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Friday, 21 June 2019

Damning Evidence And Overwhelming Corruption
In the latest court session on the prosecution of former State Chancellor Sammi Soderlund, evidence and testimonies submitted to the court has uncovered a whole new level of truth behind the scandal. Criminal lawyers from around the nation are in consensus regarding a guilty verdict, but remain locked in debate over the punishments that may be dished out. Testimonies from Secretary of Foreign Affairs Trina Nilsson and Auditor-General Alethea Brown were also heard in the court, revealing a concerted effort to use public funds to purchase non-existent foreign-registered vessels in the Recon Empire and move the profits through a series of shell companies across a wide international network. Questions raised by the National Audits Bureau and a number of cabinet ministers were suppressed, with some reporting being threatened with a show of force. The Grande Palais did not comment on the matter.
(Source: The Imperialean Times)

Sauber Officially Appointed As Attorney-General
Acting Attorney-General and current Solicitor-General Glenn Sauber will officially take over the appointment of Attorney-General on 1 July 2019. The Grande Palais added that it has utmost confidence in Sauber's ability to competently manage the legal department of the government. Sauber is also the current lead prosecutor in the prosecution against former State Chancellor Sammi Soderlund over her corrupt handling of public funds.
(Source: The Sydonis Herald)

Official Release from The Imperial Palace

1. His Imperial Majesty is delighted to announce the engagement of his daughter, Her Royal Highness The Princess Clarisse, to His Royal Highness Prince Linnaeus, Marquis of Lurnfeld, a cousin of Emperor Thales XIII of Imperial Royal Union. The King-Emperor shall giver his consent to the marriage, in accordance with The Royal Marriages Act of 1725, at the Privy Council meeting tomorrow evening. Particulars regarding the ceremony shall be released in due course.

2. Further particulars of the engagement may be seen here: viewtopic.php?ns=1&f=23&t=438389&p=35838612#p35838612

Henri de Chomburse-de Ronde
Field Marshall His Highness The 7th Duke of Saint-Carl, KGCC, KGCL
The Lord Chamberlain

Hello Great Region,
We The United are honored that our embassy for our regions was and is forever established! if you need anything let us know!

- The United

Official Release from The Department of Defence
30th June 2019

The Perlton Expeditionary Force (which has been stationed at Fort McGuire, North Diggen Island, De Ladzlo Colony & Protectorate since 2017) shall be officially deployed as of 00h00 on the 1st of July 2019. The Force shall set sail for The Great Perlton Isles at 00h15 on the 1st of July and shall arrive at approximately 18h00 on the 2nd of July. As per DBAF General Order No. 374/97, The Perlton Expeditionary Force has been restructured. Brigadier-General Michael Kilroy, formerly of Du Mont Command, shall remain as Commander-in-Chief. However, the Force shall now consist of:

The Royal Santa Rossi Regiment, under the command of Colonel David Ryan
The Royal Bonafacio Regiment, under the command of Colonel Tristan Hernandez
The Royal Tredoux Fusiliers, under the command of Colonel Jean-Paul Lambert
The 2nd (Santa Clara) Regiment, Royal Artillery, under the command of Colonel David Ainsworth
The 6th (Los Bouxiana) Regiment, Royal Artillery, under the command of Colonel James Lindsay
HIMS Princess of Argentinstan, under the command of Commander James Chancellor
HIMS Princess Clarisse, under the command of Commander Mark Carlisle
HIMS Alsatian, under the command of Commander Charles Garry-Cooper
16th Squadron, Dou Bouxian Royal Airforce, under the command of Wing Commander Simon Hanson

Further particulars regarding the operations of The Expeditionary Force shall be released as required.

Miles Beauden
General Sir Miles Beauden, KCL
Chief of Defence Staff

The Recon Empire and Argentinstan

Official Release from The Department of Defence
3rd July 2019

The Perlton Expeditionary Force, under the command of Brigadier-General Michael Kilroy, successfully landed on the west coast of Perland Island at precisely 18h45 yesterday evening. The personnel of The Royal Santa Rossi Regiment, The Royal Tredoux Fusiliers and The 2nd (Santa Clara) Regiment, Royal Artillery landed on the newly named Moreno Beach. The Auxiliary Services Corp has began the construction of an Operation Command some ten kilometers from the beach. The Operation Command, Fort Moreno, is to be the base of all Dou Bouxian operations in The Great Perlton Isles.

The Royal Santa Rossi Regiment has began their advance in a north-easterly direction, towards the north-end of the island. The Royal Tredoux Fusiliers have began to advance in a south-easterly direction towards the south-end of the island. The 16th Squadron, Dou Bouxian Royal Airforce, will be providing command support to both regiments. HIMS Princess of Argentinstan and HIMS Princess Clarisse, together with The Royal Bonafacio Regiment and the 6th (Los Bouxiana) Regiment, Royal Artillery, have set sail for The Perlton Channel. They will arrive at approximately 01h00 on the 4th of July.

Miles Beauden
General Sir Miles Beauden, KCL
Chief of Defence Staff

Official Release from The Department of Defence
2nd August 2019

After a two month campaign, The Perlton Expeditionary Force, under the command of Brigadier-General Michael Kilroy, formerly of Du Mont Command has successfully occupied Perland Island in The Great Perlton Isles.

In accordance with the treaties of protection ratified between The Dou Bouxian Crown and six of the island's paramount chiefs, Perland Island shall become a Dou Bouxian Protectorate at precisely 00h00 on the 9th of August 2019.

Miles Beauden
General Sir Miles Beauden, KCL
Chief of Defence Staff

Proclamation from The Department of Colonial Affairs
9th August 2019

His Imperial Majesty's Secretary of State for Colonial Affairs does hereby give notice that, in view of a request by the chiefs of certain native tribes, Perland Island is placed under the protection of His Imperial Majesty and will henceforth constitute a Dou Bouxian Protectorate. His Imperial Majesty's Government shall adopt all measures necessary for the defense of The Perland Protectorate, and the protection its inhabitants and interests.

Ferdinand Montrose
Brigadier-General Sir Ferdinand Montrose, KGCL, MP
Colonial Secretary

His Imperial Majesty's Kullkastande Day Address: Highlights
Wednesday, 11 September 2019

PORT IMPERIAL: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Thales XIII delivered his Kullkastande Day Address to a combined session of the Estates-General, joined by members of HIM Government, the judiciary and the military.

As usual, His Imperial Majesty made note of major developments in Imperial Royal Union with regards to economic growth, scientific advancement and government efficacy. Compared to the past five years, economic growth has steadily increased in light of a growing job market, population growth and technogical advancements in the nanufacturing sector. A major growth component comes from the information technology industry, with major research grants giving birth to useful industrial technology. Government waste continued to decrease significantly in its 4th year, in part due to a constant revisionary approach to civil service appointments and streamlining of processes.

His Imperial Majesty also noted that the newly-established system of governance has been highly effective in implementing new policies while remaining open to public consultation. It would also be expected to stay for long given the amount of time spent to perfect and improve this model of governance unique to Imperial Royal Union. The current HIM Government is 'well-poised to allow Imperialeans from all walks of life to contribute to the nation and in return recognise these contributions and achievements accordingly'. There was no mention of naming any heir apparent, which is consistent with last year's address.

His Imperial Majesty also raised the prospect of military development, in which the 2022 Defence Masterplan had been dropped and replaced by the newer 2030 Defence Masterplan, with a major focus on developing a 5th Generation Armed Forces. This points to greater cooperation between the civilian and military sectors for innovation and technology, and a pledged increase of at least 20% of the current military budget for the procurement of newer equipment, of which automated equipment were expected to be of primary interest. The national service programme was also expected to be streamlined, in which only those fit for combat positions would be considered for national service and its strikingly numerous benefits that come after completion, thereby selecting only the ablest manpower and reducing resource wastage in the armed forces.

The environment would become the biggest winner of the Address. Deforestation to the point of felling a single tree would be regulated by government permits regardless of whether the tree was in private or public property, and that assessments had to be carried out first to determine if other options were viable. To tackle unsustainable food production, His Imperial Majesty dropped hints at the upcoming Sustainable Agriculture Act, with a series of measures to target red meat production. Residential waste collection would also see an increase in fees to discourage households from wasteful consumption and engage in recycling. Another major point was on being a carbon-neutral nation, in which non-renewable energy production would be phased out by the end of 2020 and all vehicles on the road were required to have a hybrid engine. Airports would also be required to raise landing and passenger fees on airlines as a result of 'carbon offsetting'. Along with a string of measures, the goal was to transform Imperial Royal Union into carbon-neutral civilisation by 2025. In the words of His Imperial Majesty, 'Putting aside how climate change and global warming have been understated, this country has only one chance to be ahead of the world on a sustainable future, that it will be better to sacrifice some convenience today to achieve more success tomorrow.'

His Imperial Majesty concluded with a pledge sustainable development, and was met with tremendous applause from the audience.

(Source: The Sydonis Herald)

Government Passes New State Security Act: Communism Now Illegal!
15th of September 2019

Los Bouxiana: There was a ten minute standing ovation from the Conservative benches in the House of Nobles as the Lord Speaker, the Count of Destinata, announced that Royal Assent had been given to The State Security Act (2019 c. 1). Under the terms of the new act (which comes into effect at midnight tonight), communism is now illegal. The Government also has the power to ban any communist organization or group. Among the first to be banned by the Minister of Justice, Lord Wyndham, are The Dou Bouxian Communist Party and The Bristen Liberation Organization (which has been responsible for much of the unrest in De Ladzlo and Southern Bristen over the past few years). Membership of a communist organization now carries a prison sentence of up to fifteen years.

Sir William Giles-Finsen, spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office, said in an interview this morning: "We are absolutely delighted that the State Security Act has finally passed through Parliament and has received Royal Assent. This day is the culmination of many months of hard work and perseverance by the Cabinet, the whips, the backbenchers and the parliamentary draftsmen. We are delighted to deliver on yet another part of our election manifesto and hope that this new legislation will go far in making the Kingdom and Empire a safer and more prosperous home for all who call it home."

The new legislation also extends to the Dominions, but there is yet to be any comment from the Governors-General of Du Mont or Falconsborough.

However, not all are happy with the new law. Supporters of the soon-to-be illegal Dou Bouxian Communist Party demonstrated outside the Houses of Parliament this afternoon when the Act's passing was made public in The Government Gazette. "This is an absolute affront to democracy," said Michael Weldon, Chairman of the DBCP, "and we will be fighting it. We have already filed a case with the Supreme Court to get the Act overturned. We have yet to receive information as exactly when the case will be heard, but we will make public any and all information as it becomes available to us."

The text of the act has been made public by the Registrar-General's Office and may be viewed here:

Acts of Parliament

Act No.
Act Name

LinkThe (De Ladzlo) Legislative Council Act, 2018
2018 c.1
The Department of Colonial Affairs
The Colony & Protectorate of De Ladzlo
In Effect

LinkThe Recognition of Sovereignty Act, 2018
2018 c. 2
The Department of Foreign Affairs
The Kingdom of Dou Boux
In Effect

LinkThe State Security Act, 2019
2019 c. 1
The Department of Justice
The Kingdom of Dou Boux
In Effect

Read factbook

(article adapted from The Los Bouxiana Times)

High Drama in the Estates-General
Monday, 16 September 2019

Drama erupted in the Chamber of Deputies on Monday morning when one of Imperial Royal Union's most radical advocate for democracy, Mr. Michael Porter, Estates Deputy for the Canton of Alevion, raised his proposal for sanctions against the Kingdom of Dou Boux as a response to their outlawing of communism.

Porter, a second term Deputy performing consistently poorly in the previous elections from the Socialist Progress Movement, made sweeping accusations and snide remarks against the Kingdom of Dou Boux and its government, although stopping outright of committing lese majeste. Fellow Deputies in the Chamber stared at him in shock with gaping mouths as he began his tirade against one of the nation's closest allies, before finally being met with a holler of boos.

His loudest and snidest remark was reserved for his finishing line, that "Dou Boux is a disgrace to modern democracy!" He was immediately rebutted by Ms. Jessica Delacroix, Estates Deputy for the Canton of Sydonis and Secretary-General of the Chamber's biggest party, the National Solidarity Coalition, with her berating Porter for being "a complete and absolute disgrace to our modern monarchy for your [his] appalling and offensive comments that should have remained in the sewers".

Chief Presiding Officer Ryan Ben Lerner intervened with a warning to both Deputies from "further impugning on the character of fellow Deputies or neighbouring nations" and made the decision to progress with the agenda of the day. Lerner decided that the proposal, not seconded by other Deputies, did not merit further discussion. Lerner also instructed the Standing Committee on Rights & Privileges to review if a censure of Porter was necessary.

(Source: The Alevion Paper)

I am delighted to hear news of the passing of a law banning any and all Communist parties in @Doux Boux. With international precedence now in place, I have directed my lawmakers to draft similar legislation to push through parliament. However, as an immediate act I have decreed that all communists be banned from joining our armed forces in the future and any service members who have expressed communist sympathies to be immediately court martialed and face either military expulsion or prison time.
Gentlemen, ladies, and fellow monarchs, communism is a threat to our nations securities and our legacies, we must not sit idly by and let a murderous ideology flourish under our rule. We must snuff the flame of rebellion.

Post self-deleted by Dou Boux.

Supreme Court To Hear DGCP Case
26th September 2019

Los Bouxiana: It was announced from The Palace of Santa Handro this morning that The Supreme Court would hear the case of The Dou Bouxian Communist Party, who is looking to overturn the recently passed State Security Act. In a statement made outside the Palace, Advocate Mark Terrell, Clerk of the Court, said: "A writ of certiorari was issued this morning under the authority of the Court and was signed by Lords Coleman, Paden, Linton and Thorne as well as Lady Tengrove. The writ grants the Dou Bouxian Communist Party the right to appear before the Court on 11th of October. The writ also forbids the Government from taking any action relating to the Act until such a time as a verdict has been reached."

"His Imperial Majesty's Government shall respect the decision of The Supreme Court and undertakes to take no action to enforce The State Security Act until such a time as the Court delivers its verdict," said Sir William Giles-Finsen, Spokesperson for The Prime Minister's Office, "We have appointed Advocates Carolyn Moore, KEC; Pierce Hardwick, KEC; James Cordell, KEC; and Diana Thornley, KEC to represent the Government."

In an interview with The Los Bouxiana Times, Michael Weldon, Chairman of The Dou Bouxian Communist Party, the Plaintiff, said: "We are delighted that the Honourable Justices have elected to hear our case. We are one step closer to overturning the State Security Act - an absolute affront to democracy. We have appointed Advocates Richard Groves and Bryce Carver to represent us."

The case is set to begin on the 11th of October when both parties make their opening statements and present their preliminary evidence.

More information on the Supreme Court may be found here:

The Supreme Court of Dou Boux

The Supreme Court of Dou Boux is the highest court and final court of appeal for all civil and criminal cases in The Kingdom of Dou Boux and The Dou Bouxian Empire. Whilst it only hears a few cases annually, these cases are of national importance and have a great impact on the lives of all Dou Bouxians. The Court has the power to reverse the decisions of all lower courts and has the power to overturn Acts of Parliament (except those which are entrenched) if they are found to be against the interest of The Kingdom. The Court issues writs of certiorari to select the cases it wishes to hear. The issuing of writs is at the sole discretion of the sitting Lord and Lady Justices.

The Court currently sits in The Palace of Santa Handro in Los Bouxiana. The President of The Court is Lord Coleman and the Deputy President is Lord Paden.



The Lord Coleman
Chief Justice of The Kingdom
President of The Court

The Lord Paden
Deputy Chief Justice of The Kingdom
Deputy President of The Court

The Lord Linton
Justice of The Court

The Lady Tengrove
Justice of The Court

The Lord Thorne
Justice of The Court


Case Number

Case Name


Judgement Date


The Recon Empire and Gonngman City Slave Compensation Class-Action

13 May 2017
Read dispatch

(article adopted from The Los Bouxiana Times)

Official Release from Forteral Palace

Earlier today, HM Empress Joan presided over the handover ceremony of Lady of the Fedration. As of 27 September 2019, Dr. Lauren Ysaye, will be stepping down from the position after serving for 3 years. She first took over the role as Lady of the Federation from Sir Eugene Hennings, the 1st Lord of the Federation. The Empress spoke highly of Lady Ysaye in presiding over the Federation's large bureacracy, and especially during the Empress's early transition. Lady Ysaye was widely known as the ranking number 4 on the Zopheus Privy Council, and thus such a move will definitely tilt the balance of power tremendously.

The Office of the Lord of the Federation is the highest civil position within The Crown Federation of Recon, in charge of advising on policy and politics of the region. This position is typically staffed by top civil servants from The Recon Empire. Alongside the Director, Federal Civil Service and the Forteral Chief of Staff, they form a tripartite under the larger Imperial Office of the Empress of Recon, a regional leadership body.

Taking over Dr Ysaye in a surprise announcement is Vice Premier Diane Leighton who sits on the Zopheus Privy Council as ranking number 11. Lady Diane Leighton used to hold a defunct position of "Chancellor", a co-head of government position in charge of defence and the judiciary, alongside Sir Arthur Roserade as Lord High Commissioner. After the Government Transformation Committee, she became Premier Roserade's 1st-ranking Vice Premier, a difficult negotiation to have considering they had been equals. As of today, she will outrank Premier Roserade's ranking number 9, despite leading a very different bureaucracy, where she will leave Eisille Castle in Government City to 2000km away in Turrensia, the regional capital.

Lady Leighton's replacement at Eisille Castle will be the Deputy Lord of the Federation, Sir Paul Whitehood. Sir Whitehood, in his previous appointment served as Regional Secretary of Defence of the Regional Government of International Southern Union in the Legrand Cabinet. He served briefly as Ambassador to several states before being called to serve back in Forteral Palace in 2015. Today, after 8 years in the Regional bureaucracy, he will be returning to Eisille Castle, taking over as Vice Premier with a focus on defence affairs, much like Lady Leighton's previous position.

As for Lady Leighton's replacement for the number 11 on the Zopheus Privy Council, the Empress has appointed Vice Premier Stephen Castyria to serve in this capacity. Vice Premier Castyria has served previous as Consul Legende, the "people's Consul" in the previous administration, and is in charge of home affairs. He will also be addressed as the first-ranked Vice Premier.

Sir Edward Dormoth, Director of the Forteral Office of Appropriations and Budget, will be taking over as Deputy Lord of the Federation, while his deputy William Ebersole will be taking over as Director.

While Lady Ysaye steps down from her appointment, she was awarded the Sovereign's Royal Councillor by Her Majesty the Empress, a title only given to 8 active holders in the country. The award had been given to former Premier Kinstail McKenzie, Grand Consul Aaron Augustine Black and former Lord of the Federation Sir Eugene Hennings.

Following her retirement, Lady Ysaye will be joining the Glendon World Institute as Distinguished Senior Fellow, the most senior class of fellowship at the Institute.


Lady Michelle Icarus
State Secretary of Press
Forteral Palace

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