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Welcome to the Regional League Baseball (RLB). In this league there shall be two divisions named the Republic and Democratic divisions, which will make up a League with a total of twenty-two games being played in the regular season. The top team with the best record in the division shall win the divisional crown. The top four teams in the league as a whole, shall qualify for the postseason where they shall verse each other in the Divisional Series. The winners of the divisional series shall verse each other in the League Championship Series. Check out the LinkLeague Song.

Each game will be decided through a simulated league simulator, with each teams offense and defense rated 1-9 with 1 being least and 9 being most. Each team will start out with a team rating of 5. When a team wins the League Championship Series then 1 rating get's added to their total team rating. When a team wins that is already at a 9 rating, then any other team above 5 will be deducted a rating point. There shall be a limit of ten teams. If a member nation leaves the region then either their team shall be transferred to a new player or will be an independent team until transferred to other player.

Regular Season

Democratic Division

♛ Porto Verde 13-9

United Trev 11-11

Fifj 10-12

Celestials 10-12

Omnise 9-13

Saratoga 9-13

Republic Division

♛ Oofer Gangz 15-7

Fr0sia 13-9

Timjoa 13-9

Capital AL 12-10

Key Largo 10-12

America JB 7-15

Divisional Series

Champion Divisional Series
#1 seed: Oofer Gangz
#4 seed: Timjoa
Winner: Oofer Gangz

Wild Divisional Series
#2 seed: Fr0sia
#3 seed: Porto Verde
Winner: Porto Verde

League Championship Series
Champion Divisional winner VS Wild Divisional winner

Past Champions
America JB Seasons 01, 06, 08, 11, 12, 16, 17, 34
Key Largo Seasons 02, 21
Timjoa Seasons 03, 07, 13
Capital AL Seasons 04, 19, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 32
Celestials Seasons 05, 09, 10, 14, 15, 20
Fifj Seasons 18, 25
Oofer Gangz Seasons 23, 31, 33, 35
Porto Verde Seasons 30

Teams rivalries-
Teams that are competative against each other and face each other in the post season on a fairly regular basis. Teams that also fight against each other for the divisional crown on a regular basis. A team can only have one real rival. Rivalries may change.
America JB VS Capital AL
Key Largo VS Timjoa
Saratoga VS Omnise
Porto Verde VS Celestials
Fifj VS United Trev
Oofer Gangz VS Fr0sia

Read factbook

Oofer Gangz has won

The Constitution of The Democratic Republic

Constitutional Index

Index (Articles 1-4)

Index (Articles 5-7)

Regional Flag

Regional Motto: Many nations united in one cause

The Constitution of The Democratic Republic

The people of this great Republic have cumulated in one cause to establish Sovereignty, Liberty and Liberation. We do ordain and establish this Constitution for The Democratic Republic on Nationstates and The Democratic Republic affiliated Discord server. We have resolved to set forth in a coalesced declaration the natural, inalienable, and sacred rights of Citizens.

Section 1- Powers & Elections
Section 2- Speaker of Senate
Section 3- Responsibilities
Section 4- Supermajority
Section 5- Special elections
Section 6- Amendment process

Qualifications and Rights of Citizenship
Puppet definition

Section 1- Format & Responsibilities
Section 2- Powers
Section 3- Rights in trials & Recusal of a Justice
Section 4- Trial procedures

Section 1- Acknowledgement
Section 2- Powers

Section 1- Equality of Impeachment
Section 2- Grounds for Impeachment
Section 3- Impeachment Procedures

Section 1- Responsibilities
Section 2- Elections
Section 3- Powers
Section 4- Cabinet
Section 5- Line of Succession

Preamble (Sections 1-7)
Section 8- Supremacy of Constitution
Section 9- Criminal Code Act
Section 10- Universal Rights of Citizens Act
Section 11- The Constitutional Integrity Act
Section 12- The stylizing, Formatting and Procedure Act

Article 1 - Rights of Citizens

Right to speech and expression: The right to liberatingly say your opinion, your values, and the free practice of the press within NationStates rules shall not be suppressed.

Right to Protest: The right to tranquilly protest government and regional activities.

Right to a Trial: All Citizens shall have the right to an expeditious and public trial by an impartial Equity.

Right to run for office: All law-abiding Citizens shall have the right to run for office in which they qualify for and shall have the unalienable right to vote in regional elections.

The aforementioned rights shall not be infringed upon in any way. All nations who are residing in The Democratic Republic after meeting the equitable qualification for Citizenship of residing in the region for a week, are recognized as Citizens thereof with exception of Puppet nations. Further, defines a puppet nation as a nation that was created by an already-existing member of The Democratic Republic.

Article 2 - Office of Founder
  • Section I

    • Acknowledges, Capital AL, as the Founder of The Democratic Republic.

    • The Founder retains executive powers on NationStates, using his executive power to help lead the region in a time of crisis such as a mass exodus of the Regional Government.

  • Section II

      The Founder shall have the sole power to
    • Manage Regional Records

    • Present the Senate with a special proposal to retract the citizenship of any nation in The Democratic Republic by the result of ban/ejecting them from the region, with it needing a simplemajority vote by the senate to pass. The exception is that to retract the Citizenship by the result of ban/ejecting a Consul or Justice will require a supermajority vote of the Senate. This specific ban/ejecting may be overturned by the Supreme Court if there was evidence found of illegal actions in the process of ban/ejecting the nation.

Article 3 - Office of Consul

  • Section I

    • Establishes the Office of Consul in The Democratic Republic, who serves as Head of Government and State while also serving as Commander in Chief of the armed forces.

    • The Consul is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws written by the Legislature.

    • A Consul of The Democratic Republic may not server as member of Senate or Courts while serving as Consul.

  • Section II

    • Consulship elections are held every month on the first day. Every law-abiding nation has the unalienable right to run for office and vote. A nation may only serve two consecutive terms as Consul, then after his two consecutive terms, a new Consul is required to hold the office before that nation can run again for the office of Consul.

  • Section III

    • The Consul has the potency to issue Executive Orders, which shall act as law with the full force of law behind it. The orders may not go against this Constitution or be used to abolish or amend anything to it.

    • The Consul shall have power to sign or veto any law passed by the Senate.

    • The Consul shall have the power to negotiate treaties with foreign regions. Through advise and consent of the Senate, the proposed treaty would need to pass with a Supermajority vote of the Senate to be ratified into law. The Senate may veto the closure or the opening of an embassy by a Supermajority vote.

    • The Consul shall have the sole power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against The Democratic Republic on all others than himself with a Supermajority vote of the Senate. The reprieves and pardons shall not affect an impeachment process.

    • The Consul shall nominate members to the Supreme Court when there is a vacancy on the aforementioned court for the Senate to approve with a Supermajority vote. The nominee must be a Citizen of The Democratic Republic.

    • The Consul shall have the potency to call a special session of the Legislature with a set time period approved by the Speaker of the Senate.

  • Section IV

    • The Cabinet of Ministers shall avail the Consul in carrying out government policy and law by managing over individual departments.

    • The Cabinet of Ministers shall be nominated by the Consul and approved by the Senate each term to insure transparency. Cabinet members may be removed from their position in the cabinet by the Consul for any reason.

    • A member of Cabinet may not serve in the Courts of The Democratic Republic.

    • The Consul of The Democratic Republic shall preside over the Cabinet of Ministers.

        The Ministers shall be the:
      • Minister of Defense- advising and aiding the Consul in implementing the defense policy set by the Regional Government.

      • Minister of State- advising and aiding the Consul in managing the Foreign Policy of The Democratic Republic on all matters relating to embassies, foreign regions and external threats.

      • Minister of Interior- general job of upkeeping and managing the Interior of the Region. Advises the Consul on legislation while working with Speaker to achieve the administrations legislative agenda.

      • Attorney General- head of The Democratic Republic Department of Justice. The Chief law officer of the regional government who helps the government minimize it's legal risks by advising the Consul and other heads of executive departments. Helps the Consul in enforcing regional law.

  • Section V

    • The Consulship Line of Succession shall be in the following order firstly Minister of State, Speaker, Minister of Defense, Minister of Interior, Attorney General.

    • In the case where a person holds multiple positions in the line of succession then those roles will be skipped if that person was just impeached higher up in the line of succession.

    • If no one in the line of succession is willing or able to step into the role of Consul, a special Consulship election shall be held which must take place within three (3) days of vacancy.

Article 4 - Legislature

  • Section I

    • All legislative Powers granted in this Article shall be vested in the Senate of The Democratic Republic.

    • The Senate shall decide the number of Senate seats, with the minimum number of Senate seats being five. The Senator's shall be elected by the people every month on the second and/or third day.

    • A member of Senate may not serve in the Courts or as Consul of The Democratic Republic while serving as Senator.

  • Section II

    • The Senate shall choose a Speaker of the Senate meant to manage the day to day operations of the Senate by conducting the opening and closing of votes and their documentation.

    • The Speaker is appointed by the Senate in their own ranks with a simplemajority vote. If the Speaker get's re-elected in the Senatorial election then he may continue his role as Speaker into the new term. The Speaker may be contested by a Senator during the term. If the Speaker is contested by another member of the Senate then a vote shall be held in the Senate on the future of the Speakership.

  • Section III

    • The Senate shall have the responsibility of enacting laws known as Acts and Substantiation of nominees to the Cabinet and Court. Confirmation of nominees to the Cabinet require a simple majority while nominees to the court require a supermajority vote. The Senate also has the responsibility of advise and consent.

    • Bills are proposed laws which shall be labeled as Acts when voted and signed into law.

    • Laws have the purpose of Establishing standards to which the region decides it will not abide certain behaviors, Maintaining order, Resolving disputes, and composing regional culture.

    • Every passed law before taking legal effect shall be presented to the Consul of The Democratic Republic, who shall either sign it into law or veto it.

    • The Senate reserves the right to create their own rules relating to Senate procedure, called Standing Orders.

    • This document acknowledges it's within the right of the Senate to dissolve itself and call immediate Senatorial elections, providing a Motion to Dissolve passes the Senate with a Supermajority vote in favor of dissolution and further providing that the Motion to Dissolve is approved by the Consul.

  • Section IV

    • A Supermajority vote in the Senate shall consist of a seventy percent majority vote of the voting body for, rounding to the nearest tenth. The Senate may override a Veto and Executive Order by the Consul with a Supermajority vote.

  • Section V

    • When vacancies occur in the Senate, the Consul shall issue a special election to fill such vacancy. If the Vacancy occurs five (5) days before the general election then no special election is required.

  • Section VI

    • The Democratic Republic Constitution may be amended by, firstly a supermajority vote of the Senate

    • Secondly, the Amendment then must be put up in a public poll by the Consul or a Senator for 24 hours and pass by a simplemajority vote before being added to the Constitution.

Article 5 - Judicial Branch

  • Section I

    • The Judicial branch shall be made up of the Supreme Court which shall be composed of three justices who shall accommodate for life, except in the case of impeachment, resignation, leaving the region perpetually or any other situation of removal from office provided in this Constitution.

    • The Supreme Court shall be presided over by a Chief Justice. The Chief Justice shall be chosen by basis of seniority on the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice shall oversee the correct functions of the Supreme Court and shall write the Rulings and Judicial opinions.

    • Justices are responsible for overseeing that all Government officials adhere to the law, and all laws and Executive orders passed are Constitutional and/or legal.

  • Section II

      Supreme Court may issue decrees with a majority vote of the Supreme Court. In a trial, only one Justice is needed.
    • Judicial Decision is a decree which mandates that a nation(s) adhere to the law, or carry out an act which the Court requires. They also settle a dispute brought afore them or which nullifies previous court Decisions. Judicial Decisions set precedent in The Democratic Republic law system. The Decision must be Constitutional.

    • Judicial Veto is a decree which averts the passage into force of a Senatorial decision/legislation, Executive order, and a member of Cabinet's decision. The Supreme Court may not Veto the nomination of a Justice.

    • The Supreme Court may not issue a decree which does not fall under the category of an Decision or Veto.

  • Section III

    • The Court must in every case, give the incriminated the right to forfend themselves and the Prosecutor the right to outline their position.

    • Justices can be recused voluntarily from a case or by a vote of a majority of the Senate. If a Justice has been recused, a temporary Judicial official will be appointed for the case by the Consul, and approved by the Senate by a simple majority.

  • Section IV

    • In a trial, the accuser and the incriminated must give statements, If either party fails to give a statement within 36 hours of being asked, then he forfeits the right of statement.

    • Once all evidence is presented and statements made, each party shall be given the chance to call witnesses who also may make a statement. The Judge may ask questions of the witnesses. Witnesses called must make their statement within 24 hours of the request or the statement shall not be heard.

    • Once all evidence and statements have been given, the Judge shall issue a verdict.

    • A nation may appeal to the Supreme court within 3 days of the verdict, with Chief Justice being able to give exceptions for requests passed the limit. The nation will present the evidence to all the Justices and the Supreme court would vote on a retrial. If a majority of the Supreme court votes to take up the case then the Supreme Court would hold a retrial. The Supreme Courts verdict is final and may not be undone, unless at a later time the Supreme Court reverses the case.

Article 6 - Impeachment Proceedings
  • Section I

    • Any official of the Government of The Democratic Republic is subject to impeachment if they commit a malefaction.

    The following are grounds for impeachment in the Republic:
    • The breaking of a passed law in The Democratic Republic. The committing of a high crime such as Perjury of oath, bribery (Practice of offering, giving, or receiving something of value for the purpose of influencing the action of an official in discharge of his public or legal duties), dereliction of duty (Failure to fulfill one's legal duty to a reasonable expectation), unbecoming conduct, and refusal to obey a lawful order.

    • Committing Treason. Treason by a Nation in The Democratic Republic shall consist only in the illegal attempt to undermine and/or destroy and/or collaborate with a foreign enemy to weaken the duly elected government of The Democratic Republic. Treason is punishable by Ban/ejection from The Democratic Republic if convicted.

  • Section II

    • For a member of government, with the exemption of a Justice, to be removed from office, a Senator must bring forth a formal resolution in which they outline the charges against the government official. The charges must amount to an impeachable offense. The Supreme court must approve the charges as an impeachable offense as outlined in this Constitution. If the charges are approved by the Supreme court then the Senate, with the exception of the suspected senator, shall vote on abstraction from office with a Supermajority vote.

    • For a Justice to be removed from office, the Attorney General must bring impeachment charges to the Senate floor presenting the evidence. If the evidence is acceded on by the Senate as being acceptable then the Senate will vote on the impeachment with a Supermajority vote to abstract the incriminated Justice from office.

Article 7 - Regulations of Foundation

  • Section I

    • This Article does hereby acknowledge the collapse and dissolution of the First Republic, as well as its Constitution and institutions. It does further acknowledge the legitimacy and legality of the Provisional Charter and the subsequent institutions derived within, as the emergency and necessary actions of the last few office holders within the First Republic. Those involved in the establishment and/or maintenance of the Provisional Charter are hereby exempted from prosecution for their actions immediately following the collapse of the First Republic.

  • Section II

    • This Article does seek to set out a number of Acts, enshrined in the Constitution itself, as the fundamental, legitimate and crucial building blocks of the Constitution and the Second Republic. It does so with full due recognition of the drastic action of such a declarative statement, but with the intent of preventing the issues which caused the collapse of the First Republic from ever arising again.

  • Section III

    • This Article is hereby exempted from any and all Articles and/or Clauses contained in this Constitution which sets out a process for the repeal, replacement and/or amending of Articles and/or Clauses in the Constitution.

  • Section IV

    • This Article hereby establishes a separate, distinct, and limited process, removed from the normal processes of amending, replacing or repealing Articles and/or Clauses mentioned in Clause 3 above, to allow for the amending of this Article. In order for this Article to be amended, the amendment must receive a 75% majority of the voting members of the Legislative Body of the Republic(by Constitution or law established), it must proceed to and receive assent from the head of the Executive Body of the Republic (by Constitution or law established), finally it must pass a public vote by a majority of no less than 51% of the voting nations in favor.

  • Section V

    • This Clause clarifies that Clause 4 above pertains to this Article, Article 7: the Regulations of Foundation only and also allows for certain, limited exemptions.

  • Section VI

    • This Clause seeks to clarify that exemptions to Clause 4 exist to allow for the amending of a certain number of Acts of Foundation listed below. These exemptions, however only exist where explicitly specified and this document may not be interpreted to allow for the amending of Acts which do not have an explicit exemption declared in the Clause which brings them into force.

  • Section VII

    • Though listed separately, with a link leading elsewhere, the Acts of Foundation listed below are considered inherent, legitimate and in whole part, a part of the Constitution. Except where specific exemptions are enumerated, these Acts may not be repealed, deleted or amended without going through the process listed in Clause 4 above.

  • Section VIII

    • This Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Republic, no law, act, motion, order of any branch nor implement of the State may usurp or supersede it, none of the same may contravene it and be allowed to exist, nor may any of the same seek to alter it without first going through Constitutionally-established requirements.

  • Section IX

    • In order to allow for the establishment of a competent judicial system, based upon civil law ideals, to prevent potential judicial overreach and/or abuse of criminal law, this Article does hereby create and demand the enforcement of:


      Defines the following crimes and punishments thusly

      • -CRIME-


        Punishment (Min to Max)


        A concerted and intentional effort by person to frighten someone in an effort to get their own way

        One-four week ban on running/voting in an election ( and/or impeachment for an elected official)


        A concerted, intentional and repeated effort by person to torment/terrorize/harass another individual with the intention of causing pain/hurt or embarrassment.

        Three to eight week ban on running/voting in an election and/or ejection and/or banning ( and/or impeachment for an elected official)


        A concerted and intentional effort to alter evidence in a criminal or civil trial to pervert the course of justice.

        One to five week ban on running/voting in an election and/or ejection ( and/or impeachment for an elected official)


        A concerted, illegal, intentional and/or maliciously negligent destruction of regional records, regional institutions and/or bodies.

        One to five week ban on running/voting in an election and/or ejection and/or banning( and/or impeachment for an elected official)


        Refusing to recognize the legitimacy and authority of the rightful, fair and duly elected government/the supremacy of the constitution (OOCly and not applicable to those who leave the region)

        Four week to permanent ban on running/voting in an election and/or ejection and/or banning ( and/or impeachment for an elected official)


        Causing harm to the region or regional entities by dereliction of duty.

        Three to eight week ban on running/voting in an election/ban on holding office. ( and/or impeachment for an elected official)


        Illegally, repeatedly and unduly using officer power to suppress posts on discord/rmb

        ban on holding office for a 4 weeks (and/or impeachment for an elected official)


        Repeated, intentional and concerted effort to harm the Commonwealth by discouraging new recruits from joining.

        One to eight week ban on running/voting in an election/ban on holding office/ejection/banning( and/or impeachment for an elected official)


        Illegally maintaining, keeping or otherwise having more than two puppets in the region. Defines a puppet nation as a nation who was created by an already-existing member of The Democratic Republic. Forbids puppets from voting in any regional election or holding elected office in Regional Government. All nations must claim their puppets in the Regional Message Board.

        ban-ejection of all the puppets belonging to the convicted nation to a ban from serving in Regional Government for 3 months.( and/or impeachment for an elected official)


        Falsely, unduly and with malintent misleading an official investigation carried out by the duly elected government of the Republic and/or her territories

        1-8 week ban on running and/or voting in an election and/or a ban on holding office for up to 9 weeks (and/or impeachment for an elected official)


        Illegally, falsely, unduly and with malintent misleading the citizenry of the Republic and/or her territories with regards to the true motive of one's pursuit of elected office and/or the illegal use of puppets to help win elected office

        1 week to permanent ban on running and/or voting in an election and/or a ban on holding office for up to 12 weeks (and/or impeachment for an elected official) and/or ejection


        Dishonest, deceitful or fraudulent conduct by those in power, involving actions including but not limited to bribery, illegal dealings, extortion, blackmailing and/or threats. This does not apply to deals struck in open between the different branches of government which constitute the normal workings of a Republican Government.

        1 week to permanent ban on running and/or voting in an election and/or a ban on holding office for up to 16 weeks (and/or impeachment for an elected official), and/or ejection


        Dishonest, deceitful or fraudulent conduct by those running for election, involving actions including but not limited to bribery, illegal dealings, extortion, blackmailing and/or threats. This does not apply to deals struck in open between the different parties for votes, which constitute the normal workings of a Republican Election.

        1 week to permanent ban on running and/or voting in an election and/or a ban on holding office for up to 16 weeks (and/or impeachment for an elected official), and/or ejection


        The illegal attempt to co-operate with a designated regional enemy to harm the Republic

        six week ban on running/voting in an election and/or ejection on holding office( and/or impeachment for an elected official) to ban/ejection which can be considered as treason.


        Treason by a Nation in The Democratic Republic shall consist only in the illegal attempt to undermine and/or destroy and/or collaborate with a foreign enemy to weaken the duly elected government of The Democratic Republic. Treason is punishable of Ban/ejection from The Democratic Republic if convicted.



        The attempt, failed or otherwise, to commit a crime listed under the this Codex or the attempt to damage the integrity of The Democratic Republic.

        Two to eleven week (or permanent ban) ban on running/voting in an election and/or ban on holding office and/or ejection and/or banning and/or impeachment for an elected official. A ban/ejection may be pronounced at the highest level

      Requiring the Court to institute only these specific punishments for the crimes above listed. Further requiring that the Court may institute no punishment that does not at least meet the minimum punishment outlined above, and that the Court may institute no punishment that exceeds the maximum punishment outlined above, except under certain circumstances outlined below

      Clarifying that the Court may break the minimum/maximum punishments, with the exception of those convicted for Collusion, Conspiracy to Commit Collusion, Treason, Conspiracy to Commit Collusion, Secession and Conspiracy to Commit Secession, outlined above only when there exists mitigating factors which, in the interest of fairness, it may be practicable to reduce the punishment.

      Outlining mitigating factors as reasons to believe in the atonement of a convicted individual and/or reasons to point towards the usefulness of the nation in the region and/or reasons that point towards the help given by the convicted in criminal investigations and/or help given to the duly elected government of the Republic and/or territories. For example, a person convicted of treason may receive a reduced sentence if they aided in taking down a wider conspiracy to commit treason

      Empowering the Court to institute punishment by taking into account due regard for fairness, equality, mitigating factors and the severity of the crime listed

      Empowers the Court to grant a period of parole to a convicted individual, providing said individual is of value to the Republic and/or her territories and/or the individual has been of great value to the Republic and/or her territories and/or providing the individual has sufficiently atoned for their crimes.

      Enables the Court to conduct Trials in Absentia, for accused individuals who no longer reside in the region, with the same due process, as far as practicable.

      Institutes a Statute of Limitations of two months for all crimes with the exception of Treason, Conspiracy to Commit Treason, Secession and Conspiracy to Commit Secession. The Statute of Limitations shall prohibit the Court from carrying out proceedings against an accused individual for a crime committed two months ago or more.

    • The Criminal Code Act enjoys an exemption, as allowed for in Clause 5. The contents of the Codex may be revised with providing the Motion to Revise has received a majority of no less than 75% of the voting members of Senate, and providing said Motion receives assent from the Head of the Executive Body (by Constitution or law established). The Criminal Codex may be added to at will by the normal processes of the Legislative Body.

  • Section X

    • In order to guarantee basic fundamental rights to the Citizenry and to prevent abuse to the Citizenry by those in power this Clause does create and demand the enforcement of:

      • The right of all Citizens to have a twenty four hour, free, fair and democratic election held for them in the region shall not be infringed.

      • The right of a law abiding Citizen, by Court established, to run and/or vote in a twenty four hour, free, fair and democratic election shall not be infringed.

      • The right to speak freely and openly, with exception to public or private advocating, supporting or practicing of truly-held propensities such as paedophilia, violence, sexual violence and/or misconduct, shall not be infringed.

      • The right to a free, fair and public trial by an impartial Justice, with the exception to instances where concrete evidence exists that an individual poses a serious OOC threat to regional members (i.e. paedophilia) shall not be infringed

      • The right of the duly established Authorities (by Constitution or law established) to exercise their rights to regulate regional entities such as discord, the RMB and the WFE, for example shall not be infringed. Authorities may not prohibit speech (with the exception to the aforementioned exceptions), however they may assign regulations to the placement of said speech.

      • The right of the duly established Authorities (by Constitution or law established) of the Republic to uphold their legal personhood shall not be infringed.

      • The right of legal persons to engage in roleplay shall not be infringed.

    • This Clause does not inhibit, but rather encourages, the listing of rights declared in the URCA being listed elsewhere in this Constitution. No conflict nor contradiction between the rights listed in the URCA and the rights listed elsewhere in the Constitution does exist, where an apparent contradiction exists, a logical, well reasoned, ethical, safe and comprehensive interpretation must be made by the Judicial Branch to explain an apparent logical gap.

  • Section XI

    • In order to protect the fundamental integrity of this document as the Supreme Law of the Republic, and thus the fabric of the Republic itself, this Clause creates and demands the enforcement of:

      • No contradiction exists in this Constitution, where an apparent Constitutional contradiction exists, the Court must employ the use of judicial review to interpret a logical, cogent, coherent and responsible clarification.

      • The Judicial Branch shall have the authority of judicial review. Judicial review shall entitle the Judicial branch to instigate an examination, or re-examination, of any action taken by any branch of the Republic to prevent said actions from contravening the Consititution and/or laws established of the Republic. Judicial review may be used unprompted in the case of Orders of the Executive Branch or any action of the Legislative Branch. The Judicial Branch may not employ the use of judicial review to convict without a trial.

      • Constitutional amendments must be instigated on a non regular basis. Should a Constitutional Amendment alter a particular portion of the Constitution be enacted, no further Constitutional Amendment shall be allowed to be considered on the same Constitutional section for a period of at least sixty days.

      • It shall be prohibited by this Act for a Constitutional Amendment to be enacted which only alters the appearance of a portion of the Constitution, or its name, or any such other trivial facet (to be defined by the Judicial Branch).

  • Section XII

    • In order to ensure adequate citability, storability, ease of reference, general tidiness, accurate amending and a high quality of legislation and Constitution, this Clause hereby creates and duly demands the enforcement of:

      Article i. with regards to an introductory preamble

      • NOTING the lack of any correct Legislative procedures, and any stylizing norms within the region

      • FINDING that this can lead to serious issues in the correct storage of bills and the quality of legislation

      • AIMS to rectify said gray area post haste.

      Article ii. with regards to stylizing and formatting

      • HEREBY

        ->Requires that all bills must begin with the prefix "AoR: [title]", meaning "Act of the Republic:", further highlighting that the next bill passed after this will be given the prefix "AoR:"

        ->Outlining that all future constitutional amendments however must be stylized with the prefix "CA [title]", standing for "Constitutional Amendment [title]"

        ->Requiring that all bills use an oxford comma when appropriate to provide clarity as to the bill's meaning

        ->Requiring that all bills be formatted in a fashion either identical or similar to this

        ->Requiring that all bills be logged in a common puppet nation for future safekeeping.

        -> Prohibits the deletion and/or destruction of regional records.

        Article iii. with regards to procedure

        • HEREBY

          -> Establishes two channels within the regional discord for the Legislative branch, a debate channel and a vote channel.

          -> Clarifies that when a bill is proposed it must be entered into the debate channel, where it shall remain for an appropriate amount of time, to allow for correct debate and discussion of legislation.

          -> Mandates that the bill must then move to the vote channel, where a vote shall take place.

Read factbook

The format of the Constitution has successfully been updated!

Post self-deleted by Fifj.

**Claim of Matto Grosso**
After long and tedious negotiations over the course of almost a month, the Matto Grosso government were willing to sell Gaelio a piece of their land to become a state. Matto Grosso was in deep doodoo when Gaelio decided to try and get them to join. Their economy was failing, the government was practically on the verge of collapsing. It was a sigh of relief when the citizens from the piece of the land that was bought found out that they were joining Gaelio.

**Claim of south Carolina**
After asking South Carolina to join the Fifjian nation. There were months of negotiations and secret meetings. But then they refused the offers. So instead Fifj launched an invasion on South Carolina, the army dropped down from a cargo plane and went to town. Police officers, random citizens, even swat teams tried to prevent their expansion. President Jean ordered the army to gun them all down quickly. After doing so, many backed away and allowed the African nation to keep their expansion going, in order to keep their lives.

**Claim of Guyana and the Brazilian state of Roraima**
The people of Guyana are a people of strong will and personal freedom. They wanted to join a nation that supported those values. So when approached about joining the nation of United Trev by a Trevian diplomat they gladly accepted... In the meantime another diplomat was on his way to the Brazilian state of Roraima and when approached about being annexed by United Trev there were tears of joy.


Today the remainder of Inner Mongolia has surrendered to the Gerbenite forces that entered the area. Soon after defensive positions were set up behind the PCRS-Gerbenhaumm border to deter attacks from the sporadic and violent Russian people, and refugees began flooding away from the Russian land as the civilians realized that they were protecting the PRC. Several artillery positions have been pre-sighted so that any charge is met with devastating force. AA positions guard the skies and heavy trenches and bunker lines keep infantry attacks at bay.

In the meantime, the city of Choibalsan has also surrendered, giving the Gerbenites territory in Mongolia. The PCRS claim is now surrounded.

**Claiming Tennessee**
UNOG will be Claiming Tennessee to continue to fucile his agenda in NA. His agenda has been revealed and it’s been obvious since the beginning, Claim all of the US. He is more than half way there and there is no signs of him stopping and he has said that no matter who stands in his way he will continue to claim all of it for UNOG. Many leaders from the states are fine with it and have agreed to follow his agenda. But due to the rules made by Mr.SECP, it will take him 10000000000 years to get all of it, but he is not stopping. All the Tik tok girls are gone so no one will ever be cringing again.

the Russian Soviet Republic's First Five-Year Plan

In an effort to increase our industrial might and reduce unemployment, several state-funded programs would be launched to industrialize the countryside across the nation. With the mighty city of Kirov and the large Kirov Steelworks, the Government begins construction of several civilian and military factories which will aid with the mechanization of the Armed Forces and agricultural production, manufacturing military hardware and tractors, as well as processed goods and house appliances.

Russian Reunification: Part I don't Know somewhere in the double digits

Giving Eastern Russia a break focus is turned back to western Russia.
Seeing how diplomats are still in northern Russia from there last adventure they will continue to work in that region.
However with the rise of a defacto state in rural Russia operations are now limited.
So the diplomats along with their escort of the 20th Shock Guard move along the northern sea to secure the vitals ports into the area.
With the construction of Rodina reaching word to the rest of the Russian population by now along with the holding of Moscow it is easy to encourage the cities to join the PCRS.
Its been several years now since the SECP-PCRS war and Russian on Russian warfare has been a thing of the past and with the PCRS attempts at keeping Russian lives has already been shown in defiance of Gerbenhaumm in their genocide of Russian in the East.
The PCRS has proven itself against those whom dare threaten the Russian people and as such owns more than seven percent of the worlds population and is largest nation in the world.
Glory to Rodina and Glory to the motherland.

United Trev declares war against Omnise; Fifjian planes shot down by Trevian forces!

It was a quiet day in Warsaw. President David Kevlar was sitting in his leather chair, looking out the window at the sky. Suddenly, a man named Johnny Gage, David's adviser, burst into the room holding a newspaper.

"Mr.President! You must see this!"

He throws the newspaper onto the desk, where the wrinkles from being held tight are clearly shown. On it it says: "United Trev declares war on Omnise!"
David, upon reading the main article's headline, staggers back in disbelief.

David:"Oh my god, why?"

Johnny: "Mr.President, if we dont try to defuse the situation, it could possibly lead to a Global War between ICN and GAO!"

David: "What do you mean? Trev isnt aligned with anyone."

Johnny: "True, but Gerbenheim is supplying him. And this could turn into a proxy war or a global war."

David: "Hmmmm. Okay, you can leave now. I need some time to think."

Johnny Gage leaves the room, with a look of worry over what might happen now. David Kevlar, sitting back in his leather chair, stares back up at the clouds, contemplating what might happen next.

(My first attempt at making a detailed post)

The Democratic-Republican Party Senatorial List
America JB, [Timjoa], Fifj, Trev, Boxzines

With the expansion into Labrador the Rosarian Armed Forces continue with their expansion into Quebec, taking the last bits of land two weeks later. Having officially full control of Quebec the ROsarian Government begins its modernization programs to connect and industrialize the territory. The Rosarian Armed forces look into establishing any strategic bases or station throughout the land and its people are provide ways and locations to begin their integration into Rosaria.

**Invasion of DRC**
The fifjan government has launched an invasion against the Democratic Republic of Congo, the army stormed through the borders and met little resistance until towards the middle of the invasion. The DRC soldiers put up a good fight, but were no match for the strength of the Fifjian army. Citizens began throwing items such as rocks and cans at the army, the soldiers shot a couple of them. The citizens ran into their homes and the Fifjian army continued the invasion of the DRC.

**Invasion of Mato Grosso**
After paying for so much land, Gaelio wanted to get more of Mato Grosso. But the states government were not willing to negotiate to give up anymore land. So Gaelio invaded Mato Grosso. The army parachuted from a cargo plane into Mato Grosso and began the invasion, the battles were ended faster than everyone thought. The army swiftly took control of more Mato Grosso and stationed the army at the border to prep for the next invasion.

**Progressive Party “change for pragmatism” Senate list :**
1. Porto Verde
2. Fr0sia(Celestials)
3. Kingdom of the Celestials
4. Coastal Republican States
5. Fujian kingdom
6. Euginia

Post self-deleted by United Trev.

**Invasion of Mississippi**
The Trevian Government has decided they want to get there foot in the door of the United States. The Navy along with 60 cargo planes carrying sea mines, and anti air vehicles, and 10 troop carrying planes carrying 5,000 troops invade Mississippi and easily take the land.

**United Trev Purchases Suriname From Celestials**
The United Trev after long negotiations with the nation of Celestials has purchased Suriname. The deal is the following... Trev pays 3.4 billion and gives Celestials Trade access and Naval Access to the City of Paramaribo. In Exchange the United Trev is now the rightful owner of the nation of Suriname and is part of the United Trev Sovereignty.

British Columbia Falls!

British Columbia has today surrendered to DAAP forces as they dropped into the major cities. The Gerbenite flag now flies in British Columbia and allied forces are being shipped to the border to prepare for an attack on the Yukon. Several thousand GMC troopers and several Paktanos fleets have arrived to aid in the Yukon invasion after the British Columbia fell.

Push in Kazakhstan

*sorry for the short post it's getting late and I still have sh!t to do

The sudden rush by the 17th from the east and the 12th from the north at aorund 0300 threw the unprepared and outnumbered Kazakhstani forces off guard.
It soon became a rout as the Kazakhstani forces were unable to even stall the PCRS advance.
Faced with life or death many surrendered to the incoming PCRS forces as they tried to get dressed...
The cities of Pavlodar, Karagandy, and even the capital Nur-Sultan fell under the PCRS steamroll.
Eventually the PCRS forces were told to hault in order for logstics to cacth up and to allow them to make what of the situation.

Senate list
America JB, [Timjoa], Fifj, Trev, Azadliq, Boxzines

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