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Jefferson proctorate

Are we all posting anthems? Or is this like a election thing? Still working on getting into the RP scene

Jefferson proctorate wrote:Are we all posting anthems? Or is this like a election thing? Still working on getting into the RP scene

The anthem thing was just for fun, not an official event, although the government could host an anthem contest in the future. FNR's election season is just starting up. Right now, we're in the week between the end of the candidacy declaration period and the opening of the polls, so candidates have a chance to campaign.

I'm excited to announce that My Nation has reached a population of 10 billion! Time to figure out which pretty landscape I'm going to use for that fourth custom banner…


My Nation wrote:I'm excited to announce that My Nation has reached a population of 10 billion! Time to figure out what pretty landscape I'm going to use for that fourth custom banner…

try Central Idaho or Gila National Forest

Hyonaland wrote:try Central Idaho or Gila National Forest

Oh, I've already decided to do something from Canada, but thanks for the suggestions! I've got a few nice photos that I'm thinking of using; it's just a case of settling on one.

Caean Bill of Rights is up for feedback if anyone's interested:

Links to other parts of the constitution:

All humans are created equal and endowed with certain inalienable Rights, whose just authority to enforce is derived from the consent of the governed, and which have in times past and present been eroded beyond recognition and twisted by conspiracy to create Regimes of Desecration. Such Rights are herein preserved with finality, as the principal aim of society is to protect individuals in the enjoyment of those absolute Freedoms, which were vested in them by the immutable laws of nature. These Free Liberties shall not be eroded or worn away by any Public institution. Human sin and corruption will eventually erode the Liberties enshrined in this Constitution granted by the Almighty God, and thus it shall be the duty of the people to remove power from such a government and conduct reform, remaining in accordance with the Holy Scriptures and those Freedoms which are inalienable, being the preservation of life, the pursuit of happiness, and the allocation and protection of additional Freedoms. Should that which is inalienable and undeniable be violently infringed or outlawed, or under the guise of progress be regressed, it shall be the duty of the Nation to arise with arms and overthrow such a regime which has betrayed them, and set up a new government which shall follow the principles stated within this Constitution.
1. All people under Caeanid jurisdiction shall have the uninhibited Free Liberty of speech and thought, of poetry and philosophy, of the arts, and of uninhibited discourse. This Freedom shall extend to all forms of informative and entertainment media and to the press, to never come under the influence or censorship of any Public institution from within or without, in a direct or indirect laundered manner, regardless of the perception of truth or falsehood. Informative media within the authority of Caeanid Law shall be subject to special privileges for the gathering of information and the publishing thereof, withstanding violation of privacy, with no repercussions for the acquisition of information that is suppressed by any institution. There shall not exist any form of Public informative or entertainment media or compulsory publishers of information, nor shall the distinction between Public and Private be infringed. The will and ability to engage in all activities pertaining to the unlimited exercise of Freedom of Thought, the mutual exchange of information, and all additional forms of communication, to defend, change, criticize, or maintain silence on any Expression without legal consequence, Public or Private discrimination, monitoring, and the expression thereof within public decency shall remain unregulated, unmonitored, institutionally undocumented and free of any form of taxation or consequence by any Public entity, domestic or foreign. Censorship or indirect stifling by any institution of the exercise of Freedom of Thought and all other activities of Freedom of Thought shall not be permissible by any government institution on social platforms. Neither the Law nor the Courts shall recognize any act of thought or expression thereof made within public decency to be a crime, but instead shall only consider actions that directly harm person or property under applicable Law. Public discourse and disagreement, to debate and resolve, to accuse and condemn any individual or group in public and in private, the exercise of Freedom of Thought to sway the court of public opinion shall remain protected under Federal Law and enforced by the Municipalities to maintain unregulated human interaction. The holding of the tongue, maintaining silence or secrecy, the defense of criticism and the administering thereof, shall not be regulated or become an offense outside of subpoena for testimony in the Court of Law, unless the disclosure of information is self-incriminating, in which case silence shall remain protected without consequence. Removal of the self from the public and self-isolation, as well as decent public presence within the scope of Municipal Law, shall remain unregulated by Public and Private institutions. The Free Liberty of peaceable assembly in a public forum, be it physical or through media discourse, to petition for any reason, affiliation without boundaries, and the unregulated and physically peaceful exercise of any Religion or ideology, and works thereof, shall remain unhindered and free of any form of tax by any institution, remaining free for distribution. The erosion of this and all other Free Liberties described herein by Public institutions shall be punishable by death upon conviction by the Supreme Court after Impeachment by the National Legislature of one or more persons directly responsible. The mind and all that is therein, understanding peace without truth is subjugation, shall remain sacred and untouched by perversion from Caeanid government institutions, directly or through manipulation of the mediums of thought.
2. Under no circumstances outside of conviction for a violent crime of a sexual nature or when more than three have been murdered shall the ability of those under Caeanid jurisdiction be prohibited from the domestic trade, acquisition, violation of individual privacy forbidden, or modification of any kind of weapon if of age to serve in the Armed Forces. The lawful use of any weapon free of registry shall extend to recreational and defensive, with no legal repercussions. Peacemaking actions taken upon conviction of the conscience, in right mind by due process, protecting life or limb, shall remain unpunished, and so shall the instinctual moral values of humankind, granted by God, be protected by the fullest extent of the Law. Government shall pass no law regarding the acquisition and registry of weaponry, nor of the specific enforcement of instinctual moral law. No government shall infringe, and no law prohibit or regulate, the open or concealed bearing, transportation, acquisition, and defensive use of arms in any capacity, nor the formation and maintenance of secure and lawful civilian militias. No taxes or limitations shall be levied, and no financial ties or record imposed, on any such person who owns any kind of weapon or stockpile for reason of acquisition, ownership, transfer, or use. The manufacture and design of weapons within Caeanid territory shall be exclusively for the use of Caean and its citizenry. The Freedom of armed defense of lawful livelihoods, of life and of member, of health and of relations, the use of militias in such defensive actions, shall not be infringed. The security of the individual and of communities by armament shall remain sacred and free from infringement by Caeanid government institutions.
3. The unethical practices of genetic editing, eugenic or euphenic breeding of humans and practices associated thereof shall be strictly forbidden in all circumstances. No genes shall be edited, and no intellectual rights applied, in any capacity in the human genome or all parts affected thereof. Genetic editing of any kind, euphenic or otherwise, to include insertion of genes, artificial or natural in origin, removal of naturally-present genetic material, or genome migration or arrangement by manipulation of natural processes or by artificial means, shall be forbidden in all cases, with the exception of repair of portions of the genome that have been destroyed or altered, by artificial means or manipulation of natural processes. No intellectual rights shall be recognized, including patents and all other copyrights thus associated, on any genetic or organic material, unless it is of an individual’s original, unaltered and completely recorded genome in entirety, not apportioned. No transactions shall be made regarding the ownership of the individual intellectual rights for a genome. Transactions and all activity of general commerce concerning the intellectual rights of any human genome or genetic material itself shall be prohibited in all forms and in all circumstances. The recording and alteration of biometric data, be it visible or otherwise, shall be expressly prohibited under all Caeanid Law, and shall apply to both the individual and the institution, Private and Public. The use of vaccines, immunologically altering drugs, implantations of a cybernetic or mechanical nature, and all other medicinal practices shall not come under mandate by any institution, Public or Private. Personal medical choice that does not infringe on the Free Liberties of others shall be upheld and defended by all Caeanid institutions. Personal identity shall remain sacred, unaltered, and free of regulation or record by all Caeanid institutions, both Private and Public, and by all foreign entities.
4. The unnecessary alteration of reproductive function outside of the scope of male and female, all medicinal forms of contraception, the use thereof for abortive purposes, abortive medicine, the manipulation of natural procedures to alter anatomy outside of medical necessity, all procedures intended to transition between the two sexes or deny the ability to reproduce besides essential medical procedure, for male or for female, shall be expressly prohibited in all circumstances by all institutions, Private and Public, foreign and domestic. The removal of healthy organic material aside from altruistic donation to fill an individual need shall be forbidden. Financial compensation for donation by the several States and the Federal Government shall be prohibited, except in the scope of the Armed Forces. No modification shall be made to any organic material except to correct a medical condition, outside of the field of genetics herein described. Euthanasia in direct or indirect manner of humans shall be expressly forbidden by all levels of Caeanid government. Dependency on another shall not be a cause to determine the worth or authenticity of life before the Law. The biology of all individuals shall remain sacred and unaltered by all Caeanid institutions, both Private and Public.
5. No Caeanid institution, Private or Public, shall financially sanction, limit, execute, or otherwise tamper with human life, except for cases of convicted Capital Crimes as herein described and only enforced by the governments of the several states with due conviction by a Federal Court, sentences to be carried out in a public place of discourse, being well-declared beforehand. Human life begins at the time of conception. No abortions shall be sanctioned, protected, assisted, or provided by any institution, Private or Public, domestic or foreign, within Caeanid borders, either by manipulation or taking advantage of natural processes or by artificial means. No Citizen, or non-Citizen seeking Citizenship by naturalization, shall take part in the abortion of human life as defined herein. The abortion of the unborn or abandonment or termination of the newborn shall be considered a Capital Crime, as with the abortion of necessary livelihood. Human life is sacred and shall be protected and defended without infringement by any Caeanid institution, Private or Public, or any foreign entities.
6. The alteration and corruption of the natural human way of life as intended by God and expressed in the Holy Scriptures shall remain untarnished by all Public institutions, foreign and domestic. Eugenics and all other forms of discrimination, sterilization, besides castration for conviction of a violent crime of a sexual nature as an alternative to the death penalty, and other such practices, shall be forbidden of all institutions, Public and Private, domestic and foreign, enforced by the several States. The nuclear family structure shall remain free of infringement and shall be subject to special privilege to maintain intended structure. The family structure shall remain free of all regulation. Marriage of only a man and a woman, reproduction and the lawful parenting of children, and adoption shall remain sacred and free of the requirement of licensure and regulation, yet shall be recognized by the several States to be the foundation of the nuclear family, fundamental to a strong society. The Free Liberties of education provided not by any Public institution, foreign or domestic, and of the passing down of values from generation to generation, to hold to any religion and give the teachings thereof, shall remain unregulated and free of infringement. Compulsory participation in Public activities outside of the scope of the applicable Courts shall be forbidden, so also shall prohibition of participation in any such activities. All Caeanid Public institutions shall remain free of the ethical constraints of the use of artificial intelligence or random processes to make any decisions outside of large-scale strategic wargaming, nor decide policy. Coercion of the individual for any reason, needlessly cruel punishment shall be forbidden in the Courts of the Municipalities. No law shall be passed, and none enforce, the punishment of emotional omissive inactions. The political and the medicinal, the scientific and all useful practices shall no pervasive influence invade, Public or Private, outside of their intended scope of function. Involuntary servitude shall be forbidden except in cases of due conviction of a criminal nature, nor shall the individual be subject to statical class or regulated class movement enshrined in Law. Human creativity of a peaceful nature, the lawful partaking or refusal of goods and services, shall not be stifled. No pornographic materials, media, or consumables shall be produced or distributed, and such a crime shall be punishable by death according to the several States, and media which is found to willingly harbor or promote such materials shall be subject to the same punishment in the Court of Law. The manufacture and distribution of recreational substances aside from tobacco products and alcohol shall be prohibited. Under no circumstances shall economic goods be destroyed for the purpose or excuse of spending, neither by influence or coercion. The Homestead of one or more adult persons and the families thereof, and the free construction of life, the alteration of estate, shall not be taxed or forbidden, but shall be subject to special protection under the Law, and shall be protected from forced sale, and from the payment of all debts except for the purchase currency thereof, and the taxes due thereon, and shall be protected from creditors as the several States shall see fit to defend. Natural familial development and character of the human being shall remain unaltered at every stage and defended by all Caeanid institutions, Public and Private, the adherence of which to be required of all institutions foreign and domestic.
7. No database shall be kept, records collected, or census taken, neither by the several States nor the Federal Government for any reason, but shall the Municipalities for the sole purpose of ordering themselves before the States in Elections. Biometrics, location and association data, communications and correspondence by any medium, transactions of all kinds save that forbidden under the Law, marriage and relations, ancestry, affiliation and political activity, and any commercial or personal activity or record, shall remain untouched by all Public institutions from within or without, neither purchased nor seized but in a lawfully-issued Warrant. The ownership of property and capital, both intellectual and physical, being free of compulsory possession, the acquisition, ownership, protection, and active or passive defense of land and maritime estates, of space and any resources blessed thereinall shall be free of searches and seizures without the authority granted by Warrant, and shall remain uninhibited by all Caeanid institutions, both Private and Public. Ownership of intellectual property shall extend to the free filing of patents and copyrights thus associated without taxation, to promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries. All records of patent and copyright, herein referred to as intellectual rights, shall be securely maintained and enforced abroad by the Federal Government, and in domestic jurisdiction enforced by the several States. All commercial activity between Caeanid citizens shall remain free of taxation, and the means of currency or Scrip shall remain free from the intervention of Public institutions. No financial system that examines social public or private behaviors shall be permitted for use within Caeanid territory or imposed on its citizens. Private investigation of Public or Private matters shall not be forbidden, neither shall the concealment of lawful private information. No property shall be taken for Public use or gain without just compensation by the Municipality in which such property is held, only to occur in circumstances of unlawful behavior. Trafficking in all forms of the person and of publication shall be forbidden, punishable by death. The privacy and self-sufficient security of the individual shall remain sacred and untouched by all Caeanid institutions, both Private and Public, and by all foreign entities.
8. All under Caeanid jurisdiction and those outside of it shall remain free of the Publicly instituted practices of eudemics and all welfare or subsidization thereof, and shall have the Freedom of financial liberty outside of the constraints of any social credit systems and of publicly-enforced equality or equity practices and affirmative action stemming from the same. No Public institution, or Private associating with the same, such association being explicitly forbidden outside the provision of equipment and care for the Armed Forces, shall engage in the application of socially applied eudemic practices, welfare, Public provision, subsidies including incentives, and care of persons, or act on the theories of artificially stimulated societal or economic improvement thereof. No institution shall be allowed the ability to influence the fundamental change of societal values through eudemics, and thus shall no Public or thus affiliated education system be permitted to exist. No institution shall engage in the globalist and therefore destructive practices of the Doctrine of the Welfare of the Masses, or societal experiments pertaining to the same. The intended cessation or propagation of traits within the human population shall be forbidden in all circumstances and enforced by the several States. All Law shall be based on precedent of an historical or Scriptural Nature, being the generally accepted Scriptural texts. None shall be required to live or function under the restraints of technology as the individual shall see fit for themselves. No institution within or without shall initiate societal change, neither under the direction or coercion of any other institution. The individualism of all under Caeanid jurisdiction shall remain sacred and protected in the Courts of Law, defended from all institutions, Private and Public, domestic and foreign.
9. The Free Liberty of access to information whilst free of compulsory consumption or possession, of all Caeanid Law and associated interpretation or precedent, collected public data, and expression of thought and study shall be free of all regulation and taxation. No penalties shall be made, nor fines imposed, for accessing any form of the rightful exercise of Freedom of Thought. All activity of Public institutions besides that which directly concerns national security, all discourse concerning the laws of Caean and the affairs therein, the nature of treaties and international diplomacy, shall remain free for all under Caeanid jurisdiction to access and record outside of reasonable discretion. No Public institution shall destroy, alter, or stifle publications. Algorithmic platforms of media and automated algorithmic presentation of information, publications, and advertising shall be forbidden within Caeanid territory, and no institution from within or without shall engage in the distribution or marketing of such media in Caean. Influence by artificial intelligence through generated media shall be forbidden. The trafficking of Public or Private attention in presentation of tailored information shall be forbidden in the same such manner. The prohibition and regulation of distribution of publication shall be actively forbidden. The Free Liberty of information access and spread is sacred and shall be rightfully defended by all Caeanid institutions, both Public and Private.
10. Ingress and egress between the several States by Caeanid citizens from justice excepted, and the travel between social classes by the individual on merit and discipline shall not be prohibited or infringed by any institution from within or without. Prohibition of travel between States and internationally shall only be permissible in circumstances when a warrant for arrest or detention has been issued by the applicable Court, or after a declaration of war against a foreign entity. Travel and board in seclusion shall be protected by the several States, no notification required but in the case of the Armed Forces. The sovereignty and mobility of the individual shall remain under the protection of the Law.
11. All shall have the exclusively protected Freedom to follow the high standards of Moral Law, which no Public institution shall codify, and no Agency enforce, but moral conviction and actions on healthy and common conscience shall be considered in the Court of Law. No person shall cause harm to another outside of necessity. All shall have the ability to receive due justice in the Courts, to be duly convicted or acquitted, and to participate equally in the system under whose judicial authority they fall. No Citizen or Non-Citizen seeking Naturalization shall be denied from opening and maintaining an enterprise, and lawful expansion. No Citizen shall be barred from participating in the wider financial system, the purchase and sale of available stocks and bonds, of mutual funds and all forms of lawful investment, and no taxes shall be levied on the same. Any Freedom that is not explicitly stated herein shall be decided and enforced exclusively by the several States with no Federal influence or regulation.
12. All Juristic Persons shall be recognized equally under the Laws of Caean and all Public institutions under its jurisdiction. Juristic Persons shall include, with no limitations regarding traits, all who have been conceived as an human. Neither any trait, hereditary or otherwise, nor status of existence or heritage, nor perceived social class, shall justify unique treatment under the Law. All Law shall be objectively defined, and precedent set, not with subjective interpretation but by the blind justice of absolutes. None shall have limitations except that the exercise of Freedoms herein described does not infringe on another. The Free Liberty of recognized existence with no constraints that encroach on another shall be sacred and defended by all Caeanid Public institutions. No Public Policy or enforced Law shall infringe on these or any other Freedom described herein. That which is not outlined herein shall be to the authority of the several States to enshrine in Law as Free Liberties to be protected.
1. Under no circumstance shall any Caeanid Citizen or non-Citizen seeking Citizenship by naturalization be held to answer for any crime unless under indictment by a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the Armed Forces in time of war or public danger, nor shall any person be subject for the same offense multiple times, nor be compelled in a criminal case to testify against self. Ancestral crimes shall not be seen upon descendents.
2. The Free Liberty of testification and presentation of evidence to defend and to incriminate in court, to gather a set of two or more witnesses for defensive and prosecutory testification, and to scrutinize, challenge, and discredit evidence of the opposition shall be preserved in practice by the several States.
3. In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the Free Liberty of a speedy and public or private trial, by preference with counsel, by an impartial jury of the State and Municipality wherein the alleged crime was committed, which Municipality shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation, to be confronted with witnesses against him or her; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his or her favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his or her defense.
4. Neither random judgment or lack of process in civil decision, the use of artificial intelligence in the decision of ethical affairs, shall be present in any Public Caeanid institution.
5. During an arrest, for which shall be issued a warrant with reasonable doubt of innocence by a judge within the jurisdiction of committal of the alleged crime, the accused shall be informed in such a way as he or she shall understand the nature of the charges presented against them, and shall also enjoy knowledge of evidence as well as possession of copies of evidence presented against them.
6. Legal Counsel and status with regards to equal treatment under the Law shall not be denied any accused juristic person.
7. Should it be found that a false accusation has been brought before a Jury, then shall it be the duty thereof to convict the accuser of such a falsehood and then shall the presiding Authority exact punishment equal to that of the crime accused.
8. Those accused of a crime may shelter in a place of sanctuary until the appointed time of trial for a non-violent crime, in any place of dedicated peaceful religious worship. Should such sanctuary be undertaken, the accused shall not leave except to be taken into appropriate custody.
9. The Freedom of silence, isolation, and seclusion shall be honored should it be requested, when accused and if brought under conviction or acquittal. No accused shall be brought under subpoena, but shall be free of the requirements of directly incriminating themselves.
10. All basic Freedoms shall apply except for commercial activity, should such activity be found to be unlawful, and the private acquisition of weaponry if convicted. Freedom of communication with other persons excluding limited punishment for specific, known offenses, shall not be violated within the confines of necessary security for the accused or convicted, and may be implemented for the protection of them and the receivers of such communication.
11. Additional Freedoms and privileges shall be enshrined in Law by the Legislatures of the several States. No State shall provide for the welfare of their prisoners, but shall they rely on the goodwill of the people. No necessary care shall be denied, nor malnourishment caused by refusal of charity permitted by the several States.
1. Freedom of Thought and all thus associated, the expression thereof, and all associated Liberties protected herein, shall not be restricted for any private organization.
2. No law shall be passed that is found to arbitrarily tax any organization, neither shall any government be taxed by another, but shall the several States enforce and collect Federal tariffs on imports and exports between States and foreign entities.
3. All private institutions shall enjoy the freedom to lawfully obtain and dissolve a workforce on grounds of religious reasons that would tarnish the institution, but shall not enjoy the freedom to discriminate based on anything included in a juristic person except that which is necessary to effectively conduct a job or ethically or religiously violates the values of such an institution. Females shall enjoy mandatory paid maternity absence enforced by the Municipalities, and in such circumstances as find it necessary, so shall paid paternal absences be enforced by the Municipalities.
4. The freedom of employers and employees to unionize, to negotiate wages and conditions, and to receive fair compensation for quality or quantity of work shall be subject to special protections by the National and State Legislatures. No Union shall have influence on any Legislative body or otherwise Public institution, and nor shall any Legislature set forth minimum wages, but shall a minimum work age of fifteen years be enforced across the States.
5. Religious and charitable organizations shall have an exclusive exemption from all taxes, but if found to have participated in unlawful activity by the appropriate Court of Law shall be subject to heavy financial punishment.
6. All private institutions based within Caean shall have unlimited freedom to arm and defend themselves according to the Freedoms outlined herein.
7. Biometric, medical, or otherwise personal data shall not be exchanged or sold, except in temporary custody of such information to Public law enforcement to assist in an investigation with a duly issued Warrant for such data.
8. No Public institution shall make any law respecting the establishment of an organization, be it for political, religious, or commercial purposes. Neither the Federal Government nor the several States shall recognize, favor, or require for registration or regulation any political party. No organization shall be subject to the burden of registration of resources or establishment besides the Municipal level of governance with limitations established by the residents therein, which shall keep such registration confidential to all Public institutions.
1. There exist certain perceived Rights which under no circumstances shall this Constitution, nor the Government of the Federal Union nor the several States under its jurisdiction which it protects, extend Legislation or authority to protect or enshrine in Law.
2. The Right to public utility outside of clean water shall not be protected by the several States or the Federal Government. The Municipalities may within the boundaries of their respective territory extend authority to ensure this Right, to which the people of such Municipalities shall have the Right to refuse to utilize or support by taxes, which shall be guaranteed by the several States.
3. The Right to healthcare shall not be enshrined in any Caeanid Law.
4. The Right to a Public education of any time of life, shall not be protected by the Government on any level of governance. Instead the Right of families to choose what education may be offered to them without hindrance from the Government on any level of governance shall be protected by the Municipalities.
5. The Right to a pension, or any other form of funds from any Public institution, shall not be protected by any Caeanid Law, nor shall it be instituted by any Caeanid Government.
6. The Right to housing shall not be protected by any Caeanid Government.
7. No person shall have a Right to unemployment benefits. Instead shall the Municipalities extend authority to offer means of work for their respective communities to those out of the private workforce.
8. Under no circumstances shall the Right to bodily modification or abortion be protected by any Caeanid Government.
9. The Right to ignore counsel or public discourse shall be protected by all Caeanid Governments. Under no circumstances shall an individual or group have the Right to be heard by others save for in the Courts of Law.
10. No person shall have the Right to payment outside of the established National Currency while working under the authority of any Caeanid Government. Private institutions shall have the Right to use a Scrip, but shall only use the National Currency when engaging in commerce. No Scrip shall be taxed or otherwise found to be a means of financial gain for any Public Office. Those in Public Office shall only use the National Currency.
11. There shall exist no Rights for artificial machinery or technology of any kind. Under no circumstances shall any technology be created with the exclusion of human oversight.
12. The Right of status or social position by any means, including education, within any Public institution shall not be enshrined in any law or enforced by any institution. No class shall be bound in permanence by policy, but shall be openly permitted to maintain mobility.

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Hello everyone!

I know it hasn't been that long since our last report, but here is 10000 Islands' December report! To view the report dispatch in full, please follow this link.

10KI Report:

Stats of the Month:

Date: January 2023| Population: 1074 nations| Delegate Endorsement: 316 endorsements

Table of Contents

~Around the Islands

~Islander Achievements

~XKI Gameside

~Meet the Nation

~The World Assembly

About the Emissary Report

The 10KI Update is a monthly report about the regional happenings of XKI made by the Blue Canaria North Senator and the Deputy BCN Senator. Stay tuned for any updates!

More XKI!



November TIBOE Update

March TITO Update

Interested in XKI? All of our Foreign Affairs dispatches will be published by 10000 Islands Foreign Affairs, and posted in our embassy thread!

TITO Command

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:

~Chief Executive: Markanite

~Field Commander: Kanta Hame

~Tactical Officers: Thedairos, Smugglers and Mercs (TITO EF), Controlitia, Flying Eagles, Onfande

~Executive Officers: HN67, Eastern New England


As of this report's publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:

~Chief Executive: Markanite

~WA Delegate: Markanite

~Senior Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): Flying Eagles

~Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): Liberdon

~Senator for Himes West (Role Play): AxeCapital

~Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): Asukana

~Minister of Education: Aschente

~Minister of Labor: Wille-Harlia

~Minister of Immigration: Valentian Elysium

Information about other government officials of 10000 Islands can be found Linkhere.

Around the Islands

~XKI is currently looking for more buddies (people who help newer nations get accustomed to XKI)! Check out the full thread Linkhere!.

Islander Achievements

~A few months ago, Liberdon won first place in the Poet Laureate Contest! The full thread and poem can be found Linkhere!

XKI Game-Side

This month our favorite Regional Pollster, Jabberwocky, brought us a great poll; it asked Islanders If they like fruitcake for the holidays!

~In the poll, there were 90 voters, of which 13 voted that they love fruitcake and that it was essencial to the holiday, 11 voted that they find it inedible and will only use it as a doorstop, and 24 voted that they never had fruitcake

Meet The Nation

This month, BCN senator Asukana interviewed Harjanika

Asukana: First question! How did you join NS and why pick XKI as a region?

Harjanika: I joined NS when I was looking for 'Pretend to run a country' (or something like that) on Google. I joined XKI because of TITO (however I first thought that nations could get invaded 😅 , but I'm glad I joined since I've met some really nice people there and taken parts in historic missions)

Asukana: Ooo, ahaha it seems we both shared the same reason X3, and onto the second question
What do you think in your own opinion is the best part of XKI?

Harjanika: Ooooh! That's a hard question! I would say it has to be imbetween TITO and ATA. Updates are nice because it's a nice opportunity to socialise while ATA is also nice because it allows us to make our own fates for our nation.

Asukana: Mhmm, It has been a while since i last hop on ATA maybe i should check it out again sometime
alright next one Who is your favorite nation in XKI (or ATA)?

Harjanika: My favourite nation... Hmmm, I would say XKI and ATA are home to many amazing nations! In ATA, I would say it was Coldian because if it wasn't for them, my nation wouldn't have progressed as much as I have! In XKI, I would say Wille-Harlia. From helping me settle in to being the Cultural Minister from hosting movie nights, they have been really helpful and I am so grateful for them! I would say though that I am grateful for all of the amazing XKI community!

Asukana: Indeed its a beautiful community, We are thankful that you stay around for soo long =)
The last question. What are you going to do in the future of XKI?

Harjanika: Aww! I am thankful for letting me stay!
Hmmm, I'm not exactly sure. I have ambitions for the Co9 but I'm not sure yet. Also, once I gain experience maybe I might consider delegacy but I'm still not sure XD

Asukana: That´s quite a big goal i must say.
Thats the last question do you have any other words that you wish to say?

Harjanika: I would like to thank you for this interview! Also, I personally think considering the last couple of days (from when this was written) that Islanders have done really well and that they should remember that! Long live the mother islands!

Asukana: Thank you for you time and may i wish you luck in your journey in XKI and all of NS

Harjanika: Thank you as well! I am really grateful for this and I wish you luck as well for the rest of your NS/XKI journey!

Hope to see you all next month, your XKI Update Staff is signing off!

Asukana Markanite

Read dispatch

i am back

My Nation and United mess of the jungle


Verdeu wrote:i am back

he the returned

Hello FNR,
The Electoral Commission is unable to use our trusty platform for claiming Election Verification Codes by voters. Due to this technical problem, the General Elections are postponed by 24 hours. This will allow us to send out the EVCs manually over the next 24 hours. If you are an eligible voter you will find a telegram containing the EVC in your inbox.

Apologies for the delay.

- The Electoral Commission

Are these nations really free?


Enhancee wrote:Are these nations really free?


Hyonaland wrote:wdym

It’s called the free nations region
I’ll take your entire stock

Emaha, Sulivannia, and Caean

Hi all,

Needing some characters from different nations for a rifle competition Im gonna RP, anyone have people they wish to "give" for the event? Need names, ranks (if applicable), bit of backstory etc. If interested, send me a telegram for it. Ill post it in the RP section of the RMB.

Thanks :)

San nairomi,
Uralic krania,
Huaren Gongsi state,
Royal Nigaria,
Arab mashriq,

Welcome to the FNR! (or welcome back)

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Enhancee wrote:Are these nations really free?

The Free Nations Region thanks you for your mildly humorous submission. Upon review we found that you are the 551,597,752nd person to make this joke.

Kind regards,
A Free Nation

Jefferson proctorate

Lol. Prior to the Christmas crash my environment was "stunning", now apparently my environment is uninhabitable

Guess I'm rebuilding my environment

Sulivannia and Caean

Emaha wrote:The Free Nations Region thanks you for your mildly humorous submission. Upon review we found that you are the 551,597,752nd person to make this joke.

Kind regards,
A Free Nation

are you sure y’all ain’t dictatorships

Post self-deleted by Moaab.

Post self-deleted by Moaab.

Greetings fellow citizens.
The President New Monture has nominated United islesa for the position of Vice President.
To vote, please visit our regional Discord server or telegram your vote (aye, nay, or abstain) to the current Speaker. (which is me) Voting on both Discord and by telegram will cause both votes to be declared invalid.
Please note that the vote started yesterday at 8:46 AM (GMT+3) and will end in 72 hours from that exact time (I sincerely apologize for not announcing it back then, I didn't know I should announce it also on the RMB, I promise it won't happen again).

Allinburg, Obets,New Monture, Doctors Orvos, BBoss, Sulivannia, My Nation, Emaha, Seprum, Zuuri, Naralovian, Nohol, Shaizan, Grand Abaco, The Earths people, Balkanturistan, Songateri, Laidir, Europan Union, Moka Pamplemousses, Underwater Sovereignties, Narvatus, Joergen, Parenlord, Catherful, The free city of night city, Ascoobis, Empire of Serikai, YourOnlyOne, Dongerland, Udns The french lesser antilles, United mess of the jungle, Volaire, Moaab, Linkers Sha, United kingdom of punjab, Sechtricidad, The mikalan empire, Mount beacon, Athorya, Screwedlandia, RayeStan, Rainism, Alicetopia Northern Celtic Regions, Denolia, Greater etrea, [ Hakha, Orrostriska, Urdasia, United islesa, Kitsunistan, Sodamia, People of nolan, Tigerist minitedder, Duckbill, Nacrad, Middle xenusne, Jonaikos, Novalavia, Heaveria, Retevoiesti, Seanlandea, Yps, Peoples Republic of Awolnation, The Anarchist Lands of Yamalo, Macovi, Gouverne, The 14 Stars, Cinnavis, Waste land zero, Meridionalis Lettonia, Fenix sangrenta, Vatan, Vostrov, Soap tips, Castenor, The aetherial state, Tigerania, South Asians, Sparsdan, Philmuza, Ceace, Mally Piznoopia

VOTE-143-01-23: PASS
19 Votes cast Via Discord (19 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions)

0 Vote's cast via Telegram.
100.00% Approval Rate

The vote is now closed, any vote cast from this point forward will not be counted.

Allinburg, Obets,New Monture, Doctors Orvos, BBoss, Sulivannia, My Nation, Emaha, Seprum, Zuuri, Naralovian, Nohol, Shaizan, Grand Abaco, The Earths people, Balkanturistan, Songateri, Laidir, Europan Union, Moka Pamplemousses, Underwater Sovereignties, Narvatus, Joergen, Parenlord, Catherful, The free city of night city, Ascoobis, Empire of Serikai, YourOnlyOne, Dongerland, Udns The french lesser antilles, United mess of the jungle, Volaire, Moaab, Linkers Sha, United kingdom of punjab, Sechtricidad, The mikalan empire, Mount beacon, Athorya, Screwedlandia, RayeStan, Rainism, Alicetopia Northern Celtic Regions, Denolia, Greater etrea, [ Hakha, Orrostriska, Urdasia, United islesa, Kitsunistan, Sodamia, People of nolan, Tigerist minitedder, Duckbill, Nacrad, Middle xenusne, Jonaikos, Novalavia, Heaveria, Retevoiesti, Seanlandea, Yps, Peoples Republic of Awolnation, The Anarchist Lands of Yamalo, Macovi, Gouverne, The 14 Stars, Cinnavis, Waste land zero, Meridionalis Lettonia, Fenix sangrenta, Vatan, Vostrov, Soap tips, Castenor, The aetherial state, Tigerania, South Asians, Sparsdan, Philmuza, Ceace, Mally Piznoopia

Post self-deleted by Fenix sangrenta.

I inform you the official flag change of bloody phoenix the green means the beautiful forests bloody phoenix the blue the beautiful waters and the beautiful sky of bloody phoenix the phoenix with swords and a crown means the sovereignty of bloody phoenix on the battlefield, about evil and that bloody phoenix will always be at a divine level the 3 golden stars on the shield mean the 3 powers that govern our nation and the stars around it mean the states of holy phoenix and our acronym means our divine mission in Portuguese which means that mission of bloody phoenix and democracy the compassion and freedom of its happy people.

Seprum and Caean

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