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Description: NOTICING a distinct lack of WA mandated holidays

FEELING it important to correct this grievous oversight

The WA hereby

DECLARED April 1st to be Weasel Stomping Day to be celebrated as follows.

1) all celebrants are to wear viking helmets and boots suitable for stomping on weasels

2) a liberal coating of mayonnaise is to be spread on lawns

3) all celebrants are to greet each other by saying, "Howdy ho."

4) all celebrants must stomp on at least one live weasel

FURTHER DECLARES that no nation is to make celebrating this holiday mandatory.



ah, the classic "weasel stomping day" proposal. :)

I've been fooled! Damn them!


Well, the joke itself may have been only marginal, but the gross over-reactions of some folk is abso-frakking-lutely Hi-Larious!

Post self-deleted by Yannia.

welcome (back) Ailase


Anyone want into the HSU for the 2014 season let me know

Wow, I'm last for something for once!


Four days since anyone posted on here? Wow, that has to be a record's just the longest on record.

What a coincidence, four more days until my birthday. Woot!

The windward islands

Then we shall wish you a happy birthday 4 days hence! :)

Geez... so... bored...

So, is the map updated yet... *checks forum* Nope... darn :(


Happy upcoming birthday Crystal Palais

Apologies Gregourii, am burdened with real life the last little bit. Plus I have the HSU on the go...


Most of the time, in fact pretty much all the time, if we recall correctly, once you have made the request and it has been accepted, you are on the map, even if you aren't actually "on the map" as yet.

Finally an answer to the question: when is the world going to end? You'll simply receive an email 7 days before from Nationstates. We can all sleep safely now. Don't forget to read your email regularly.

happy birthday Palais

Thems some bad kids in my nation.

75th out of 77 for "Most Rebellious Youth". :D Just gotta keep them young whippersnappers in line, is all.

holy crap. I've been delegate here this time around for 2 years now. my, how time flies.

Happy 2nd Delegate Anniversary GH.

You do good work!

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