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Completed Factbook

Death of President Roberto Sanchez
The Third Oceanic Civil War began when Former President Michaela Annalisa Simmons assassinated President Roberto Sanchez after the Darkness War. Roberto was giving a speech when he was killed. Rebels took over the capital of Island of Imperi Oceania and the Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire capital was moved to the Island of Imperi Gerald.

The Oceanic Alliance Steps In
The rebels have Red Mist weaponry and hybrid weaponry. However, it seems that they were working with the remaining Darkness Mutants and had gained alien tech and new weaponry. Aerial battles formed above the Island of Imperi Oceania between Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire and The Imperial Oceanic People and the Oceanic Rebels. Leuthen commanded his forces to attack some rebels in Anarchia. In Great Sand and Cuvco the rebels tried to push through this nation to reach the The Oceanic Alliance Headquarters however was unsuccessful due to Hybrid Energy Shields blocking them from hitting the Alliance Headquarters. Hard Coast and Whiteshallow(An Anarchia Colony) launched an attack on some islands the rebels had their Headquarters in. However, a stalemate between the two on the islands occurred

Battle of Hardover

The rebels launched an aerial and blitzkrieg operation on Hard Coast. Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire forces were busy fighting in Stratocratia(A province of the Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire) against some rebel armies. And they were trying to liberate the Island of Imperi Oceania. In Hard Coast, however, the rebels attacked with full strength. Hard Coast forces were overwhelmed and forced to evacuate to the hills. The Imperial Oceanic People sent a force of about 20 airships to assist Hard Coast against the rebels. Great Sand and Cuvco and Whiteshallow continued to fight in the isles the rebels had.

Operation: Siege of Annalia
Annalisa had a city named Annalia on an island she controlled. A huge amount of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire forces attacked the city. However, the city could not be besieged due to the hybrid barriers the rebels controlled. So the operation was a fail. The Oceanic forces pulled back and retreated back to their airships and aircraft carriers.


A stalemate occurred between the rebels and the Oceanic Alliance. Since Greater Kopmakia had been committing war crimes United Stickin, Free meridia, Haulbowline(Libertan Union in RP at this time) began to fight each other. Stickin and Kopmakia later became allies and fought with each other. They switched sides many times as Stickin continued to fight Free meridia. However later on the rebels decided to make some movements.

Return to War/Battle of Tangsand

Commander Leuthen by accident fell of his airship and found a secret civilization and kingdom inside of islands controlled by people who call themselves the Tangs. The Tangs were lead by their leader Queen Tang who lead the kingdom of the Tangs. Which consisted of several colonies and territories mostly Blue Tang Islands(The capital nation), Red Tang Islands, Yellow Tang Islands. The Tangs and Oceanics formed a union but still keeping the Oceanic Alliance. The Oceanic-Tang Union Headquarters was established. The rebels realized what was happening and gathered themselves for a siege of Tangsand. A coastal city in Blue Tang Islands. The rebels with about 200,000 soldiers launched a full invasion. The Tangs fiercely defended the city with whatever weapon possible. The Oceanics began to arrive to help but the Tangs declined to say they could handle this. Finally, Tang Submarine Tanks arrived and destroyed several of the rebel naval ships and wiping out some of their soldiers. The Oceanic Alliance Headquarters launched several missiles at rebel bases in the Oceanic oceans. Annalia was hit by several hybrid energy missiles.

The Tang armies quickly used guerilla warfare and were able to stun several soldiers with their weapons of nature like special nets, and military spear guns, and their intelligent traps. The Tangs barely used any bullets in defense of the Tang islands. They cut off supply lines of the rebel armies and quickly surrounded them. About 50,000 rebel soldiers were able to escape as the rest were either captured or killed.

Battle of Imperi Gerald

Rebel forces regrouped themselves and launched another invasion after a failed attempt in the Tang isles. They attacked the Island of Imperi Gerald with all the weaponry they had. Imperi Gerald was under full-on siege by the rebels. They attacked with their stolen airships and weaponry from the Oceanic Nations. Missiles were fired on both sides as both tried to siege Imperi Gerald or defend it.

Leuthen and his hoplite forces created a testudo formation that kicked out the rebel armies from sieging Imperi Gerald.

Operation: Liberation

Operation: Liberation was a military operation to liberate Imperi Oceania. Quickly Oceanic forces gathered in Cuvco in Great Sand and Cuvco and finally the Oceanic Alliance launched a full-on attack on Imperi Oceania. Anti-Aircraft rebel defenses for the rebels fired at the Oceanic Alliance airships and aircraft. Anarchist Invisible Aircraft began to bomb rebel defenses. Finally, the rebels began a counter-attack. The The Imperial Oceanic People and Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire sent a large force to try and siege the walls of Imperi Oceania. Leuthens new hybrid energy power inside of him enabled him to cause an explosion on the walls and for the large combined force of Anarchia and the Oceanic Empire to move in and liberate the city returning the capital of the Oceanic Empire to the Island of Imperi Oceania.

Battle of Haulbowline

The Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire quickly established a military base in Haulbowline and quickly established a military force in the base. The rebels lead by Michaela quickly attacked the base with aircraft. Greater Kopmakia quickly hacked several databases in the aircraft. Rebel hackers quickly made the aircraft land back in their airbases and defended with anti-hacker bots.

The Imperial Oceanic People and Hard Coast were forced to defend themselves from rebel attacks without their leaders. General Warwick, Colonel Rockon(Anarchia), King Hardcoast, Emperor Cuvco lead the defense. They quickly defend their military base in Haulbowline.

Disovery of Atlantian Abbaddon
General Elias, Sergeant India, Commander Leuthen, Queen Tang, Major Samuel, Colonel Jackson, 5 of Leuthen's hoplites were heading for Haulbowline to help in the defense but they were attacked by explosive tridents. They launched a hatch and went down. While exploring they found a strange symbol on the ocean floor. Then they were knocked out by some mermaids.

When waking up the Oceanic's and Queen Tang found a mermaid looking at them. The mermaid asked them to follow him to a giant palace where King Eros and Princess Artemis and Prince Arthur were. The Oceanic's talked with King Eros asking him for help and information about the Infinity Substances(Explanation In RP on Discord) they got information and Leuthen was ready to try and talk diplomatically with the rebels. Queen Tang also learned a little about her grandmother's history with the Atlantians. Some 2 dragons from Draganisia were also present in Atlantis talking with Prince Arthur. Atlantian Abbaddon later decided to join the Oceanic-Tang Union since they lived beneath the Oceanic Isles.

Oceanic Rebel Kopmakian Attacks

The Kopmakian War started when stolen Anarchist Invisible Aircraft from the Oceanic Rebels attacked Kopmakia with bombs and Red Mist missiles. Since they were taking orders from a Red Mist Mutant named Nightmare who was giving them extremely high tech. The Kopmakian armed forces fired and shot down one of the Invisible Aircraft and believed it to be the Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire which is what the rebels wanted. The Oceanic's and Kopmakia later declared war on each other since the rebels also bombed Oceania with Kopmakian looking weaponry made with help from the Red Mist Mutants and Dragon Emperor Galen.

Battle of Seas Land

Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire performed one of the largests battles in Oceanic History. As the leaders and several diplomats were arguing if they should go to Kopmakia to sign the peace. Elias confirmed he would not attend for 2 reasons. He wanted to find the Reality Substance to give it to Draganisia so they could keep it safe. And he wanted to finish off the rebels for once and for all. The leaders pleaded for General Elias and the Oceanic Empire not to perform a full on attack alone and go after the Reality Substance alone. General Elias said, "Some people are braver than others."

General Elias launched a full-on attack on Seas Land. One of the largest islands in Oceania the rebels controlled. The rebels were not expecting the Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire to launch an attack by themselves. Finally, the Oceanic Empire soldiers gathered in Imperi Gerald. Elias had about 5 million soldiers with him for the battle. Annalia was under constant bombing while the fighting raged. Rebel airships kept on firing as more Oceanic forces arrived. After the rebels were being pushed back by the constant bombing they launched their mutant forces in reserve that the Red Mist Mutants gave them. Elias was ready. While the rebels were busy trying to get the mutants active to attack. General Warwick, Seargent India, and General Tatar dropped a fleet of WDZ2 Dragon Tanks and a special ops team with parachutes. General Elias commanded the soldiers in the sky and in the sea. Elias had bought some Tang Juggernaut Ships which helped them against hordes of Rebel Aircraft.

Micheala(Anna) received a telegram from Commander Leuthen of The Imperial Oceanic People or Anarchia. And traveled to Rowandale to meet with him. While Micheala traveled to Rowandale the fighting still raged. The rebels had already faced about 900,000 casualties with the Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire having about 700,000 casualties. Sergeant India had been extremely successful and lead a small force of about 10 elite soldiers into the Command Center of Annalia of the rebels and was able to hack their network shutting down their Command Center in Annalia. A special ops force moved in as Elias and his forces began a siege of the coastal lands of Seas Land facing a huge amount of resistance. Both sides began fighting slowly in trenches and behind sandbags. Finally, Elias reached the capital of the rebels and sieged it. Even without Leuthen and the other Oceanic forces and nations, they were able to siege it with special tactics and strategies. Oceanic tank forces arrived pushing the rebels deeper into their capital. The rebels used guerilla warfare to hold off the enemy. When Sergeant India and her special forces broke in the HQ of the rebels. They found Leuthen and Michaela Annalisa Simmons kissing. And they found a treaty on the table.

The battle ended with about 1,000,000 Oceanic Empire soldiers dead. And about 1,200,000 injured. The rebels had about 1,300,000 dead and 400,000 injured.

End of War

A peace meeting was held in Kopmakia to end the Kopmakian war. The Third Oceanic Civil War ended and a deal was made. The nation of Seas Land formed and the Tangs created a new colony and a nation for Seas Land the deal was that the Tangs would form a colony called Orange Tang Islands and it would be under the protection and rule of Tang. However Seas Land had full citizenship of the colony and it would be a home for their people. Blue Tang Islands and the rebels finally signed peace. However, Queen Tang was still sad since her husband died in the war. Elias did not attend the Kopmakian Peace Meeting since now he was after the Reality Substance. Seas Land later joined the Oceanic-Tang Union and Oceanic Alliance.

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Nice job with that! It really helped with understanding what was going on with the Civil War.

And now that war might be over but the Infinity War is about to come to a head as Singularis (character of Dragonisia ) and Galen make their move against Draganisia and their allies defending them in order to get all of the Infinity Substances.

im working on the Darkness War

Oh shoot. Anarchia is the #1 most primitive in this region...

Start of the War
A strange dragon named Darkness had been rallying an army of mutants to prepare to attack the world with his billions of mutants. He later found some Red Mist mutants on a Red Mist planet. He recruited them into his army. The leader of the Red Mist mutants was Nightmare and he had warlords named Ice Lord and Stone Master and several others. These mutants helped control and lead the Hivemind mutants. Draganisia, Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire, Hard Coast, The Imperial Oceanic People, Great Sand and Cuvco Whiteshallow, United Stickin, Dragonisia, Free meridia, Haulbowline were the main nations involved in the war.

Oceanic, Haulbowline, Stickin, Meridian Invasions
The Darkness mutants began their attack. Oceanic forces detected a large army of spaceships heading towards them. The mutants flew over Oceania and some fleets broke off to attack Haulbowline, Stickin, and Meridia. A Meridian research center was attacked and disease was released that infected soldiers and released hordes of mutants. Oceanic forces begin a national defense. Haulbowline defended from several mutant attacks. Oceania realized that most of the mutants were heading for Draganisia so Oceania, Stickin, Haulbowline, and Meridia decided to work together to help defend Draganisia and to try and stop the mutants there.

Battle of Draganisia/Before The War

Before the War
David of Draganisia one day was captured by witches to give him the power of King Abbaddon to help stop future threats and enemies. Some Oceanic sailors reported strange things on the island where David was captured. Oceanic soldiers investigated the island and discovered a ritual. They quickly tried to rescue David with some Dragnisian help. However, all of King Abbaddon's power/memories went into David.

Time passed, Niktobr wanted to kill David to stop him from becoming like King Abbaddon because they were scared of what could happen. They asked for Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire and The Imperial Oceanic People to capture David. They promised to return WMDs rights to Oceania if they captured David.

After a long search, they found David in some abandoned temples. David used himself to be captured so his friends would not be captured. But the Oceanic's only wanted David. Commander Leuthen of Anarchia captured David with his hoplites and knocked him out with a Hybrid Energy Shock Hammer(Red Mist Was Being Researched/Discovered At This Time). David was escorted to Rowandale where he was placed in a prison.

David later broke out of the prison with help and quickly traveled back to Draganisia to help defend and fight against the invading Darkness mutants.

Battle of Draganisia

The Allied Nations quickly traveled to Draganisia to prepare a defense. Dragonisia and Oceanic forces arrived. With Stickin and Meridian's coming from the sea. Haulbowline would arrive later. General Elias asked the Draganisian's to let them fortify the area where the mutants would attack. They agreed and for several days all of Draganisia was in full lockdown. Oceanic soldiers were placing hybrid energy shields and loading missiles and digging trenches. The allies had 3 days to prepare for an attack.

The fourth day struck. Oceanic forces waited in the trenches expecting an attack. Dragonisian soldiers were in the defenses with the Oceanic's and Draganisians. Stickin and Meridian naval ships and troops arrived and Haulbowline robots arrived. About 20 million Oceanic's had gathered in Draganisia helping to defend. Suddenly radars began to pick up some disturbance across the sea.


Hybrid Energy Cannons were fired and the energy shields were activated. Anarchist Invisible Aircraft found a massive fleet of aliens heading for Draganisia. Leuthen and his hoplites and several other soldiers with shields created a huge testudo formation. They had been practicing for the day. Leuthen was ready to engage in war.

General Elias, Sergeant India, General Warwick, Gen. Tatar, President/Gen. Roberto Sanchez, and Gen. Nemo quickly got every soldier from the Oceanic Empire ready for war. Hard Coast snipers quickly armed themselves and Oceanic airships were ready to fire cannons, missiles, and whatever. Paramilitary forces quickly finished placing the sandbags and were ready to engage in war.

Meridia had an extremely skilled soldier named Medusa. Leuthen and Medusa decided to work together to fight some of the mutants. Once the aliens were in the range of Oceanic forces they quickly opened fire. Stickin and Meridian forces opened fire. ICBMs were fired as mutant spaceships fell down however more came over. Dragonisan forces worked with Oceanic air forces and airships to fight the mutant forces in the sky.

Gen. Warwick kept on fighting in the sky as he shot down several mutant fighters aircraft. Whiteshallow and Draganisia quickly moved their forces to the coast to hold off any mutants from landing on the coast. Oceanic forces on the ground were forced to help the air forces shoot down mutant ships since no mutants had landed yet.

4 hours continued as no mutant forces had landed. Stickin and Meridian naval forces fought alongside Oceanic naval forces that had arrived with President/Gen. Roberto Sanchez. United Stickin and Free meridia were being by mutant soldiers. Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire had to fire the missiles. Quickly an ICBM was loaded and with hybrid energy explosives. They fired it and it exploded a Hivemind Ship which killed off the mutants being controlled by that ship.

The Red Mist mutants were near as they were coming in with a second fleet/wave. The first wave was forced to retreat since they had not been able to land not even at the coasts. The Allied Nations took this time to upgrade defenses and be ready for the next attack.

The Second Wave

The The Oceanic Alliance Headquarters detected more mutant fleets heading for Draganisia. Oceanic/Dragonisan/Draganisian took positions on the ground. Haulbowline forces continued to come more and more.


Oceanic forces decided to take the front lines since they had so many soldiers. They added fortifications on the coast getting ready for the full attack. Red Mist Mutant fleets had been detected by special radars powered by Red Mist. Commander Leuthen and his hoplites and shieldman quickly formed a large shield wall. Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire and Whiteshallow fired and ICBM from one of the Whiteshallow Anarchist Airships. It targeted a Red Mist mutant ship. However strange Red Mist barriers protected the ship from being hit by the ICBM. Leuthen knew these were the Red Mist mutants from a planet that they detected with Red Mist.

Stickin and Meridian ground forces came to support the Oceanic's in the front lines. Haulbowline forces joined them. Dragonisian forces were assisting in the main defense behind the Oceanic's. A strange huge Red Mist mutant jumped out from one of the ships and landed with several mutants around him. Commander Leuthen and his hoplites kept the defense. However, the giant mutant began to speak saying his name was "Nightmare" he was able to control Red Mist and specific amounts of electricity. He was able to cause a shockwave of electricity that stunned everyone except Leuthen. Leuthen had Red Mist armor and weaponry. He began to fight Nightmare. Medusa of Meridia came to help him. Leuthen gave her some Red Mist weaponry and a mask so she could breathe in the Red Mist that Nightmare was launching.

General Elias was busy commanding the soldiers to fire at the mutants that had landed on the coast. The Coastal Draganisian Defense Line was being bombed constantly by mutant Red Mist missiles and bombs. Hybrid energy shields were being placed on the coast to hold the defense. Free meridia and United Stickin continue to support the defense on the ground and navally.

Leuthen and Medusa continued to fight Nightmare as Nightmare continued to defend himself fiercely from their attacks. It seemed like a lost cause for them untill several soldiers opened fire on Nightmare. Nightmare was surrounded and forced to retreat. The Second Wave of mutants quickly went back to their ships and retreated.

Third Wave
A Third Wave occurred and it was quickly stopped by the Allied Armies. However, they knew something was off about the Third Wave. David of Draganisia gathered several armies to march toward ruins where a machine lay that King Abbaddon used to stop Darkness when he attacked.

A large army of Darkness mutants stood in the path of the Allied Armies. However, Oceania activated a Giant Hybrid Shield around the Allied Army group with David and wiped out the mutants in front of them with the Allied forces protected inside of the hybrid shield.

David and his allies attacked the ruins where several Darkness mutants were guarding. Nightmare and his Red Mist mutants assisted Darkness. Darkness and David fought but finallY, Darkness was defeated and the machine was activated. Much of the Darkness mutants were killed however the Red Mist mutants rescued as many as they could and brought them to their planet in space. The Darkness Invasion had finally ended.

Oceania had many casualties but knew it was worth it because they were able to defend the world from what could have been the end.

- Written by General Elias

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In development


Any known international sports teams or anything of that kind?

Kopmakia updated it's flag because of the 2nd Kopmakian Revolution, in which the Emperor was overthrown and Vas Bereun gained power.

Working on a dispatch for it


Draganisia wrote:Nice job with that! It really helped with understanding what was going on with the Civil War.

And now that war might be over but the Infinity War is about to come to a head as Singularis (character of Dragonisia ) and Galen make their move against Draganisia and their allies defending them in order to get all of the Infinity Substances.

Parody alert, but a highly useful and meaningful one. Epœcuɒtœ has nothing to do with this.

Epoecuaotoe, I request that you join the discord.

Frediuslo is the new capital of Greater Kopmakia.

New Stickis City is the capital of the United Stickin Federation.

Welcome everyone, we look forward to having you join us on discord for Role Play, drinks, and hanging out.

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Hello Friend! How about going to our beloved (and sister of this region) Pacifica?

¡Hola amigo! ¿Qué tal ir a nuestra amada (y hermana de esta región) Pacifica?

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Hm. Okay. Anyway, join the Discord! It is where almost all the activity is, and there is a nation roleplay going on

North Newlandishforth wrote:From Pacifica to our sister region I suggest you keep an eye on this person as they caused sever disruption in our region and our discord

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