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Should change the region's flag too.

OK. This region is done.
Saint Kitts and Nevis only needs 9 more nations. It is done otherwise.
Rio de Janeiro is esentially all done. It could use a few more nations too.

Transfer will be made from the Far East in strictly alphabetical order.

Stall a few minutes while reset passes both regions.

I'm sure that reset has already passed here.

If not, don't worry about it.

We'll have to stop now. Midnight Chicago time.

Too busy right now to log on. Nukes must be a flying. :(

Switch over begins.

On hold until resets.

OK. That should do it.

playing through, while we have the chance

Flag Policy for The Far East:
:: All nations within this region will display only:
1. Flag of South Korea
2. Flag of Japan
3. Flag of Taiwan (Republic of China)
4. Flag of Philippines
5. Flag of Singapore
Each group has 40 nations, and the founder will hold the region flag.

The region flag is a combination of the five mentioned flags.

All other flags, especially custom flags, will be replaced asap.

Maybe the yellow from the Philippines flag should be outlined?

I think any additional nations will be flying the flag of Malaysia, at least the next 40 nations to arrive.

Flags and nations are now to relocate to Western Samoa.
All passports have been accepted from this region.

Tags: Enormous.
The Far East contains 2 nations.


Let us all join the World Union! All of us! It is so cool there!