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Greetings from Penguia! I hope you're doing well.

Danationwithdalongname wrote:Please don't end our relationship and embassy with you!!!! We are harmless and love FSM!!!!

Looks like the embassy is still standing

The Region of Save Our Planet welcomes the new embassy with The Flying Spaghetti Monster Lands!
It is an honor to establish diplomatic relations with you.
Your nations are always welcome to post on our RMB concerning any issues that affect our Earth.
Please let any of your fellow regions with the Eco-Friendly Tag know about us.

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Get involved!
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I recently read an interesting theological question. It refers to a recovering alcoholic who is sensitive to gluten, and thus can not eat pasta.

Here is my opinion on this:
While Pastafarians in general celebrate the Noodly Goodness by enjoying pasta and drinking beer, this is not a requirement. FSM is more interested in how you treat other people -- see "The 8 I'd Rather You Didn'ts".

So, be nice to people and find some food you can enjoy without worrying about your health, and drink water, coffee, milk, ... it's all FSM creation.