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The Invasion of Finland!

Our government, along with several others like Germany and France, have decided to launch a joint offensive against Finland called Operation Swift. In the early dawn battleships, destroyers, cruisers, and other ships opened fire on the coast of Helsinki. Several defenses like bunkers and coastal artillery were caught off guard and were quickly destroyed by the barrage. Afterward, over 30 landing crafts sailed across the Gulf of Finland and landed on 30 miles of beach near the capital of Helsinki. The soldiers charged up to the city and quickly seized it, overpowering all kinds of resistance with ease. They then established a beachhead to allow reinforcements to arrive, while at the same fortifying the city in case of counterattack.

The next day, fresh troops that sailed from Tallinn yesterday moved out to seize local towns and villages, slowly spreading out until they have secured two key towns: Turku, to the west, and Kotka, to the east. Once these two towns are secured, a few regiments from Helsinki moved north to also secure two towns: Hameenlinna and Lahti.

More details of invasion will be provided soon

German Warships Charge Gaelion Blockade

In the recent days, a communist revolution has overtaken the monarchy of Gaelio, killing most of the monarchy with brutal suppression. This, indeed poses quite a massive threat to European and North American interests in the region. The Gaelion navy has attempted a blockade of their major naval ports, however with very few modern ships (and even less ships capable of returning fire.), the German Navy has rendered the blockade as a wasteful bluff.

The remnants of the monarchy is currently housed in Berlin. Reichsführer Franz Ludendorf stated:

"We will not let another tyrannical communist dictatorship rise in Latin America. Their futile attempt to ruin Latin stability will be crushed with a glorious German boot!"

Meanwhile.... in Berlin - the last Monarch and the Führer are having a discussion.

"Now, we'll give you an offer. If you want to be the leader of Gaelio... The Reich is willing to help you. But you'll need to do something in exchange for the Reich... We'll protect you if you allow us to occupy and control... 'some' governmental aspects..." Franz smiles, sipping some Austrian wine.

The remaining monarch, Paco Pueblo is furious. "We can't do that! They overthrew the monarchy for this kind of political treason! It will only happen again!"

Franz, evidently displeased that the monarch was - distasteful of his proposal fired back. "Well. If you refuse...." He gestures to his guards, who approach. Paco notices and is, quite terrified. "Or, you can become the leader of Gaelio, with some... German twists. What do you say?"

Paco, essentially drained of options reluctantly accepts. "If you screw up... You know what happens." The guards make a gesture, simulating the slitting of a throat.

The Operation, codenamed "Sweet Potato" would number 75,000 total troops, three cruisers, one escort carrier, six destroyers and various support vessels. In terms of tanks, the force would be supported by Leopard 2A4 tanks. Artillery would consist of mobile PzH-2000's, the naval warships, and various 120mm field guns. In the air, operations would be supported by the Dornier Do-375 Naval Strikefighters and carrier variants of the Messerschmitt Tornado.

The troops were made up of Panzergrenadiers, and Heer troops. They have been well replenished with ammunition after fighting in Turkey, and the troops had suffered minimum losses during the entire Turkish campaign.

The German troops landed at Santos in the early morning. They, with fierce resistance from the local garrison gained a foothold. The first primary objective is to gain the strategical mountain positions of Caminho do Mar. If this is achieved, then the German Wehrmacht can lay siege with ground artillery upon the city of São Paulo.

Civil War

With the growing popularity of the Nationalist Bolshevik party has started to turn from protests to violence as the mob of people gathered descended on key government buildings.
In turn the government has ordered a martial law in the city and a police force was sent to break up the mobs.
However, when police force met the protesters the large majority of them turned and joined the protesters.
When it was evident the police were no longer loyal to the government the military was called in swiftly to assist and now the order to break up the mobs with any means necessary were given.
But as fate would have it when the soldiers stared down the protesters the majority of them also joined the ranks along side the growing numbers of protesters, they claimed they would never fire on another Russian.
Oh how those feelings would change...
The only portions to stand on the side of the democratic government where the experienced professional forces of the pre-Turkish war.
Sadly though thanks to the call of arms many of the these younger less experienced soldiers out numbered the loyalist by many.
Almost as soon as the soldiers joined the now declared rebels the fighting broke out in Volgograd and city turned to machine gun fire and flames.
The day turned to night and the fighting seemed endless as the outnumbered loyalist fought the horde of rebels block to block falling back to the key locations across the city.
The government was quick to flee the city as the loyalist soldiers fought desperately to hold the rebels back.
But the fighting only started here and would not end in the great city of Volgograd.
Soon the rebels took the media station and started to spread their message across the nation in mass calling for more people to join their cause and their fight as in fact begun.
In a foolish attempt to disprove their legitimacy the government stations allowed the message to be played in the hope that the people would be more loyal to the government them to the radicals that are slowly taking over the capital.
This bluff failed miserably and soon reports across the nation started to respond to the call to arms and the Republic slowly started to be split in two...
The loyalist backing the weak Democratic government (SECP) and the newly declared the People's Collective of the Russian States (PCRS) whom sought to exchange the current government in favor of their own radical beliefs...
The lines became blurry at first but slowly the fronts were being formed and battle lines where being drawn.
The extremely outnumbered, but more experienced and well equipped SECP forces against the masses of rising and growing numbers of the PCRS.
Our nation has plunged into a Civil War, a nightmare we sought to avoid, yet failed to act on time and only the swift actions of the forces on both sides can actually decide the outcome.

From whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some foreign military giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe and Asia...could not by force take a drink from the Volgograd River or make a track on the Kremlin in the trial of a thousand years. No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide.

A lot of ceasing to exist


RP 10:
The Inevitability of Invasion
Following the formal declaration of war on the part of the Northorian Federal Government, invasion was promptly planned and carried out. The invasion was unlike all others that came before it in that it was spearheaded by a series of Special Operations "stinger" operative teams striking in strategic locations on the western British Columbian coastline, securing key facilities and taking our government figures for the main invasion force to follow. This series of mini-invasions was carried out over a 1-week period, and by the time it was over, the entire coastline up to the Washington border was taken, as well as Vancouver Island. On Vancouver, many military spoils were found, and are now being put to the use of the Northorian Militia. Total plunder from Vancouver Island is as follows:
1 Fighter jet airfield
1 Cargo plane airfield
2 Heliports
5 Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawks
12 F-16 Fighting Falcons
20 C-130C Hercules aircraft
15 Sikorsky HH-63 Jayhawks
12 OH-6 Cayuse helicopters
1 C-5 Galaxy
4,000 AKM rifles
2,000 M1911 pistols
500 illegally-assembled AS50 sniper rifles

Territory captured for Northor now resembles an upside-down and backwards capital "L," with some territory caught directly south of the current Northorian border and the entire British Columbian coastline secured.

President Of Cameroon,Equilateral Guinea and Gabon have Joined the African Republic due to recent Civil wars in the region. The wars have been going for far to long and the African republic is finally stepping in to stop these useless war (the coast of Cameroon and the coast of Gabon)

Veracruz and Oaxaca

After the Mexican government surrendered to the combined forces of the OG republic and the Kingdom of the Celestials, Mexico was carved up, with the Kingdom claiming all of Southern Mexico.

Celestial forces already marched into and occupied the Yucatan peninsula, Tabasco and chiapas. However due to the large sides of the claims, the vast amount of Mexican military and police personnel surrendering, and having to subdue the confused and angered Mexican populace, securing them has been challenging.

After several weeks of securing the provinces, the Celestial 1st infantry division and 1st armored division marched into Heroica Veracruz and the city of Oaxaca. Mexican Military and police personnel layed down their arms and surrendered their vehicles to the Celestial army.

Veracruz and Oaxaca are now officially provinces of the Kingdom of the Celestials.

RP 11:
The entire nation of Northor is under a mandatory 7-RP-day mourning period for those innocent lives lost in France. Cleanup aid is hereby offered to the grievously wounded nation of Omnise/France.

Strife of a Brotherly War

Updates to the Volgo Civil War or as the Russian people are calling it in a blissful ignorance the Brotherly War have become quite...
The SECP government as started to limit and cut information from being released to the public and world news.
All they have to say about the conflict is this...
"The rebels have taken Voronezh and are within 10 km of the Garden Circle of Moscow, but they have been halted indefinitely and our forces will soon run a sword into Volgograd to end this conflict."
The truth of the war is that the PCRS forces are not stopped and only delayed in a stalemate and seemingly endless fire fight.
With the fall of Voronezh the SECP forces are the farthest away from Volgograd then ever before.
The surrender of the 2nd Shock Guard as deleted a large portion of the limited forces the SECP has and their equipment are now in the hands of the PCRS forces.
However in the Southern Front the 6th and the VEF have actually been able to hold the PCRS forces at bay and with the equipment from the French nation have been able to launch a small successful offense against the PCRS.
The true horror though in the Southern Front is native Turks...
The Turks under Russian occupation have been slowly losing their own rights in an attempt to pacify the region, but now it was a warzone again.
Unlike the Northern Front where it was being limited in terms of destruction in the hopes of keeping the areas relatively unaffected in Turkey though destruction was over looked and overly used by both sides in the conflict.
The SECP has waged a war against the Turks and have to pity for the Turks caught in the cross fire and have even turned refugees away back into PCRS territory.
The PCRS has been actively persecuting the Turks, with nothing short of war crimes...

Russian Reunification: Part IV

Even in the heat of this conflict another major region of Russia has decided to join the broken nation.
St. Petersburg and its surrounding cities have pledged their loyalty to the SECP.
However, this is a small power move by the new member.
They know Volgograd is taken and Moscow is on the ropes, so St. Petersburg is looking to become the new capital of the reborn Russian nation.
Ambition has brought them into the Brotherly War; however, may turn the tide against the PCRS....

Our forces advance in Algeria
After a short break, we continue our advancing in the Algerian desert with our newly formed Desert Corps.
We've sent 10 armored divisions helped by towed howitzers and self propelled artillery.
Our men are advancing rapidly, the biggest enemy is the heat in the desert. In the past weeks we've captured 300,000 square kilometres in the Algerian desert. After Algeria we are going to conquer Libya and the Western Sahara. We will use the desert for a test site of nuclear weapons, we officially announce our nuclear program.

German Intervention in Volgograd Revolution; Operation Volga

The majority of the territory of the SECP, a major ally of the Greater German Reich fell under communist control. This included the border with German occupied Ukraine. In the late evening yesterday, communist forces marched over the border with Germany. This was not their intended plan, however - but they engaged German troops either way.

Following the engagement, German artillery retaliated against the insurgents, and a combined air offensive leveled the troops in the area.

In the morning on the next day, combined panzer divisions and infantry divisions stormed over the border. Overpowering the vastly inferior communist insurgents. The captured equipment that the insurgents had were dealt with quickly with the more capable and modern German weapons.

The Reich has stated any damages Russian weapons will be paid for in half or full value.

Industrial Advancements

With the acquisition of southern Mexico, the economy of the Kingdom has advanced considerably. King Ian is using this opportunity to fully advance the Kingdom's industry and start not only producing Weapons, vehicles and equipment, but also key goods and utilize natural resources.

War Industry
Many factories have been built around the Kingdom to produce goods for the military. The official uniform is the Mexican Army uniform, captured in droves from Mexican forces. Helmets, body armor and boots are also going to be produced.

The official new tank is the Leopard 1N, its a modified version of the Leopard 1, armed with a 120 mm Smoothbore cannon, new reactive armor blocks, and a leclerc tank engine. Production of the tank is starting immediately. Also modernized were some T-72 tanks, the new version bring dubbed the T-72 N. Limited Production if this tank will start soon. Other tanks in the arsenal are also set to be modernized.

The new standard issue firearms of the military is the Galil and HK416. Production rights of the Galil was bought from the Israeli government and will begin immediately and HK416s will continue to be bought from the French Republic.

Natural Resources

Agriculture is springing up all over the Kingdom, and exports of the products are heavily increasing. More mining of natural resources like Copper, aluminium, oil, and iron. Exports of these minerals are expected to being soon.

The newly annexed province of Veracruz is home to many seaports, and King Ian is using these to the country's advantage. Quickly seizing the ports from private company control, he is putting all of the ports under a new government agency, The Bureau of Trade Affairs. This Bureau will moniter, direct and control all trade in the Kingdom.

King Ian hopes that these changes and advancements will help the Kingdom to prosper, and become a true world powerhouse.

German Intervention in Volgograd Revolution; Operation Volga

The majority of the territory of the SECP, a major ally of the Greater German Reich fell under communist control. This included the border with German occupied Ukraine. In the late evening yesterday, communist forces marched over the border with Germany. This was not their intended plan, however - but they engaged German troops either way.

Following the engagement, German artillery retaliated against the insurgents, and a combined air offensive leveled the troops in the area.

In the morning on the next day, combined panzer divisions and infantry divisions stormed over the border. Overpowering the vastly inferior communist insurgents. The captured equipment that the insurgents had were dealt with quickly with the more capable and modern German weapons.

The Reich has stated any damages Russian weapons will be paid for in half or full value to the legitimate government of the SECP.

The Finnish Campaign Continues!

The war continues in Finland with the 3rd armored division and the 16th infantry division reaching Turku. The Battle of Turku was difficult, with both sides suffering huge casualties. But, after a clever flanking maneuver made by one of our tank commanders, the Finnish had retreated from Turku and ,in-turn, having it fall into Polish hands. In the East, a similar battle occurred at Kotka, but due to a series of ambushes along the road to Kotku, severely reducing our force's capabilities, our forces couldn't stand a chance at Kotku, and so had to retreat to regroup.

I will be Running for Re-Election in the Senate

I will be running for Senate.

Resistance Fighters backed up by the E.A.F. starting an Eastern Front near Timor-Leste! Operation Pemasukan continues! Now a three front war!

Before preparations took place for the organized land invasion on the island of Java, resistance fighters located in Timor have started to revolt against Government oppression on minority groups, requesting military support to the Euginian National Armed Forces, setting up an Eastern Front near Timor-Leste. Indonesian Nationalists resistance fighters have decimated military bases near the town of Kupang, capturing utility helicopters, strike aircraft, and armored fighting vehicles consisting of Leopard 2s, Tiger Kaplan MBTs, FV101 Scorpions, AMX-13s, and M113s, calling themselves the Indo Nationalists Resistance Movement (I.N.R.M). Naval ports from the Indonesian Navy were seized with little opposition, as the Euginian Navy and the Nationalists launched a military operation, disrupting command within the territory of Timor and blocking access to the ports mobilizing 12 attack submarines from the E.M.F. ports of Sarangani, Zamboanga, and Tawau, patrolling near the island. The National Submariners Corp reported having sunk 45 ships in Banda Arc, Lesser Sunda Islands, and the Greater Sunda Islands. At 0600, after the initial first strike, the E.M.F. along with the I.N.R.M. commenced their push to liberate the island of Timor, apprehending 2,000 Indonesian Navy Personnel and 300 Navy Officers stationed in the port of Kupang, until the Democratic Federation completely topples the dictatorship from government power and executing their leader, Benzo Tuhan Wisnu. 3 hours following the control of Timor, resistance fighter has managed to land and invade one of the neighboring local islands in the province of East Nusa Tenggara islands, with the support of the Euginian Air Force, mobilizing 45 Ka-50s and 80 AB12DS and liberating the oppressed people groups, further establishing bases for the E.A.F. and other allied military branches to utilize. One of such resistance fighter who is instrumental towards the takeover of said isles is the man who calls himself the modern Gajah Mada, his real name is Abdallah Youl Panghasrh, a man once plowing arable farmlands, now fighting in the Eastern Front of the operation as a renowned hero among the townspeople. Viral video footage of Abdallah Youl Panghasrh currently located in the Province of West Nusa Tenggara, specifically in Mataram shouting the statement (translated with English subtitles), “We, the diverse people of the Free Indonesians! Will never surrender to the tyranny of our own government! For years they have oppressed, tortured, and executed their own people brutally and without mercy! Now it is our time to not only topple the dictatorship from power permanently but to also establish a new nationalist movement within South East Asia that would bring about the deserved freedom as well as democracy, and join the Democratic Federation of the E.M.F. after justice has been rightfully brought against the Dictatorship of Indonesia!!!!”  to the world and specifically to the brutal dictatorship of the Indonesian government was released in social media in a few short minutes by a team of Malaysian camera crews currently stationed in Indonesia before the war, the entire province have pledged their allegiance to I.N.R.M. opening their ports in Mataram, and Bima to Allied forces.

1000. One-hour passes. After the subsequent mini operation conducted by resistance fighters in the Island of Timor successfully capturing military bases and setting up a two-front war, the main landing forces have completed their preparations and are ready to commence the invasion. Additional forces from the mainland have also been registered to join the attack, combining 10000 infantries (including 10000 mechanized infantries), 2000 M190 MBTs (Upgraded M1 Abrams), 500 M60 MBTs, 1100 M61 PC, 1 battleship, 2 attack submarines, 200 AB12DS (Upgraded A-4 Skyhawks), and 100 Su-30s with the primary invasion force designated P.I.F. 1M. During the preparations, military forces stationed in Brunei, the towns of Serian, Sibu, and Tawau have started their swift incursion on North and West Kalimantan, capturing the entire regions, however, the armies have finally reached a fierce stalemate with the opposing troops in the town of Tumbit. Casualty numbers ran high for both sides in the Kalimantan front, the M.F.E. had suffered a loss of 1500 soldiers, 100 M61 PCs, and 20 M1 Abrams during the Battle of Tumbit, the Indonesians, though, suffered more casualties, enforcing a stalemate with the loss of 3000 soldiers, 130 APCs, and over 100 tanks.

Ultimately at 1200, the Primary Invasion Force 1M have started their invasion on the western region of Banten, troop ships have docked in shores of Sumpur and near the town of Cilegon. 20500 infantry regiments, 10400 mechanized infantries, 1500 M61 PCs, supported by 2000 MBTs and 50 of the Ka-50s have triumphantly captured the region of Banten with great difficulty. Known famously as the Battles of Tangerang and Cilegon, both the National Armed Forces and Air Forces encountered heavy opposition in the air and on land. Su-30 squadrons circles endlessly to down Indonesian F-5 and Su-35 fighter jets and M190s pounded through Tiger Kaplan tanks, with heavy losses. After the battles have ended, the military is now currently occupying the city of Tangerang, where the P.I.F. 1M are stationed to defend the front. The capital is in sight, however, the Dictator, Benzo, and his government officials have fled to Semarang in Central Java, where they will be fortifying heavily for their last stand against the allied forces. The second phase of operation Pemasukan was over in 1900, all combatants in all three fronts are awaiting orders for the next military operation to begin. “Men, and women, from all cultures and religions, and from all colors, we are standing today, a special day not because of how we, the people will finally achieve one thing in our goals that we all truly desire, and that is freedom, but how we all fight together against cruelty as one whole gifted species. Through the diversity of the world’s people, may everyone all know the United stand we took to liberate evil and establish peace and prosperity,” speaks General Siao Derizja Sanabasa, accompanied by his second in command, Gabias Florahji Gafurua. May this be the E.M.F.’s admirable era!

RP 12:

The Invasion
Dusk fell over the silent city of Vancouver. There was a quiet and short lull in the protests, but the blissful silence would not last. Dawn would come, and with it waves of anti-government protests. They would start out peacefully, as they always did, but then things would turn for the worse. Some zealot would throw a smoke bomb, or someone would lob a molotov cocktail in the general direction of a government building, and the explosion would ignite more of the rebellious kind of protestors, who would continue the chain reaction. Before dawn had fully taken place, there would be riots. And throughout the rest of the day, violence would take its bloody course, both at the hands of the protestors and the troops sent to quell them.
But all that was for the future. Now, people were going to their government-owned houses to sleep on their government-owned bed, and think sad thoughts of their state of affairs. The people had wanted reform, and had lawfully gotten it, alright. They had voted for a President who had promised change for the better, to make British Columbia stronger than could ever be imagined by any Capitalist nation. And he had fulfilled his promises. At first. To make a long story short, President (now Dictator, Supreme Leader, whatever he called himself now) Van Eyck had ruined an entire country in a matter of ten years.
Now, the people could only wait for another change. A change that would mean wealth, prosperity, and a lack of dictatorial authoritarian pigs like Van Eyck. Little did the people know, as the amber sun set behind the mountains of Vancouver Island, that change was coming.

Just not as expected.

As the sun finally set, the last rays disappearing and leaving a mere faint glow in the sky, a helicopter skimmed low over the water. It was a helicopter that had been modified especially for the purpose of the cargo which it was carrying, and could it talk, it would likely recall the famous line of A. A. Milne: "I'm the only one." For it was the only one of its kind, a special feat of engineering which could effectively escape the air defense radar projected by special stations around the city.
As it was heading north-west, it suddenly turned a sharp 45 degrees, and headed toward Point Roberts. This was technically in the territory of Washington, but the Northorian military really didn't care at this point. As the helicopter landed and the doors slid open, six figures jumped out, and fell immediately on the ground, rifles at the ready. Meanwhile, in Iron Bay, which was on the north side of the city, a similar group of operatives was unloading from a Humvee. As the helicopter and the Humvee left their packages of personnel to their mission, the teams left to carry out what they had been briefed to do.
Their mission was simple. At least it sounded simple. The radar which the helicopter had been engineered to evade needed to become non-operational so as to set Phase II of the invasion plan into action. The team in the south was named (with the creativity that only high-ranking strategists can procure) "Team South," and the other "Team North."

The two teams began moving towards their targets: the radar buildings. There were three total, one at the mouth of Iron Bay, one at Richmond, and the final one just outside the Presidential Mansion. The plan was for both teams to individually take out the radar outposts closest to them, and then rendezvous at Annacis Island to unite and take out the last radar installation. Because they were in an urban area crawling with police and dictatorial troops, the rendezvous would be by far the most difficult aspect of the overall mission.
Team North took out their target with stealth. It was relatively easy for them due to the isolated nature of the facility, since it was designed to detect incoming air raids coming from the north. By the time that Team North was done, the bodies of the British Columbian troops who had been set to man the radar for that night lay in an unceremonious heap inside of the building, and the team began heading toward the rendezvous point. No witness was left alive.
Team South had no such leisures as stealth for their mission. They had been equipped with special grenades that, when detonated, resembled the makeshift explosives used by protestors. One grenade was thrown just east of the facility for the sake of a diversion, and another, more lethal grenade was launched into the building via small grenade launcher. The guards on the roof of the building had already been taken out with suppressed gunfire, and now it was only a matter of busting down the door and taking out all enemies in the facility. This was done, and the bodies were hidden inside of the building in a pile in similar fashion to Team North.
In the urban environment of Vancouver, it was difficult to navigate without being seen. If anyone saw, be they civilian or Federal Police, they were shot in the head without question, and the body quickly moved to a relatively hidden spot, before the team continued on their way.
Both teams reached Annacis Island at 19:38 Hours Local Time, and sent a message to Mission Base in the form of a single ping on a secure radio frequency. The ping was picked up by Mission Base in less than a second, and it was immediately forwarded to the Air Guard High Command. AGHC then gave the order to begin mobilising and arming aircraft for Phase II. Both teams had only 25 minutes to take out the last radar installation before the air assault began. They made their way towards the last target, just 300 yards from the Presidential Mansion. When the target was in sight, a shot rang out. It was not suppressed gunfire. The two teams, now unified, dropped to the ground in perfect sync, and began crawling for cover. An accountability check was made, and, finding that all were unharmed, they began scanning for the source of the gunshot.
A red beam flitted across the ground for a split second, then disappeared as quickly as it had come. All of the team members pinpointed where the red beam had come from, and in a matter of seconds the source was identified by the operatives as a sniper, set on the roof of the Presidential Mansion. A burst of suppressed gunfire was fired at the sniper, thus neutralizing the threat.

However, the sniper was not the only enemy personnel on the roof that night. Another sniper, stationed on the opposite side of the roof, had heard the suppressed gunfire, and had looked up just in time to see his comrade bleeding to death, having been shot in the neck, shoulder, and torso. He immediately radioed his commander to inform him of the situation, and the Presidential Guard was mobilised.

Meanwhile, on the northern side of Vancouver Island, a flight of five A-4E Skyhawk aircraft began running up their engines, and the young Lieutenants inside the cockpits were saluting the Flightline Chief as they prepared to taxi. ETA for Vancouver was 5 minutes.

Around the Presidential Mansion, meanwhile, crap was hitting the fan as the Presidential Guard was alerted to the intruders on the grounds. They swarmed the grounds in their traditional red garb, and began clearing areas where criminals were likely to hide. Thankfully, their red clothing made them perfect targets, and the Northorian Operatives took them out, one by one, working from back to front. Soon, all that was left of the Presidential Guard was a handful of Van Eyck's personal bodyguards.
The operative team now only had a couple of minutes to shut down the radar installation before the Northorian Air Guard came within range. Those operating the installation were ready for the intrusion, however, and shots were exchanged between the two groups. Only one of the operatives was hit, and only by 9mm ammunition, which was readily absorbed by his bulletproof vest.
The radar facility was shut down just in time. The SAM system had just barely detected the oncoming Northorian forces, and had started the lock-on sequence when their radar system suddenly lost connection.
Now that the operatives job was done, they headed to the second rendezvous point, Third Bridge, in Stanley Park, just north of the Vancouver city center. Once there, the same stealth helicopter which had brought Team South to their drop-off point picked up both teams, and headed back towards Mission Base.

Now it was time for Phase II.

The flight of Skyhawks' mission was simple. The operatives' mission had made it that way. They were to destroy the armor on the outskirts of the city, and beware of the AA batteries stationed on the slopes of the surrounding mountains. Without the threat of SAM fire, that part of their mission was made much easier. Once the armor had been destroyed, a single scatter bomb would be dropped on the Presidential Mansion, in the hopes of eliminating the dictator and ending his totalitarian regime. If that did not work, the ground forces that were at that moment being mobilised in helicopters to land where the armor hopefully would be laying in smoldering remains when they got there would finish the job.

The citizens of the city woke up that next morning to find their dictator dead, and a liberation force occupying the streets. The Presidential Mansion, which had been forcefully built by the hands of the workers which Van Eyck had sworn to protect, now lay in smoking ruin, a pile of rubble to represent the ultimate fall of a ruthless dictator.

Now, the entirety of British Columbia is a part of Northor. A Capitalist free market is being established currently, and the citizenry of the recovering state are recovering, slowly but surely, and getting back on their feet. All companies, businesses, and corporations which had been owned and run by the government are now being put back under the control of those who owned them before they were stolen by the previous establishment. The rest of British Columbia eagerly joined Northor, and now the military is growing in personnel numbers as people are eager to join the military which liberated them.

And yet, the story will forever go untold. Several aspects of the liberation operation will remain classified, at least for now. Who knows, maybe the whole story will be revealed someday? Only time will tell.
But one thing is clear: Northor is a force to be reckoned with.

Read dispatch

(A) Republic Division (5 teams)
(B) Democratic Division (5 teams)
(C) Central Division (5 teams)
Most Championships:
Tied- Capital AL & America JB (9 Championships)

Welcome to the Regional League Baseball (RLB)
In this league there shall be three divisions named the Republic, Democratic and Central divisions, marked by A, B or C. Which will make up a League with a total of thirty games being played in the regular season. The top team with the best record in the division shall win the divisional crown. The top two teams in each division shall advance to the Playoffs, where they shall verse each other in the Divisional Series, advancing to the League and hopefully World Series. Check out the LinkLeague Song.

Each game will get decided through an official league simulator each season. In the Regional League Baseball there shall be a limit of fifteen total teams, with teams evenly distributed into divisions. If a member nation leaves the region then either their team shall be transferred to a new player or will be an independent team until transferred to other player.

Regional League Baseball

League Information-
LinkStandings & Matches | LinkPlayoffs

Divisional makeup

[A] Republic Division
Capital AL
America JB

[B] Democratic Division
Porto Verde

[C] Central Division
United Trev

Past Champions
America JB Seasons 01, 06, 08, 11, 12, 16, 17, 34, 42
Xadrius Seasons 02, 21
Timjoa Seasons 03, 07, 13, 37, 50
Capital AL Seasons 04, 19, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 32
Cutroajan Seasons 05, 09, 10, 14, 15, 20
Fifj Seasons 18, 25
Oofer Gangz Seasons 23, 31, 33, 35, 41, 44
Porto Verde Seasons 30, 38, 39, 40
United Trev Seasons 36, 51
Fr0sia Seasons 43, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49
Azadliq Seasons 52
Vigoriths Seasons 53

Teams rivalries-
Teams that are competitive against each other and face each other in the post season on a fairly regular basis. Teams that also fight against each other for the divisional crown on a regular basis. A team can only have one real rival. Rivalries may change.
America JB VS Capital AL
Xadrius VS Timjoa
Fifj VS Omnise
Porto Verde VS Timjoa
Cutroajan VS Fr0sia
Oofer Gangz VS Pavanpur
United Trev VS Saratoga
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Claim Of Paraguay
The parliament of gaelio has decided that is best in everyone’s favor to claim the rest of Paraguay as ours. Paraguay hasn’t been the same since the terrible invasion during the communist reign and the citizens of both nations believe the best move as of right now is for the rest of Paraguay to join the Constitutional Monarchy of Gaelio.

entire of Cameroon

After the the annexation of west Cameroon the The African Republic has agreed that the reminder of of Cameroon Should Join the African Republic For the Better of the People:)

RP 13:

To summarize everything you will read about in this Dispatch, the land of Alberta has been almost entirely overtaken by radicals, who have declared the northern half of the country to be independent of the rest of the nation. The southern half is under great strain by the local community to do something about the radical chain of events which led up to this secession. What are those events, you may ask? They are as follows, as described by modern historical experts and scrutinized by political ones:

The secession was an exponentially accelerating event, which gained more and more momentum as followers were collected by the extremists. Who are those extremists? They are, in short, authoritarian Socialists. They had been pushing for reform for quit awhile, starting out relatively peacefully, but eventually sowing seeds of corruption in their leadership. The leadership changed hands under some very suspicious circumstances, and the new political leader of the movement, Alan Turning, declared a new political party. This party was officially known as the "Red Workers' Party," but was known to most as the "New Bolshevik Party," for their tendencies to violent protests, which many times turned into riots.
The beliefs of the party what many would call radical, and some would even call terroristic. The tenseness between the New Bolsheviks and the general population was evident, and things slowly escalated until the Bloody Monday Riots.
Bloody Monday was a massive attack that many people labeled immediately as terrorist. The scariest part wasn't even the death toll of 735 innocent people, or the non-fatal casualty count, which was almost three times as high. It was the organization and amount of thought that went into the attacks that was so terrifying.
It started early in the morning when a black-clad radical detonated a bomb in a city market square, and started waving a red-and-black flag edged with reflective tape. This was a signal for another radical atop a nearby building to open fire with an illegal AK-47. Alberta has very restrictive firearms laws, so this was a blatant federal crime.
After the sniper opened fire, pouring lead into the morning crowd of the marketplace, the sound carried a great deal, and signalled another group to begin setting off explosives which had been placed around the local Governor's House. These explosives were incendiary bombs, which didn't really explode, but rather burned everything it touched.
The smoke in the sky was yet another signal to initiate the next part of the attack, which was meant to spark a revolution. The hopes of the New Bolsheviks were that the workers would finally realize their oppression was coming to an end, and they would finally overthrow the evil Capitalist establishment in favor of Socialism.
As the smoke from the Governor's house rose into the still lightening sky, many people in the marketplace center pulled out black masks and red flags, and began marching about, calling for their comrades to rise up and overthrow the establishment!
Some decided to join them. Others decided to run away. Still others dared to speak out against this madness, and were promptly mobbed and literally beaten senseless. It was at this point that city police began to arrive (this was in Edmonton), as well as riot police, since this was not the first time riots had broken out by cause of radical Socialist revolutionaries.
The police began to lose control over the violent protestors within minutes of their arrival, and after a half hour of explosions and senseless violence, federal troops were called in to assist. The radicalists knew that their precious revolution would be crushed if the troops were given an edge over them, all of the more faithful supporters immediately fled, eventually regrouping north of the city.

As they regrouped, a second plan went into effect. The radicals had infiltrated higher levels of local governments all around the northern half of Alberta. This backup plan was for all of the highest-ranking government officials sympathetic to the revolutionaries would declare their respective regions autonomous. Then they would then unite into one nation, and that region would (in theory) become more powerful than the rest of Alberta due to the superiority of resources, and eventually absorb it and be united under Socialism once and for all.

The state of Alberta is in disarray. Everyone is either radicalizing, scared, or confused. No one knows what to do. The government in the south is in a near state of anarchy, while the north is in a state of violence.

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The Brotherly War: Part II

0534, Thursday
Western Garden Circle, Moscow

A man sits looking out an apratment bulding down the road at the edge of the great city of Moscow.
This apratment was livily just a day earlier, but since the rebles have gathered closer the government has ordered them to leave and move closer to the center.
When they left the soliders moved in and set up a defenisve postion, but many thought this was pointless the rebles would never break thru the excellent 1st Shock Guard who was bravely protecting the city just a few miles out. The newly formed "Чрезвычайная Московская служба обороны" ((Emergency Moscow Defence Guard )EMDG) was recently thrown togather by lose regemneits, police, and willing civillians.
But this man was sitting there barely awake, clencthing his AK-12 in his lap, when another man tapped his shoulder and handed him a cup of coffee.

"Are you still awake Patya?" The man laughed and took a seat next to him
Patya took the coffee and leaned his rifle agisnt the window "As the Commosar ordered Nikon, all should stay at combat ready at all time" Patya joked and took a sip of coffee
Nikon chuckled took a drink of his own cup of coffee "You know Patya you keep up that attutide you may become an officer"
"I have no intrest in being an officer, we've yet to see any fighting and I'm tried of it alreday"
"Ahhh Patya, maybe we'll get lucky and when we push the rebels back we'll be depolyed"
Patya makes a harsh exhale "I dont want to fight and certianly not aginst another Russian"
Nikon strightens up and responds in a deeper harsher voice "These are not Russians they are Fascist Bolshevik swine, no better than the Nazis and no better than the Turks."

Almost as soon as Nikon's words left his mouth a T-80 and several BTR's turned the corner down the street into their block...
Patya cup his cup on the floor and slowly garbs his rifle "Are those ou..."
Before he could finish the sentence a loud streaking sound of an RPG being fired from the apartment across the street flew out of the building towards and exploded next to the T-80 and an eruption of machine gun fire fills the street and the apartments fire on the vehicles on the street and the vehicles in the street fired back at the apartments... Patya quickly grabs his rifle and drops to the floor as a strife of bullets hit his apartment. Nikon starts to fire his own rifle and soon Patya has his rifle up and firing... Soon though the BTR's have dropped ramps and soldiers started flowing out of them into the streets and soon into the apartment buildings. Soon they entered Nikon's and Patya's building... Nikon pulled Patya away from the window. "Their in our building get by the door!"
Patya and Nikon soon turned and went to the door of their room aiming their rifles at it. It was eerily quite as if the world went mute, Patya gripped his rifle with white knuckles and watched the door; however, Nikon must of heard something and fired a quick burst through the door. And silence and then a loud thump like a bag of potatoes hitting the ground, a small glimmering stream of red blood appeared under the door to answer his question. But then a burst of fire came back through the door and has Patya covered his face from the flying wood a loud crash is heard as a solider rams through the door and tackles Nikon. As Patya recovers another rebel enters the door way, but Patya was quicker to fire a burst into the man and he flies backwards. Quickly Patya turns to Nikon who is wrestling with the man on him is trying to shove a knife into Nikon's chest. "Shoot this b*stard!" Loudly and struggling Nikon shouts
Patya turned towards the two and aimed his rifle, but frozen unable to pull the trigger as Nikon struggled for his life; however, he snaps out of it and fires a round into the rebels back. Nikon slowly gets up and laughs "Looks like you beat me to it"
Yet again though the streaking sound of a RPG is heard as the floor above them took a shot at the T-80, but yet again missed and this time the T-80 swung its gun around the apartment and fired. And in that moment time frozen, the building shook and before Nikon or Patya could move the floor under them fell and they followed the gravity. A large segment of the apartment fell to the street below...
Patya opened his eyes quickly, but could only see the dust floating around him and could only hear his own heart beat. He tried to move but the parts of rubble that covered his legs and chest made it difficult and impossible in his weakened state. As the dust settled Patya turned his head to see Nikon half buried himself face down in the rubble and then over the rubble a squad of rebels appeared. Patya tried to move, but couldn't and then Patya watched as one of the solider shot Nikon in the back of the head his friends brains and blood running over the bricks. Patya struggled in able to move and is heart beat becoming louder and faster as the rebels got closer. Before he knew it he looked up to see the barrel of an AK-12 and everything went white....

The truth is over night the 1st Shock Guard had surrendered to the PCRS forces approaching the city and allowed them to enter Moscow unchallenged which where then quickly blown through and the PCRS entered the city and occupied it by the end of the day. Before the Democratic government could flee once again, they where captured on a train leaving Moscow that was enroute to St. Petersburg... Further news of their capture has been quite and no news has been given to the public about, but its looking that this civil was coming to an end with the Capture of Moscow and the head of the Democratic government.

The PCRS-German Border Conflict

The news of a German force attacking across the border angered the PCRS government greatly and even brought question to the SECP.
This was an attack by a foreign power over the Dnieper in the false claims of a PCRS attack...
Many within the PCRS claim this as a German interference and an imperialistic attack against their nation whom they assumed would respect their involvement in the EOA.
In response the PCRS pulled but the surviving reservists that where on the border back and the actual force of the PCRS was moved in along with the newly turned 1st and 2nd Shock Guards...
A counter attack was launched and the weight of Russian forces started to shove the Germans back towards the Dnieper river, but the center was surprisingly left untouched it was the northern and southern movements that pushed the Germans.
It seemed that the Russians just weren't capable of pushing the Germans, but as the Northern and Southern pushed farther it became apparent what was happening but it was too late.
The Northern and Southern movement pincered toagther and left the Germans in the center surrounded.
As the German air forced tried to interfere they found the range and accuracy of the Russian SAM systems, namely the SA-400, to be all to effective as two German aircraft were downed over the Dnieper and crashed into PCRS territory and further German aerial missions would now be determined to dangerous to be effective.
As German artillery was found to be effective at first the more numerous and effective Russian artillery soon answered back out ranging the Germans...
When Germans fire their rounds Russians would soon have returned fire on that position and like the aerial missions now artillery attacks would either have to be small caliber and fast moving, or to be non existent to ensure their forces remain intact.
With the German center now caught on the wrong side of the Dnieper and surrounded the circle began to close inward and soon the Germans found themselves fighting back to back.
After a long and bloody struggle the German pocket surrendered to Russian forces... A disclosed number of German soldiers and equipment was captured and were then properly sent to Volgograd to be put in a POW camp away from any outside sources.
After the pocket was the closed the Russians finished the push all the way back to the Dnieper; however, refused to push across the river.
Like what happened with the Germans the Russians feared of being cut off by the very few crossing points on the vast river. Dnieper was an impressive defensible position and now with a proper force could be held nearly indefinitely...
On a smaller note there was a report of the first K-A1 kill over a Leopard 2A7, the first kill that was a same generation of tank as the K-A1. The report states that the Leopard was faster than the K-A1 and was able to fire first and farther; however, was unable to penetrate the K-A1. As the tank duel was engaged the K-A1 was able to fire faster than the Leopard, but only three shots were fired by 125mm gun before the ammunition in the Leopard 2A7 in the front of the tank was penetrated and set off burning out the tank... As the push to the river went further more reports of kills over the Leopard was claimed with no loss of a K-A1, but the lost of several T-80s and T-72s.
A report was sent to Germany and soon after the entire world....

The German nation has attacked the nation of the People's Collective of the Russian States... They have crossed out borders, stained our lands, killed our people, and destroyed our industry in our Western portion of our nation. They claim we fired first, we haven't, we will fire last though. A claim as such was something we've seen before from Germany. Remember the eve of World War II, remember the German-Polish War, remember the radio station in Gleiwitz, remember their efforts to blame the Poles on the declaration of war... This is a German game and as since turned into a German folly as their aggressive push against untrained armed civilians was met with the true soldiers of the Motherland and were soon pushed back to the Dnieper. We have not pushed into Germany for the pure reason of to show their fault... We can beat them on the ground and can steam roll to Berlin once again yet we chose not to, we demand the Germans to be brought to the table of peace were we can determine a resolve of this border conflict.... Thank you for your time.

Russian Reunification: Part V

Now though it wasn't the SECP to gain land it was the PCSR to have gained the upper hand in the conflict and now to the Russian states recognized the PCSR as the new Russia.
As so the Eastern States have agreed to unify under the growing PCSR banner and pledged their loyalty to the Russian state.
Even in the worse of times in Russia the people are still able to look at each other and claim they are Russian...
"Не важно, как медленно ты продвигаешься, главное, что ты не останавливаешься.

Galkvia pland

United Stowle Boxzines wrote:The Finnish Campaign Continues!

The war continues in Finland with the 3rd armored division and the 16th infantry division reaching Turku. The Battle of Turku was difficult, with both sides suffering huge casualties. But, after a clever flanking maneuver made by one of our tank commanders, the Finnish had retreated from Turku and ,in-turn, having it fall into Polish hands. In the East, a similar battle occurred at Kotka, but due to a series of ambushes along the road to Kotku, severely reducing our force's capabilities, our forces couldn't stand a chance at Kotku, and so had to retreat to regroup.

I really can't take this RP seriously, you have left out so many things and jumped right into "we took city of 'x' theres so many questions left out and so many things.

How did the invasion start? How did you not get detected by raders, air patrol, border patrol, military scouts? How did you invade? Land? sea? air? how was your soldiers transported? How was there little resistance when every citizen is armed and drafted into 1 year of service? how did you get through the mountains without constant harassment from my citizens/soliders? what military vehicles were used? Why is the polish invading me now? I don't recall Poland declaring war on me.

etc etc etc.

so yeah, I can't take this RP seriously.

SECP and Northor

Invasion of Honduras

Despite peaceful negotiation attempts with Honduras, their government has refused every offer, no matter how it generous it is. After yet another negotiation attempt, the president of Honduras ordered the immediate closure of the Celestial embassy in the country. After Honduran soldiers attempted to remove all embassy personnell by force, during which a fight broke out and 2 Celestial soldiers and a diplomat were killed, provoking a large firefight to break out within the embassy between Celestial soldiers aided by hired guards and Honduran soldiers. It lasted 3 hours, during which 6 Celestial personnel, 7 hired guards and 9 Honduran soldiers were killed, and numerous embassy personnel were injured. 2 Celestial soldiers died defending families of the diplomats working there.

Once news of the battle and the killing of Celestial soldier and civilians hit the news, citizens, government officials and military personnel alike became enraged. Demanding revenge, citizens gathered around King Ian's palace, demanding war.

King Ian and the Celestial congress obliged, declaring war on Honduras 12 hours after the battle at the embassy. The whole of the Celestial military was ordered to the border to prepare for an invasion.

There are 3 main army groups invading Honduras. Army group 1(25,000 solders and 74 vehicles) invaded from Guatemala, heading towards San Pedro Sula, after taking some objectives on the Atlantic coast. Army Group B(25,000 men and 74 vehicles) will invade from Nicaragua, heading towards Tegulcigalpa. A final army group, Army Group C(4,167 men and 74 vehicles) will invade from El Salvador and take smaller objectives in Honduras.

Army Group A met some pretty good success early on, taking Peurto Cortes without resistance. However, enemy forces made a stand in San Pedro Sula, offering fierce resistance to Celestial forces. The city was taken after 6 months of fierce and bloody urban conbat.

Meanwhile, Army Group B made progress quickly, taking Danli without resistance. However, a section of the Army Group was ambushed inside Choluteca, becoming pinned by heavy fire from buildings on all sides of them. The soldiers were only saved when a brave Celestial soldier charged and cleared numerous buildings by themselves, then had men help him clear more. Due to his actions, the soldiers were able to escape the city and were able to bring reinforcements to take the city after 4 days of battle. Army Group B then advanced on Tegulcigalpa itself, with help from Army Group C and elements from Army Group A.

Celestial and Honduran Forces engaged in fierce and heated battle. Combat raged in and on every building, alleyway, and road. Every engagement was bloody, with Celestial forces paying with blood for every yard of ground gained. After 7 months of battle, the last Honduran forces gathered in the presidential palace and government buildings. Other forces were scattered elsewhere. The fighting climaxed here, with the Honduran forces making a bloody last stand in the government buildings. Celestial attacks were pushed back, often with large amounts of casualties. The defenses were broken when the 35th infantry company launched a bayonet charge on their own initiative, charging the heavily fortified buildings. After a gruesome charge, they reached the fortifications and broke thru them. Other units followed them, and they eventually overran the enemy forces. The Honduran president surrendered in the office of the presidential palace.

With his surrender, the war was pretty much over. Scattered resistance remained in more remote parts of the country, but they were eventually wiped out by Celestial forces.

Honduras is now officially a province of the Kingdom of the Celestials.

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