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Matt Laand 3 wrote:Post this on viewtopic.php?f=31&t=480411

Um i own this land

The New-German Republic wrote:Um i own this land

Don't worry, that's old, I'm not invading

Just so all new members are aware we have a minecraft server in TDR, You can ask for details here or in the TDR discord server to join (java only) Hope to see yall there! 👤👍

FireFox15 wrote:Just so all new members are aware we have a minecraft server in TDR, You can ask for details here or in the TDR discord server to join (java only) Hope to see yall there! 👤👍

What's the IP address?

Ordeenstaat-Burgund wrote:Don't worry, that's old, I'm not invading

Thank you.

Ordeenstaat-Burgund wrote:What's the IP address?

You can check the discord server we have a #minecraft channel do the IP is

FireFox15 wrote:You can check the discord server we have a #minecraft channel do the IP is

The server is offline

Where did the public recall go on the amendment? I liked that option

Ancapistan V wrote:Where did the public recall go on the amendment? I liked that option

They took it out, and then reduced the Consuls term to 30 days, instead of 60.

Ancapistan V wrote:Where did the public recall go on the amendment? I liked that option

Recall doesn't make sense when Consuls term is not long

"I am once again asking all the new members for there WA endorsements" - FireFox15
Long live TDR!

America JB backed spies

The President of America JBm John Tyler, has invited the Governors of the five America JBian States to the Executive Mansion for a dinner. There, they discussed issues facing the nation and how the President could better help them. All of the Governors, the Governor of Illinois in particular, presented the very clear concern that the United States of America JB does not have direct access to the Atlantic ocean for trading. This is a very important thing to get control and be apart of for the America JBian economy and security. So, after the meeting the President called up the Speaker of the House.

In the call with the Speaker, the President asked for a vote to approve direct invasion of the territory that is West Virginia and Maryland. The Speaker said, "Sir, with all due respect, I think we have already overdone our direct imperialist invasions in this Continent." The President responded by saying, "We must get this done". The Speaker refused to comply and said it's a terrible idea. So, what the President does is, send in a special unit of the army to West Virginia and Maryland to enhance a state of rebellion against the territorial governments. In a matter of four months, the spies have organized associations and have won a caucus in each other those territories legislatures. This is a very dangerous mission since those soldiers, or spies, can be charged and sentenced to death for treason.

In a meeting of each those two territories legislatures, the puppet lawmakers proposed a motion to dissolve and gave very good reason for doing so. After much debate and deliberation, West Virginia legislature dissolved and elections were scheduled to take place. The President of America JB saw this take place and took this as an opportunity to roll in with a militia group known as the Blue bandits. These men rode into the State house and forced the Governor to sign documents, officially recognizing that West Virginia is now a State of America JB. The Speaker of the House in the America JBian General Assembly blasted this action as careless and dictatorial. He vowed to investigate this event to the full extent of the law. His only problem is, the America JBian people strongly support this action and want to see more of it. The Speakers hands are tied, just what the President wanted.

In Maryland though, the Governor was assassinated by some other outside person, not pertaining to the mission by America JB. It was reported the assassin was a domestic terrorist. Anyways, President Tyler saw this as an opportunity for the America JBian army to get directly involved. So, in a week the JBian army arrived at the Capitol of Maryland and posted a notice on the door, that the President wishes and orders the legislature to ratify the document and become a State of America JB. The legislature in fear and hesitation did ratify the document and did become a State.

Friends, Tdrians, Countrymen, it has been a good time here in TDR and I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you. In this region many great things have happened, and their are nights here I will never forget. I love this region, I love its citizens, and I enjoyed my large quantity of time I invested here. This region was the greatest Iíve ever experienced. I know this region will move on with great leader like JB, Porto, my up and comers Ballazania and Cape Duckistan, and even Matt. I know yíall will take the reigns and live on my legacy here with pride. You all are talented people who I believe are fully capable of moving this region forward. I would also like to give out a few thank you messages to JB, Porto, Fifj, OG, Tim, Crystalsummer, and Azadliq. You all make this region great, you all make this region what it is, and you all make this region an enjoyable one. I will miss this region, and I will miss the many memories made here. Special thanks to all who shaped my experience here and made this a great region. I will miss u guys, and I know yíall will move forward just fine. So to retirement, to experience, and to many late night VCs and Drama. Cheers! Long Live the Republic!🥂

On verge of War, America JB grows in numbers

The President of America JB rose up in the morning with a kick in his step. Though, of course that did no last as he was made well aware of the North Carolinain and Virginian votes to condemn the invasion of West Virginia and Maryland. It is imperative that America JB gets these two territories to join the union and new States. So, to get this done President John Tyler makes his way into the Executive situation room filled with his best Generals and strategists in war and diplomacy.

Within two hours, President Tyler has special operation forces making their way to the Capital's of West Virginia and Maryland, making sure order is kept and a revolt does not break out. The President calls the leaders of the opposition coalition and warn them to back down, but they refuse to. So, an additional 4,000 troops are sent to guard the border of the acquired America JB territories. New tensions are rising and a conflict is a brewing. A conflict the opposition nations do not want. So, is there a deal in the making? A deal to prevent war....

It's finally that day, the day the legislatures of West Virginia and Maryland vote on to or not to become America JB States. The day started out great but an explosion occurred and the Maryland State legislature. Thankfully no legislatures were injured but this is an unacceptable retaliation to a democratic process, the America JB government is not going to have any of it. In response to that attack, President Tyler orders and successfully carries out an air attack that wiped out a Virginian base near Richmond. This was a clear warning of what is to come if this ever happens again.

Within 8 hours, the territories of west Virginia and Maryland's legislatures successfully passed the articles and are now States of America JB, upon the approval of the General Assembly. This is a giant victory for the President, though he is not out of the woods yet. President Tyler sends his aid to deliver the news to the Speaker of the House, and a vote is scheduled to occur on this sensitive topic. The Speaker in response has great reservations about this endeavor but in the end backs it, saying "We must put our differences aside and work for America JB. With that said, this benefits our nation and thus I support it." With that, the hopes of the opposition leader of this being prevented was squashed. In a narrow vote, the General Assembly approved of the new States, they are officially in the Union.

German Claim on Former Colonies
The German nation needs to have it's former colonies back. Our nation needs it for resources to help expand our industrial might.
We will make it a Protectorate called Reich-protectorate Tanganyika. The people of the land will be taken great care of, we will build up the land for them, while they will give us 3/4 of their resources to us.
We owned the land till the end of World War I.

Kaustubhlands, Welcome to TDR! Make sure to join Discord.

Progressive Republican Senate list
2. FireFox15
3. Vigoriths
4. Timjoa
5. The wrekin
6. Porto Verde
7. Watara

United Independent Party Senate List
Matt Laand 3
Cape duckistan

Matt Laand 3 wrote:United Independent Party Senate List
Matt Laand 3
Cape duckistan

Why are you running a nation that doesn't exist?

Everyone we have updated the TDR MC server IP, i will provide new IP adress to join later on the day!
- long live TDR

League of Conservatives Party Senate List:

I am running under the new party banner because I want to bring real change to TDR!!

Legion of Conservatives Party

The Legion of Conservatives Party is the most powerful social club, organization and backing you will ever receive! To be part of this party you think more about the country than yourself. You put your party first and youself second! We believe the following are the strongest foundations for a strong country.

LCPís Stance On The Military
The military can be a very attractive aspect to a region. LCP supports TDR being a raider leaning military. We can use the military for other resources to like;
  • Defending our region from attackers, or defend our allies.

  • Tagging regions to get our name out there for recruitment in our military, and our region.

  • We support having an organized military, and support the Consul as Commander in Chief. At the same time, we believe the Consul should let the military operate in its own manner. If they are an experienced raider, they may have input in whatís going on.

Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy is a very powerful tool. We will ensure that our allies are treated fairly, and we are always happy to make new allies! When it comes to making deals or negotiating treaties, we will ensure everyone benefits from it not just one side. Our recommendations for a strong Foreign Policy are;
  • We need a strong Minister of State who is organized, and has a conservative approach to how we operate.

  • We believe working with regions with at least 35 active nations. TDR is at the point we need to setup a strong foreign policy that will bring us to the next level.

  • Treaties should not be used for every region. Letís use treaties for longterm relationships.

  • Being part of any alliances, defender organizations, or any regional alliances needs to be considered with caution. Most defender orgs fail! Always be cautious!

]A Small Federal Government

The Federal Government of TDR needs to be a small, and conservative government! The Legion of Conservativeís Party believes in,

  • Having Ministries that actually benefit the region. This would include the Ministries of State, Defense, Immigration, and Interior.

  • We need to eliminate all the red tape that TDR has accumulated over the last years. We have so many sub departments that donít serve a purpose.

  • The Senate is the most powerful branch. It helps the citizens have a say, and they elect people like us to ensure their demands are met. With the region this size, we feel it shall be a unicameral house!

  • The Regional Government should stay out of our RolePlay. Experienced RPers do not want the Regional Government diving into their business.

  • Overall letís keep a small government. Let the citizens hold our government accountable.


Citizenship needs to be fair, and impartial. We must ensure all new citizens understand how the region works. This is where the Ministry of Immigration comes into play! This proposed Ministry will responsible for recruitment, welcoming new citizens, conducting audits, and being knowledgeable to answer questions our citizens may have! Citizens rights are important because they make our region strong, and this party will defend the rights of our citizens.

The World Assembly
The World Assembly is, and can be a very attractive for a region. Our position in the World Assembly needs to be verified. Our outlook on the World Assembly is,
  • We believe gathering as many endorsements as we can. Many big UCRs, and GCRs judge your region based off of how many endorsements you have.

  • The WA Delegate shall be recognized as a very important position. If the Founder ceases to exist, the WA Delegate is the life line of the region.

  • The WA Delegate needs to be elected every 6 months by the WA citizens. Some Delegates get to comfortable, and slack sometimes. We shall keep them accountable.

  • The WA Delegate shall handle all WA matters, and work with the Minister of State. This will benefit us in the long run!

  • The WA Delegate needs to be knowledgeable on the WA. A strong, and confident WA Delegate makes many regions look at us.

The Justice System

Justice shall be fair, and impartial! LCP believes all citizens should have the right to a trial, and be treated fairy in all OOC and IC incidents. This is the summary of our view on Justice;
  • Justices shall serve a life term. They shall not serve in a cabinet position, or as a Senator. They may server in the military.

  • The Minister of Justice needs to ensure that the laws are followed, but must only perform what the constitution says their duties are.

  • A Justice should be knowledgeable on the constitution, and our laws. They must not be biased, or a member of any party!

  • The Founderís need to handle the OOC or Out of Character issues. The Courts shall handle the IC or In Character issues.

  • Our Discord needs mods, and needs to be cleaned up.

Nomination For Consul
The party nomination process for Consul will be decided on the party members. Below is the process.
  • On the 23rd of every month, the party members will have 24 hrs to declare their candidacy for Consul.

  • If there is more than one candidate that runs, the party leadership comprised of the Chairman, Party Spokesperson, and Party strategist will have a in house party debate on the 24th of the month.

  • The party leadership will vote and announce their decision on the morning of the 25th.

  • On the 27th of each month, The Legion of Conservatives Party will hold a party convention to announce their platform for the next month, to introduce their nominee for Consul, and Senate candidates.

Working with other Parties
The Legion of Conservatives Party is a very cooperative while working with other parties. We will usually be very fair, and will represent the citizens, and make sure the other parties are listening to the citizens.

Important Links

Party Leadership, and Membership

2.Party Strategist: Vacant
3.Party Spokesperson Vacant
4.Member: Vacant

Read factbook

Special Senate General Election

A Special Senate election is going to happen very shortly. Don't forget to vote!

Onamel wrote:hello

Hello, How are you doing?


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