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Flolina wrote:Literally wasnít trying to offend you! Was asking a serious question cause I thought TDR was supposed to be somewhat of a democracy.

it is a democracy.

I am declaring my candidacy for Senate!

With my years of experience on NS, I am bring the knowledge of both successes and failures to the Senate. With my insight I can help make DR a better place.

Campaign page here:

Bring Experienced Leadership to the Senate!

"I, St Saratoga, have decided to run for the Senate of The Democratic Republic! With me as your Senate, I will continue to work to improve the region and protect the balance of government!"

Priorities for Senator St Saratoga will be as follows:

  • Empower our Defense through

  • Bringing years of experience to the legisature

  • Improve transparency in our government and judicial system

  • Creating a fair and stable justice system.

A vote for Saratoga as your Senator is a vote for an accountable Senate that will work to help TDR grow! If elected, I will be the oldest and most experienced member of the Senate. My history in NS comes with the ability to see the longer effects that a decision can have on a region. I have insight on what programs, initiatives, etc are good or bad. I am also still learning more as I continue my NS-Career and looking forward to seeing what this region can teach me!

Here is a link to my NS resume!

So, vote Saratoga to be your Senator to Building a Brighter Future1

Paid for by the Citizens for Saratoga
Read dispatch

Military Exercuses

With rising tensions in the world the PRO begins wide spread military exercises. In the skies Mig-29s danced through the sky with Mig-21's, and F-16s in mock dogfights. On the ground land forces fought on mock battlefields while attack and transport helicopters did runs transporting troops. Air borne battalions did mock landings for deep strike operations.

At sea the fleet ran mock battles in and around the Agean sea and submarines under the surface participated as well. The exercises would last for three weeks in addition to the military being put on alert status. Mobile SAM systems are placed around the republic as well as mobile AA and emplacement AA guns. The PRO did not expect to be attacked but one can never be too careful.

Consider Vajrayanah for Senate

. Moderate
. Served as Attorney General
. Served as Minister of State
. Served as Senator
. Served as TDR Delegate many times
. TDR member for the last 2+ years

If anything go out and Vote!

Jets For Jets

For several decades the PRO has had old Chinese fighters sitting in storage recently due to contact with China. The Chinese offered to take them off of PRO hands and exchange them them for 300 Chengdu J-10's for a low fee of over 100 million dollars. Seeking to add to its military strength the PRO agreed to the exchange and sent their old outdated Chinese fighters to the Chinese via cargo ship and loaded the J-10s before turning for home. The ships were under guard by a squadron of the PRON who weren't assigned to do military exercises but would be on their return home.

Bases with older fighters like Mig-21's would be replenished with the fighters and their Mig-21's would be placed into training services to train future pilots. Some would be placed into storage to be sold to whoever would want them.

Biomimicry emphasized.

Several universities as well as companies ranging from technology development, weapons development, info tech, banking, business, and etc. Began to see the light of adopting the subject, known as Biomimicry. By copying the form, shape, and function of a particular biomass, technologies and business would see more efficient solutions and methods if such mimicry was integrated within the human societies of the United Monatian Asian Federation. Many other companies before, have implemented the method of biomimicry for several years, experimenting in different tactics to achieve more efficiency. 

What is Biomimicry?

Biomimetics or biomimicry is the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems. The terms "biomimetics" and "biomimicry" derive from Ancient Greek: βίος (bios), life, and μίμησις (mīmēsis), imitation, from μιμεῖσθαι (mīmeisthai), to imitate, from μῖμος (mimos), actor. A closely related field is bionics.

The tiny hooks on bur fruits, inspired Velcro tape.
Living organisms have evolved well-adapted structures and materials over geological time through natural selection. Biomimetics has given rise to new technologies inspired by biological solutions at macro and nanoscales. Humans have looked at nature for answers to problems throughout our existence. Nature has solved engineering problems such as self-healing abilities, environmental exposure tolerance and resistance, hydrophobicity, self-assembly, and harnessing solar energy.

One such company founded in UMAF, majoring in structural development for medical and engineering products, have developed and integrated biological functions from such are lightweight bars filled with lighter compositions, simulating bone like filament within, therefore increasing the structural bar's strength and durability, while further minimizing its overall weight. Although this said design was introduced back in the 1950s, the design today has significantly advanced, meeting its peak potential, being utilized in aircraft and vehicle designs as well. Another company within the UMAF, specifically for medical tech development, used rags and other surfaces that are high risk of bacteria accumulation, with micro patterns sticking out of the rags to deter bacteria from resting within said surface.

Such studies were further digressed and highly emphasized within almost every field of study in many universities and companies. Starting a new era of biomimicry, in some member nations, such as Hong Kong and Macau, instituted the use of Biomimicry as a necessity, in order to improve and solve the growing challenges the two states will face in the future.

Vajrayanah wrote: Consider Vajrayanah for Senate

. Moderate
. Served as Attorney General
. Served as Minister of State
. Served as Senator
. Served as TDR Delegate many times
. TDR member for the last 2+ years

If anything go out and Vote!

please use Discord for campaign

(A) Republic Division (5 teams)
(B) Democratic Division (5 teams)
(C) Central Division (5 teams)
Most Championships:
Tied- Capital AL & America JB (9 Championships)

Welcome to the Regional League Baseball (RLB)
In this league there shall be three divisions named the Republic, Democratic and Central divisions, marked by A, B or C. Which will make up a League with a total of thirty games being played in the regular season. The top team with the best record in the division shall win the divisional crown. The top two teams in each division shall advance to the Playoffs, where they shall verse each other in the Divisional Series, advancing to the League and hopefully World Series. Check out the LinkLeague Song.

Each game will get decided through an official league simulator each season. In the Regional League Baseball there shall be a limit of fifteen total teams, with teams evenly distributed into divisions. If a member nation leaves the region then either their team shall be transferred to a new player or will be an independent team until transferred to other player.

Regional League Baseball

League Information-
LinkStandings & Matches | LinkPlayoffs

Divisional makeup

[A] Republic Division
Capital AL
America JB

[B] Democratic Division
Porto Verde

[C] Central Division
United Trev

Past Champions
America JB Seasons 01, 06, 08, 11, 12, 16, 17, 34, 42
FireFox15 Seasons 02, 21
Timjoa Seasons 03, 07, 13, 37, 50
Capital AL Seasons 04, 19, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 32
Cutroajan Seasons 05, 09, 10, 14, 15, 20, 54
Fifj Seasons 18, 25
Oofer Gangz Seasons 23, 31, 33, 35, 41, 44
Porto Verde Seasons 30, 38, 39, 40
United Trev Seasons 36, 51
Fr0sia Seasons 43, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49
Azadliq Seasons 52
Vigoriths Seasons 53

Teams rivalries-
Teams that are competitive against each other and face each other in the post season on a fairly regular basis. Teams that also fight against each other for the divisional crown on a regular basis. A team can only have one real rival. Rivalries may change.
America JB VS Capital AL
FireFox15 VS Timjoa
Fifj VS Omnise
Porto Verde VS Timjoa
Cutroajan VS Fr0sia
Oofer Gangz VS Pavanpur
United Trev VS Saratoga
Azadliq VS Vigoriths

Read factbook

Season 50 has started!

Creative cities developed in the Philippines, Koreas, and Japan.

Creative city 

Creativity and imagination in urban activities
The creative city when introduced was seen as aspirational; a clarion call to encourage open-mindedness and imagination implying a dramatic impact on organizational culture. Its philosophy is that there is always more creative potential in a place. It posits that conditions need to be created for people to think, plan and act with imagination in harnessing opportunities or addressing seemingly intractable urban problems.

This requires infrastructures beyond the hardware - buildings, roads or sewage. Creative infrastructure is a combination of the hard and the soft. The latter includes a city’s mindset, how it approaches opportunities and problems; its atmosphere and incentives and regulatory regime. To be a creative city the soft infrastructure includes  A highly skilled and flexible labor force; dynamic thinkers, creators , and implementers. In the creative city, it is not only artists and those involved in the creative economy who are creative, although they play an important role. Creativity can come from any source including anyone who addresses issues in an inventive way be it a social worker, a business person, a scientist or a public servant. Creativity is not only about having ideas, but also the capacity to implement them.

It advocates that a culture of creativity be embedded in how urban stakeholders operate. By encouraging and legitimizing the use of imagination within the public, private and community spheres, the ideas bank of possibilities and potential solutions to any urban problem will be broadened. This requires infrastructures beyond the hardware - buildings, roads or sewage. Creative infrastructure is a combination of the hard and the soft. The latter includes the mindset of a city’s citizens, how they approach opportunities and problems; and the city’s atmosphere and incentives and regulatory regime. To be a creative city the soft infrastructure includes: a highly skilled and flexible labour force; dynamic thinkers, creators and implementers. Creativity is not only about having ideas, but also the capacity to implement them.

The creative city identifies, nurtures, attracts and sustains talent so it is able to mobilize ideas, talents and creative organizations. The built environment – the stage and the setting - is crucial for establishing the milieu. A creative milieu is a place that contains the necessary requirements in terms of hard and soft infrastructure to generate a flow of ideas and inventions. A milieu can be a building, a street, an area or neighbourhood, a city or a region.

The popularity of creativity came about because of the increased recognition that the world, along with its economic, social and cultural structures was changing dramatically. This was driven in part by information technology revolution. Coping with these changes required a re-assessment of cities’ resources and potential and a process of necessary re-invention on all fronts.

Cultural resources are embodied in peoples' creativity, skills and talents. They are not only things like buildings, but also symbols, activities and the repertoire of local products in crafts, manufacturing and services. Urban cultural resources include the historical, industrial and artistic heritage of assets including architecture, urban landscapes or landmarks. They also include local and indigenous traditions of public life, festivals, rituals or stories as well as hobbies and enthusiasms. Language, food and cooking, leisure activities, fashion are all part of a city’s cultural resources, as are subcultures and intellectual traditions that can be used to express the specialness of a location. They include the range and quality of skills in the performing and visual arts and the creative industries. An appreciation of culture should shape the technicalities of urban planning and development rather than being seen as a marginal add-on to be considered after housing, transport and land-use have been dealt with. This focus draws attention to the distinctive, unique and special in any place.

The installment of new innovations include an improved lightweight home portable windmills, enhanced structural machine portable plastic roads, complex agricultural canal irrigation systems, underground water storage tanks with a multilayer of filtration systems, enhanced air filtration systems, dedicated no cars zone public markets and business centers, and fencing systems designed to prevent an infestation of unwanted dangerous insects and pests, such as mosquitoes. The prioritization of such implementations will be established in capital cities in all member states and then into other major cities down to rural towns. 


Within the PRO it is no secret that despite the PRO's efficiency on the battlefield there is a wide array of weapons fielded by the PROGF on the ground and the PROAF; Supreme leader Ivanenko ordered into law that the military of the PRO should be standardized across the board to make the forces a more cohesive and ready for the rapidly changing battlefield. Many weapons would be going either into storage, be broken down to make the new weapons or would be sold off to other nations or companies willing to buy the old equipment.

As part of the standardization process, the government would spend time testing each and every piece of equipment in the arsenal of the PRO the process was to take at least two or four months and from there decisions would be made on standardization and production of future weapons.

Dr senate list

JB,Timjoa, Saratoga , Firefox15 , trev ,and Vajrayanah state


Be prepared TDR, nuclear war will commence 3 days from now.
Good luck.

Office of the First Minister-Delegate of The Democratic Republic

The Combat Debut of the Type 100 Main Battle Tank

The Type 100 Main Battle Tank first saw combat in the Sino-Valyrian Border Conflict of June, 2020. Two tank platoons were deployed to the border during the conflict, and was given a very good performance rating destroying over four dozen tanks whilst sustaining several hits. The opposing tanks the Chinese Type 100's faced were T-72's, T-54's, and other such tanks. The Type 100 engaged the tanks from long range however several movements by the Valyrians caused both tank forces to get within range of each other.

The first engagement took place on the second day of the stand off, where one Type 100 MBT opened fire on an ATGM position from long distance and several infantry positions that were firing upon Chinese infantry positions along the Sino-Valyrian border. The tank commander logged in four total hits, one against an ATGM position with a high explosive shell, and the other three hits were registered with three high explosive shells against infantry positions.

The second engagement took place early in the morning on the fifth day of the conflict, where two Type 100's were attacked from the air by several Sukhoi's. The attack damaged the tracks of one, while the second tank lost its side skirting. In retaliation, three Type 100's opened fire on a Valyrian position equipped with three anti-tank guns and two T-55's. Both T-55's were destroyed, while all three anti-tank gun positions were severely damaged - albeit operational within a matter of hours.

The sixth day of the stand off saw four T-72ís open fire on Chinese infantry positions near the Botan Border crossing, where several armored personnel vehicles were destroyed. In retaliation, four Type 100ís engaged the T-72ís from long range with APDS rounds. All four of the T-72ís were destroyed with one having suffered an ammunition explosion. In addition to that engagement, two Type 100ís engaged eight Stingray light tanks. An outdated design, the Stingray could not get in range to return fire with the Type 100ís. Five Stingrays were destroyed, while the remaining tanks fell back to positions behind cover,

The next engagement took place on the sixteenth day of the stand off after the first set of negotiations between the Chinese and Valyrians failed. A Sukhoi attack on Chinese positions called for retaliation by the Chinese army, where eight Type 100ís along with ďFire-DragonĒ Multiple-Rocket-Launcher systems bombarded Valyrian lines causing massive destruction. The eight Type 100ís destroyed twelve tanks; four T-84 Oplots, three M60 Pattons, and five T-72ís.

On the seventeenth day, two Chinese support helicopters were shot down over Chinese airspace by medium-ranged anti-aircraft defenses on the Valyrian side of the border. Motorized infantry supported by four Type 100 MBTís led a daring penetration attack into the Republic. At 0740 hours, the rescue convoy penetrated the border under a halestorm of fire. Six T-72ís attempted to engage the convoy, managing to destroy one armored fighting vehicle. The Type 100ís returned fire, destroying all six T-72ís. One T-72 managed to land a hit on one of the Type 100 MBTís, however the shot failed to penetrated and exploded upon contact with the IAAP2 armor.

During the phase of the rescue operation where a perimeter was formed around the crash-sites, the Chinese forces came under attack from Valyrian ground forces, which consisted of a large group of infantry accompanied by PT-76ís, T-72ís, and T-55ís. Eight PT-76ís were destroyed at a distance of 1,000 meters, the T-72ís at 3,200, and the T-55ís and 1,300 meters. In total, four T-72ís, twelve T-55ís, and eight PT-76ís were destroyed. The remaining ten tanks fell back due to high losses for the infantry.

Three more engagements would follow, with the first one involving a Valyrian attempt to rescue soldiers from a downed support helicopter a quarter mile within the Chinese border that was engaging in scouting duties. Two T-72ís and several BTRís attempted to pierce the border, but fierce return-fire from two Type 100ís and several AFVís forced the Valyrian convoy to fall back. The survivors of the crash were taken as prisoners of war.

The second engagement, saw perhaps what was the most iconic part of the stand off, where four Type 100ís fired in three mighty salvoís with high explosive shells in retaliation for Valyrian snipers opened fire on Chinese soldiers while negotiations were happening. An iconic photo, titled ďThe Thunder of the Iron GodĒ shows the four Type 100ís firing at once displaying a mighty show of force and strength.

The third, and final engagement took place on the 24th of June. Two Type 100ís opened fire on a column of three T-84 Oplotís. Two were destroyed, while another was critically damaged. However, one T-84 managed to get a well-placed hit on one of the Type 100ís, causing the engine of the aforementioned Type 100 to catch fire. This would be the most significant damage the Type 100ís would sustain during the conflict. On the night of 24th, both Valyrian and Chinese forces pulled back and negotiations began. The conflict was declared over on September 29th, and is labeled as a draw - although tactically it was a substantial Chinese victory.

Biomedical advancements.

New biomedical advancements have steadily been increasing and due to the emphasis on the use of biomimicry, more and more of the UMAF's newest medical technologies saw better performance in its design. With emphasis on mimicking biological functions integrated in medical technologies, UMAF was considered the nation with one of the most and if not, that boasts the best medical technology industry in the world. Newer implementations and experiments within the industry is being conducted almost every single day, with the exception of weekends, to provide better results and use to save many lives. On top of that, the government, along with the private sectors of the medical technology industries, have collaborated in the funding of finding a cure for cancer and many other diseases, such as STDs and HIVs. Looking more towards biological and cell engineering, the scientists set out to create and/or repurpose many particular compatible cells to fight against said diseases. As a result of the government's collaboration, subsidies and incentives were given to said private sectors to help with the advancements of biological and cell engineering. The private companies majoring in medical tech and cell engineering are listed below.

Med Dev Corp.

Ishna MedTech.

Lee Su Inc.

Lou & Sho Medical Technologies. 

Ogro Cell co.

Cell Eng. Institute. 

BioCell Dev.

Aurod MCEI.

Shanja Alliad Co.


Monat TECH Center

And many more.

Medical technologies have been improving more on surgical treatments from the heart, brain, liver, as well as serving better tech and services for amputated patients. More research is currently being conducted to promote nerve cell regeneration through cell engineering. Currently the larger Monat TECH Center, boasts large quantities of flasks and containers, reach containing several experiments of different process of engineering a particular nerve cell. Each having successfully passed one or three requirements but end up failing the next, and vice versa. Experiments for nerve cell regeneration and cures for dangerous diseases have been progressing for years, now the government will put its tax money to fund however much they can to help progress its development. As for industries developing med techs, more subsidies and incentives were given once more, helping several of the listed companies to build several more facilities within North Korea and the Philippines.

Democratic-Republican Party for Senate
I am standing against the constant leadership of the Progressives. They say if nothing changes than the region gets boring and dies. I say YES! Follow their advise and creed and vote for the Democratic-Republicans in this upcoming Senate election. Let's make a real change, a real difference. Let's stand hand to hand, pull up our sleeves and get to work to make this region, one like no other. I dare you to get out of your comfort zones for real change. It's time we dare for greatness, its time we stand for Leadership.

Confederation Part II

The South American Union has started to seek out ways to spread its influence further into the continentÖ
As such a perfect situation has arose nearby in southeast Brazil.
Much like the United States of America, in 2008 the vast nation of Brazil couldnít keep itself together and it eventually shattered under its own weight.
Brazil turned into a number of uncontrollable states for while sparking one of the largest humanitarian struggles of this new century.
The majority of the states turned into control of Drug and Crime lords turning their regions into an anarcho-dictatorship, while some of others managed to keep it all held together.
One of these regions that kept it together was the city-state of Sao Paulo largest grossing city of the former country with the largest grossing regionÖ
All that money seemed to keep it safe from the chaos, but also won some more in the long run.
The city-state started to push itís own influence on its neighboring city-states soon other cities fall under the Sao Paulo banner; Campinas, Curitiba, Santos, Bauru, Ribeirao Preto, Belo Horizonte, and even the city of Rio de Janeiro couldnít last against the Sao movement.
Sao Paulo is on the verge of becoming the power of Brazil; however, they lack legitimacy and the means to accomplish it.
Even with the majority of Brazilís GDP, industry, and resources they donít have enough to claim their right and so they looked north to a nation that does hold the ability to help them achieve this.
The South American Union, they hold the largest income source in the South American continent and a new modernizing military to swing to bat.
Terms between Sao Paulo and the South American Union started to commence, Sao Paulo wanted the SAUís backing; however, wants to remain sovereign while the SAU wants to bring Sao Paulo into its fold to cement its control in the region.
Talks continued until both sides reached agreement.
The SAU will support the Sao Paulo movement in Brazil while helping establish a pro Sao Paulo government in the former nation while the city state and itís belongings fall under the indirect control of the SAU.
Sao will retain itís sovereignty, but will have domestic ideas shaped by the SAU.
The economic and military deal between the SAU and Sao Paulo with the one becoming dominate over the other its no longer a confederation its now a cooperative federationÖ.

East Malaysia, Pacific islands, South Vietnam, and Brunei joins the Federation!

After the tremendous economic boom within the Federation, ranking the United Asian countries as the top ranking nation in terms of GDP and technology, many more impoverished and underdeveloped countries and smaller states within the mainland and SouthEast Asia also offers a demand to secede their territories to the Federation and subsidies from the Central Government to develop the economy of said countries and states. A fierce debate soon followed in the Senate house once more after the requests of secession, the house was nearly divided in half on the subject of accepting such requests. Although, majority of the senator's support began to fill in the long term benefits of enabling the secession. The speaker as well was intent into expanding the Federation through the secession.

"On behalf of all the senators supporting the acceptance of the secession of Brunei, New United Oceania Islands, Southern Regions of Vietnam, and East Malaysia, it is paramount that we accept this offer despite the severe challenges that we will face in the future." One of the many senators speaks.

"Yes but we need to take into account the possible mishaps that could occur! We can't just ignore that!" Argues another senator.

The Senate house flares into another heated argument, decibels within the house rose sharply as everyone inside shouted and screamed for their opinions to be heard.

"ORDER!"! Shouts the speaker of the Senate. "ORDER! Is it really necessary for us gentlemen and gentleladies to be acting in such a disgusting and inappropriate matter? Arguing at each other so profusely will not solve any of our problems."

The whole entire house gathered once more in the next day, with pre-written statements and arguments to discuss each party's opinions. A grueling 5 hours discussion passed, more than half of all senators wholeheartedly agreed to the acceptance of secession, while the remaining abstained to the proposal. The Central Government and its government members will now act upon securing diplomatic relations with the states and countries and integrate them into the United Monatian Asian Federation. 

All leaders within the Federation and their state governments first met with the leaders of the New United Oceania Islands, who are all in favour of joining the Federation, even the old American held territories after the split of the great superpower, mismanaging the country's government and economy. These smaller islands held together a strong unity after the recession and split of the USA.

"Good evening State Governor!" Greets the President of the United Monatian Asian Federation.

"Good evening to you too President! Are we ready to discuss about the secession plan I assume?"

"Yes of course! We would be glad to have you in the Federation, although some demands are needed to be met in order for the unification to commence" 

"Of course. Shall we get to it then? You do have your large meeting in Singapore with the president of Brunei and state governors of South Vietnam and East Malaysia."

"Indeed." The state governors of the new United oceania islands proposed many demands to improve the defense and economy of the islands, UMAF agreed to the demands to increase defense and propose future military reforms. A few hours later, after finally reaching an agreement to both demands, all 23 leaders formally signed several documents and treaties. The New United Oceania Islands, which include Palau, Northern Mariana Island, Guam, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Tuvalu, Tokelau, Samoa, American Samoa, and the Marshall Islands, officially joined the nation!

The treaty of Tokyo details.

The new Member Nation shall be granted:

Similar economic and social support to give the included islands within the treaty, better economic infrastructures and transportation.

Include numbers of politicians within said islands to be in the Central Government for more inclusion and representation. 

Allow freedom to create the islanders own industries.

And allow the islanders to develop their own projects from all categories as long as such project does not prove a threat to the nation's national security and sovereignty.

Meanwhile several other government officials who've left from Tokyo, have reached Singapore to discuss the secession of Brunei, and East Malaysia. All three country and state leaders voiced their concerns of economic growth and defense, demanding similar reforms from the central government. Easily reaching an agreement 2 hours afterwards, with similar demands to be granted, all leaders officially sign the treaty. Brunei, South Vietnam, and East Malaysia have joined the Federation!

I declare war on Capital AL

Improvements in the Bioengineering Industry.

In order to improve the bioengineering industry of the United Monatian Asian Federation’s, a couple more subsidies, as well as public government funding was initiated to improve the technology and its research to potentially eliminate every possible diseases and viruses, possibly even eradicate the dangerous cancer cells. By bioengineering next newborn babies with the CRISPR project, conducted by a joint program, lead by the Cell Engineering Tech Institute, the new baby humans can be perfectly engineered to be super healthy, smart, strong, and etc, at a superhuman like scale. The utilization of CRISPR is quite simple a piece of engineered DNA from a particular bioengineered cell to create millions of copies, however the project shows its potential could not be met to produce the important nerve regeneration DNA and cells to create them. So a separate project was introduced to tackle such a problem. Project CRISPR will also tackle the DNA mutation problems by modifying and engineering the CAS9, now dubbed CAS9IE, to observe and replace any misplaced sequences of nucleotides. Eliminating almost every possible diseases acquired in old age, significantly reducing the number of cases in over a few years.

In order to recruit more eligible and passionate students in the topics of biology, medicine, and genetic engineering, many public and private universities, almost all majoring in said topics, have emphasized on the development and funding to further improve and give their students first hand experiences. Further advancing their student education into real life professions into the industry.


The average length of study is three to five years, and the completed degree is signified as bachelor of engineering (B.S. in engineering). Fundamental courses include thermodynamics, bio-mechanics, biology, genetic engineering, fluid and mechanical dynamics, kinetics, electronics, and materials properties. Masters degree and PhD levels would require five to eight years within the Monatian Universities, although some Universities, especially Private Universities vary. 


Depending on the institution and particular definitional boundaries employed, some major branches of bioengineering may be categorized as (note these may overlap):

Biomedical engineering: application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes

Tissue engineering

Genetic engineering

Neural engineering

Pharmaceutical engineering

Clinical engineering



Biochemical engineering: fermentation engineering, application of engineering principles to microscopic biological systems that are used to create new products by synthesis, including the production of protein from suitable raw materials

Biological systems engineering: application of engineering principles and design concepts to agriculture, food sciences, and ecosystems.

Bioprocess engineering: develops technology to monitor the conditions of the where the process of making pharmaceuticals takes place, (Ex: bioprocess design, biocatalysis, bioseparation, bioinformatics, bioenergy)

Environmental health engineering: application of engineering principles to the control of the environment for the health, comfort, and safety of human beings. It includes the field of life-support systems for the exploration of outer space and the ocean

Human-factors engineering: application of engineering, physiology, and psychology to the optimization of the human–machine relationship

Biotechnology: the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make products. (Ex: pharmaceuticals)

Biomimetics: the imitation of models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems. (Ex: velcro, designed after George de Mestral noticed how easily burrs stuck to a dog's hair)\

Bioelectrical engineering:

Biomechanical engineering:

Bionics: an integration of Biomedical, focused more on the robotics and assisted technologies. (Ex: prosthetics)

Bioprinting: utilizing biomaterials to print organs and new tissues

Biorobotics: (Ex: prosthetics)

Systems biology: The study of biological systems.


Board for Engineering and Technology (BET), the UMAF-based accreditation board for engineering B.S. programs, makes a distinction between biomedical engineering and biological engineering, though there is much overlap (see above).

Monatian Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (MIMBE) is made up of 1,500 members. Their main goal is to educate the public about the value of biological engineering has in our world, as well as invest in research and other programs to advance the field. They give out awards to those dedicated to innovation in the field, and awards of achievement in the field. (They do not have a direct contribution to biological engineering, they recognize those who do and encourage the public to continue that forward movement.)

Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE) is a non-profit organization, they run on donations alone. They aim to encourage the public to learn and to continue advancements in biological engineering. (Like AIMBE, they don't do research directly, they do however offer scholarships to students who show promise in the field).

Society for Biological Engineering (SBE) is a technological community associated with the Monatian Institute of Chemical Engineers (MIChE). SBE hosts international conferences, and is a global organization of leading engineers and scientists dedicated to advancing the integration of biology with engineering.

Progressive Party Senatorial list - "for a peaceful TDR"
1. Pavanpur
2. Coastal Republican States
3. OoferGangz
5. Omnise
6. Fujianese Shanghai
7. Gaeleo

War in Ukraine

For several months the 3rd army had been training the recently formed 5th and 6th armies on PRO tactics. On the first of December, Jet engines could be heard at the airbases closest to the PRO side of the Dnieper River. AA units had been moved up in order to be ready for any aerial counters that the now united Eastern Ukrainian Union as the two factions who had united some months ago to counter the growing threat of the ROK and the PRO. However, the EUU didn't know when the PRO would move again.

What they did know was the PRO forces were massing on the border and second, they knew that the PRO forces outnumbered theirs by at least 50,000 third they also knew they didn't have enough air power to combat whatever the PRO was going to throw at them. Yet none the less they still stood in opposition to the PRO forces, dug in, outnumbered and outgunned. Knowing this fact they blew the bridges across the river to delay the PRO. At 0600 the 4th Air Wing took to the skies in their MIG 29's alongside the 40th Tactical Aviation Wing to establish air dominance in the skies over the battlefield they were quickly met by the EUU's SU-27 fighters of the former united Ukrainian airforce the formations broke and began to dance through the skies.

Missiles flew through the air once and a while as each one tried to get a bead on the other Drop tanks fell to the ground as the dance in the sky began. The sound of guns rang out as each one tried that way to hit a mark. The leader of the 4th Airwing pulled Pugachev's Cobra and splashed one enemy aircraft, his wingman congratulated him before breaking off and engaging another enemy fighter. While the dance for the skies commenced ground forces were moving up to the bridges with launch bridges to bridge the gaps. The EUU forces at the crossings tried in vain to stop the launches from being deployed as mechanized units advanced as the vanguard soon as the bridges were down and the vehicles moved out of the way BTR's sped across and began laying down fire while infantry poured out from them taking cover behind them as they moved up Once the bridges from North to South were cleared Tanks began rolling over and moving up clashing with EUU AFV's and infantry.

In a matter of an hours Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro, Kremenchuk, Blahodatne, and all of Kyiv came under PRO control and the Skies were now dominated by PRO air forces who began to do bombing runs against enemy bases, keeping civilian casualties to a minimum as much as they could only targeting buildings when needed. Attack helicopters patrolled the skies and came to assist forces dealing with localized resistance. By the end of the day, one more than 200 miles had been taken due to the EUU being under-equipped and inexperienced. Many forces during the fighting switched sides and joined the PRO not wanting to kill their fellow Ukrainians. On day two the advance continued using the momentum from the day before. By weeks end the city of Kharkiv which served as the EUU's headquarters for military and government actions was under siege by PRO forces the city was surrounded on all sides Many of the remaining EUU forces had either surrendered or had defected to the PRO side.

The siege lasted for another two weeks before PRO command gave the order to move in. Tanks and BTR's formed the Vanguard as the forces advanced. Overnight the first company of the 1st Raider Brigade dropped in overnight and set up positions inside the embattled city and laid in wait for the attack to begin. When it did the 1st company began to move toward the government buildings that had been identified by spies over the months waiting. The Company hit them one by one bringing down the boot of the PRO on many EUU officials and arresting primary members of the separatists and forced them to give out the order to surrender. They complied and after an hour the fighting ceased and the EUU forces surrendered and the PRO flag was raised over the city.

There were still isolated pockets of resistance but they in time would be dealt with but for now, Ukraine was united at least on paper and under PRO protection. In the coming week after the taking of Kharkiv, the 4th and 5th armies were assigned to search out the resistance that still held and detain or kill the opposition but only kill if necessary. With Ukraine unified the 3rd army pulled out along with air assets. And a new assessment of Ukrainian equipment began as part of the Standardization process that the PRO military was going through.

PRO: 500 Killed, 6,000 injured
EUU: Civilains: 67 Military: 12,000 injured, 1,000 Killed

Progressive Party for Senate!

The Progressive Party has long been known for its ambition to make progress within TDR. Now, we are making true to those promises - and we can continue to make TDR great if you vote for the Progressive Party for the October election! Fighting for a TDR, fighting for a greater TDR, and fighting for a safer TDR!

Senatorial list for the Saratoga for Justice and Dab for Emoji party:


It's a long time since I've done the news for the DRF, so I think it's best we get back on track. We've been relatively quiet, but a few stories have been breaking in the last few week, so sit back and enjoy the news from the DRF!

Breaking News:

1. The DRF reaches it's largest population ever

On the 19th September, the DRF broke its record for the most nations residing in the region, which previously stood at 33. The arrivals have continued and the DRF is moving closer and closer to the landmark of 50 nations. It is a great achievement for the Prime Minister, after spearheading the campaign to revitalise the region, because compared to a year ago, the DRF was walking on thin ice with 10 nations. What has been a great rise in population doesn't look like it's ready to stop, with Zweites Preussen announcing that we should be reaching 50 nations soon.

2. The DRF signs pact with TWC

Recently, there was some confusion and controversy between the DRF and The Wolf Clan after Foreign Minister Abbots proposed embassies with New Reich of Bunicken. This caused some controversy with the Foreign Minister of TWC, Puetavisa, threatening to take action if the embassy wasn't closed because of the relationship Bunicken had with TWC. This caused some confusion and anger within the DRF because nations felt that if the DRF wasn't in the Wolf Kingdom then their authority would not be valid. In the end, an agreement was made making sure that TWC didn't force a decision onto the DRF and that the DRF had certain rights due to not being a member of the Wolf Kingdom. You can find the pact below.

3. New Regional Motto

After holding the same motto for more than year, the executive decision was made to find a new one through a competition. There were 3 entries to the competition, and after a region-wide vote, The Excalian-Freedonian Puppet's motto 'Mildly Functional, Mildly Practical' was selected to go into the WFE. Hoepfully this will stay as our motto for months to come!

Interregional News:

1. Potential allies on N-Day

With N-Day coming up (this dispatch was published before N-Day officially began), the question arises, 'Will the DRF form a faction with other regions?' To answer the question, it's hard to know, it was announced on the The Democratic Union RMB, of a potential coalition with the DRF, TDU and TCC. While nothing has been heard just yet, there is huge scope for there being a shared faction.

2. 2 new embassies arrive an help solidify Foreign Minister's position

As of 26th September, the DRF opened 2 new embassies with Bharat and Union of Independent Regions. This is an impressive addition to Foreign Minister Abbots portfolio as Foreign Minister. And with an eye for new, growing regions, it seems that PM Zweites Preussen made a very good choice when selecting the new Foreign Minister. Hopefully this will stay as a very successful stint and provide evidence for a second term.

And that concludes the news! I hoped you enjoyed it, and if you have any comments please tell me as I want to make this as informative and enjoyable as it can be! Thanks for reading!

Read dispatch

News from the DRF! Enjoy!

Democratic-Republican Party for Senate
I am standing against the constant leadership of the Progressives. They say if nothing changes than the region gets boring and dies. I say YES! Follow their advise and creed and vote for the Democratic-Republicans in this upcoming Senate election. Let's make a real change, a real difference. Let's stand hand to hand, pull up our sleeves and get to work to make this region, one like no other. I dare you to get out of your comfort zones for real change. It's time we dare for greatness, its time we stand for Leadership.

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