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Merry Christmas to The Heartland from Texas!

Happy 2019!

And to you as well. :)

Nastic, nicest citizens in The Heartland!!!

You gotta be kidding, how low weve sunk.

Unless they were all dyslexic and thought it was an incest not nicest survey, yes that makes more sense.

Two months later, lifespan's reached forty years. Honestly I think the only thing that explains the lifespan having gone so insane and coming back up so rapidly is someone screwing up in the bureaucracy. Now if only I could get my tax rate back down to zero...

... and less than two weeks later we're over fifty? What?

I think I can call that 'mission complete' at this point.

More people that the young have to pay for.

Speaking of which, we've hit sixty year life expectancy. I feel there's something odd to be said about the census when it goes from an average life expectancy of twenty to sixty, within a year...

Probably that we fired the person who was in charge of tracking that and have been cleaning up his mess ever since.

Yes its always the other guys fault.

Ooh... ninth largest population in the world? Nice.

Ineptia, you're 45th, too! Congratulations!

Five of us in the top thousand, and twelve (of fifteen) in the top ten thousand. Woo!

... Not the delegate anymore?


That's a thing that happened. But why, though?

Only East Klent can answer that.


Hello all.

Welcome to the Heartland!





No idea, came in endorsing people and each other, just seemed odd, so I revoked their Heartland membership.

Understood. Does seem odd.

Very much so.

Zombies! What shall we do about them?

Kill them all. Each and every one of them.

I give up, I just spent hours clearing Miraclia and theatrical theists and Miraclia is back up to 2 billion zombies...

And I'm too late to the party for research to do anything. Again. As usual.

Happy Halloween!

From an average lifespan of 19 years a year ago to being in the top 1% of extended lifespans. I love NS.

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry TeXmas to our Friends in The Heartland! 🎅

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