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Coastal Republican States wrote:Come take a look in the Discord (link in the WFE)! We have plenty of political positions you can run for in addition to positions within the roleplay. We'd love to have you here! America JB won the position for Consul (President basically) after a very tough and narrow race against the Progressive Party and the UIP.
Thanks! The information was helpful. How do I run for a position? How do I join the discord?
Did I mention political parties? In TDR, you have the ability to join and make political parties of your choosing, currently there's Freedom Party, Progressive Party, and the UIP (which uses the Moldavian Armed Forces flag as its flag). Not willing to be in a political party, run or vote as an independent!

I hope you enjoy your time here however long it may be, and remember - join the discord!

Shy Guy Station wrote:

You join the discord this link:
To run for a position, you must be on the discord and region for at least one week.
(The discord link can also be found on the WFE)

Shy Guy Station wrote:Is someone running for office soon? I want a job. I came from my own region. This sounded good.

Welcome to TDR!

Advanced research on med techs.

Many of the United Monatian Asian Federation’s top leading and many other medical tech development industries, such as Grandar Medical and Special Medical Development Cor, National Epidemic Disease Control Industry, Drazgi Health Organization, and Airiad Medical Technologies have begun their great research, with the support of the government and private sector to initiate similar studies on developing more advanced brain mapping, simulation technologies, methods in combating against cancer using CRISPR from CETI, Neurological reparation methods and technologies, more precise treatments for serious diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and etc. Partnered with TAGALogica, such industries are also currently in development of advanced 3D Printer technologies to use for both commercially and medically, using 3D printer systems to cheaply build hollow shells for medical technologies such as MRI scanners. Efficient surgical technologies also in favor of improvement to boost the chances of survivability even further.

ArtolCore’s initiative to improve polymer and zionite technologies were also announced, specifically to also help create better energy storage systems for the upcoming new techs for medical treatment. The intended goal is to produce cheaper prices for commercial use in polymer and zionite tech. More advanced digital interface systems, alternate reality simulations, and info processing data cores are also included within the list of development within the United Monatian Asian Federation.


Missile warheads armed with EMP and devastating enhanced napalm warheads have begun construction within several bases in the northern and southern territories of the Federation. Long range ICBMs have now been developed and will be immediately armed and launched if more attacks against the ICP's enemies within Central Asia and Eastern Africa is committed.

Synthetic Biology advancements.

Medical technologies especially within synthetic biology is also included within the list of advanced research within the Federation and its public and private sectors. Such advancements is listed, Gene delivery/gene therapy - Designing molecules to deliver modified or new genes into cells of living organisms to cure genetic disorders. Metabolic engineering - Modifying metabolism of organisms to optimize production of chemicals (e.g. synthetic genomics). Protein engineering - Altering structure of existing proteins to enable specific new functions, or the creation of fully artificial proteins. DNA-functionalized materials - 3D assemblies of DNA-conjugated nanoparticle lattices. Although the listed topics are already present, the goal is to further master and understand its functions to better utilize its benefits for the greater improvement of health.

As of right now, the private sector, as well as its top leading med tech industries have established several more facilities within the Southern territories to work on and experiment thoroughly and with much greater commitment. CETI will also be partnering with other med tech companies to increase their research towards advancing the listed topics, such technologies and experiments include,

Gene doping
Athletes might adopt gene therapy technologies to improve their performance.Gene doping is not known to occur, but multiple gene therapies may have such effects. Kayser et al. argue that gene doping could level the playing field if all athletes receive equal access. Critics claim that any therapeutic intervention for non-therapeutic/enhancement purposes compromises the ethical foundations of medicine and sports.
Human genetic engineering
Genetic engineering could be used to cure diseases, but also to change physical appearance, metabolism, and even improve physical capabilities and mental faculties such as memory and intelligence. Ethical claims about germline engineering include beliefs that every fetus has a right to remain genetically unmodified, that parents hold the right to genetically modify their offspring, and that every child has the right to be born free of preventable diseases.For parents, genetic engineering could be seen as another child enhancement technique to add to diet, exercise,education, training, cosmetics, and plastic surgery. Another theorist claims that moral concerns limit but do not prohibit germline engineering.
Possible regulatory schemes include a complete ban, provision to everyone, or professional self-regulation. The UMAF Medical Association’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs stated that "genetic interventions to enhance traits should be considered permissible only in severely restricted situations: (1) clear and meaningful benefits to the fetus or child; (2) no trade-off with other characteristics or traits; and (3) equal access to the genetic technology, irrespective of income or other socioeconomic characteristics."
Although many clinical trials have already been done several times in gene doping and human genetic engineering, new clinical trials will be conducted to further test it successfully.
An announcement has also been made by the president and CEO of CETI on pre-existing technologies and significantly improve them within the next two-to-four months. Such as, Reagents, Gibson Assembly HiFi 1-Step Kit, Gibson Assembly Ultra Kit, Gibson Assembly, Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit, Gibson Assembly Vectors. Instruments, BioXp 3200 System. Cells, Vmax Express Chemically Competent & Electrocompetent Cells. Software, Archetype software. And etc.
Protein engineering, already widely tested several clinical trials, utilized within actual people have already gained advantage within the nation. Although, the process of utilizing the much newer and experimental methods and technologies is still underway. Many of which CETI has already developed during its years. Computing methods have been used to design a protein with a novel fold, named Trope87, and sensors for unnatural molecules. The engineering of fusion proteins has yielded rilonacept, a pharmaceutical that has secured Monatian Food and Drug Administration (MFDA) approval for treating cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome.

Another computing method, IPRO, successfully engineered the switching of cofactor specificity of Candida boidinii xylose reductase. Iterative Protein Redesign and Optimization (IPRO) redesigns proteins to increase or give specificity to native or novel substrates and cofactors. This is done by repeatedly randomly perturbing the structure of the proteins around specified design positions, identifying the lowest energy combination of rotamers, and determining whether the new design has a lower binding energy than prior ones.
Computation-aided design has also been used to engineer complex properties of a highly ordered nano-protein assembly. A protein cage, E. coli bacterioferritin (EcBfr), which naturally shows structural instability and an incomplete self-assembly behavior by populating two oligomerization states, is the model protein in this study. Through computational analysis and comparison to its homologs, it has been found that this protein has a smaller-than-average dimeric interface on its two-fold symmetry axis due mainly to the existence of an interfacial water pocket centered on two water-bridged asparagine residues. To investigate the possibility of engineering EcBfr for modified structural stability, a semi-empirical computational method is used to virtually explore the energy differences of the 480 possible mutants at the dimeric interface relative to the wild type EcBfr. This computational study also converges on the water-bridged asparagines. Replacing these two asparagines with hydrophobic amino acids results in proteins that fold into alpha-helical monomers and assemble into cages as evidenced by circular dichroism and transmission electron microscopy. Both thermal and chemical denaturation confirm that, all redesigned proteins, in agreement with the calculations, possess increased stability. One of the three mutations shifts the population in favor of the higher order oligomerization state in solution as shown by both size exclusion chromatography and native gel electrophoresis.
A in silico method, PoreDesigner, was successfully developed to redesign bacterial channel protein (OmpF) to reduce its 1nm pore size to any desired sub-nm dimension. Transport experiments on the narrowest designed pores revealed complete salt rejection when assembled in biomimetic block-polymer matrices. More experiments and funding will be given to such industries and research teams to place the nation back on top of the world in terms of medicine and health.


The two projects being managed by MACC and The Aegean Corporation have rolled out prototypes of their new equipment. One dubbed Книгхт Суит and the other Борбени огртач; the Книгхт Суит will be given for testing to the 63rd Parachute battalion while The Борбени огртач will be given to the 10th PROSF Brigade for testing.

Within the first week of testing Книгхт Суит is found to have power issues which will need to be fixed before it enters into combat one of the Книгхт Суит is sent back to the labs for further testing however the 63rd will continue to test the equipment. the 10th PROSF Brigade has reportedly had more luck with their Борбени огртач and are continuing testing.

It is expected that possibly within the next year Книгхт Суит and Борбени огртач will enter limited combat service.

Balk Tech

Balk Tech one of the premiere technology companies in the PRO has begun research into a more advanced brain mapping and simulation technology to increase knowledge of the human brain, such work had been done in 2005 by another nation to a mouse brain. In the era of advancing information technology those working on the project believe that they can do it faster than ever before. This technology would allow for significant medical advances in how we today understand the human brain and how to potential treat dramatic brain injuries as well as many other medical uses.

Another project launched by the company is looking into potentially 3D printing organs to address organ shortages in hospital it is not yet clear on how the company intends to print them as of yet as the time and research must be put in first. The company will also look into making 3D printing cheaper for more every day items and possibly even clothing.

The company also announces plans to create driverless high speed trains and an initiative to combat climate change by drawing up plans to propose to the People's Council within the year it is rumored that they will propose banning fossil fuels in most major cities as well as introducing a new power source for vehicles and perhaps yielding a result for the military that would satisfy them as well as the PRO's Armed forces are in charge of the safety and security of the nation as a whole.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Courageous.


The United States of America JB
America JB

Map of America JB

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Courageous.

National Anthem
For Liberty be Liberty


Capital City: London
Largest City: London
Population: 66,440,000 people
Official Language: English


Type: Constitutional Republic
President: John Tyler [R]
Vice President: Mike Moreau [R]
Speaker of House: David Permeate [D]
Chief Justice: Thomas Smith
Legislature: General Assembly
Upper House: Senate
Lower House: House of Representatives


Currency: U.S. Dollar
GDP: $2.622 Trillion
GDP per capita: $39,720.44
Economic Growth: 2.1% Medium


Drives on the: Right
Favorite sport: Baseball
Top 4 songs:
LinkDoxology//Amen- Wickham
LinkChester- William Billings
LinkFreedom- Zach Williams
LinkLord of Hosts- Shane & Shane

Official Allies

Timjoa United Trev FireFox15

The United States of America JB [JB] is a Constitutional Republic composed of 4 states with a capital city of London, England. Each State is divided into districts where the citizens elect people from the districts to represent them in the Federal and State governments, each district is further divided into counties that provide certain local governmental services. The culture in America JB is a very diverse cultural environment.

At just over 93,628 mi˛ of land and with over 66.44 million people. America JB is the 21st most populous nation in the world. America JB is also ranked 2nd in the world for the highest foreign aid spending while being ranked 6th in the world for being the most pacifist. America JB is also home to the world's largest immigrant population. The America JBian economy is led by the tourism industry- largely in part to a beautiful environment. The capital is London as mentioned above and is the most populated city in the nation.

America JB is a developed country, with one of the world's competative economies by nominal GDP. America JB ranks the highest in Equality, Employment, Human Development, and Best Educated.


"America JB" comes from a navigator and explorer, Amerigo JB Vespucci. Vespucci was a Florentine transatlantic explorer who was a navigator. Vespucci was also the first geographer to realize that the Americas were separate continents.


Indigenous Peoples-
The first migrants of America JB migrated from Northern Europe by ship and they arrived in the 1200's. At the time of first North European contact and later settling. Republic of Canterbury controlled what is now the United States of America JB.
The American people set up towns from the south to up north. From the cities of London, Manchester, Edinburg, Portree and Kirkwall. The states of America JB Linkdeclared independence the new Republic of The United States of America JB.

Unified Union of America JB-
On June 26, 1678 at the Constitutional convention in London, Britain, the States of Wales, Scotland, and England made a Constitution and formed the new Republic. The first President was Mathew Kane.

The great English Irish war-
The nation of Ireland and America JB, after five years of bloody war, they agreed to split the island at the Londonderry and Dundalk line seen today in a peace agreement. The north now belongs to The United States of America JB as Northern Ireland and a new State of America JB.

Modern day-
After losing the Second European War to Nazi Germany, UK gained self autonomy again. The United States of America JB is now a vibrant nation with a General Assembly made up of two houses (House of Reps in lower and Senators in upper). The President is the head of Gov and State. Modern America JB still very much follows the ideas of the founding fathers, which is the practice of Conservatism and small government rule.

The Modern America JB State has developed into a mighty military power and an economic powerhouse.
You can see the history of America JB more in detail here


America JB has a diverse terrain, with large praries, rivers, mountain ranges, and other natural formations dominating the relatively cold north, and more fertile, humid, and farmable land in the South. The largest national park is The Lake District National Park.

America JB is home to one of the world's largest reserves of fresh water. The largest lakes are know as the great lakes which include lake Michigan, lake Superior, lake Huron, lake Erie, and lake Ontario. These lakes provide great drinking water for most of the nation of America JB.

America JB is usually in the mid 80's in the summer and little to no humidity in most locations of the country. This is a reason America JB has such a great tourism industry.


There are 100 total Senators in the Senate, 25 from each State. There are also 435 representatives in the House of Representatives, total number per state depending on population of the state. Here is the America JB LinkGeneral Assembly.
More Information on the government can be found here.

General Assembly
Republican: 52
Democrat: 48

House of Representatives
Democrat: 190
Republican: 245


According to the latest America JB census over 66.44 million people live in America JB. The average women in America JB has 3 children. Most America JBian's live in the east and south of America JB. The census shows a growing migration into cities and towns into central and northern america JB. The cities of York Town and London show the highest growth rate.


The America JB Government buys most of it's Aircraft and munitions from a multibillion dollar defense company based in San Francisco named Airbus- Defense and Space. Here is The United States of America JB Military.

National News

Election Day

Yesterday was the national election in America JB! The Republican party has lost their momentum, the Democrats have gained 50 seats in the house and the nation is rattled. Democrats now have 190 seats in house compared to the Republicans 245 seats. The Democrats have also gained 2 seats in the Senate, making the Senate, 52 seats for Republicans and 48 seats for Democrats. The Republican Vice-President shall serve as the tie breaker vote so Republicans now have control of the Senate. The Republican Speaker of the House and Democratic Minority leader in the Senate said in a statement, "We have been tasked with representing this nation in the House of Representatives and making sure the Democrats are held accountable in the government. We will do our jobs faithfully."

America JB hall of statues:

Statue of Mathew Kane
Mathew Kane was the first President of America JB.

Statue of Billy Graham
Billy Graham was an evangelist and a prominent evangelical Christian figure. Who gave his life to the mission of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Here is a LinkSermon.

Read factbook

Seizing of the Islands

Starting in early 2023, the Chinese Navy and Air Force began installing military bases on unoccupied islands in the South China Sea. At first, this was on only Chinese off-shore islands in the form of a outer-board Coast Guard base. This was soon followed by three airstrips on various islands across the South China Sea in the Spratly and Paracel islands. Although China does intend on making use of the islands as a way to extend their 200-mile off-shore fishing and drilling rights, it also has the intensions of aiding in the preservation of the coral reefs within the area in addition to monitoring fishing regulations. The islands guarantee Chinese demands in the region as well as self-reliance in many resources such as oil, which is very abundant in the South China Sea. As of late January, over fifteen islands were being constructed, some in close groups to form small and medium sized military bases for naval, air, and allied uses. Additionally, several islands were to be occupied by Chinese troops to act as off-shore fishing stations for smaller, more regionalized fishing companies who did not have the money or demand to expand with large fishing trawlers.

Early March of 2023 saw the execution of this plan, with Chinese amphibious forces landing on the islands. By mid-march, facilities were in rapid construction and most of them, with the exception of certain structures and newly built islands are to be completed by June, 2023.

Formal invitation

The leaders of Timjoa and United Trev have been invited to the Executive mansion in London, England to have a State dinner. This dinner will be meant to build relations between our nations.

President John Tyler
United States of America JB

Texas Joins the Union
Today the United States announces the inclusion of Texas into the Union after weeks of negotiations. According to the announcement the The Republic of Texas has joined the union due to concerns of a foreign power at their doorstep and have agreed to allow US forces into Texas once more. The United States begins to deploy its forces once more into Texas and reestablishes control of military bases once abandoned, however the United States still does not recognize the nation to the south and still considers it a part of Texas. It will however proceed to take on the situation with a different approach, and has agreed to take in Texas in the south who don't want to be apart of the illegitimate nation.

The Chrondian Times
The Government has announced that all buildings above 20m-25m have to have protection against natural disasters. The government will help fund such initiatives using its oil fund. The Government has also announced plans to renovate the transportation system and about creating hyperloops.

Neurotechnology advancements.

After the recent boom in tech advancements in pre existing and new experimental technologies, fields in neurology have also gained a recent trend in optimizing funds to help advance neurological technologies and research to better deal with more fatal diseases in the brain and nervous systems. Top leading companies and research teams will also aid in the advancement, the expected results such as info and new technologies will be released and used for clinical trials in 2-3 years. Which include a list down below.
Stem cell technologies are always salient both in the minds of the general public and scientists because of their large potential. Recent advances in stem cell research have allowed researchers to ethically pursue studies in nearly every facet of the body, which includes the brain. Research has shown that while most of the brain does not regenerate and is typically a very difficult environment to foster regeneration there are portions of the brain with regenerative capabilities (specifically the hippocampus and the olfactory bulbs). Much of the research in central nervous system regeneration is how to overcome this poor regenerative quality of the brain. It is important to note that there are therapies that improve cognition and increase the amount of neural pathways, but this does not mean that there is a proliferation of neural cells in the brain. Rather, it is called a plastic rewiring of the brain (plastic because it indicates malleability) and is considered a vital part of growth. Nevertheless, many problems in patients stem from death of neurons in the brain, and researchers in the field are striving to produce technologies that enable regeneration in patients with stroke, Parkinson's diseases, severe trauma, and Alzheimer's disease, as well as many others. While still in fledgling stages of development, researchers have recently begun making very interesting progress in attempting to treat these diseases. Researchers have recently successfully produced dopaminergic neurons for transplant in patients with Parkinson's diseases with the hopes that they will be able to move again with a more steady supply of dopamine. Many researchers are building scaffolds that could be transplanted into a patient with spinal cord trauma to present an environment that promotes growth of axons (portions of the cell attributed with transmission of electrical signals) so that patients unable to move or feel might be able to do so again. The potentials are wide-ranging, but it is important to note that many of these therapies are still in the laboratory phase and are slowly being adapted in the clinic. Some scientists remain skeptical with the development of the field, and warn that there is a much larger chance that electrical prosthesis will be developed to solve clinical problems such as hearing loss or paralysis before cell therapy is used in a clinic.
So far CETI and Grandar have been slowly and carefully into developing Genetically modified stem cells able to regenerate at a needed moment when neurological pathways and sectors within the system have been slightly or significantly damaged. 
Novel drug delivery systems are being researched in order to improve the lives of those who struggle with brain disorders that might not be treated with stem cells, modulation, or rehabilitation. Pharmaceuticals play a very important role in society, and the brain has a very selective barrier that prevents some drugs from going from the blood to the brain. There are some diseases of the brain such as meningitis that require doctors to directly inject medicine into the spinal cord because the drug cannot cross the blood–brain barrier. Research is being conducted to investigate new methods of targeting the brain using the blood supply, as it is much easier to inject into the blood than the spine. New technologies such as nanotechnology are being researched for selective drug delivery, but these technologies have problems as with any other. One of the major setbacks is that when a particle is too large, the patient's liver will take up the particle and degrade it for excretion, but if the particle is too small there will not be enough drug in the particle to take effect. In addition, the size of the capillary pore is important because too large a particle might not fit or even plug up the hole, preventing adequate supply of the drug to the brain. Other research is involved in integrating a protein device between the layers to create a free-flowing gate that is unimpeded by the limitations of the body. Another direction is receptor-mediated transport, where receptors in the brain used to transport nutrients are manipulated to transport drugs across the blood–brain barrier. Some have even suggested that focused ultrasound opens the blood–brain barrier momentarily and allows free passage of chemicals into the brain. Ultimately the goal for drug delivery is to develop a method that maximizes the amount of drug in the loci with as little degraded in the blood stream as possible.
Neuromodulation is a technology currently used for patients with movement disorders, although research is currently being done to apply this technology to other disorders. Recently, a study was done on if DBS could improve depression with positive results, indicating that this technology might have potential as a therapy for multiple disorders in the brain. DBS is limited by its high cost however, and in developing countries the availability of DBS is very limited. A new version of DBS is under investigation and has developed into the novel field, optogenetics. Optogenetics is the combination of deep brain stimulation with fiber optics and gene therapy. Essentially, the fiber optic cables are designed to light up under electrical stimulation, and a protein would be added to a neuron via gene therapy to excite it under light stimuli. So by combining these three independent fields, a surgeon could excite a single and specific neuron in order to help treat a patient with some disorder. Neuromodulation offers a wide degree of therapy for many patients, but due to the nature of the disorders it is currently used to treat its effects are often temporary. Future goals in the field hope to alleviate that problem by increasing the years of effect until DBS can be used for the remainder of the patient's life. Another use for neuromodulation would be in building neuro-interface prosthetic devices that would allow quadriplegics the ability to maneuver a cursor on a screen with their thoughts, thereby increasing their ability to interact with others around them. By understanding the motor cortex and understanding how the brain signals motion, it is possible to emulate this response on a computer screen. New and advanced digital interface and fiber optic systems for enhanced neurological performance on a robot. The goal of the current tech test is to simulate an enhanced performance on robotic synthetics. 

For the last 3 weeks @HomoHobos Executive Council has been trying to increase the economic output of the nation. During those 3 weeks resolutions were made by the Minister of Public Works from the Legislative Council to give the people higher civil rights. These lead to demonstrations in the streets of the Capital. Unfortunately due to the premature death of the Minister himself, the resolutions were dropped personally by the Sultan. But this few weeks have left an impact on the people. Civil rights of the people may improve in the future.

HomoHobo wrote:For the last 3 weeks @HomoHobos Executive Council has been trying to increase the economic output of the nation. During those 3 weeks resolutions were made by the Minister of Public Works from the Legislative Council to give the people higher civil rights. These lead to demonstrations in the streets of the Capital. Unfortunately due to the premature death of the Minister himself, the resolutions were dropped personally by the Sultan. But this few weeks have left an impact on the people. Civil rights of the people may improve in the future.

Please join the discord channel to partake in RP affairs.

Drastic changes in diet and agriculture.

The overall size of the UMAF’s territories and its population, stretching from the Northern hemisphere into the central hemisphere is daunting, providing the nation with many benefits, as well as many issues to tackle in the future. One of such issues involves the necessity to produce millions of tonnes of meat to feed the overall population. Although the production may be viewed as an important and valued part of our economy and lifestyle is true, studies extensively done on the topic state the exact opposite when it comes to dietary health and the expensive usage of resources, such as water. Many publicly funded research teams and laboratories show that the average use to provide feed and fresh water estimate to around 25kg of feed and 15k L of water, however further research to decrease the amount of resource intake is now being taken by the GMHFS branch of CETI to provide genetic enhancements cheaply using CRISPR to lower the amount of resources needed to take care of livestock while still maintaining a healthy status. The more sinister part of the research shows that the livestock right now, is being treated with utmost cruelty by packing tonnes of animals within small confines of space, the use of antibiotics are also a significant risk factor due to the increase of diseases caused by said really small spaces, which can cause dangerous levels of superbugs. The more viable approach is to provide a more humanistic view, such as giving the animals larger space to roam around. This will eliminate the cruelty and risks of superbugs almost instantaneously with only one method. 

The catch is that it limits the capabilities of producing more meat, however most of the populations in UMAF consume more fish and veggie related food more than meat. The quality of meat will be significantly higher, with less processing, leading to less and less cases of cardiovascular diseases and worst of all, cancer. To tackle the consequences of meat shortage, CETI partnered with other independent laboratories and research teams have provided a viable option to genetically modify certain types of fish living within every member nation, again using CRISPR, adding similar modifications such as better resistance to certain environments, diseases, viruses, predators, etc, and added beneficials vitamins, minerals, and amino acids it can produce within its body. The GM fish will then be placed into large fish farms where they could migrate and produce more of the same GM fish, using much less resources than producing meat. However, dolphins, whales, and other valued sea mammals will not be subjected to be eaten by humans. With this said, the Congress is ultimately convinced with the proposal and the detailed study of the research. A proposal bill was passed to improve the quality of life with its livestock all over the nation, providing subsidies to assist in the shift on pre-existing farms and other less successful farms. The bill also includes subsidies to construct the GM Fish Farms within Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Southern Vietnam, and Malaysia, costing only in a 640 million dollars to complete. 

Vertical farms have also taken a massive rise in the free market, more and more higher quality soil container sets, including many varied lighting systems for plant growth and efficient water irrigation systems, have been bought by many farmers all over the country. Ishiga V Farm Tech development will be announcing their new higher efficiency V farm systems in the future, supporting the new rise in green fresh quality. Many cities have now established some V farm facilities to aid in the ever-growing populations, producing several GM foods finally released in the free market by CETI. As of February 14th, 2023, the United Monatian Asian Federation has gained a significant increase in the human index and overall quality rank in the world and will continue to do so for the betterment of society and health.

Biocybernetic tech advancements.

The whole technology development centers and industry have now started to initiate advanced research and progress on newer technologies as a sort of chain reaction by the recent initiative projects conducted on several pre-existing and future medical tech and methods. 

Grandar, taking the initiative to develop new full spectrum vision, using eye contacts integrating nanocircuits to assist in night vision and other possibilities. Another one of Grandar’s list is the development of more advanced brain-computer interfacing, similar to their project to use scan brain performance to operate cybernetics and small robot parts. Scientists from Bavra University have claimed to have invented the world's first non-invasive brain-to-brain interface called BrainNet. The interface combines electroencephalography (EEG) to record brain signals and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to deliver information to the brain. Taking on a new path for future medical treatments using efficient brain scanning technologies. 

Super endurance exoskeletons have also been successfully developed for both medical and military use. Many companies are looking into the way hardware, and software can combine to help humans perform physically better for longer. This research has applications for both people with physical disabilities as well as people who have jobs that require intense physical effort like a soldier or factory worker. The developments of exoskeletons that support the body to perform have been around for a while. But only recently has this hardware combined with AI to really elevate the possibilities of the human body. These systems can now detect fatigue or poor posture and send warning signals to individuals and managers to take care of. Augmenting human strength comes with the potential of misuse. Forcing people working in already brutal conditions to work longer and harder, but it also has the possibility to reduce body stress and injury for some of the labor forces most vulnerable.

Psychokinesis, or the ability to move objects with your mind is not based on science. However, there are plenty of new technologies exploring this idea artificially. 
There are no psychics, and there have never been. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t create technopsychics artificially. Researchers are working on methods of remote-control of drones using brain-computer interface tech. One such team can be found at the University of Hasta that allows users to remote-control quadcopter drones with their thoughts. The controller wears a specially designed cap with electrodes that transmit the tiny electrical signals to a computer. Specialist software then converts the electrical signals into instructions to move the drone remotely. Volunteers must first adapt to this strange method of control but can become adept enough to navigate the drone through an obstacle course. The idea was then partnered with Grandar to further develop the idea. New technologies concerning psychokinesis will be highly expected to be released in a year or a year in a half. 
Nano robots for disease immunity, Researchers are working on ways to prevent and detect disease from inside our bodies. These nanorobots could be injected into our bloodstream where they stop you from getting sick and even send health data to your smartphone via the cloud. Autopoiesis is Greek for self-creation. Allopoiesis is other-creation. Humans have a limited ability for Autopoiesis, we grow but only until an adult then we stop. Allopoiesis does happen all the time, but only through the assistance of manufacturing processes. Researchers have been doing breakthrough research into animals that can self-generate after amputations. Animals such as salamanders, jellyfish, and skinks, can regrow limbs after accidents. Biologists recently discovered the master switch for a particular species of worms that once ‘on’ allows for this powerful process to occur. In the future, genes inside humans could also be switched on giving humans the ability to regrow fingers, toes and even arms if needed.
Superintelligence is already a given factor of development as it is already being developed by CETI. The world was shocked when Joia Gu announced he had altered the genes of two human embryos in Seoul, Korea. He said he made edits to the gene ARFv5, using the gene editing technology CRISPR. He claims the edits would back the children immune to the aids virus. But many scientists speculate he may have been trying to improve the brain cognition of the babies. The gene ARFv5, which is linked with the HIV virus, has also been connected to brain function. While it will be some time before human gene-editing becomes the norm, there is the possibility that humans in the future will be able to edit unborn babies to create a generation of super smart homo sapiens.
Immortality, the top leading project in CETI, researchers are trying to figure out which of these parts are responsible for the different process of aging.  One group of researchers are looking at ways that reprogramming cells can reverse at least stall some of these processes. A top secret project that will funded using a majority of CETI’s budget to master programmable cells to almost fully seize aging.

America JBian take over of western Belgium

The President of America JB woke up in the morning, asked his advisors what was new. While most advisors had the normal boring briefings, one advisor in particular had something rather intriguing for the President to mull over during his breakfast. The advisor explained with a sense of joy in his tone, waking the President up, that there was land open that we could use to defend our English channel and our home Island from invasion. The President said go on, and so the advisor did. The President got up, cleaned his mouth with a cloth and thanked the advisor for the wonderful advise.

Five hours after the breakfast conversation with one of his advisors, the President ordered his military to send ten thousand troops to take Northwestern Belgium for the nation of America JB. After this command, Navy ships docked into the Belgium harbor and there was the military marching and claiming the aforementioned land. The Army went as far east as Brussels, a city they took, until they stopped. two thousand troops are now stationed in Brussels and the other eight thousand troops are stationed along the border.

The President drew the border from Antwerp to Brussels and from Brussels to along the border of France

The President then has planned a trip to Brussels to hold a press conference and detail everything about the operation to the America JBian press and people. This is a big step America JB has taken to tighten regional security in Europe. The General Assembly had a lot to say about this expansion in particular with many supporting it and a few outspokenly against. The Speaker of the House expressed his concern that the President should be taking into account how this latest move will affect regional neighbors. In response the President tweeted that this move is not aimed at hurting any neighbor but securing the well being of our people and that tweet got the attention of the Senate majority leader in which he praised the Presidents strength and vowed his support for this endeavor.

Collecting the SECP

Further integration of members of the SECP is still slowly coming together as the next nation that is signing into the Federation is one of the fastest growing nations in the world and one of the closest economic partners of the Federation, Chile.
Since the mass meeting with SECP from over three years ago the back-door meetings and dealing discussing the unification of the SECP with the Federation has been underway.
One of the more interested members of the SECP was Chile, with the significant economic ties between the two nation a union between the two would effectively guarantee the prosperity of South America as a whole.
Although Chile is still quite timid in the idea of joining the Federation directly, seeing how the Federation has gained the attention of America in the North and their policies enforced in Ecuador.
Yet the idea of a unified South America, the Federation’s recognition among the Latin American nations as a protector, and the fusion of the largest economies of South America have them keeping the pen on the paper.
Meeting after meeting, deal after deal the pen kept getting closer to the paper and eventually a mutual deal was reached, the second deal of South America and the bridge to more in the near future.
The northern section of Chile will granted to the Federation, this area will be directly joined into the Federation within a month while the southern section along with the capital of Chile will organize the rest of their nation in an attempt to make the unification of Chile and the Federation come more smoothly.
The song of the SECP is being sung across South America, more nations look to the Federation for further deals in the future as their song slowly becoming sung louder and louder…

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