deleted by Gregourii.

Hi, Gregourii Here, I'm not sure how to request a spot on the map? (I just joined the region and forums)

map requests are made on our forum.

Welcome to The Heartland Gregourii!

1st to 7th in The Heartland for laxest drug laws are 3,034th to 3,040th in the world in consecutive order as well. What a doped-up region :P


Hello everyone, glad to see all the newcomers! :)

HSU 2013 season starts on Wednesday, March 30th

And the funny thing is that 3 of those 7 are my alts...which makes 4 of me in the top 10 for the region.

Waitaminit! Miraclia is not the toughest on drugs!? Clearly we need to step up the War on Drugs to a higher level!

it's ok Mir, we'll give you some pointers :)

Greetings all,on tour with my main nation.

Northwest houston

Howdy folks. It would seem that I, John Perry, am still the official Texas ambassador to this great region! I brought BBQ and Shiner...

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