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The Political Scene Develops

Democracy is yet young in Kiev, due to the complete absence of it from 1921 up until this year in 1960- which saw The KIP Storm the District and General Elections. With any new Democracy, political parties take time to fully form as Coalitions form and split. This has been seen today as the CPU, or Communist Party of Ukraine, has split between it's interior factions. Most notably, Party Head Brezhnev has fallen out with his Anarchist Counterparts within the CPU, which lead to the collapse of the interior United Front. With this emerged the AF, or Anarchist Front, headed by Yelena 'Mahkno', the Daughter of the infamous Nestor 'Mahnko' Ivanovich.

While the effect of this Split shall not be fully felt in Parliament until the next General election, the AF have stolen 2 Districts- a total of 6 seats- from the CPU, leaving them with only 3 seats within the 2nd-tier Legislature. Furthermore, due to this break, Brezhnev has been forced to resign as Shadow President, and as there is no clear victor, Fokin's role shall go practically unopposed. While it is unknown if the President shall exploit this to partake in more aggressive policy is yet to be seen, but it is unlikely that the CPU will be able to regain it's steps within the Political Scene- least of all now with the AF on their heels.

Long time no see hello Macere Cykoslevinia

Jerno wrote:Long time no see hello Macere Cykoslevinia

Quite a surprise to see you here.

What brings you in the Coalition, Jerno?

The region became quite inactive so I left joined a different region the DSA but left shortly after so I joined here

Jerno wrote:The region became quite inactive so I left joined a different region the DSA but left shortly after so I joined here

I see.
The Coalition may be very well ended anyway, so you are free to choose where you want to go. If you wish to perhaps follow us, you may want to go to The Socialist Syndicalist Union

Ah ok Iíll keep that in mind comrade

So wonderful to see the PNWC mostly reformed, but alas, the region we reside in may perhaps not be the most stable of places

The German State Declares A New Day, "DEUTSCHLAND GROSSEN VATERLAND!" (Germany Great Fatherland) The Vaterland Has Grown the Newly Incorporated State Of Branden-Wurtemburg, The GUF is now ready for anything, The Einheitsfront Is Ready, While Unity isnt Imposible, FAILURE IS, Now Comrades Come rally, VORWARTS SOLDATEN!

The Soviet War
Today, at 6:30, the 3rd Motor Rifle Battalion marched into Luhansk, officially beginning the Russo-Ukrainian War for Soviet Reunification. The Red Aeroflot bombed strategic locations, such as airfields and tank depots all over Ukraine, with the 4th Army marching from Crimea into Mykolaiv, engaging a Ukrainian Army Group. At the Battle of Mykolaiv, a crushing blow was dealt to the Ukrainian Army, when Grand Marshal Leon Trotsky, an old, yet cunning strategist, lured a large group of the army into the city, only to be flanked and assaulted from all directions, with the Aeroflot providing Close Air Support. After this, a large Mechanized force rushed into enemy lines with Aeroflot support to bring havoc and psychological warfare into play, with Soldiers than crushing most of the Army then and there, with few retreating to Odesa, cutting the Ukrainian Army into 3 parts.
Meanwhile, at 12:00, Army Group Kiev, South, and Army Group Novorossiya had pushed to Dniprovotsk, where they were met with their first real challenge, the Kyivan Home Guard Army, however, in the end, the battle was won, but at heavy Soviet losses, with only minor Ukrainian ones. The KHGA retreated to Zaporizhzhia after a long and intense battle in Dnipro, where they entrenched themselves, negating the effects of Aireal raids and Artillery strikes. What the Ukrainians lacked in manpower and equipment, they made up for in strategy. An unfortunate unit tried to move into the city but was instantly destroyed by the KHGA. With the help of Trotsky, the Rivnian Army Group was able to move in towards Kyiv, along with Army Group Kiev, North. This worked to his advantage, as Ukrainian troops had to be allocated to the Capital and away from the southern front.
More to report, later.


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