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id like an ice barrel

Turkeys with guns

Accually Gullvania I just wanted an explination on how kicking me out helps refound our region

The region has to be completely empty in order to refound. Everyone was kicked.

Region can not be refounded if it doesn't cease to exist, region can not cease to exist if it is not empty.

Sovereign dixie

Yep. Now that the refounding has been completed there will be no more mass ejections.

Good thing, too. I think I picked up some type of fever in the Rejected Realms...

Eww! *backs away from Milt*

Sovereign dixie

You must have drank the water.

Water? You mean that red-ish liquid is WATER?

Sovereign dixie

That's what she said.

Welsh corgis puppy

Rejected Realms Black Water Fever, only one known cure... cleanse with fire.

Stand back, this will hurt A LOT.

Oh god, disease is about, immediate quarantine measures must be implemented before it's too late!

im a new player. can somebody explain things to me please

Sure, but that's a pretty broad question. Anything in particular were you wondering about?

Sovereign dixie

Welcome Landing!

The best place to learn about the game, the region, as well as the rest of us crazy fools who reside here, is going to be on the forum. That's where most NS gameplay actually takes place.

While we're on the subject of welcomes, warm greetings to our other recent arrivals.

THANKS! YOU'RE CUTE! *jumps of Praggie and licks his face*

Oh good heavens.

pardon me, I meant *on*

Oh, that's better, I guess.

yeah I know. *chases after Welsh Corgis Puppy*

Welcome in Taijitu to Federickastan and Awesome kickassness! I hope you find your way to the forums soon and become full members of our growing community :)

Yes, many welcomes to the newest of our residents!

Sovereign dixie

Indeed, welcome! As Kagran said, be sure to check out the forums, by far the most interesting place in NS. Also, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

This is like a 5 year old flashback...

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