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Svia reichland wrote:Hey what's up. I just joined.

Welcoem to TDR!

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OoferGangz wrote:I, leader of OoferGangz declare my candidacy for Senator in the region of The Democratic Republic. I’m in the Democratic-Republican party.

He meant independent

FIFJ wrote:He meant independent


FIFJ wrote:do you have a computer or a phone if your on your phone doenload a app called discord and if your on compurter searcg discord in your browser

Aight I'll sort that

Since the map was reset, here’s my map claim...

July, 1944. Nazi Germany

The Second World War at this point will only end in a matter of time. Germany, who only four years earlier conquered all of Western Europe is now being pushed back on three fronts - Western, Italian, and Eastern. The situation is desperate, and if not dealt with now, will result in the complete destruction of Germany.

On the 20th of July, 1944 - Claud Von Stauffenberg enters Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair near Rastenburg, East Prussia. He plants a bomb within his briefcase, and leaves.

The bomb soon explodes, the amount of explosives within the package kills everyone in the room - including Adolf Hitler.

A coup d’etat soon followed, various high Nazi officials including Joseph Goebbels were killed or taken prisoner. The S.S and Gestapo high command within Germany and occupied France were captured, and were quickly disarmed.

Soon, Western Allied High Command was informed by Gümther Von Kluge about the coup d’etat. A new government was established within Germany, and France was surrendered to the allies along with the Netherlands. All western territories were surrendered to the allied powers, while the German militaries pulled out of all territories.

Secretly, the new German state allied itself with the west, promising to pay any reparations with the west, along with sharing some of the technology developed by the Germans.

(I’m leaving out a lot of details, I’m sorry - I just need to get this down quick enough)

Electoral Announcement

There is currently a special Senate election going on! Make sure to join discord and vote

Claim for Israel

We the Sovereign State of Vajrayanah hereby make claim for the state of Israel. There we shall establish our New Jerusalem.

Claim for Poland

We, United Stowle Boxzines, hereby claim Poland for our peoples.

United states2

I just joined

United states2 wrote:I just joined

Welcome and be sure to join discord!

Post self-deleted by Vajrayanah.

Random Whatevers

Vajrayanah wrote:Claim for Saudi Arabia

We the Sovereign State of Vajrayanah hereby make claim for Saudi Arabia.

But you already have Israel do you want me to change your claim?

SECP wrote:Random Whatevers

But you already have Israel do you want me to change your claim?

problem solved JB

Post self-deleted by One of the fourth riech.

What are the rules to make claims of a particular territory in the map?

Greater northern states

Euginia wrote:What are the rules to make claims of a particular territory in the map?

All of the rules for making claims are on the Discord, and I recommend joining our server. It’s easier to get your claims recognized if you send them on the RMB and the Discord.

Prime Minester Embed will Send 300,000 Paramilitary Soldiers to invade Niger. He (Embid) seeks more land in Africa because he wants all of Africa united. As he says, "Africa Alone is not strong. Africa united is Strength and Family". He Also he wants to share Democratic Values all over the world and in Africa. Also he renamed the Country of Fifj to The African Republic.

German Soldiers March into the Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium and Denmark

On May 9th, German Wehrmacht soldiers marched over the borders, with a total force of over 150,000 soldiers on all four fronts, quickly overpowering any militant forces that dare tried to stand in thw way of the combined forces of the Heer and Luftwaffe. The majority of forces in Austria and Denmark quickly aligned themselves with the Germans, and later on May 9th became states of the Greater German Reich. Belgiums military forces however did not cooperate, and launched a counter offensive against the Wehrmacht. It failed, but bogged down the German Wehrmacht by at least a day having to quell out rebellions on the Belgian border and in the eastern areas of Belgium.

When asked about the sudden invasions, Führer of Germany; Franz Ludendorff stated:

"All four nations demanded the protection of the Greater Reich and wanted to be absorbed in. Our goal is to not only protect the interests of Das Reich, but also that of our neighboring people. Those who failed to understand that their home countries were now under the protection of us were dealt with accordingly."

Rise of Volgograd

In 1991 the collapse of the infamous Union of Soviet Socialist Republics shocked the world and devastated many more.
The collapse of the communist regime allowed many nation to spilt ties with the Russians and destroyed the Russian populations popularity with the nation itself.
By 1992 Russia itself collapsed under the weight of its poor economy and mismanagement of the new government, an act Russia hasn't seen since the disintegration of Kievian Rus.
As decades went by and regional governments returned their own smaller nations into growing powers the dream of a united Russia seemed to fade away from the mind; however, the ashes of its former superpower status were still hot in the hearts of the population....
In the south one of the larger city states under the banner of the city Volgograd, former Stalingrad, have been collecting their power using its access to the Black Sea and its vast oil and gas supplies and production centers.
The new and shaking democracy of the Volgograd Republic along with the rising mindset of war hawking policies against its weaker neighbors with its inner population has started to spur different mindsets in the nation.
However, even being one of the more successful nation states in the old Russian sphere its state of being a growing regional power is still in question a question its population wants solved and its current government is hesitant to commit to.
This growing grudge between the peoples wishes and that policies of the government is starting to crack the... how long will it take to break? And will the Volgograd Republic capitalize on its position?

The yoted yeeters

Can i claim dominican republic?

The yoted yeeters wrote:Can i claim dominican republic?

As an initial claim? Yeah I got ya

Tension in the Black Sea

As the struggle of decision of which to expand the Republic of Volgograd or not is still being tossed around a disaster shakes the bed rock of the Russians.
The Black Sea has be vital for the Republic; however, contest with other nations has always created a blanket of tension in the area.
But this tension finally broke when a Russian cargo ship accidently bumped into a Turkish warship in the narrow Dardanelles, it is unclear how this happened as the captain of the vessel claimed the Turkish warship would not answer a radio signal of the impending crash.
The Volgo cargo ship then attempted to move away from the warship only receiving a minimal amount of damage to the vessel; however, assuming this was a direct attack the Turkish ship then fired on the unarmed cargo ship damaging it heavily and set off an explosion within the cargo.
The Volgo ship managed to limp to the Volgo city of Sevastopol and was able to unload the remaining cargo and crew member before the vessel sunk into the harbor from its damages...
14 of the crew where killed in the attack and roughly 51 crew members where injured with another 7 in critical condition along with an estimate of 2.5 million dollars worth of goods destroyed not including the ship.
The Volgo government then immendently condemned the Turkish state from attacking an unarmed cargo vessel the Turkish state then returned by stating the cargo ship rammed the warship in an attempt to sink it and that it was carrying weapons on board since the ship went up in flames the way it did.
The Volgo government denied any arms where on board the cargo ship and the reason for the fire was the natural gas the ship was transporting and furthermore demands the Turkish state to pay for the damage done to the vessel, cargo, and crew lost.
In response the Turkish state closes the Dardanelles to the Volgograd Republic and refuses to pay for anything....
Since then the two governments have been quite and the tension in the Black Sea has rose to heights never before seen...

Germans take over Belgium, Kriegsmarine embarks for Black Sea.

In the early hours of May 10th, German Heer soldiers of the 9th and 11th Tank Divisions encircled and destroyed remaining Belgian resistance pockets and fully occupied the country. Several hours later, resistance leaders were arrested, and have been sent to a internment camp for further questioning. As a deed of good faith, the Reich has given Belgium to its ally, France. The Führer hopes that with the establishment of the EAO, the two nations will prosper.

The Kriegsmarine set sail for the Black Sea in the early dawn, accompanied by aircraft carrier Horst Wessel, heavy cruisers Nashorn and Wirbelwind, along with an assortment of destroyers. This is due to hostile Turkish aggression against the Volgograd Republic.

Großadmiral Wolfgang Naumann stated on behalf of the Führer this morning, stating “We will not let hostile Turkey attempt to encroach on a small, neutral nation over a small shipping dispute. A blockade of Turkish ports will be enforced until the Turkish militants pay reparations towards the Volgograd Republic.”

Death of a Great

2 days ago, King Eli passed away due to a complication with heart surgery. His death has shocked the Kingdom, as he was loved by all and did so much for the Kingdom.

In a posthumous gesture of respect and gratitude, the citizens have officially named him King Eli the Great.


In the wake of the death of King Eli the Great, his son Ian, has been crowned King of the Celestials. He will hopefully continue the great golden age of the Kingdom and make his mark on the Kingdom like his father.



Now 4 days after King Eli the Greats death, the national congress elections have taken place. A whole new congress was elected and many new politicians have taken their long awaited seats. The progressives once again take the majority, with liberals, environmentalists, conservatives and socialists dividing up the other seats.

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