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Private sector is 20% of GDP. Ha, much too high for my taste. These damn lemonade stands are like weeds!

Today is your delegates birthday (I'm not gonna say which number) so we expect lots of expensive presents. ;) And cookies.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday GH!! I have some cookies for you, but since I dont trust your mail carriers, you're gonna have to come get them yourself :P
and even though she has gone CTE, I feel compelled to say "Happy Birthday Bowie!" as well :)

Cheers, mysterious delegate! Perhaps the our founder has a nice treat for you.

Happy Nth Birthday GH!

Northwest prussia

Birthday, shmirthday. Yer an old fart and you know it! :P

oh wait, was that my "out loud" voice? lol

Belated Happy 100th Birthday, Delegate! :P

100th? ok, some days it feels like that, but 100? sheesh. ;) I still have a year or 3 before I get there.

A belated happy birthday, another year closer to the inevitable failure of your organic vessel's ability to sustain itself.

Welcome older message tab!

haha yeah, it woulve been useful about 8 yrs ago.... dang I've been on here a long a$$ time

nice to finally have a "delete" function as well, for accidental double posts and the like.


Its a long time coming.

Help, help, I'm being oppressed! ...I mean, suppressed!

Greetings all!


Welcome to the Heartland, good sir!

Indeed, welcome to the Heartland

Thank you all!

A belated welcome Zyrox!


Welcome Zyrox

Feh, more dragon hugging hippies! Just what we need. ;)

Lower brightonburg


Hi from Wysteria! Glad to make our Triumvirate embassy a bit more official.

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