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Helloooooooo, anyone home?

Hi, how are you?

Yeeeessss, ND still around. :)

Can't get rid of me so easily. They've tried...

0.o I rated 1rst in most primitive? Interesting

Eyyyy, it's not just me and Delfos.

Apparently not Red Monez any more. D:

Some of us are still lurching in the shadows...

Taijitu Defense faction is created: page=faction/fid=317

Don't worry my doods, it was only for N-Day. And your faction sucks :P

You got oobblliitteerraatteedd

With a capital O

I clicked on the faction and i saw it was just ND and they did nothing but got killed i thought to myself hmmm this is a good representation of taijitu as a whole and just like art imitates life this faction imitates taijitu and i died laughing for a good five minutes

Welcome back Miltonia!

I only lurk

Taijitu zombie cure team huge success 10/10.

I've got to say, my mind was elsewhere this weekend so my country left for dead but, I was completely struck by the good work of taijitu cure team. All puns intended.

I died too. :/

What matters is that now you're here with us. Free hugs.

you are the furries discorder?

king in de castle king in de castle. i have a wifi i have a wifi

The Borat wrote:you are the furries discorder?

I wish the fame was true

such extremists in our region

Hello Taijitu,

I'm going to be closing our in-game embassy due to inactivity for quite a while. However, you're of course welcome to visit in our Discord, and we'd be open to considering embassies again in the future.

Best wishes to you all!

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