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There are now!

Kill them! Kill them with fire!

Drat the luck. I always come on when it's too late!

No idea why they don't do this on a weekend.

Hey guys! Who's still kicking around? Upset to learn that the old forum is dead. A shame.

The region has been dead for several years, the Norwegian blue parrot has more life in it.

Some of us are still here, but... yeah, we're not super active these days to say the least. I would argue that we have not yet ceased to be, and I hope it stays that way a while longer if just because I have so many fond memories of the Heartland.

I will keep the door open and the fire on for as long as is needed.

Kind of like a care home.

They won't resurect my nation, Daemoniata so I had to create a new one. I was feeling nostalgic for the Heartland. I made a lot of friends and it saddens me to see it gone. Too bad all the maps and forums are gone. I wanted to look things over and remember better times. Upset that I wasn't able to keep in touch the last few years, life got in the way.

Merry Christmas Heartland.

It's good to see you back, though.

Happy holidays to everyone.

Thanks CP, MANY fond memories of my time in the Heartland. Hoping to see a few old friends still kicking around.

Today's ranking has Kompa Ru at 10th for most scientifically advanced. At first it was insulting, then I remembered our leader is the pope and our people are in a pseudo-theocracy (not to be confused with the old East KR, which has a picture in the dictionary next to theocracy...). Hope all is well with everyone!

12 1/2 years of invasion, feeling repressed yet? In celebration of this occasion rum will be half price today and floggings are free. Complaints will be addressed with laughter and ridicule.

Put me down for a double flogging.

A round of floggings for everyone!

Ineptia stares at his Austrivum card and wonders wether to sell it or not??

Now I have Aerigia.

Now Herconia.

And Spruce Meadows.

And me.

Amazing, I couldn't seem to get my own card and so I bought one, then get one on my next looting...

And another one today, plus Crystal Palais.

Woot! Looks like I missed the fun while I was out of town for Easter.

And apparently my nation is an epic card. Neat!

It still has a few days to go yet.

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