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Delta Vega IV wrote:How does a tomatoship work? The population pelts any unpopular lawmaker with rotten tomatoes?

That's a great system of government

St Oz wrote:That's a great system of government

It is but, they aren't rotten. That'd be the website in my nation that rates political issues with numbers of rotten tomatoes. When they hurl tomatoes they can even be the big red delphic tomato kind.

Lindisfarne and The kumquat fairy

I know this is a little late, but with our shortage of Emissaries it has yet to be delivered.

10000 Islands Emissary Update

Date: September 2018
Population: 1,427
Delegate Endorsements: 323

The following is the Emissary Report for September 2018.

As of this report's publication, the government of 10000 Islands consists of:
~ Chief Executive: Woonsocket
~ WA Delegate: Kuriko
~ Senator of Lyonesse East: Dominion Of Compassion
~ Senior Senator of Himes West: Siuts
~ Senator of Blue Canaria North: Sargon Reman
~ Senator of New Republica South: Jabberwocky
~ Minister of Immigration: Lethoica
~ Minister of Labor: Paffnia
~ Minister of Education: The United Royal Islands of Euramathania

TITO Command
As of the publication of this report, TITO command consists of:
~ Commander-in-Chief: Woonsocket
~ Tactical Officer: Kortexia
~ Tactical Officer: Kanta Hame
~ Tactical Officer: Aschente
~ Tactical Officer: Aersoldorf
~ EF Tactical Officer: Smugglers and Mercs
~ Executive Officers: Hakketomat, Aschente

Political News

The Election cycle gripped 10KI for most of September. The Election centered around the election of a new Delegate and two Senators.
Kuriko and Dominion of Compassion, both longtime Islanders, announced candidacy for Delegate with Kuriko ultimately winning with 69.05% of the vote.

For Senator of New Republica South Jabberwocky announced their bid for a second term. Sargon Reman initially announced their candidacy but soon withdrew their name and ran for the other Senate seat of Blue Canaria North, due to the fact that it was discovered that incumbent Kozmix had left for RL reasons. Both are in the same political party.
Jabberwocky and Reman both were elected unopposed with 89% of votes cast for each.

Around the Islands

-Paffnia was awarded the Heart of the Islands Award for years of hard work in the civil service.
- Kuriko's resolution, SC Resolution #262: Commend Frattastan II, has passed.
- The XKI University has a new Dean and Deputy Dean, Palman and Sargon Reman respectively.
- The Council has passed NS 280-1: Re-examination of the Banning of Land filled with People 4-0, with 4 delegations to the Chief Executive's prerogative and 1 vacancy. Chief Executive Woonsocket has accepted the Council's recommendation and unbanned him. The nominee is a known member of the defender community.
- XKI did very well in the annual N-Day nuclear event, with our faction STIFF-ARM placing high in the rankings. We would like to thank our nuclear allies in The Union of Democratic States and The Hole To Hide In, as well as others, for an amazing job during the event. Without them, XKI would not have made 5th overall!
- The Council passed NS 280-3: Force Embassy Request 8-0, with 1 vacancy.
-The Council passed NS 280-2: House Protection Act Repeal 8-0, with 1 vacancy.

Military News

Three TITO knights were promoted!

-First one up is Sir Kortexia! Our beloved Tactical Officer who also keeps our much beloved Discord Bot running. He has been promoted to TITO Knight Armada Commander and was awarded the Knight Armada Commander Medal!

-Second one up is Sir Kanta Hame! Sir Kanta Hame is the longest serving Tactical Officer currently on Command, serving since 2015. He has been promoted to TITO Knight Armada Commander and was awarded the Knight Armada Commander Medal!

-Third one up is Sir Flemingisa! Sadly, Sir Flemingisa had to step down from game related activities and therefore was not present to receive his medal. He has been promoted to TITO Knight Commander and was awarded the Knight Commander Medal!

- TITO also welcomed back former member Hahiha / USSR.

- TITO also extends a warm welcome to new members Silpes and Lyreste

Written by Sargon Reman

Read dispatch

Fellow Taijis, today is your day to contribute to region well being, research today to fight the zombie madness, let's fight for a clean taijitu

Great trading southeast-asia

Great trading southeast-asia

Hello :) Can anyone nuke me with some research? I'm happy to nuke back. Thank you!

Am I overstepping my bounds by rejecting embassy requests because our region has gone to the dogs? :P

Red Mones wrote:Am I overstepping my bounds by rejecting embassy requests because our region has gone to the dogs? :P

Our region has not gone to the dogs. To the cats, maybe. But not to the dogs.

Delta Vega IV has finally gone nuts.
Telling someone to 'break a leg' is considered a criminal inducement to self harm, all industry is owned and run by the government, citizens try to ignore gruesome pictures of decaying teeth printed on their soda cans, and Count Bismark's office has a newly installed Max-Man arcade game programmed by a 5th-grader.


Paper umbrella

Hi Taijitu! I come bearing baskets of snapping turtles, a little gift for you from your friends in TNP on this auspicious NationStates Day celebration!

Hope you don't mind if our little cruise hangs out in your territorial waters for a while - we promise we'll share our rum with you. :)

Eluvatar, Duty free liquor, and Coconut Drink

Hellooooo, Taijitu! Resident fruit drink of the TNP NS Cruise here, bringing cheer, joy, and refreshments to all! We're touring our embassies, and Taijitu is our next destination! P.S. I heard you had some very unique turtles here, do you have scuba diving services so I can see them?

Eluvatar, Paper umbrella, and Duty free liquor

Duty free liquor

I'm late! Very late! Hello Taijitu, from the TNP Cruise :)

Help yourself to anything from the cart, just ignore the 80% markup :)

Welcome back, Al-Khem



It happens to the best of us.

Now endorse me back :P

Well that was fun :)

Well, the Discord is dead...



Eric is here.

001america100 wrote:Eric is here.

xd, oi m8

hey, we've still got people over here.

Ulenya yootger

*Pops in*

Hello there.

still here!

Cool, lets cuddle because it's cold outside

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