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What's with the embassies thing?

It's another new feature recently added to NationStates.

Ineptia, any reason in particular you rejected the eastern_islands_of_dharma request? If needed, I'll vouch for its founder. -LE

I have no idea who they are and as far as I know we have no ties with them.

I don't see the point in accepting any and all Embassy request's, to do so makes them pointless.

Who are The League of Free Nations and New Warsaw Pact then? Sorry, no offence, but I think there has to be some consistency. OBI I can understand since BrightonBurg has a puppet here, and obviously Wysteria and Texas as part of our long-standing alliance.

I know Unibot from IRC and I think if we're going to keep those two embassies I mentioned, we should at least consider his region's request.

Nobody is suggesting we accept all embassies. I've rejected some, you have rejected some. Perhaps we should put embassy requests up for a vote before accepting?

New Warsaw Pact has nations we have been in contact with and can vouch for them.

That sounds like a good idea, but really how many of us would take the time out to vote?

not many, most likely. Fortunately, we have both an active founder and delegate who try their best to look after our interests, even though their views do occasionally clash. But if they were in lockstep on everything, that would be boring, no? ;)

And voting should bring some much needed activity to the forum.


couldn't hurt to try.

Years back, when we first started creating the map, Ineptia asked me to come up with a scale for it. I did some research, and number crunching and came up with what I thought was a good scale. (Don't laugh at a BA-History doing math. Thats why we have calculators. )

Well, I goofed. It seems us History geeks really CAN'T do math. I plugged a couple wrong numbers in and instead of having an area roughly the size of Earth, we have something about the size of Saturn or Jupiter.


So, what I was thinking, is maybe, in order to correct this at least some, perhaps cutting the scale roughly in half. Instead of 180 pixels being 1000 miles, maybe have that same size be the equivelent of 400 miles?

Any ideas, thoughts or objections? Or should we just let it go as is, and continue having a huge area? There would be no actual changes to the map, or locations or anything, just that the scale would be dialed back some.

Given that we don't RP a circular world with poles at each end of the map (and thus distances in two straight horizontal lines on a map being different if it were drawn at the pole or at the equator) I think it doesn't matter. Technically the scale would have to vary by latitude, or we'd need to skew/shear the polar countries to achieve the technically "correct" scale. So I say, leave it be.

Not to mention that suddenly changing the scale makes a lot of my old hurricane RPs have very weird distances...

Yeah, there is that.

It could be nice to have the map a bit more realistic; however, as Liventia said, it would make things a bit too confusing. So I say, leave it be as well.

whoa, what's with all the zombies? hehe

I guess someone got reminded of the traditionality of his puppets. :)

umm......... yeah. ;) pretty much it.

I'd say leave it be due to some nations having something along the lines of three times the population of the Earth...

Post self-deleted by Ablator.

I think having an oversize region is a brilliant idea, i mean come on, who else would come up with a scale up thats roughly the size of jupiter? Just like going CTE, its a badge of honor in my opinion. Plus, Crystal Palais is partly correct, we can't live on a plantet with six or more countries having multiples of the total inhabitants of Earth.

By all means leave it. Like the others said, multiple nations with populations over 10 billion, an a world roughly the size of one that is having a bit of trouble with a population of 7 billion; Yeah, no.

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