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OOC: Hello. I'm still looking for others to telegram. I'm also trying to figure out other legislative like stuff so I can set this place up. I hope the others comes.

Sounds good.

depends on who you invited... nathan wont if he sees me... chrissy probs wont...

Cory is smart, i can trust him with judgement.


Hey :D


V.V come onnn, i cant even try without you being mad ._,

OOC: I'm inviting anyone I can remember seeing post on the RMB. I'm inviting Nathan as well cause he just gets in bad moods and overreacts letting the power he had as founder rule his decisions and actions. Here he can no longer do that and he can think more clearly when things get tense.

sissy! I left one there for us!

If i go back im banning nathan...its girls only.

Silverbloods wrote:If i go back im banning nathan...its girls only.

Then do it. Ban him... I want to have a region where I can be me.

OOC: do you make embassies?

Same ._.

I dont know xD

OOC: Faq...

Go to a nation and move to where it would say add region to dossier


Synnadine wrote:OOC: do you make embassies?

Go to said region-click on 'administration'-click 'request embassies'

OOC: Herro. I'm doing legislative stuffs.

Oiy, wasap?

We need a map ._.

OOC: Screw that. I ain't making no map for a planet this big.

I can do something the regions known and have the photo in my computer to be made more into it later =)

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