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Election 2020: Racoda 38.5%, Kakazagistan 15.4%, Amsterwald 15.4%, 9003 15.4%, The Bigtopia 11.5%, Ecclestia 3.8%, Zanaana 0.0%

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Gotta vote for the BJ.

ben & jerry's without a doubt.

Al Khem wrote:Gotta vote for the BJ.

I love to get BJ after dinner.

Best comment chain I've seen in awhile.

Super Tuesday Super Poll:
tomato and carrot in your rice /or/ mushroom and pea fried rice?

The latter.


Did our forum die?

Red Mones wrote:Did our forum die?

*Something's* broken. Nothing appears lost or missing. I've filed a ticket with the webhost.

New poll, folks! Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.

Dreamhost says to upgrade the software to support a newer version of PHP.

Eluvatar wrote:Dreamhost says to upgrade the software to support a newer version of PHP.


The results are in with unilateral support of continuing the Oztatorship.

In the World Assembly there is a resolution issue "Interference-Causing Equipment Standards Act" which apparently is failing. The proposer sent me an email asking to vote for it to which I replied:
The telecoms in my nation are public and the state controls them. We do not accept any proposal that will defend corporation's property or services from state regulations or control.

You are free to vote whichever way you want but if you wish to discuss this issue please go ahead. Do you agree with my position?


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