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OOC: Eh. That's be a lot of work that we don't really need in hindsight.

I know , im just a bit nut on it. It would be a slow work in progress.

i tried.... so hard

OOC: It's okay. We know. I think I'm about done with the legislation stuffs for now.

OOC: Embassy with Chrissy and I's region... If you'd like.

*A red haired girl runs through whatever forest there is. *

im gunna finish my person .-.

OOC: This is all the exact same as on TLOHAH, same map build and all. Any active RP's there have also carried over.

BIC: *Jet rests at the Shadow Lake*

im debating on what to do. i kind of want a fresh start all together with most of my people. im keeping The Hunter, and making someone new. Stitches will stay, as she controls a lot of the academy.

OOC: Very well.

*rolls from the shadows* factbookwill be finished later with the actual information. I created a dark guild to make sense of the magic usage.

Tiran's Rage, a dark guild associated with The Academy. The guild has no master, but is made up of an S-class wizard group. One of these is known as The Black Devil, a higher level demon slayer user. As a dark guild goes, jobs are any level of bad thingd, like assassinations, or as light as stopping a curse. Though it is a dark guild, the comunity thinks it as a regular guild, due to it's popularity.

OOC: Blah

Yeah xD

A man is sitting on a bench, looking st the sky

OOC: Life...I have no idea what to do right now :P


OOC: Til morning! When hopefully more people come here...

Yeah ^^

Wudminer industries

Well greetings. Bet you didn't want to see this puppet again. XD

OOC: I remember it but at the same time I don't...

OOC: I have removed the password lock over the region for now. Since we are new we are yet to see if we need it. Should the time come however we can password lock the region again.

OOC: I am open to suggestions for rules of the region as well as additions/critiques to the basics of the region (factbooks pinned in dispatch at the top). I encourage you all to get out the Basics factbook regardless as I believe you should all enjoy what I came up with, and checking the rules is a given.

The one legendary beast

Chrissy wont be joining us, as she doesnt care.

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